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Coyle defends his defense ... but facts

The new Dolphins offense is going to be more diverse. Today (one day) we saw motion, tight end screens, a reverse, a little read option -- and the Dolphins were only working in the red zone.

(And not one go or go-go heard all day).

So things are going to be interesting for the 2014 Miami offense, as has been well chronicled.

But the defense is undergoing changes of its own as well.

"We're always looking to improve," defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle said. "We take the offseason and study teams around the league. We look at ourselves. We look at ways we can be better and utilize personnel better.

"We'll do some different things come the Fall, but I'm not going to talk about them with you guys."

Well, some of the things the Dolphins are experimenting with are apparent. The team is giving Koa Misi the middle linebacker repetitions this offseason while Dannell Ellerbe is shifting to strongside linebacker. The experiment continues and has been something of a success in the offseason, but Coyle stops short of saying it will be what the Dolphins do in the regular season.

"Right now, I can't commit today that it's a done deal," Coyle said, "but certainly I like what we're seeing."

Coyle, speaking for the first time since the end of the 2013 season, made a prideful case for the quality of his defense.

"We have a great foundation that we've built here. We feel real strong about what we've done," he said. "The bottom line is if you ask any defensive coach or head coach or anybody that really understands football for that matter, the bottom line is keep the points off the board.

"We've been very good at that the last two years. We finished seventh in 2012, eighth in 2013. There's only been four teams in the league that have been in the top 8 --San Francisco, Cincinnati, Seattle and us. We've been third in the AFC for two consecutive years in scoring defense. So the bottom line is keeping people out of the end zone and giving yourself a chance to win." 

Those statistics that Coyle repeats are impressive. But here is what the coach is missing ...

The Miami defense was playoff caliber before Coyle arrived. Nothing against him. He's a good coach. He's a good man. But he's not a historian.

The problem is I'm partly a historian.

The truth is the same Dolphins defense that was No. 8 in scoring defense (20.9 points per game) in 2013, and No. 7 in scoring defense (19.8 PPG) in 2012, was No. 6 in scoring defense (19.6 PPG) in 2011. So, ahem, the defense was already built to high standards before Coyle arrived.

And that defense the past two years has gotten worse results, not better, if the standard is points allowed -- the statistic Coyle points to as the one football people think most important.

Also, the idea of talking of how great the defense is should recall two more things: On Nov. 15 of last year, the Dolphins lost to the Buffalo Bills. On Dec. 23 of last year, the Dolphins lost to the Buffalo Bills.

The Bills averaged 21 points in those two games. With Thad Lewis as their starting quarterback.



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Coyle sucks but the defense gave the offense plenty of chanced to win both games.

LMAO. I love when ota's are in session or when training camp starts. All of the real Dolphins fans talk about the team, their disappointments and their expectations. And the non Dolphins fans who hang out in the blog for some loser reason keep trying to bait people but everyone just talks around them like they don't even exist. Priceless. Good posts by the fans today. Mark in Toronto I like your new found pessimism, keeping Coyle on notice! Nice.

"Studying for the Dolphins new offense is a nightmare for defensive coordinators because you never know where the receivers are going to be".

Mando you should take a look at how long the defense was on the on field compared to years past. This D typically played well early in the game and faded. they are on field way too long. A good offense will help the D out for sure. Not making an excuse. Coyle was horrible at making second half adjustments.

I would say the D lost a game or 2.

Why not just bring Tebow in? At least we'll get more prime time games and generate more buzz.

Posted by: Phins78 | June 02, 2014 at 05:35 PM

Hey you didn't hear that we are apparently the same person, lol, separated at birth. How you been?


As always I have to spell it out for you. Phins78 has had almost a million troll names now. Previously LouD, then NYScott...the list goes on and on. Don't let him fool you. Oh I forgot, everyone fools you!

Posted by: dbo the great | June 02, 2014 at 06:08 PM

This defense allowed a lot of 3rd and long's and 4th downs to be converted. The 3rd and 22 in the Saints game still bugs me.

