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The draft picks and their roster consequences

The NFL draft is one week old today and, personally, I'm still digesting all the meat it served up. As you know, no team draft's in a vacuum. There are reasons teams pick certain players and certain positions. Like elections, drafts have consequences.

Today we study those possible consequences.

We look at each pick and follow the intended fallout to see what it means, not only for the position but for other players who were already on the roster.

First round -- RT Ja'Wuan James.

Consquence: This one is easy because it practically guarantees that Miami will get back on track in putting its first-round pick in the starting lineup from the jump. The Dolphins took a detour from that last year with Dion Jordan, but prior to that, six consecutive first-round picks dating back to 2007 had been starters on Day One. James is Miami's starting right tackle on Day One and so we can get past the idea that often-injured Jason Fox will be Miami's starting right tackle. Sure, there will be a competition. That's the right way to do it. But, um, James will win the competition. And if he does not, something went horribly, horribly wrong.

Second round -- WR Jarvis Landry

Consequence: Landry is immediately an option as a slot receiver but he will have to play special teams like the dickens to be active on game days. Here is the reason for the uninitiated: The first three WRs -- Brandon Gibson, Brian Hartline, Mike Wallace -- get their reps on offense. None play special teams. The fourth active WR has to play special teams. Period. This pick suggests the Dolphins will keep five instead of four wide receivers on the roster. Last year Miami kept only four coming out of camp. Or, failing that, one of last year's four -- Wallace, Hartline, Gibson, Rishard Matthews -- is gone. Well, yes, one of the last year's four is gone. As I've explained to you previously, Matthews' days with the Dolphins are numbered. Despite his career high 41 catches for 448 yards and two touchdowns a season ago, Matthews is not a favorite of the coaching staff, particularly head coach Joe Philbin. My column explains why. Because Landry is a second round pick, he is almost guaranteed of making the team. So that means veterans such as Armon Binns, Kevin Cone, and Damien Williams are already at a numbers-game disadvantage -- again, unless the club goes with five receivers on the roster instead of four.

Third round -- G Billy Turner

Consequence: The Dolphins have been undecided about which side (left guard or right guard) Shelley Smith will play. The Dolphins have been undecided about which position (guard or tackle) Dallas Thomas will play. Well, Turner not only looks like a guard to me but feels like a left guard. The fact he's a rookie also suggests sandwiching him between veterans Branden Albert (LT) and Mike Pouncey (C) might be a better idea than putting him next to fellow rookie Ja'Wuan James. But here's the ripple effects of that: Dallas Thomas now becomes more valuable to the Dolphis as a right tackle because he can compete with Jason Fox for the backup role. Or he becomes valuable as a swing G/T. If he's the backup RT, Fox suddenly becomes expendable. If he's the swing G/T, that suddenly puts Nate Garner's roster chances on the line, pardon the pun. Turner on the roster means David Arkin, Thomas, Fox, and Garner are in a scramble for a roster spot.

[Peanut gallery: But Mando, you didn't mention Sam Brenner ... Isn't his spot on the line as well?]

Thanks for bringing that up, gallery. In fact, the Dolphins are viewing Brenner as a C/G option. And because center is a big part of that option, perhaps the biggest part, he becomes valuable because Mike Pouncey still faces NFL sanctions for his participation in last year's harassment scandal. If Pouncey misses time, Brenner is likely the starting center.

Fourth round -- CB Walt Aikens

Consequence: The Dolphins committed two early draft picks to the CB position a year ago when they drafted Jamar Taylor in the second round and Will Davis in the third round. The fact they felt a need to go cornerback so high speaks highly of what they think of Aikens but also suggests they are hedging their bet on either Taylor or Davis -- particularly after they signed Cortland Finnegan in free agency. By the way, Don Jones had an awful draft. Not only did he get caught up in the Michael Sam issue, but if Aikens is a good special teams player he threatens Jones's roster spot. Veteran Jalil Brown also cannot be thrilled.

