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Timing of Dolphins rookie minicamp is excellent

South Florida is full of temptations 24 ... 7 ... 365. And there is nothing the Miami Dolphins can do about that in hoping, praying their players stay out of trouble.

But when you have the volatile mix of young players, a Memorial Day weekend and so many parties it is hard to count, the Dolphins answer with what I believe to be brilliant scheduling for their rookie minicamp.

That minicamp is this weekend. Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

And so the rookies -- the eight draft picks, 20 or so undrafted free agent signees and tryout guys -- won't likely be out on Miami Beach partying because they'll spend most of the day working. And, I suppose, they'll be meeting in the evening.


So much for attending the Rock the Yacht party, the Kinfolks Soulfood Festival, the Sunkissed Rooftop Day Party, the Best of the Best Welcome Party, the Fortune 500 bash, the Meek Mill bash at Mansion, the Kevin Hart Celebrity Cruise, the Keyshia Cole concert, the YMCMB at Club LIV, the ...

... Well, you get the drift.

Even former Dolphins offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie is hosting a party this Friday.

There's lots to do here this weekend. A lot of it involves alcohol. Extra police will be everywhere.

The Dolphins rookies? They'll be working in Davie thanks to some excellent timing by the team.  


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good point

brock Jensen
every single

Good luck Ju'wan James
Good luck Jarvis Landry.
Good luck all rooks!

From the last post two minutes ago.
Details versus Big Picture. Needs versus BPA. When I see a picture of trees, some with green leaves and some brown, I wonder is it is the end of winter or the beginning of fall. It is evident that Philbin is a big picture guy. He said from day one that building through the Draft and grooming them, was the way to go . Filling your needs with FA's will only prolong his theory. In his two years here there have been needs filled through the draft for almost every position on the team. There is a rookie or second year player on the D line, LB core , backfield, O line WR, QB and RB.
He wants his signature on the team and Ireland was not going to allow that. Looks like Hickey is along with his plan and is giving him the players. A lot of the veterans will be replaced within a year or two, but for Philbin to accomplish this, he must win this season and make the play offs. Looks like a good plan to me but have not made up my mind on this years team yet. Details or Big picture. Details today might present a perfect Big picture in the future, or will it be an abstract picture which not too many comprehend. (Great players doing well on other teams). JMO

...I thought they were just waiting for it to get "HOT"...

I like that thought Armando.

Lazor is prob pissed, he probably already had Tix to Kevin Hart Celebrity Cruise.

BTW...I like the rookie sandwich (turner between Pouncey & Albert, along with the UT combo - Dallas-James on the right side...

I see some real camaraderie building here.

I think have the buds Dallas & James next to each other will build them both.

cheap ross
pocketing the
daily interest on the

Mando actually said something NICE about the Dolphins?

I'm glad that I'm paid up on my End-of-the World insurance policy.

can't wait 4
5 new ol's 2 work
2gether for the 1st time
wilfork can't wait either

Have a great wknd, Mando

Home will be in Parkland, Fl for 4 days starting Fri Nite

Nother big 4 day bash - pool party/ BBQ

Stop by for a drink or two

Lot of Bourbon at this house

This should answer that question Miami. These are STARTERS, or backups that had significant attempts

1 Nick Foles PHI 13 2,891 317 9.12
2 Aaron Rodgers GB 9 2,536 290 8.74
3 Peyton Manning DEN 16 5,477 659 8.31
4 Russell Wilson SEA 16 3,357 407 8.25
5 Philip Rivers SD 16 4,478 544 8.23
6 Josh McCown CHI 8 1,829 224 8.17
7 Drew Brees NO 16 5,162 650 7.94
8 Colin Kaepernick SF 16 3,197 416 7.69
9 Carson Palmer ARI 16 4,274 572 7.47
10 Jay Cutler CHI 11 2,621 355 7.38
11 Andy Dalton CIN 16 4,293 586 7.33
12 Matthew Stafford DET 16 4,650 634 7.33
13 Ben Roethlisberger PIT 16 4,261 584 7.30
14 Tony Romo DAL 15 3,828 535 7.16
15 Cam Newton CAR 16 3,379 473 7.14
16 Matt Cassel MIN 9 1,807 254 7.11
17 Robert Griffin III WAS 13 3,203 456 7.02
18 Ryan Fitzpatrick TEN 11 2,454 350 7.01
19 Case Keenum HOU 8 1,760 253 6.96
20 Matt Ryan ATL 16 4,515 651 6.94
21 Eli Manning NYG 16 3,818 551 6.93
22 Tom Brady NE 16 4,343 628 6.92
23 Kellen Clemens STL 10 1,673 242 6.91
24 Christian Ponder MIN 9 1,648 239 6.90
25 Geno Smith NYJ 16 3,046 443 6.88
26 Andrew Luck IND 16 3,822 570 6.71