4th and 13 against cam newton. Ball game

how many yards did the 0-8 buccaneers run against us? and who was that running back that came from the browns to buccs?

he did a whooooly whooooopp around our D

Who the hell does Coyle think he is fooling? He stinks as a D.C. and the performance of the Defensive unit showed that the last 2 seasons. Coyle reminds me of Chuck Studley when he replaced Bill Arnsbarger.

Props to Dan the Man for being there today to see his friend and former rival Jim Kelly. I wish the guy nothing but the best and speedy recovery.

NHFinsFan & DB,

If Dallas Thomas and Richie Incogs were on the same team who would start? A= Incogs

If John Jerry and Smith were both on the same team who would start? A= Jerry. Jerry started 46 of 48 games for us and now starts for the NYG.

Would Juwan James, the 6th best T in college start over Tyson Clabo? maybe/maybe not. Just because he is automatically the starter on the Phins doesn't mean that he is going to be a high quality NFL starter.

Check the post draft power rankings - we're #24.

Posted by: dbo the great | June 02, 2014 at 06:22 PM

If Giovanni Bernard didn't get hurt in that game we don't win it. He was running at will.

I will say that Our D did darn good, but in critical situation wasn't good. the only clutch game that our D won us was against san diego when Grimes knocked down the last pass.

Is Coyle interim HC yet?

Would Juwan James, the 6th best T in college start over Tyson Clabo?

UHH Yes, Clabo wasn't the 6th best tackle, let alone 1st best right tackle coming out of college.

Claco made me miss columbo. and that says a lot.

It was really heartbreaking seen the great Dan Marino as a Cabana Boy for the Dolphins.

I'm not saying that Clabo was a great player for us.

What I'm saying is the OL is worse now than it was for game 1 2013. LT is upgraded but both G are downgraded and we don't know how James will do.
He does fine with no pads on against Wake and Jordan bfd - how will he do in week 2 when we play the Bills that is the question.

The main reason the Dolphins defense was worse: Jeff Ireland let Dansby & Burnett go and replaced them with Ellerbee and Wheeler. Enough said.

So far, nothing from Coyle has made me feel any better about losing Nolan. Nolan built the defense. It has deteriorated under Coyle despite lots of salary cap and draft picks because it is uninspired and more importantly because he has not put guys in the right spots because he has no tactical insight - no ability to see what offenses are doing and make adjustments. Philbin suffers from the same deficiency. It is a killer problem for Miami.


Posted by: Alfred Hunter | June 02, 2014 at 06:40 PM


Cheers! - Reel...Home

Reel = Rob in OC?

Bottoms Up!

Posted by: FckFace | June 02, 2014 at 04:10 PM

Hat tip on the slueth work. I caught that too FckFace but nope...just the one screen name Rob in OC that I use...period.



Hmmm . . . Buzz Home Created after the signing of
Fat Albert is already taking in some legitimate concerns

Much Merit to the Home Concern on Fat Albert sitting out 3-4 games per season w out any proof of Reel Injury
nothing shows up in the MRI's
yet Fat Albert is sittin on the sidelines weeping of a vicarious injury in his own mind

Fat, Lazy and Overpaid
The Trade Marks of Greedy Fat Albert


Home 4 GM

Is Pouncey traded yet?

Home Right On


Fat Albert taking 3-4 games off each season the last wo year
Yet No Reel Injury Ever Shows Up

Hmmm . . . .
Home is on to something

Fat Albert Got Paid Huge $ by the Dolphins
Now Fat Albert Rests while Getting Paid
The Fish have been Hustled
Greedy Fat Albert is Not a Team Player

Albert has missed seven games over the past two seasons and has already missed time in OTAs with injury

Is this a Dolphin fan site? If so, where are the fans?