Fifth round -- TE Arthur Lynch

Consequence: This one really, really interests me. At first I viewed Lynch as another Jeron Mastrud -- a role player whose role is an in-line blocking TE grunt. But the more I talk to people about Lynch, the more I hear he's an underrated pass catching threat as well. No, he's not fast. He's not been dynamic in college. But he's got possibilities. And that should worry a number of guys on the roster. Charles Clay is not one of those. He's just been picked as one of the NFL's Top 100 players by a voting of his peers. (The vote means nothing other than it shows respect for Clay but at the point he's ranked ahead of Dallas TE Jason Witten, the vote loses credibility). Anyway, Lynch's addition should worry Michael Egnew. This kid has basically been on scholarship for two years because he was a third-round pick in 2012. But that was a different GM and a different coach, in that that Philbin could afford to carry some dead weight on the roster his first couple of years but he's coaching for his life now. His job is on the line in 2013. I don't see another scholarship year for Egnew. This pick also suggests the team is not as enamored with Dion Sims, a fourth-round pick last year, as it seemed. Again, Sims was picked by a different GM and, it must be noted, is pretty much supposed to be the same kind of block-first TE that Lynch is. Meanwhile, if I'm Kyle Miller, I see the writing on the wall. Lynch does not close the door on Jermichael Finley (I don't see that) or a return for Dustin Keller (his reps say he's healthy although he's not ready yet) but I can see only a crack of light through that opening.

Fifth round -- LB Jordan Tripp

Consequence: People who live in the clouds will tell you this means Phillip Wheeler is out because Tripp is going to start at Middle linebacker or weakside linebacker, allowing the Dolphins to move on. Well, Wheeler may indeed be out after 2014 but not necessarily because of Tripp. It would have to do with Wheeler's performance. No, this picks should be ringing in the ears of players such as Jonathan Freeny, Jelani Jenkins, and perhaps even Jason Trusnik. This pick is immediately about special teams. And that is primarily where Freeny, Jenkins and Trusnik make their bones. Trusnik, you should know, is a fine special teams player. But he's going into his eighth season and he's scheduled to cost $1,071,688 on the salary cap. He gets cut, the Dolphins save $855,000.

Sixth round --WR Matt Hazel

Consequence: Unless Hazel is an epiphany that shines suddenly and violently out of pitch darkness, he will have a hard time making this team's 53-man roster because for all his gifts -- he's long and relatively fast -- he simply is not ready to beat out the top 4-5 guys right now. Maybe he gets the rookie scholarship and makes it just because he was drafted. That wouldn't say a lot for Williams and Cone. At worst, Hazel is a practice squad possibility.

Seventh round -- DE Terrence Fede

Consequence: The Dolphins seemed to have more defensive ends than they knew what to do with last year. With Cameron Wake, Olivier Vernon and Derrick Shelby around, there were hardly enough snaps to go around for then-rookie first-round pick Dion Jordan. So how does Fede fit? Who does he beat out? None of them. I suppose he's insurance in case of injury. I suppose he is practice squad material.


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You have a better chance at being at being a bust than a FA making the team

Who will provide competition for Thiggy as the
return specialist ? Who will provide competition
for the kicker ? Who are they going to train for
backup long-snapper. I think the HC wants a very
tall and competent WR. Hhhmmmm... Answers anyone ?

Some of you need to have a little patience. We are only 2 or 3 drafts away from being a very good team again.

The Heat compete in Indy 1st two games

4 yrs in a row Eastern Conf Champs

Dolphins passed on Iupati, Kuechly & Manz
Home 4 GM picks

Home knows the Dolphins

not some pretentious fella like Fireland or the Failed GM by Default from Tampax Hickey

Who would draft a fat gut w no eyebrows scared to death of a $5.00 wood handled saw
Great Value Heisman Trophy Freshman Fan Fav Franchise QB Competitor John Manz ?

a jsckarse GM that's who

Home 4 GM

Jeff Katz the egotistical Jew from Dolphin Carpet and Tile would be a better Gm than the Tampax Failed GM Hickey

of course w a proven track record
Home 4 Gm Rocks !

Drafting Tannehill instead of Kuechly set the franchise back 5 yrs

Home was right all along

Was blogging w some out of touch out of towners from (lol) NYC
when they asked Home
"How did u know all along sean smith sucked donkey bal

Cuz Home studies players and coaches at camp in person
not relying on the Braided Coconut or others

Go Kuechly !

Also i like men!!!! Like a lot!!!!!
I have no life,and constantly state my opinions that no one else will listen to
I have no family left
And i like little boys!!!!

LOL @ my late night troll tonight

not bad
Butt needs work

Home 4 GM

G'Nite All

Fish probably last place
maybe 3rd in the AFC East again

All The Time

Go Tim Knight, Go!


Miami Dolphin

Now players prefer not to come here and can't wait for thier contracts to expire so they can leave.

