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Coyle defends his defense ... but facts

The new Dolphins offense is going to be more diverse. Today (one day) we saw motion, tight end screens, a reverse, a little read option -- and the Dolphins were only working in the red zone.

(And not one go or go-go heard all day).

So things are going to be interesting for the 2014 Miami offense, as has been well chronicled.

But the defense is undergoing changes of its own as well.

"We're always looking to improve," defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle said. "We take the offseason and study teams around the league. We look at ourselves. We look at ways we can be better and utilize personnel better.

"We'll do some different things come the Fall, but I'm not going to talk about them with you guys."

Well, some of the things the Dolphins are experimenting with are apparent. The team is giving Koa Misi the middle linebacker repetitions this offseason while Dannell Ellerbe is shifting to strongside linebacker. The experiment continues and has been something of a success in the offseason, but Coyle stops short of saying it will be what the Dolphins do in the regular season.

"Right now, I can't commit today that it's a done deal," Coyle said, "but certainly I like what we're seeing."

Coyle, speaking for the first time since the end of the 2013 season, made a prideful case for the quality of his defense.

"We have a great foundation that we've built here. We feel real strong about what we've done," he said. "The bottom line is if you ask any defensive coach or head coach or anybody that really understands football for that matter, the bottom line is keep the points off the board.

"We've been very good at that the last two years. We finished seventh in 2012, eighth in 2013. There's only been four teams in the league that have been in the top 8 --San Francisco, Cincinnati, Seattle and us. We've been third in the AFC for two consecutive years in scoring defense. So the bottom line is keeping people out of the end zone and giving yourself a chance to win." 

Those statistics that Coyle repeats are impressive. But here is what the coach is missing ...

The Miami defense was playoff caliber before Coyle arrived. Nothing against him. He's a good coach. He's a good man. But he's not a historian.

The problem is I'm partly a historian.

The truth is the same Dolphins defense that was No. 8 in scoring defense (20.9 points per game) in 2013, and No. 7 in scoring defense (19.8 PPG) in 2012, was No. 6 in scoring defense (19.6 PPG) in 2011. So, ahem, the defense was already built to high standards before Coyle arrived.

And that defense the past two years has gotten worse results, not better, if the standard is points allowed -- the statistic Coyle points to as the one football people think most important.

Also, the idea of talking of how great the defense is should recall two more things: On Nov. 15 of last year, the Dolphins lost to the Buffalo Bills. On Dec. 23 of last year, the Dolphins lost to the Buffalo Bills.

The Bills averaged 21 points in those two games. With Thad Lewis as their starting quarterback.



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I think Misi has had his moments. Kind of steady but not spectacular sort of like Crowdwer without the bad attitude.


The attitude I was referring to on Crowder was toward the end of his Fins carreer and was hanging with Joey Porter.

well now can stop reading comments from Go Gogo. what an annoying 12 year old he was.

No doubt the D was worse under Coyle. Grimes and Patterson bailed out the entire D several times.

The LB play however, was worse 10 fold. Is that Coyle's fault, or was that Ireland's?

Last years D gave up way too many 3rd and long plays that extended drives.
This led to the D being 'gassed' and unable to keep up with quick, no-huddle offenses.
Coyle better fix this or it will be another repeat from last year.

Offensive and Defensive ratings are also skewed by how the other facet of your team does. When your offence suck (and therefore doesn't score a lot of points), opposing offences don't need to score as many points to win a game, so will often play more conservatively than they otherwise would (thereby leading to less points against you).

If only the D could stop Cam Newton on 4th and 13. we would have won. and been to the playoffs. Finished 9-7

Is Coyle interim HC yet?

I mean that was eye of the tiger moment

I also hope Coyle wasn't comfortable watching tape of his D being dragged down the field by the Bucs 3rd string RB either.

There was actually several games they had trouble stoppoing the run including those dreadful last two games of the season where the whole team basically quit.

Of course he may site the good stats from last year but he wouldn't be experimenting with Misi if he didn't realize there were issues.

I hope it all coems together for him.

But the D was thinking about margaritas after the game

dbo,STFU !

