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Coyle defends his defense ... but facts

The new Dolphins offense is going to be more diverse. Today (one day) we saw motion, tight end screens, a reverse, a little read option -- and the Dolphins were only working in the red zone.

(And not one go or go-go heard all day).

So things are going to be interesting for the 2014 Miami offense, as has been well chronicled.

But the defense is undergoing changes of its own as well.

"We're always looking to improve," defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle said. "We take the offseason and study teams around the league. We look at ourselves. We look at ways we can be better and utilize personnel better.

"We'll do some different things come the Fall, but I'm not going to talk about them with you guys."

Well, some of the things the Dolphins are experimenting with are apparent. The team is giving Koa Misi the middle linebacker repetitions this offseason while Dannell Ellerbe is shifting to strongside linebacker. The experiment continues and has been something of a success in the offseason, but Coyle stops short of saying it will be what the Dolphins do in the regular season.

"Right now, I can't commit today that it's a done deal," Coyle said, "but certainly I like what we're seeing."

Coyle, speaking for the first time since the end of the 2013 season, made a prideful case for the quality of his defense.

"We have a great foundation that we've built here. We feel real strong about what we've done," he said. "The bottom line is if you ask any defensive coach or head coach or anybody that really understands football for that matter, the bottom line is keep the points off the board.

"We've been very good at that the last two years. We finished seventh in 2012, eighth in 2013. There's only been four teams in the league that have been in the top 8 --San Francisco, Cincinnati, Seattle and us. We've been third in the AFC for two consecutive years in scoring defense. So the bottom line is keeping people out of the end zone and giving yourself a chance to win." 

Those statistics that Coyle repeats are impressive. But here is what the coach is missing ...

The Miami defense was playoff caliber before Coyle arrived. Nothing against him. He's a good coach. He's a good man. But he's not a historian.

The problem is I'm partly a historian.

The truth is the same Dolphins defense that was No. 8 in scoring defense (20.9 points per game) in 2013, and No. 7 in scoring defense (19.8 PPG) in 2012, was No. 6 in scoring defense (19.6 PPG) in 2011. So, ahem, the defense was already built to high standards before Coyle arrived.

And that defense the past two years has gotten worse results, not better, if the standard is points allowed -- the statistic Coyle points to as the one football people think most important.

Also, the idea of talking of how great the defense is should recall two more things: On Nov. 15 of last year, the Dolphins lost to the Buffalo Bills. On Dec. 23 of last year, the Dolphins lost to the Buffalo Bills.

The Bills averaged 21 points in those two games. With Thad Lewis as their starting quarterback.



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UM Trash RB Lame Miller has 2 TDs last season

Chris Johnson w a reduced work load prolly 1000 Combined YDs

this homes reel dolphin guys is as bout as dumb as it gets. he don't know what to root for. and to talk about touch football he was ripping tannehill last week and praising johny. shhhhaaaaaadduuuuuuuup

TE Gronk 10 TDs

TE Dustin Keller may also soon be signed to the Pats

Johnny Football Gets the Start and throws 12 more WR TDs than Tannehill in his rookie year

John Manz = Fan Fav Franchise QB from the draft right thru his Rookie season

28-30 tds is reasonable. I expect more tds from the running backs this year. I agree with dbo as well that tannehill will run 4-5 td passes.

WR Watkins = 8 TDs his rookie yr

3 more than Wallace last season

Johnny football = flavor of the month

homes go feed you Llama and stop neglecting her. she is pregnant, you know

dbo the putz moron of the decade.

dusty bottoms,STFU !

now homes changed his name to lightelm, laaaaame-o home-ooooooooo

I'm out, I'm bout to go lay pipe to my wife.

Posted by: Reel Dolphin In Sight w Home | June 02, 2014 at 07:34 PM

Go "F" yourself!

Posted by: Home Wears a Yellow Dress | June 02, 2014 at 07:36 PM


Well said. Especially when he's spewing that Red Sox and Jets nonsense. He shouldn't be allowed to be a Heat fan.

I just checked the Red Sox score. They're down 3-0 to the Indians

Kevin Coyle has done a great job with limited talent. Coyle will be considered for HC when Philbin is fired.

Wussy Marino is suing the NFL now.

Coyle is a bottom feeder like Tony Sparano, he's useless.

Football Hall of Famer Dan Marino sues NFL over concussions??




Awwwwww TIM IN TAMPA is bored and no one will talk to him

Unfair slug at Coyle on the Bills games. 7 of the points in the first game was a Tannehill pick 6. So coyle's defense gave up 16 and 19 in the two games. One touchdown each game.

Awwwwww TIM IN TAMPA is bored and no one will talk to him

Posted by: SAM I AM | June 02, 2014 at 09:21 PM

The real question is why are you such a boring idiot you've hijacked my screen name over the past 2 weeks. Wanna suck my dikk too since youre so enamored? Still think I'll pass. :)

coyles defense like most eveyr miami one wilts in 4th qt

funny how
sam I aint
hasn't been
here for hours
troll impersonates him
(so he says)
and he suddenly shows up
which name
you been hiding behind
this whole time



Tim, you do realize there are over 5000 former players involved in the suit correct? And you realize that Marino and a few other hall of famers are joining now right?