It is hard for me to get excited about our team as we have a head coach that is as disconnected as a ghetto cell phone when the checks are late.Please WAKE U BIG JOE PHILBIN play rookies be creative and show a little passion or you will lose your team as you did at the end of last season

7-9 again

Home for GM would bath and lotion Mike Sam on a daily basis.

Well realist. I just checked the schedule.
The only thing that matters is the AFC games.

We can afford to lose a few non conference games.
But we must dominate the AFC

Pats, Ravens, Chargers, Broncos, Jets, Bills = must wins

This is probably the first Draft where Philbin's input has been taken fully into account. He might be a good talent evaluator even if he has sukkked as a Coach up to know.

%-----(( mike sam

Armando knows things.

I made myself a wonderfully entertaining pasta meal last night.

I love all of you so very much.

Usually at this time of the year I would be thumbing through the list of available- or projected to be available- veteran free agents in hopes that someone was still out there that could come in and help my team. That's because for the past many years the Dolphins, after the initial phase of FA and the draft, would still have holes to plug or positions staffed with marginal players.

This year is different, though. Outside of the LB group- and that may be better 1)through coaching change; 2)players experience within the system; 3)moving personnel around for better fits- I like the changes made and am looking forward to seeing how it all meshes.

For instance, the offensive line is unquestionably better. The RB position with Moreno, who can pass-block, get tough yards and catch out of the backfield, has substantially improved. Both of these developments will enable Tannehill to make big strides in his play. Add Bill Lazor to the mix and the hopes are that fans can put the usual pedestrian play of Dolphin offense in the rear view mirror.

I like the changes on defense, too. Although Finnegan's antics may hurt the defense at times, he and Lou Delmas will insure that nobody strolls through the Dolphins secondary anymore. Receiver's heads better be on a swivel and bodies flexed for some contact.

I like Mitchell on the front, too. He can plug holes and has a good push up the middle on passing plays. Plus, he's fast and has a great motor. I really look forward to watching him run down a few QBs who are forced out of the pocket. And, of course, we're all looking forward to a few of last year's rookies stepping up and contributing big time on defense- specifically Jordan and Taylor.

Overall, Hickey's done a really good job and Joe Philbin must be near bursting with anticipation to see these guys in pads. Me too.

As always, good stuff Mando.

What Hickey did was fix the O-line. #1,#2,#3 priority this off season.

He got a Franchise LT in free agency, and then signed 2 players that could start for a year, just in case the Draft doesn't go his way.

Then in the Draft, Yes, Hickey passed on more talented players in the first round, but he answered the Biggest Need left, RT. The Second best RT on the Board, and 3rd best Tackle overall. (G.Robinson and Z.Martin are going to be turned into guards.) And getting B.Turner in the 3rd was a steal, moving him inside next to Albert and Pouncey will give us a dominant Left side from Day 1.

LT- B.Albert
LG- B.Turner
C- M.Pouncey
RG- D.Thomas
RT- J.Jones

4 of the 5 are under contract for the next 3-4 Years. Only Pouncey isn't, but he will be getting his extension(or franchised). 3 of the 5 are under rookie contracts. And 4 of the 5 are under 25. Only B.Albert isn't.


Adds some more charges for which there is no evidence.
The move is designed to make the judge look bad so that no one will notice the prosecutor/police arrested the wrong person - it was the gangsters from the club that killed the dude - but the police couldn't charge them because they announced to the world that Aaron did it 4 hours after they found the corpse.

Dashi @ 6:50

Neither Smith nor Fox are in your starting OL - how can that be they were the 2 FAs that Hickey signed to fix the OL.
If his FA pick ups were no good then what makes his draft picks good?
If his FA pickups are the starters then why did he spend 2 of the first 3 picks on backup OL?

Now do you see the problem?

Myriam Marquez, Director/Executive Editor of El Nuevo Herald. A sweetheart. Please ,lady, don't erase ALL my posts in that digital newspaper. Perhaps, one, two...

Posted by: billcale | May 16, 2014 at 06:25 AM

bill, that's the rosy scenario (the one which I hope comes true I might add).

Let me voice the pessimistic view. First off, injuries. Yes, all teams have them, but THIS team is shattered by them (seems like year in and out). So all those players you mentioned having a great effect on the team (i.e. Delmas) is negated the second they suffer a multiple game (or God forbid Season-ending) injury.

Second, it's been stated, and I believe that players come to Miami and play down to the mediocrity that's been a constant for this team. Even when they are effective (Brandon Marshall comes to mind) they still lack something (TDs). It never seems to click. So all these shiny new pieces are great, but if they can't come together (like they haven't been able to 9 out of the last 10 years) we're looking at another sorry Season.

