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Players Dolphins like: Wide receiver edition

The Dolphins have paid a lot of attention to the wide receiver spot this pre-draft period and there has been speculation that's because general manager Dennis Hickey is wanting to trade someone or expecting to cut someone either this year or next year.

I've been told the reason for the due diligence is Dennis Hickey does his due diligence on every position and you can never have enough good wide receivers.

Hickey's looking at these guys with the idea of being prepared if the right one is available to add to a position that always begs more talent. Period.

Remember that last year the Dolphins got not one but two starting-caliber wide receivers hurt. Had the team made the playoffs, Mike Wallace and Rishard Matthews would have been the starting wide receivers in the playoffs and the No. 3 and No. 4 roles would have been pieced together somehow.

Joe Philbin doesn't want to be caught in that uncomfortable situation again.

And having said all that ... it is hard to fathom Miami going WR in the first round. Not with LB C.J. Mosley (my favorite) possibly there to help the terrible run defense. Not with such a huge need at right tackle. Not with the possibility that a trade down scenario would occur.

Still, here are some of the wide receivers the Dolphins have shown they like:

WR Odell Beckham  LSU: He's not really a deep threat with 4.5-4.45 speed depending on the track and the stopwatch. But he is a very good slot receiver prospect or No. 2 flanker prospect. He's got decent size at 5-11, he knows how to sink his hips and create separation with his body and has experience in a pro style offense (run by LSU offensive coordinator and former Dolphins head coach Cam Cameron). But his production was not consistent and while he's likely going to become a good player, there is not one thing about him that screams star.

WR Martavis Bryant  Clemson: His 6-4 height stands out but because he's very lean he doesn't offer the kind of physical target one might hope. He obviously is not as physical as shorter (6-1) teammate Sammy Watkins. Bryant feels like a second or third round player because he showed lapses in concentration (read drops) and often had to double-catch passes. He's got plenty of vertical speed 4.40.

WR Robert Herron  Wyoming: The Dolphins have been grinding on Herron the past couple of days with meetings and workouts with the player. He has solid (4.48) but not blazing speed yet is no stranger to the big play as he had five catches of over 40 yards last year and had one that went for 93 yards. He's only 5-9 and he's supposedly not a big fan of venturing across the middle of the field. He's not a first or second day player but fifth-sixth round? You betcha.

WR Aaron Hurns   Miami: Hurns has height but is another one of these kids that need to eat a sandwich every day to put on some bulk. He only runs 4.5 but having watched him at the University of Miami he seemed to play faster than his speed. He has a knack for making himself available to the quarterback and that is a good thing. Rounds 5-6-7.

WR Marquise Lee  USC: He comes from the tough part of town and is open about making decisions that siblings failed to make, thus costing lives. Lee is 6-foot so he's neither tall nor short. And he isn't necessarily the fastest guy on a track but has elite "football" speed in that no one ever seems to catch him on the field. He struggled some last year but USC was a turnstile for coaches. Is he another USC receiver flop? Or is he the real deal? Some teams have him graded in the first round, others in the second.

WR EriK Lora   Eastern Illinois: He's a faster Wes Welker type. I didn't say he'd produce like Welker but he's built similarly. He puts up big numbers last year with 123 catches for 1,544 yards and 19 TDs. He strikes me as a slot receiver. Some teams think he can play flanker. He's from Miami, Florida, so you know he can ball. He's a 6th-7th round prospect.

WR Donte Moncrief Mississippi: He's quite possibly the fourth or fifth best WR in the draft and might be the third best behind Watkins and Mike Evans in a couple of years. He's 6-2 and has a whopping 39.5 inch vertical leap. So he can play above the heads of defenders but for whatever reason (ball skills or desire or muscle) he doesn't win a lot of 50-50 passes. He does. however, combine his ability to get vertical with an ability to, well, get vertical up the field (as in behind the defense). His 4.40 speed at 6-2 is outstanding. He's a late first or second round pick.


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Man, with all Miamis needs I hope Hickey holds off till 3rd round. That bein said, if one of these first round projections falls and somehow Evans or Watkins is available in 2nd, grabem.