1 Philip Rivers SD 378 544 69.5
2 Drew Brees NO 446 650 68.6
3 Peyton Manning DEN 450 659 68.3
4 Matt Ryan ATL 439 651 67.4
5 Aaron Rodgers GB 193 290 66.6
6 Josh McCown CHI 149 224 66.5
7 Ben Roethlisberger PIT 375 584 64.2
8 Nick Foles PHI 203 317 64.0
9 Tony Romo DAL 342 535 63.9
10 Christian Ponder MIN 152 239 63.6
11 Carson Palmer ARI 362 572 63.3
12 Jay Cutler CHI 224 355 63.1
13 Russell Wilson SEA 257 407 63.1
14 Ryan Fitzpatrick TEN 217 350 62.0
15 Andy Dalton CIN 363 586 61.9
16 Cam Newton CAR 292 473 61.7
17 Matt Schaub HOU 219 358 61.2
18 Sam Bradford STL 159 262 60.7
19 Chad Henne JAC 305 503 60.6
20 Alex Smith KC 308 508 60.6
21 Tom Brady NE 380 628 60.5
22 Ryan Tannehill MIA 355 588 60.4

1 Nick Foles PHI 28.4 25.5 28.4 37 119.2
2 Peyton Manning DEN 31.9 22.1 27.8 33.3 115.1
3 Josh McCown CHI 30.4 21.5 19.3 37.7 109
4 Philip Rivers SD 32.9 21.8 19.6 31.2 105.5
5 Aaron Rodgers GB 30.5 23.9 19.5 31 104.9
6 Drew Brees NO 32.2 20.6 20 31.9 104.7
7 Russell Wilson SEA 27.6 21.9 21.3 30.4 101.2
8 Tony Romo DAL 28.3 17.3 19.3 31.8 96.7
9 Ben Roethlisberger PIT 28.5 17.9 16 29.6 92
10 Colin Kaepernick SF 23.7 19.5 16.8 31.6 91.6
11 Sam Bradford STL 25.6 14.3 17.8 33.2 90.9
12 Matt Ryan ATL 31.2 16.4 13.3 28.7 89.6
13 Jay Cutler CHI 27.6 18.3 17.8 25.5 89.2
14 Alex Smith KC 25.5 14.7 15.1 33.8 89.1
15 Cam Newton CAR 26.4 17.3 16.9 28.1 88.8
16 Andy Dalton CIN 26.6 18 18.8 25.4 88.8
17 Tom Brady NE 25.4 16.3 13.3 32.3 87.3
18 Andrew Luck IND 25.1 15.4 13.5 33 87
19 Jake Locker TEN 25.5 16.1 14.6 30.5 86.7
20 Michael Vick PHI 20.5 23.4 11.8 30.7 86.5
21 Matt Flynn GB 26.7 16.5 13.3 29.2 85.7
22 Matthew Stafford DET 23.8 18.1 15.2 27.1 84.2
23 Mike Glennon TB 24.5 13.6 15.2 30.6 83.9
24 Carson Palmer ARI 27.7 18.6 14 23.6 83.9
25 Robert Griffin III WAS 25.1 16.8 11.7 28.6 82.2
26 Ryan Fitzpatrick TEN 26.7 16.7 13.3 25.3 82
27 Ryan Tannehill MIA 25.3 15.2 13.6 27.5 81.7

Posted by: Marc | May 22, 2014 at 11:21 AM

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2014/05/expanded-playoffs-would-have-been-good-for-philbin/comments/page/12/?cid=6a00d83451b26169e201a511bdcba4970c#comment-form#storylink=cpy

That's definitely not the "Home" that has infested this blog for years. He was never threatening.