Third, coaching. I'm a UVa grad, so you don't have to pump up Bill Lazor to me. I would be thrilled for him to succeed. But he's a first time OC (in the NFL). And that's a question mark. Whether he can project his vision to the offense and put them in positions to succeed and win. We saw how coaching can hurt a team (i.e. Coyle last year, Carolina game amongst others). These are a bunch of young coaches (at their current positions) meaning they are still learning how to do it. And that can be good...or bad (so far it's been pretty bad).

Lastly, Tannehill (cause that's all that REALLY matters in the end). He improves, has a great Season, and no question the team follows along. He stumbles, no matter what else happens, I don't see the team winning too many games. So everything they did to help young Jedi Ryan will be for naught if he just doesn't have it. A la Henne (imagine if Tannehill had that run offense and crushing defense).

This time of year, we're all hopeful for a promising Season. But more times than not in the 3+ decades I've been supporting the team, those hopes get dashed, and I start asking what can be done to turn things around.

Regardless of where James was projected among all the tackles, he was the best rated RT on the board. Robinson will be stashed at guard to get him up to speed in the NFL. If he stays at guard, he is defiantly over drafted. Jake's health can't be trusted. Personally, I thought Robinson was weak in the passing game, so he may stay there.

I like Turner, not only does he give us an immediate strength at guard, but he serves as a LT back-up.

I am guessing RT-J.Jones is some attempt at levity, if not his name is James.

Thomas at RG would be great if he can out-perform Smith. This is highly questionable though.


Alright we know you take a pessimistic view and probably more accurate view, than my rosy everything is gonna be great point of view. I guess I am just so obsessed with this team and choose my time thinking about to be positive. My obsess about something if it is all doom and gloom. That isnt fun for me.

But to get to my point. You were talking about how mediocre players seem to be, once they get here and I agree with that. Brandon marshall,Karlos Dansby,etc.

I think that is why I kind of see why Hickey went small school. I listened to all the interviews with the rookies on The Finsiders and came away so impressed with these kids. I realize that football isnt about players going on the field and have intelligent conversations, but these kids are smart, grateful and seem to have their heads heads screwed on straight. Even the Aikens who spent time in the "clink" didnt come across as a thug or an idiot.

Philbin has hollered about bringing in high character, tough football players since he has been here and we see how that has turned out. It is way to early to say what kind of job Hickey has done so far. No one knows what will happen with anything he has done so far. But I will say this, this draft might be hated by most, but to me I see a plan and think Hickey has tried to build this team with a unified vision or perhaps pieces to a puzzle. I was not an Ireland hater, but he never filled holes and did some great stuff while leaving gaping holes in other areas. I think to that end, I agree with BILLCALE said that.

I guess the only question is, did he find the right puzzle pieces? Since I have a few months till we see anything on the field, I will say "yes". Why,because I can and dont see a reason to look at it that way otherwise. I'd rather be excited than pessimistic! But thats jut me...

Since the phins have taken a big blocking TE in lynch we think all the TEs besides Clay are in troubel and we tell you why here!! http://phinsnews.com/fifth-round-for-the-phins-a-big-blocking-te/

I have been looking at some of Fede's film. I think they have him projected at DT, probable as a three technique pass rusher. This is where I see him being productive.

I still think Carlos Fields would have been the better pick, but we'll see. I looked at some Raider posts from their fans and they are getting a nutt just thinking about how awesome Fields will be.

I personally hated Ireland. His drafts were average when you look at the total number of starters we retained. His free agency signing seemed good at first, but then they failed to deliver on the field.
Marshall is a pro bowl WR and he's gone...Reggie Bush is the same at RB...gone...Dansby, Gone.

He seemed to do his homework and was able to find some talented players, but not true 'play makers'. He moved up to draft Daniel Thomas, bust. Vontae Davis is one of the the highest paid CB, but he failed in Miami.

Lastly, Jeff Ireland was a bully and hated by almost every one...including our pro bowl LT, Jake Long. We had a shot to draft Dez Bryant, and we all know what happened there during 'the interview'.

Chemistry is king and until you have it, you will languish in mediocrity...just watch a rerun of 'Remember the Titans' to understand what chemistry can do.