Maybe Coyle was saying, hey, you swapped out a pro bowl calibre LB and another solid LBer and with 2 scrub replacements there was little drop off. Of course, that only explains last season, so maybe not

Forgot about that Rick. Yeah, his last season he and Porter were going off. But can you really blame them?

Let's also forget that the defense was 21st in yards allowed, and 24th in run defense.

Let's also forget that the defense had the majority of the investment in this team in terms of draft picks and salary cap allocation.

The best defenses get off the field and give their offense more opportunities. The best defenses are also great in run defense. The top ten run defense's teams had a combined .644 win %.

he wants to compare what he's done with Seattle, Cincy, and San Fran????


Seattle, SF, and Cincy were 4th, 5th, and 8th in run defense.

Who does this senile fuqwhad think he's kidding?????

YG, STFU you stupid imbecil

How about getting off the field on 3rd down Coyle?

Dbo, more like drinking great lakes Rye Of the Tiger


The Defense is most certainly worse now, a big part of that is defensive play calling, game planning, and utilization of players skill sets.

That's on Coyle, and Philbin.

mouldy, great point. it was way too easy for other team's offenses to just go into the 4 minute offense and just bleed the clock also because they knew they could just run it at will against our defense... then their defense would come out fresh, not have to respect our non existent run game and just tee off on our offensive line.

All too often they didn't care about scoring....

Have the Dolphins won a playoff game yet?

Remember the Cincy game? Gino Bernard literally ran around our D all game long.

that was a good one bob, lol

Posted by: Marc | June 02, 2014 at 02:53 PM


I sort of get some of Porter's attitide I guess. I didn't agree with him complaining about getting pulled off the field on 3rd down after it was apparant he had lost a step.

Don't you STUPID homers ever get sick and tired of constantly being WRONG season after season on everything Dolphins.?

It seems we are weakest up the middle with Soliai gone. Don't know if Mitchell can fill those run stopping shoes.
...and no one knows how the 'Misi to the middle' experiment will pan out.

If we let RB's run between the tackles on us we're in for a long season.

It's not good when you know a team is going to run the ball but you are powerless to stop them.

We were in the situation several times last year. Philbin knows it, Coyle knows it, it's been well documented, we just have to hope they fix it.

I do think part of it was players didn't always have there hearts in it last year. Rather it was bullygate or didn't like the coaching, their contract, or whatever.

I do like early on it looks like players are buying in and want to be a part of this team. Its all on these coaches. You to have players who are willing to go out and go to battle for you.

Long seasons are a Dolphins norm....

There they go again, the name of this blog is bitchxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxand more bitchxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Bill

Last season was not long...in fact we were in it until the end.
dbo nailed it...we stop Cam on 4th & 13 we're in the playoffs.

Yea, Tanny screwed up in those last two games, I get it...but I see a silver lining in not making the playoffs.

Ireland: Gone
Sherman: Gone
Turner: Gone

Chances are we would have lost in the first round, yet all those guys above would still be here because we 'got in the playoffs'.

We are a better team now with them gone.

Ross to start stadium renovations Dec 29th @ 12:01 AM immediately following the Jets home finally on Dec. 28th 2014.

Here's something you might not take into account Mando, pick 6 TDs and fumbles returned for TDs and Punt/kick off Returns returned for TDs. My guess is Coyle, like most DCs, does not count these as scores vs. his unit.

dbo Im not YG

Early round talent was futile for Coyle in 2013, so instead of a pair of starters, he got a pair of damaged players.
That plus adjusting to a new corps of LB was hard.

so was he lying? NO
Great Stat...leave it at that.
DLine was great during those years, DBs not so much.
this is a more balance D.
let the man work

Read Lazor's take on the offense and what he wants to do and was impressed. Read Coyle's and was depressed. Last year no O line as an excuse, this year i have a feeling the defense will let us down. Not because of the players but the DC.

"There's only been four teams in the league that have been in the top 8 --San Francisco, Cincinnati, Seattle and us. We've been third in the AFC for two consecutive years in scoring defense." - DC Coyle


If we stop dline stunts on rushing downs I would bet our run defense improves.

Is Coyle interim HC yet?


