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Coyle defends his defense ... but facts

The new Dolphins offense is going to be more diverse. Today (one day) we saw motion, tight end screens, a reverse, a little read option -- and the Dolphins were only working in the red zone.

(And not one go or go-go heard all day).

So things are going to be interesting for the 2014 Miami offense, as has been well chronicled.

But the defense is undergoing changes of its own as well.

"We're always looking to improve," defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle said. "We take the offseason and study teams around the league. We look at ourselves. We look at ways we can be better and utilize personnel better.

"We'll do some different things come the Fall, but I'm not going to talk about them with you guys."

Well, some of the things the Dolphins are experimenting with are apparent. The team is giving Koa Misi the middle linebacker repetitions this offseason while Dannell Ellerbe is shifting to strongside linebacker. The experiment continues and has been something of a success in the offseason, but Coyle stops short of saying it will be what the Dolphins do in the regular season.

"Right now, I can't commit today that it's a done deal," Coyle said, "but certainly I like what we're seeing."

Coyle, speaking for the first time since the end of the 2013 season, made a prideful case for the quality of his defense.

"We have a great foundation that we've built here. We feel real strong about what we've done," he said. "The bottom line is if you ask any defensive coach or head coach or anybody that really understands football for that matter, the bottom line is keep the points off the board.

"We've been very good at that the last two years. We finished seventh in 2012, eighth in 2013. There's only been four teams in the league that have been in the top 8 --San Francisco, Cincinnati, Seattle and us. We've been third in the AFC for two consecutive years in scoring defense. So the bottom line is keeping people out of the end zone and giving yourself a chance to win." 

Those statistics that Coyle repeats are impressive. But here is what the coach is missing ...

The Miami defense was playoff caliber before Coyle arrived. Nothing against him. He's a good coach. He's a good man. But he's not a historian.

The problem is I'm partly a historian.

The truth is the same Dolphins defense that was No. 8 in scoring defense (20.9 points per game) in 2013, and No. 7 in scoring defense (19.8 PPG) in 2012, was No. 6 in scoring defense (19.6 PPG) in 2011. So, ahem, the defense was already built to high standards before Coyle arrived.

And that defense the past two years has gotten worse results, not better, if the standard is points allowed -- the statistic Coyle points to as the one football people think most important.

Also, the idea of talking of how great the defense is should recall two more things: On Nov. 15 of last year, the Dolphins lost to the Buffalo Bills. On Dec. 23 of last year, the Dolphins lost to the Buffalo Bills.

The Bills averaged 21 points in those two games. With Thad Lewis as their starting quarterback.



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Posted by: Kris (In Germany) | June 03, 2014 at 09:28 AM

When you blew your ACL did the doctor say, "You're fine get back in there"? That's how it is was with concussions.

I'm just playing Devil's advocate by the way, I agree that football is a dangerous sport and the risks should be known to the players.

That said the league did try to hide the dangers and because of that the suit has merit.

"He's got the pigeon legs with the huge gut... just sad"

It is a sad appearance so what I do is put a cigar in my mouth, especially if I'm going shirtless. Without the cigar I look like a broken down 50+ 260lb loser.
With the cigar I look like a boss. (Learned that one from Tony Soprano - the boss not the failed NFL HC).


Good correction on the Porter/Loyd thing...and Lloyd was a bit bigger than Porter....

and Marino never was a model of fitness....its a good thing he didn't play with Terrel Owens...or he would have gotten DIMED out....

"I agree that football is a dangerous sport and the risks should be known to the players."

Work backwards from the NFL:
- NFL draftees are the best college players
- The best college players were the best HS players
- The best HS players were the best junior HS players
- The best JHS players were the best elementary school players


Actually Darkoak....THEY DID.

and I caught the game winning TD pass from the to win the game (redundant...yes...but it is still a great memory so let me have my moment).

But thanks Darkoak....you have just helped me bolster my case for a lawsuit...

and before you ask...yes....they knew it was torn wehn I got checked out on the feild...

Posted by: FckFace | June 03, 2014 at 09:39 AM

Good point.


Howmany of these kide ever thank their FATHERS????

Probably less than 10%....

Posted by: Kris (In Germany) | June 03, 2014 at 09:40 AM

Good luck I hope you win!

What no go gogo.? This is bs
That was the best thing going for the team

Marino is a JACKASS for suing the NFL. He must be desperate for money...

In all fairness, education regarding concussions have only come to light in the last five years give or take. Nobody knew what they did until recently. NFL wasn't keeping information from anyone.

Kris 9:42

I'm guessing the 10% are the players that grew up in a home with a father.