Just don't coach Fede up to be a good DT and have Belichick poach him when we try to stash him on the practice squad (see: AJ Francis - thankfully we were able to get him back)

Ireland may not have netted us great talent (his job), but he, along with Aponte, set up our cap for the next decade (assuming Hickey or any future GM doesn't screw it up by splurging). We will be in the top 5-10 cap spaces for each year. We can wait to find the right FA at the right price. We have a lot of room to work with, especially if we carry it over.

That's the one good thing that came out of that Ireland era....and it wasn't even his job.

Titans view Bishop Sankey as 3-down back

Titans GM Ruston Webster confirmed that the team views 2nd-round rookie Bishop Sankey as a 3-down back. "Really, what he brings to us is a great deal of versatility: vision, feet, ability to catch the football," Webster said. "The important thing for us in picking one of these backs was to get the right fit for the coaches' offense. Versatility and the ability to play on three downs was really one of the main criteria." Sankey racked up 3,309 yards and 36 TDs on the ground the past 2 seasons, adding another 553 yards and 1 score on 61 catches. Sankey compares himself to Gio Bernard and LeSean McCoy. At least 2 scouts see some Emmitt Smith in his game. The Titans privately compare Sankey to Tiki Barber, without the fumbling issues. Sankey already looks like the favorite to lead the Titans' 2014 backfield in touches. Shonn Greene is better off as a short-yardage specialist, while Dexter McCluster is a pass-catching, change of pace. The rookie looks like a potential RB2 this season.

Instead we draft a duplicate asset with lesser physical skills in round 2 ...

ETF @ 8:26, sing it brother... Hickey is incompetent!

I'm glad we didn't draft an RB. We don't need an additional RB on top of Moreno and Miller (and Thomas - who is going to retire after this season because of his concussion history).

Last time we drafted an RB so high we got Ronnie Brown - that was basically the period of time that led to the beginning of the end for RBs in today's NFL. An undrafted RB can perform just as well as an RB drafted in the 2nd round.

Look at Alfred Morris and Doug Martin. Great RBs one season and afterthoughts the next. Chris Johnson was CJ2K and now he's just a diva who can't run. Matt Forte has been solid for 5 years. Michael Turner was solid for 3 years. Adrian Foster has been good for 2 years but he's injured and possibly on the downswing. CJ Spiller went from bust, to boom, back to bust. MJD had a solid 5 years. Reggie Bush has had 2 good seasons. Book is still out on Giovanni Bernard.

So which RB is really worth a high pick if they're only going to make it for 3-5 seasons at best?

Mark...You seem to have moved over to the dark side lately. Almost every post is laced with a negative connotation.
Look, I want to Fins to be relevant as much as you and have certainly provided my share of negative comments. But where do you see the positives on our team?

I for one am extremely excited to see Bill Lazor's new offense, and even more so to watch Ryan Tannehill flourish under a new mentor...we all know how Sherman held his development back with a conservative plan.

Will Sankey be rookie of the year this season? he has just as good a chance as anyone...including Landry.

Looks like Home kidnapped and killed the real MIT and now is using his name to gain popularity here.

MiamiD...great post! I was sad to see Bush leave Miami but see where the coaches thought Miller would make jump to the next level.
Question is, how much of a RB's success is attributed to his skills vs. the O-line & offensive scheme?

Would Gio Bernard have had the same success in Miami last year? Probably not. I don't even think the great Barry Sanders could have succeeded last season in Miami.

We can line up this year, unlike the last few seasons...therefore I predict an above average running game for the Fins this year.
Who steps up is TBD, but with a newly configured O-line and new coaching staff...things are bound to be better.

I agree Mark has been trolling hard lately.. Guess he has his panties in a bunch cause the Fins didnt select any players he wanted..

They killed my post, it was on the new WR Williams. Check him out, he is a player. His problem is injuries.

Maybe this one is vanilla enough to get through.

Year after year....many hopes and promises...dashed by expectations being unfulfilled. Now...few expectations, so maybe finaly a better outcome? Small school Vs big school--who cares if they can play as a dominatng unit? We also have some interesting UDFA's, though at positions noted to have much redundancy, so who will show up? I also continue to love the projections and draft ratings. All of the geenuises...um, guinesses...um, smart guys, who are such experts tell us and others how good their picks were or will turn out. Sure, we have a relatvely good CAP situation for the upcoming years and this team cannot be afraid to sign or cut whoever does not make this team better--NO ONE IS UNTOUCHABLE. The Dolphin's proverbial "They" have to develop a plan to continue to build this team and run a game plan for future and ongoing success. 8-8 may seem another destined year for us, or maybe we will be pleasantly surprised, but I am going in with no expectations. "Cut me, Mick!" Still...got little else sports-related to care about for then next few months, so will continue to dabble in the drivel!