Why you no writee with your own namee here?

Donte Moncrief looks great. You can keep Erik Lora... and Mosley.

Only good O Player we had and Spielman trades him. I'm still trying to figure that one out.

mmh7713 what are you on?

Nice to see Moncrief in there Mando! I agree with you that Fins need to be proactive at WR. I'd add too that with it being such a passing league you need good people catching those passes. Additionally, this is a great year (deep WR class) to grab WR. With plenty talented WRs, fins have a good shot at getting the right fit too! In GB, Philbin used his WRs like chess pieces; strategically moving them around and/or maximizing their strengths. In 2 offseasons, Philbin resigned Hartline and brought in Wallace (with the aid of Ireland) and Gibson too, but with complete control and a GM on the same page, I expect a WR that's talented and fits their schemes. They don't have a Jordy Nelson type WR yet, so I expect that type in this draft. Possibly Kelvin Benjamin. A big 6'5" physical WR who can win the one on one matchups, very fluid for a big WR, and can be a big red zone target like Nelson is. Benjamin had over 1,000 yards and 15 TDs for that other team in FL I won't say here, but his burst when the ball is in the air and 6'5" frame can't be taught!

Don't believe everything you read about a player this time of year, but if the Steelers (smart organization) likes him then trust that over some of the crap being spewed by other media outlets.

I wouldn't mind Kelvin at all either.

I hope Hickey doesn't draft that type of unknown acorns we had been used to.

7713 is on meth, Jordan.

Proletariats, Unite!

OK...the speculation is high, rumors swirling, and everyone has their opinion. I am trying to think about what is Hickey and the Fins organization going to do vs. what I think they should do.

I really hope they get a TD scoring playmaker in round one. Beckham or Ebron maybe?

But I really think Hickey will select a OT or LB in the first round depending on who is on the board. Martin or Mosley?

I would be FINE with all 4 but would be EXCITED about Beckham or Ebron.

Dolphins should net Bryant or Moncrief in the second round, hopefully by trading down in the First round. Thus, they get an OT/G and Either one of these WRs. They should be able to address ILB, RB and OL with later selections using the additional picks from the trade down.

The draft hat are out fellas just placed an order

The Dolphins shouldn't be looking at any WR's throughout this years draft period. We've already got good WR's who can make plays.

Fix the Oline and hopefully a far more creative Offense and people will realise players like Wallace,Hartline,Gibson and Matthews can make alot of plays...


You keep stating in these articles "here are some of the players the Dolphins have shown they like"

How have they shown they like them? Within your article, Herron is the only one you mentioned that Miami has worked out or brought it.

Is this a list of guys YOU like, or is this a list of guys the DOLPHINS are truly interested in

Unlikely. Miami has only drafted 9 wide receivers in the first three rounds since 1983.

I love the idea of more offensive weapons but only if the price is right, at 19 we need a o-lineman. If we don’t see anything on the board I would rather trade back and pick up some extra picks and try to fill as many holes with quality players. We are just going to have to wait and see what they do next week. But I would like to OT, G, WR, RB, OT, IB, TE or WR.

How is it that after the 2011 season thatbwide receiver was a need when we had Marshall, yet we trade him away and ultimately replace him with Wallace, and now it is not?

There is no need for a WR, the Dolphins are blowing smoke and the morons are following the smell of it

We WILL grab a WR in the draft...when Hickey pulls the trigger is the question.

We will also grab OT, G, RB & S.

...so, in what order is the big question.

I'd rather we get Tre Mason before a WR in the 2nd round. Just look at what Gio Bernard did for the Bengals running games last year. I'd include Ed Lacy for the Packers.

It all starts with establishing the run, something Miller & Thomas have failed to do for two years now.

There's no point in getting another WR, since Tanny can't throw the ball that far anyway. They should do whatever they can to give the poor guy some protection and give him the opportunity to learn how!

But not in round one, there is no reason for a WR in that spot. Maybe in rounds 4 or 5 along with a QB about the six round and yes the Dolphins are picking a QB this year.