This is more like BoobyD12

Posted by: Marc | May 22, 2014 at 11:28 AM

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2014/05/expanded-playoffs-would-have-been-good-for-philbin/comments/page/12/?cid=6a00d83451b26169e201a511bdcce1970c#comment-form#storylink=cpy

Wouldn't stop me from attending! When I was that young I could party all night, get 3 hours of sleep and run 5 miles.

Unless they have a curfew, which would upset me to no end!

South beach and the Miami night life is lame, maybe exciting to 20 year olds but what's the big whoop about sitting in an old warehouse drinking vodka you paid 10 times the cost for?

Best places in US for families to fish: Five of top 10 in Florida

By Bonnie Gross and Bob Rountree · on May 21, 2014 at 8:48 am

The big whoop is that there are TON's of hot women! Given that you're an athlete potentially earning millions I'm sure that they get poossee thrown at them on the reg.

South beach and the Miami night life is lame, maybe exciting to 20 year olds but what's the big whoop about sitting in an old warehouse drinking vodka you paid 10 times the cost for?

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | May 22, 2014 at 11:38 AM

You have to be a dope to want to live in Canada

Marc, all the more reason to not care if you were them right now. If I was an athlete, I'd never go to a club, perform on Sundays and you can just finger them in the crowd (not literally) and have them ordered into your place. Why go through the hassle?

Last time I was in Miami, I noticed the crowd wasn't really ethnically diverse. Maybe it's changed in the last few years... but it seemed to be bonus if latinas and african americans were your favourites.

I'm more into the Mediterrean look... wife's Greek after all....

MIT, South Beach is loaded with actors, actresses. models, sports personalities and music icons. Its for the upper clsss so no one expects you to get it.

Good move by the Dolphins coaches

Hopefully the drunk & drugged clown acts like Cognito & Pouncey will halt

How can theses players take themselves seriously and expect to win if they are poisoning themselves instead of training, practicing, resting, eating properly and taking supplements ?

They can party when they are on the couch watching the Play Offs, again

From the last blog. Remember, this is a new era of football. Being enamored with yards compared to greats of the past isn't a fair comparison. Does anyone really think Marino's records falling proves he was less of a QB than any of them. Perhaps Peyton is close.

LIp, no need to be so touchy. I frequent South Florida a lot, family has a 2nd home not too far .. although more in Deion Sanders and Sammy Watkins territory than South Florida ... but still close enough.

I've even been a Dolphins Season ticket holder.

The fishing is great, beaches are nice (except south beach), just not a fan of the night life.

It's not bad, just not out of this world...

They'll just get in trouble the following weekend

Actors, actresses, models, and sports personalities...

now these are the people we should be fawning all over?

Haha, come on man... I was a child a long time ago.

I know plenty of all of those types to know that most of the time, they are the dumbest people you'll ever meet.

And lest you forget that the hip hop artist everyone is currently fawning over (not me tho) is from my home town?

Nice work. Seems like DH is doing a fine job so far. Hopefully his first draft pans out. go dolphins!!!

Canadians knocking Floridia??? HILARIOUS!!!! I quess thats why 4 million Canadians spend 6 months in Florida every year. And I dont think ANY Floridians ever even go to Canada....for any reason.

LIP, who's knocking Florida?

perhaps I didn't make myself clear.

I love Florida. My family has property there.

I've spent a lot of my time there.

I just don't see the night clubs as a big attraction.

Sorry if this offended you...

Home is right, home isn't racist, but his 1000 other names are.

Living in paradise has the same jokes and same hatred towards canadians that YG + Dashi + Home have.

but home wants us to believe he isn't racist or an impersonator

Raiders have their quarterback of the future under contract.

The team announced Wednesday that they have signed No. 36 overall pick Derek Carr to a four-year contract. A person who has seen the deal told NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport that it is worth $5,371,802.

Believe Carr, who has the best arm talent in the 2014 QB class
will be much better w the 20 yard plus passes than Tannehill
In fact
Carr will be head and shoulders better w the deep ball than Tannehill

Home guarantees if our receivers worked out w QB Carr
they would def prefer him to Tannehill

when a bully gets bullied they cry about it.

look at home crying that people are treating him the same way he treats other people

look at home whining that people are impersonating him when he treats other people the same way

look at home complaining that his good name is soiled. lol. good name. soiled. lol.

look at home tattling on the blog because he cant handle his own medicine.

look at home.

Home, if you watched Carr play against USC, you'd never post that...

MIT is a heavy hitter now. LOL!