NHFins I agree, it all depends on:

-Offensive Scheme

Obviously the RBs athletic ability helps, but Miami needs a power back that can get them 2-3 yards each play. A scat-back is nice, to keep the defense honest, but it clearly didn't work last year with Miller or the past couple years with Bush. It was Sherman's offensive scheme. Maybe a Bernard, Bush, or Miller will thrive in Lazor's spread offense (which looks better than Sherman's "spread" offense)



Cannot evaluate Miller based on last years performance. No O line and no proper utilization of the Run. This year I expect a big difference in the offensive scheme and performance.

I agree Mark has been trolling hard lately.. Guess he has his panties in a bunch cause the Fins didnt select any players he wanted..
Posted by: A Regular Here | May 16, 2014 at 09:39 AM

And bingo was his name-O



Mark was up on the 'Fins, hopeful they'd change, until, in his opinion, they made a lot of the same mistakes they've made in the past, that's why Mark has become pessimistic.

But to Rdubs point, I think MOST of us fans will become optimistic once the Season gets closer. I know I will (I always do). I'm high on the Dolphins every 1st week in Sept. But lately (last few years) I think I've come with a dose of reality to my offseason optimism.

Unlike Mark, and more like Rdubs/billcale, I'm not disgusted with the Draft, because I'd rather give Hickey the benefit of the doubt until there's actual evidence that he effed up. Mark talks about FA choices being evidence, and that's a good point. But without hard facts, we're all just guessing here.

Time will tell, but I remain convinced it will come down to the play of Tannehill in the end. He will determine how successful this organization is in 2014.

Mark in T and Home-O

Peas in a Pod........

I'm starting to see some parallel between the upcoming 2014 season with the 2011 campaign(I hope not).

Henne was entering his critical 3rd year, Sparano was on the ropes and we just hired a new offensive coordinator in Brian Daboll, who was supposed to install a new 'smash mouth' running game so Henne could flourish.

...well we started 0-7 and the 'suck for luck' cry was loud and clear.

Now...Tannehill is clearly better than Henne, but Sparano had his following on the team and many players supported him.

Daboll vs. Lazor: hard to say until we see Lazor's product in action.

I pray for a winner this year, but if we start 0-7 I can already hear the ''Junk it for Jameis" cry's starting in the background.

(Mark, this post is for you)

NH, frankly, I'd rather lose big than go 8-8 and have a late pick in the Draft. That's what's been plaguing Miami. We can't seem to Draft a game changer to save our lives. So maybe if we had a Top 5 pick, we could get one.

Like I have stated many times, performance on the field is what will make me judge a player. Until then it's a lets wait and see attitude. MIT and the rest could very well be right and then again, wrong with their analysis of the draft, but who am I to ridicule their opinion. We all have opinions and just cause we don't agree does not mean one is better than the other.

DC...I wanted Luck so bad in that draft! Damn you Matt Moore.
Irsay had it right that year and kept that journeyman QB under center knowing damn well Indy would get Luck.

...Be reminded we did pick #3 last year, just failed to get a game changer.


Posted by: Opti/Pessi Mist | May 16, 2014 at 10:07 AM

Got to agree with this statement.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | May 16, 2014 at 09:55 AM

The only thing is I feel we can't be successful with a 60-40 pass vs. running offense and no power running game with our personell.

No formations with true lead blockers really bugs me, I guess I'm old school that way.

Posted by: NHFinsFan | May 16, 2014 at 10:10 AM


Only a hack attacks an organization any time he can. ESPN doesn't have anyone that can predict draft picks or rate players. They don't like the Dolphins draft but Fox Sports gave them an A- draft grade. All of the picks have a genuine opportunity to make the roster. It's up to Hicky to manage the roster and put Philban is a position to win even if that means taking control of the roster whether Joe likes the players or not.

Sam wasn't mentioned once in this post so get over it. live and let live. Progress with the world or waste your life with hate. Either way the rest of us don't care about you or your opinions regarding the subject. We all know your just scared to admit you have feelings for men beyond sports. Suck it mate, sounds like you already do!

So the Phins have signed a 6'5" acorn in Stephen Williams. So they realised they need some big bodies at WR.

Henne > Tannehill

Henne < Tannehill because...

Henne has more losses, more INT's, less TD's, lower completion % and Tannehill has a hotter wife.

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