I can see taking a wr in the later rounds maybe 5 or 6 but not before that

Posted by: oscar canosa | May 01, 2014 at 06:48 AM

Which O player are you referring to? Chambers? McMicheal?

We need lineman first and foremost after that we need a mlb and I'm not sold on Mosley to small

Only reason to grab a WR @#19 is if Evans is on the board...which he won't, so forgetaboutit!

OT (depending on who's on the board) or Mosley is the pick at #19

Personally I'd go:
RT at #19
RB in 2nd (Mason if available)
ILB 3rd
WR 4th
Guard 5th
Safety 6th

I would not have a problem trading back and taking either Sui-FILO or David Yankee as a late fist rounder then a right tackle a little later on , while adding another pick or two

Late round WR? Maybe a slot guy but more likely no starters.

The Dolphins really need a speed receiver not to replace Wallace next season but in case of injury. The only real speed receiver with the skill set to keep the DB's from overplaying is Mike Wallace. What happens if he get's injured or is out a game or two....overplay and 8 in the box is played against the Dolphins

Just do it hickey

NJ...Mosley too small?
How many times have people said "that guy it too small to make it in the NFL" only to become a HOF player?

Flutie, Wilson, Steve Smith, Wes Welker, ...the list is too long to continue.

Mosley recorded over 100 tackles in the last two seasons and is the undisputed leader on the top defensive unit in college football.

I'll take his leadership qualities over his size any day!

It's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog!

That dog can hunt!

No rookie receiver will play over Wallace hartline Mathews Gibson or even Williams so why draft one early besides we are not trading up that high so what's your point

I just think Mosley will get pummeled in the middle of our defense teams will run right over him


A.Hurns will be good as a late rd pick.

CJ Mosley is overrated. And he has been trained in a 3-4 by Saban. It will take him at least 2 years to learn a 4-3 and then he will be an average MLB.

Only 4-3 LB I would like the Dolphins to draft in the First is Shazier. He already knows the defense and is the Better Athlete. And can cover sideline to sideline.

Based on WR's that will be in camp I'd be very surprised if Fins draft a WR in 1st three rds barring someone falling.

If the top Tackles are gone @ 19 it makes ZERO sense to draft one @ 19 unless you Can Not pull off a trade. So if stuck @ 19 you gotta grab SHAZIER or other BPA if he's there. Agree with other poster, think Misi is moving to middle.

So...if the Pats think Keller's knee is fully recovered, why don't we?

I recall that Keller became Tannehill's 'go to' guy throughout training camp last year. To me its a no-brainer:

Cut Egnew & sign Keller!

What's the hold up and why let the Pats poach one of our playmakers on offense?

Our offense will be a RB friendly offense it's predicated by stretching the defense vertically and picking it apart

I'd be down on Shazier

Watch some eagles tape from last year , we need a tail back with a skill set similar to shady McKoy q!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Knowshawn is a good fit , he has great receiving skills


Those that always want to go with the prototype player are not able to evaluate athletic talent.....

good points on Mosley being trained in a 3-4 system.

Shazier is a beast as well and would be happy with him.

so much talent and so many variables...I'm just happy that Jeff Ireland is NOT making the picks this year.

One thing I'm firm on: we need a true playmaker at RB!

Thomas has not produced in 2 seasons and Miller failed behind the worst OL in history of the franchise.

It's make or break for Miller this year and Moreno is mostly in their to pick up the blitz on passing downs.

Draft Tre Mason watch the ESPN highlights start rolling!

The kid from fsu would be a good fit freeman is a great reciever and super fast

Paul...I'd challenge you on that as I was the ONLY person on this blog who advocated we pick Russell Wilson over Ryan Tannehill...the ONLY one.

Lots of teams would like to have a McCoy on their 53.

They have really done a good job this year. Nobody really knows who Hickey is going to pick at #19.

NHFinsFan, they don't have to cut anyone to sign Keller, Geeeezzz, they're allowed 90 players on the roster during the 1st part of preseaseason.