They can party when they are on the couch watching the Play Offs, again

Posted by: Reel Dolphin In Sight w Home |

home needs a hug
home needs a life
home needs a wife
home needs to shag
home cant shag
home cant get a wife
home cant get a life
home cant get a hug

I'm not "Home". I've been posting here off and on for a long time. Just thought it was funny.

Heavy Hitter, Sammy? I don't even know what that means.

I'm nobody to celebreties and don't try to be but I used to hang out with two people who are very important to celebreties.

1) A pretty woman who used to co-ordinate "entertainment" for known people

2) A guy who is serving time in house arrest for selling coke.

Those are two very imprtant people to douchey celebtreties. Drug supplier and huer supplier.

Home is Cool Ronnie, Man

Some say Home is skinny, some asy fat, some say fit, some say tall, some say short, some say ugly some say handsome

Home is whoever u need him to be to make u feel better about ur life and look at "your team" and "yourself"
in a dif light

hmmm ....

soon to be released:
NY Times Best Seller
"Psychology Of A Sports Blogger"


I think they might be able to "finger them" literally LOL

home sounds like dashi
dashi sounds like home

nobody likes dashi
nobody likes home


did u watch
the bills/jets games?

Carr > Tannehill

Mark w the superiority complex about everything is ... wrong again

No big deal. You were attacked, and reacted by dropping names. I spit my food out when you wrote Drake. Lol!

I like

I know why the reason Home hates Tannehill. Because at the end of practice one training camp day. Tannehill was signing autographs. Home was next in line. Tannehill took one look at homes and was like I might get aids by touching this guys pen. So tannehill rejected homes autograph. That's why homes hate him.

If you were going to draft a small school WR, why would you pick Matt Hazel over Jeff Janis?

Janis was more productive, bigger, faster, stronger, more agile, and more explosive..... what is it I'm missing here?

Why wouldn't you pick the 6'3 215lbs guy who put up 1600 yards, 16tds, runs a 4.37???

Something better to do with a 7th round pick?

haha, Sammy, no worries. Just makes me laugh when people say things are cool because celebreties do them. In my case it's usually cause to try the opposite... the vast majority of them are crackheads...

haha, rdubs, true, I'm sure Dan marino made his linemen smell his finger more than once in the huddle...

Agreed totally. If anyone needs a reason to go to Canada, just say Cuban Cigars!

Haha, Home's inferiority complex kicking in again...

claiming I have a superiority complex... not true...

not my problem you just feel inferior to me.

You should have more self esteem .. I'm sure you're a swell guy in real life, just stop trying to be such a "look at me" personality... may work better for you.

Sammy, one great advantage of being Canadian is always being stocked in Cuban cigars. Although my taste within them is quite different than most.

My brand is Partagas Series D, No 4. I could give a crap about the over priced Cohiba. I've never really enjoyed one of those in my life and I've smoked many.

Partagas are far from the most expensive. Box of 25 costs about $120-150 in Cuba... but I find them the easiest and most enjoyable.

the maintenance
guy has something
4 u 2

I dont think anyone really hates Tannehill. Most fans do realize he is a bad QB.

Arturo Fuente cedar wraps for this guy. Won't pay shady bootlegger fees for a Cuban.

ding ding ding

this blog is quantity over quality

mando doesnt care who his posters are and what they say, just as long as there are a ton of "clicks" to the blog so the advertisers pay more and he makes more

its tough

man needs money so he cant get rid of losers
man needs losers to make money
man has to keep losers around

catch 22

Posted by: dbo the great | May 22, 2014 at 12:21 PM

Post of the Day!!!

Home was actually entertaining at one point. I'm not sure why he got away from his Chem Trail, CIA cover up, tin foil hat rants.

I dont think anyone really hates Tannehill. Most fans do realize he is a bad QB.

Posted by: Voice Of Reason | May 22, 2014 at 12:34 PM

Dunno. Keller and Wallace and Sherman might hate him haha

Sammy, you have to have a trusting source when it comes to Cubans. So many fakes out there.

Thankfully the smoking season is so short around here (only have adequate humudity about 5 months a year) or I'd burn through them like crazy.

Almost time to head south and make another run.

Thanks for the heads up on the Fuente's. I will give it a spin next time...

Sammy @ 12:42, I'm guessing Mando made him stop as a condition of his return....


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