Dam, wrote a cool post about cigars and it doesn;t appear.

yet when Home posts 876 consecutive times about one topic it never fails to post.

F-U blog!

ETF @ 9:58, said the same thing in my deleted post too.



- An 8 year old is identified as a possible good athlete and the coach sees if the parents want to buy-in or not.
- For the parents that agree to buy-in thier children are made the starters.
- The kids whose parents did not buy-in are not the starters and soon find other sports.
- By the time they get to JHS the players are pressured by thier classmates/teachers/coaches/parents to not only be on the team but dedicate every fukking day to it - they are not allowed to take a day off and playing becomes thier obligation.


Concussions = brain damage
You can't question his mental state w/o examination.

Obviously he thought the law suit was more important than
working a mystery job for the Dolphins.

How much is he asking for?

How is he hard up for cash after working on TV for so long?
He still gets $ from jersey sales royalties.

Hi Dashi @ 9:53.....

And from Ace Ventura... that movie is always on TV!

NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue creates the Mild Traumatic Brain Injury committee, and appoints New York Jets team doctor and rheumatologist Dr. Elliot Pellman as chair, despite lacking any previous experience in brain science.

When asked about the issue of concussions in 1994, Pellman tells Newsday:

“‘We discuss it on the list of things every time we have a league meeting … We think the issue of knees, of drugs and steroids and drinking is a far greater problem, according to the number of incidents.”

Pellman also tells Sports Illustrated that “concussions are part of the profession, an occupational risk

Hmmm I always played sports because I liked it.

I didn't know Dan Marino posted here. Hi Dan! Big fan here!!

The books Denial of Truth shows this denial by the league goes back to the 90's.

It's the same crap as everything. Look at smoking. Other regular health hazards. It is all about money. They will make it until they are caught, then they will be saviors.

Whoa - looks like someone was impersonating me yesterday.
Shame on Armando that he allows these impersonations.
Dolphins in Depth sucks.

Why would the NFL hide it?

I don't know about that. Not like players would stop playing even if they knew. There may have been comsittees etc. But look at all other sports. Concussion protocol and widespread education is pretty recent.

There may be a legal loophole in there for these players to take advantage of and people to sell books but I don't see the reason for the NFL to suppress any tangible proof. it's not like they could. Not like they were the only ones with access to data to keep this a secret.

Just doesn't add up. it actually would've been to their advantage to pro actively release study findings and come up with preventative measures ASAP to limit them from these types of lawsuits.

Marino took many big hits. I remember Kevin Greene hitting him hard! Marino reached up from his back, grabbed his facemask, pulled him in and mouthed something with a scowl. Greene promptly lifted Dan up.

Not saying I agree with the suit. Doesn't affect me either way, but I'm pretty sure the point is that players were misled and forced to play with concussions when the league knew there could be long term consequences

Anybody else been getting impersonated around here?
Armando should be ashamed.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | June 03, 2014 at 10:20 AM

If what the book says is true the it is bad news for the league. I wouldn't be surprised if they just work towards a settlement. Like I said before they are in damage control mode now (Head's Up campaign), no point in them trying to fight it anymore.

Why would the NFL hide it? Are you kidding me?! Now, if a SUPERSTAR gets a concussion he CANNOT play.

Zach Thomas would have been benched half his career

It's not good for ratings OR business

There's no precedence with billionaires covering up truths and endangering lives, right? More like that's the NORM

Posted by: Marc | June 03, 2014 at 10:28 AM


No wonder this place has descended into hell.
There is no oversight.
Armando lets these a-holes run wild and ruin it for everyone else.

It's just like a recall (GM). They weigh the cost of the recall vs the cost of the medical expenses/lawsuits

The bottom line wins EVERY TIME

Armando lets these a-holes run wild and ruin it for everyone else.

Posted by: Tim in Tampa | June 03, 2014 at 10:29 AM

Excluded from that rant are MIT, Dolfan Rick, Darkoak, and Darryl Dunphy.

That sucks Tim.

I don't care either Marc about what happens. I just don't respect litigious causes for the most part. I hate frivilous BS. I just don't think enough people take responsibility for their life choices.

Just another part of the disappearing masculinity of our society.

Posted by: Tim in Tampa | June 03, 2014 at 10:34 AM

I just finally signed up for the Typepad link so the blue is the real me.

Was just reading that our offense is using a lot of motion, wow like a real NFL offense. God I hate you Sherm.

Well, "frivolous lawsuits" and "tort reform" are catch words used by the rich to get poor people that think they'll be rich to vote their way.

It's kinda how ALL republicans operate; by dangling the carrot in front of you. Why else would any poor or middle class person ever willingly vote for the GOP?!