Home also states 2014 CB Grimes will Regress Sharply

CB Grimes has his money
and the midget's luck has run out

Expect a Huge Regression in Grimes play this season

Home said Grimes was going to be the best FA signing f 2013 season
and it was so

Now NostraHomeUs in previous month's posts warned us of the huge drop off on CB Grimes play in 2014

. . . seema in already started in practice today

NostraHOMEus warned u on Fat Albert slacking w fake injuries
The Drop Off of CB Grimes play in the 2014 season

Reel Dolphin In Sight w Home


Only a MORON would be a fan of the PATHETIC and lowly Miami Dolphins.

Posted by: cocoajoe | June 02, 2014 at 06:46 PM


Matt Moore looking like the Go To QB
as Usghe

& Tannehill = The INT machine

Go Dolphins!

Posted by: S.Ross | June 02, 2014 at 06:59 PM

It's crazy how with just a whisper of changes here and there, how hopeful us fans can get.

Oh, Misi at MLB.

Oh, Wallace caught some TD's in OTA's.

Oh, Delmas has energy.

Oh, No "Go, GOGO" QB cadence.

Oh, Dion Jordan put on 7.84238756 lbs and is healthy.

I am with the legions (although the number probably shrinks every year they get further from the 1972 Undefeated Fins and lack of recent playoff appearances) of Fins fans walking through the playoff drought together...wondering if the Football Gods will foresake us another year?...wondering if Philbin/Lazor/Coyle/Hickey is the blend that gets the needle pointing due Playoff North?...wondering if this is another mirage of a team coming together after scads of mediocre filled years and internal leadership power vacuums?...Or could this be the real deal?

Worst to first happens in more than once in a great while so middle of the pack to playoffs is doable.

Make it happen Fins...your scattered fanbase needs it.



Zac Brown wasa great show and great ALL WHITE crowd in Palm Beach over the weekend

most enjoyable

Huge sellout crowd
No Trouble

Just Hot Fun!

Cheers !

Sup Home!

What's your call on the Fins record this year out of curiousity?


Pats 12-4

Jets 10-6

Bills 8-8

Dolphins 7-9

NostraHOMEus says,
"Sorry the news cannot be better"

Tannehill on the High End

32 TDs 20 INTs

on the low end
Moore is actually deemed a Better QB and although wont start regardless if he preforms better in practice & preseason
Moore starts after the bye week
Tannehill QB Experiment = Over

Pats 11-5
Dolphins 11-5
Bills 8-8
jets 7-9

Last time I predicted The dolphins to go 11-5 was 2008. I was right. Only evry 6-7 years I make bold prediction. I will be right again.

dbo = dirty body odor

When we want ur opinion
We will give it to u

Now Get Your Shine Box !

Ryan Tannehill 32 td passes, 5 rush tds, 11 ints, 4500 yards passing in 2014

He will also bail out the D in 5 fourth quarter comebacks.

this also will be correct.

lol @ the Kool Aid drinker
Tannehill = LOL

Tannehil threw 5 tds today. 2 to Wallace. I'm excited more for this Lazor Offense than the D.

Sup Home!


Posted by: Rob in OC | June 02, 2014 at 07:09 PM

Nobody wants to talk with Home therefore Rob in OC = Home.

NostraHOMEus sees Tannehill
No winning record - 3 yrs n row

Tannehill looked great today.

Wallace did look very good, as usghe today

All QBs did their jobs throwing TDs

Devlin best throw of the day

Home OUT !

Have a HAARPy day and a great nite !

Home OUT !

Posted by: Reel Dolphin In Sight w Home | June 02, 2014 at 07:29 PM

OUT of the closet finally?

Dbo I think he throws 28-30 td passes, but he definitely will Shut the haters up.

Home's grandfather threw 27 TDs today at the playground


Very good day for Home's Grandfather today too

so easy playing practice catch football to very good WRs

sooooo easy

now back to Tannehill and his losing NFL record


Brady 38 TDS 12 INTs

AFC EAST Champions like EVERY Season for a decade and counting

Go Pats !

Go Heat !

Go Red Sox !

Vick = Quite Possibly 2014 NFL Comeback player of the Year

Posted by: Reel Dolphin In Sight w Home | June 02, 2014 at 07:34 PM

Go "F" yourself!

Eric Decker = about 12 TDs

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