Whatever WR fins are looking at he needs to be at least 6'2 and pretty physical. We have enough of these 6'0 200 pounds little WRs that cant score in the redzone.

I have a hunch Fins will be targetining Kelvin Benjamin @19.

What's the hold up and why let the Pats poach one of our playmakers on offense?
Posted by: NHFinsFan | May 01, 2014 at 09:04 AM

My guess is the coaching staff did not foresee the emergence of ALL 3 of our TE's last season. Clay - 2nd best yr of any Dolphin in history - 2in yds & receptions & one TD behind the most in a season.

Sims - as a rookie surprised all coaching staff in training camp. Philbin, " Dion Sims has a good chance to become a very very good run blocker in the NFL and he's got soft hands". I expect Lazor to get this guy involved.

Egnew - yeah well Egnew. Most fans hate him & they're entitled to their opinion. I think coaching staff we're expecting Egnew to be cut last season but he made a huge jump from yr one to yr two. Sherman talked about him almost every press conference last season. And as one poster put it..

Had Egnew gone into a more passing role and scheme it may be a different story for him. He was never a blocker and under Sherman they tried to mold him into one. The whole round peg square hole thingy.
Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | April 29, 2014 at 01:37 PM

All of our TE's are young & on the upside!! You can't developed if you don't play!! Would I sign Keller? Yeah maybe, he'd be nice depth for sure but he'd also take away from developing what's already there imo!

If Pats sign Keller as I'd already posted before..

Keller + Gronk = Brady's Brittles!!

jmike...I realize that you can carry 90 players into camp.

I personally don't want Egnew on the final 53 man roster and want them to sign Keller before the Pats poach him.

I feel I have an eye for talent and don't see enough in Egnew. If we don't resign Keller, draft one.

As I always say we need playmakers.

We don't have 1 on the offensive side of the ball and that's with everyone healthy.

However we have our top 3 coming off knee injuries.

Our top 2 are over paid.

Moncrief and Bryant both need to be picked up with our 2nd and 3rd round picks.

I will also be OK with TE Austin Safari-Jenkins in the 2nd and Bryant in the 3rd.

We need to be able to make yards after the catch.

We were ranked 25th in the league last year.

To exploit the defenses we need a balanced game. WR's, TE and RB should be an equally effective threat. We have Matthews, Wallace, Gibson, Hartline and Binns. In addition to these players they signed a couple of free agents. For TE we have Sims, Clay, Egnew, Miller and if they resign a healthy Keller we should be OK. Very thin at the RB position. We do not have our most important need filled yet and that is the O line. I would think any wise person would address that first. WR can be addressed in the later rounds. Its a waste of time debating which WR we should take in the first couple of rounds.

But it will not be a complete surprise as DJ was last year. It will be one of the name Players hovering around #19 who will be selected.

Where were you guys the last two games last year? Even when Tannehill had time, no one was open. No one tough enough to fight through the grabbing, get open and then catch the ball.

Hickey knows how Tampa beat us last year. Knock our soft, fast WRs down and rush the QB. Having a running game would have helped but a tough, go to wide receiver is a must for a prolific offense.

If we draft a defensive player, that means that our whole front office and the coaches don't get it.

How long has it been since we had a team that we knew could and did score quickly and often? Don't you miss it? IT'S THE OFFENSE STUPID!!!!

If I was gm

I would have traded up for Julio picked up Dez and Matt Ryan would have been the qb.

Try to stop us

No Brandin Cooks? Mando asleep at the wheel again.

I agree whatever the first 3 picks are they need to be offensive players. Mike Wallace is the only dynmaic offensive player that any opponent fears and Thill cant even get him the ball on a regular basis.

Pick up K Benjamin @19

6'4 225 cant teach size in this league

Now, which of the Players hovering around #19 is Hickey going to pick? For that, you have to go to the Big Board.

We did an article where we discuss lee and the possibility of the Phins picking him up and what we think they should do!! http://phinsnews.com/should-the-phins-take-usc-wr-marqise-lee-with-their-1st-pick/

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