I was thinking: What percentage of so called 'Prime' and 'Choice' beef is actually counterfeit Mexican beef?

When a team faces the Bills, Jets, and not-so-great-anymore Pats offenses 6 times a year, being 8th really isn't that great. And it's been trending downward.

the qb scores
0 pts and 7 pts
in the critical last 2
games of the season,
the d is not the problem

Rick, exactly. You have no argument for being a good defense if, like you say, the team is planning to run on you, you know they are going to run, and you are powerless to stop them.

All other stats go out the window in that instance.

We are not even talkign about misdirection or draws .. just straight up 11 v 11 and ending up on your back. No stat in the world saves your unit then.

ol gave up
0 sax against the jets
still need
a qb

made the bills and jets
d's look like
1 and 2 in the league


OPti @ 3:23, Coyle is my Public Enemy #1 on this team. The guy who hired him is #2....

Tough when you have to win in spite of your DC and Head Coach.

let's line up on the goaline again and give the Panthers and easy FG that may have been the difference in that game.... idiot!!

Solia was very good against the run. But he was just one guy, covering his responsibility. Not very mobile, all teams had to do was run away from him.

MLB play will be larger than us not having Solia.

A lot rests on Misi and the MLB Experiment.

Mitchell is just one guy in the rotation and he's twice the pass rusher Solia was.

The D-Line should be great against the pass. Especially with a vastly improved secondary. Against the run, switching one vet for another in a rotation of 3 shouldn't make or break the unit.

It all adds up to Linebacker play in my mind. Specifically and especially, MLB Play.

Mitchell has 3.5 sacks in his ENTIRE CAREER. He is not a better pass rusher than Soliai. He also did not face double teams like Soliai. Mitchell is a downgrade.

Posted by: MassDolphan | June 02, 2014 at 03:46 PM

He actually did at times look it up.

Soliai also had 5 passes defensed (knocked down) last year because he got good push up the middle.
Mitchell? 0 passes defensed.

odinseye...you are correct.
That's the formula to beat Brady....fierce pass rush.
...that's how the Giants beat him TWICE, in the Superbowl.
Disrupt Brady's rhythm, timing and mental state to force uncomfortable throws.
That's why Ireland drafted Dion Jordan...he knows a fierce pass rush can often dictate the outcome of a close game.

Hopefully Coyle is building something here

Why Bucket Head Misi
is no Luke Kuechly

Ellerbee is NOT quick witted enuf
for QB of the D at MLB

Also Mitchell is "suppose" to be quite good
a style dif from Phatt Paul

Let's hope it helps


Home OUT!


Mitchell = Career backup just like the career backup that hired him.

Personally I think our DL and DB got worse not better.
Our OL is a lot worse than what we started 2013 with.

"Also Mitchell is "suppose" to be quite good
a style dif from Phatt Paul" - Reel...Home

You call watching from the sidelines a 'different style'?

Cheers! - Reel...Home

Reel = Rob in OC?

Bottoms Up!

Our OL is a lot worse than what we started 2013 with.

Posted by: FckFace | June 02, 2014 at 04:06 PM

You think Jmart was a better LT than Albert?
How about that turnstile we had at RT last year that single-handedly lost the Bills game for us?

Too bad there is not a pill for ignorance.

'...anybody that really understands football for that matter'

Love the quote, I just wonder if anyone in the coaching staff fits the bill. Also, please tell Coyle that people who understand the game just care about one stat and that is W-L.

As pointed out, his unit did fail miserably in some games and I can care less if we are 7th in scoring D when we're drafting in the 15-20 range.

fckface is dumb as sam, or is that sam

Coyle has sipped too much Coffee here in Miami. Our defense has definitely slipped since HIS arrival. We might be a top 10 defense but being unable to stop the Bills and Jets these past few years does not bode well for job security beyond this season. Coyle, THINK AGAIN!

Wallace + Tannehill + Lazor = 3 TD's today!!!

I love the pre snap motion, jet motion behind the tail back and trips.

Nickel D = Grimes, Finnegan, Wilson, Jones and Dalmus.

FckFace = worlds dumbest blogger.

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