Marino certainly isn't the only person named in the suit. Maybe he wants to make sure that his kids are taken care of if he ends up with ALS, like many have been recently.

I doubt it's "Frivolous", and I'd bet the farm (if I had one), that the wealthy owners knew

Tim, i get impersonated and trolled here daily.

means you made it in blogsphere terms, congrats!

Darkoak, this is my point exactly. there's no way they could contain this info if it was their intention. Did they have control over all the brian studies on the planet? Would the game stop if they tried to make it safer? No, there will always be a lineup of people to play this game a mile long to try to make millions even if there were fatalities.

There would only be downside if they intentionally tried to conceal pertinent information. There is no upside there.

So either they had the worst council and leadership in corporate history that advised them to STFU or they like the rest of the sporting world just didn't have enough information to properly assess the dangers at the time and ways to mitigate it.

Marc @ 10:28... the game would be no less popular without the Zach Thomas' of the world. The next guy up would take his place and the owners wouldn't blink an eye.

There are thousands of guys that would play in his place and the game wouldn't miss a beat. Us as Dolphins fans would've been robbed of his heroics but the owners wouldn't give a squat

Why would they cover it up?

Does ANYONE want Megatron to sit for 3 weeks because of a concussion?

That's it;simple

hahaa, marc, his kids are taken care of? his great grandchildren are already set for life.

Marc, would any of us stop watching the game if Calvin Johnson stopped playing?

Not me, I doubt you would.

Nobody watches this game for any individual players ... there are always more coming through the pipe.

Whatever MarK. Pointless discussing it. It doesn't matter to our lives, but, I think you're severely underestimating American greed and evil (GM, Ford, Phillip Morris, Liquor, Pfizer, Monsanto, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc)

Perhaps everyone is nicer in Canada

With that said. Who cares?


It was a mistake to let Nolan go to Atlanta.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | June 03, 2014 at 10:58 AM

I was reading that too, sounds like Delmas is flying out there.

Posted by: Marc | June 03, 2014 at 10:50 AM

If you've never seen the movie The Corporation, you should. It's almost always about the bottom line. If polluting a river costs a company $125000 in fines, but the savings they get are $750000, they pollute the river.

Everyone is BY FAR nicer in Canada!

I know Darkoak. It's an every day occurrence.

Gasland 1 & 2
Man v. Ford
Hot Coffee
The Weight of the Nation

New post

We are using Rashad Jones wrong. Anyone can see how much worse he is now that Coyle has switched the responsibilities with the linebackers. Watch we'll keep it up and Jones will wash out here. He'll then go to a coach who will use him correctly, ala two years ago and viola another Dansby

I think first off with Miamis offensive line and scheme the running game which i see being a trio between miller the homerun hitter who will finally be used in screams and actually have holes i expect miler to avg 4.5 - 5 ypc.... Moreno can grind out games late ....... and im liking Rookie RB damien williams with both size and speed and daniel thomas also in mix last year ..... also with the read option i think for one they dont get held to 25 yards or less 5 times and will average about 110-115 yards rather then 90 and the RB's will bring in atleast another 1000 yards and 6 TDS then last year so it should keep defense fresh

Also i think Miami secondary who was not bad at all even with all the change over at 2nd CB and nickel is deep i expect Taylor to really step up he is a very talented corner davis will be improved and rookie Walt brings size .... And finnigan just 2 years ago was ranked no.1 CB by PFF no hes not that but people under estimate his toughness and i think he will be a upgrade over patterson who played 6 games ..... i Also think Reshad jones goes back to more that big 2012 season and yes Delmas has injurie concerns but has 2 pro bowls in seasons he completed min 14 starts .... I think Grimes will hold the no 1 and be pro bowler again if jones regains his 2012 self which he can now play that 20 yards in now that the 2-4 CB spots is much better Delmas if healthy is a great pick up and upgrade and jimmy wilson can play Safety pretty well too... Cam wake who missed pretty much 3 games and and was effected for atleast 6+ games still had 8.5 sacks which is middle of pack but still lead in hurries and hits

I'm not blaming the refs king douche. Just stating a fact.
There are no blind homers here.
Just because people support Tannehill doesn't mean he's not on the hot seat with the fans.

No one is blaming anyone for not making the playoffs.

We up graded players and play calling.
Now let's see what happens.

You can't be mad because everyone on the blog is not a miserable SOB like some.

The problem wasn't Coyle's defense but that horrible offense. It couldn't keep the ball, score many points,or take the pressure off the defense to be perfect every set of downs. Maybe Lazor can get some production out of the offense and the defense can return to the dominance of before. Maybe. 7 points in 2 games, when 1 win would have put them in the playoffs. HMMM!! Not the defense.

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