Have you ever watched football from the eighties and nineties? QBs were allowed to get hit AFTER they threw the ball. Three step rule. And defenders were allowed to slap the helmet of the qb at any time during a live pass rush, qbs were under fire, it was real football.

Marino played with concussions just like the 5000 others. Come back when you're mad about something you actually understand.

marinos the man, will never be another. we havent had a qb since

Never heard of Marino getting a concussion. If Marino has a concussion EVERYONE had a concussion. Marino played touch football.


thats the whole point shula, back in the day u never even knew they had concussions

Marino needs the money? Greedy loser.

Marino never got hit. He was never woosy from a hit.

course he does, marinos unemployed

marino got hit plenty of times, wake up man

Decades of football and tv analyst. he is worth many millions. He is a sore loser, got fired from his TV job cuz he sucked at it big time, and he is a forgotten player that never could win the big game.

Most his records have been broken, if the vote was today he wouldn't even qualify as HOF

The New England Patriots just signed a draft pick who might not see meaningful action for the life of his rookie contract.

The team announced Monday that No. 62 overall pick quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has signed. All second-round rookie contracts are four years in length.

With Ryan Mallett on the trade block and due to reach free agency in 2015, Garoppolo will provide insurance for an aging but still improving Tom Brady over the next few seasons.

Brady has made it clear that he has no plans to relinquish his starting job or consider retirement in the near future.

marino was very good on cbs. got fired cause of an affair. didnt make much money playing football.

brady isnt improving, i dont agree with nfl network that he isnt elite anymore but hes def on downside of career

doesnt matter what brady makes clear, if bellicheat feels he has someone better they will play. he proved that with bledsoe

When Marino was finally forced to retire the Dolphins

were able to add 2 plays to their playbook. The QB

sneak and the QB draw.

Brady has bout 3 more good yrs w the Patriots

Expect a very good ear this season w Tom Brady & "The Machine"

yup and had to remove 1456 plays cause no other qb could make the throws, was crazy

As long as Egnew and Tannehill ar still on the Dolphins and God Forbid starting . . . this team is doomed

Tannehill is 15-17

add 7-9 this season



Nothin to see here

Go Pats !

egnew doesnt start. have u ever actually seen a game

Amen Homey!

Marino in on the money grab

Baby momma told all about the coke and marriage cheat weekends w Dan fathering the love child

Marino is unemployable now

Might is well get on the money grab list
17 yrs in the NFL
The more time
The more $

Marino was awful on CBS. Awful. Never anything interesting to say and all his colleagues constantly cut him off. Didn't make much money playing football? Crazy...he had many multimillion dollar contracts. Google him, net worth about 35 million.

He is suing the NFL now? Why not 10 years ago? Greedy loser is sour grapes/

add 14-2 and hes 29-19, anyone can make up a record for a season that hasnt happened

35 mill? alex smith made that in 2 seasons

dusty is fighting with the Homester....
Good luck winning that one bucko!

winning what?lol this clown is dumb as cam cameron

Different era, and irrelevant. 35 million on top of his homes is a super high quality of life with no financial worries. He can travel, stay at the chic hotels, and eat at the top restaurants every single day if he wanted to.

While the Dolphins made another yearly NFL Draft Blunder
Not picking John Manz as competition for Tannehill
Meanwhile Matt Moore half-arse trying is schooling Tanny again
picking a fat guy that is no dif than 5 other fat guys they could have gotten til the mid 3rd round

The JETS got an Impact Playa

Labeled as an “enforcer” by Ryan, Pryor carried the nickname “Louisville Slugger” after flying all over the field for the Cardinals. In three collegiate seasons, Pryor totaled 218 tackles, 7 INTs and 14 PDs.
"They brought me here for a reason," he said during rookie camp. "With the 18th pick, I have to come in here and get respect from the older guys and the vets, and I feel like I have to just earn their respect and earn everything. Right now, that's what I'm focused on, just learning the system so I'll be ready to go."
Pryor packs a punch, but he wants to be known for more than just his hitting ability.
“I’m very confident in my ability, first and foremost. I feel like I have the complete package as a safety,” he said. “Most people know me as a hard-hitting safety because I had a few hard hits in college. But when you watch my film, you see that playmaking ability that jumps out at you, a guy that’s flying around and has passion for the game.”

has plenty of financial worries, def if he gets a divorce. people who make a lot of money spend a lot of money

dusty you have to be dumber than poo to say Marino was good on CBS. I felt embarrassed for him every time he spoke. Boring and trite, Offered nothing to the show but his name. It was amazing they kept him that long

Marino was a local hero. But across the nation he's

not a top 20 QB.


If Cameron is so dumb, what does that make you? He made 10 times your salary his entire life at far more prestigious positions.You sir are the idiot loser here, not him.

The Jets like the talent they have at the tight end position and Mornhinweg may elect to go to a lot of two tight-end sets with veteran Jeff Cumberland and second-rounder Jace Amaro.
“Jeff was a huge signing for us. I think very highly of Jeff and Jace has already shown that he is a big, big man that is a natural athlete,” Mornhinweg said. “He has great hands, he moves easily, he can run, so we should be utilizing both of those men.”

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