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Coyle: Dolphins considered putting Jordan on IR

Everyone knows the Dolphins didn't get enough out of rookie Dion Jordan last season. The team wasn't happy with it. Jordan wasn't happy with it. Fans weren't happy with it.

It beats what might have happened.

That's because the Dolphins late during the 2013 training camp considered letting Jordan spend the entire season on injured reserve, according to defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle.

"We came very close during the preseason to have to make a decision whether or not we were going to try to redshirt Dion or know we were going to get limited snaps from him," Coyle said Monday after the Dolphins OTA practice.

"We had to make a decision whether to have him active for the year," Coyle said. "We talked about that late in the preseason in camp to make a determination whether we could get enough out of him. As it went, we wish we would have gotten more, but situationally, we knew where his strengths were and where he had not gotten enough work and so we didn't want to expose him nor the team."

Jordan played the fewest snaps of any defensive end on the active. He played less at the end of the year than even in the middle of the season. That was last year.

But this is a new year and "this is a different Dion," Coyle said. Jordan is up over 265 pounds. He's obviously involved in the offseason program.

And Coyle thinks the player drafted No. 3 overall a season ago is going to do great things this season. Like, really great things. 

"All the talk in the offseason that centered around he wasn't utilized, he didn't do that, we knew going into the year he hadn't had an offseason," Coyle said. "He was coming off of an injury. But it would be in the best interest of our team to have him, even for limited snaps. We made that decision. Certainly, Dion wished he had a bigger rookie season and so do we.

"But we have great expectations for Dion Jordan coming into this year. You cannot have enough great pass rushers and we feel with Dion at full speed we have a prime time player that's going to explode this season. "


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ETF, that was a great game yesterday, no? The Kings, I'm not a fan but what a team!!! Incredible character. Won three game 7s in one playoff, beat three of the best 5 teams in the NHL doing it.

Even down 3-0 in games at one point.

I don;t care about Freeman either but after 10% of the league tosses you out in a 12 month period, odds aren't good.

And hahaa, on that Mando comment... awesome

As if I needed another reason to hate this fool... put Dion on IR and the thing he does in his first game in like 10 snaps is beat the best LT in football clean one on one.

I think Coyle is YG... there is no other explanation.

With 46 tackles and 11.5 sacks, I think Olivier Vernon is in his way.

I know a lot of posters have wondered why we didn't use Jordan as an OLB last year, myself included. Here is another possibility, Dion Jordan being a starting DE and Vernon or Wake being a situational pass rusher.

Wake is getting long in the tooth and it may be wise to take him out at times to ensure his body is fresh at the end of the season, also keeping some energy in reserve for the 4th quarter of games.

rdubs, Dallas looks like he came to play this year. I don't see a scenario where Billy Turner beats him out. Might be best served in just spending the time on Turner as the backup tackle for now because at some point they will need someone...

Woodshed I think within a year Cam Wake's days of being a full time starter will be over. Not many starting DEs at 32 years of age or older and limiting his reps may make him more effective.

Dion will beat out OV this year. Period. OV is solid but just doesn't have the freak ability as DJ. They said he ran down Gillislee today from behind!! Running down a running back from behind at 6'6 265lbs is insane. This dude is going to be awesome this year!!!

Wondering why the past administration was shown the door? Here is a good example.

With the third pick choose an injured player that wasn't elegible to attend camp until late.

Nice comments from you guys, I too believe that Jordan is going to be something special.

CP, he did the same thing to Cam Newton during a game. Guy will make everyone eat their words that used the word bust to describe him.

mark, how do you get your name highlighted in Blue?

Wow. There were OTA's, and we're still talking about the silly pick from last season?

How about how Grimes was getting torched all day?

How about how Wallace was in beast mode?

How about Tannehill was in beast mode?

Good that Jordan is very serious. Defensive end is a great place to start him. There are going to be a few more sacks this year. And the d is going to be stronger with him in the lineup.

Another INT from Tanny? LMAO!

Is Coyle interim HC yet?

Marc in nj, Read James walker tweet. was't T-hills fault. bounced off recievers hands.

Ryan Tannehill = Another Irescum bust

Dion Jordan will endorse his own shoes one day.

Ryan Tannehill will save Jeff Irelands career.

Defensive end Olivier Vernon said he’s surprised by new left tackle Branden Albert’s athleticism. He called Albert “twinkle toes.”

Should OV call his lawyer and write an apology statement?

Can one day go by without Tannehill throwing an INT?

How bout these are OTAs and mean next to nothing. I'm puzzled about "beast" and "torched" comments describing practices during the 3rd day of OTAs. Guys age in shorts. Take a step back (and a deep breath) before you hyperventilate over little to nothing.

dbo, sign up for a typead account below. You don't have to provide any real information.

keeps the imposters away. a lot of our schoolers used to use it more.

DC, Marc for example.

what was that like 5 tds for Tannehill today?

Marc, we can talk about that..

You concerned about Grimes? I'm not.

And about Wallace, I'm more encouraged about the news that he's taking his job more seriously than his performance today. Hopefully he leads as a guy getting paid what he does should lead. Doesn't have to be a rah rah guy but a lead by example would be pretty sweet.

Also not surprised Landry hasn't overtaken Matthews for the slot job. Landry is probably out there still running a route while his teammates already finished showering.

Tannehill's one INT was on a dropped pass by the receiver. Should we be blaming Tannehill when the WR gets two hands on the ball and it is dropped and bobbled resulting in an INT now?

It would be great if the middle ends up being the perfect spot for Misi. He is a big dude and our best tackling linebacker.

Lots of good stuff coming from the OTA's so far. Of course their always optimistic before the games start.

The early news on Jordan and Dallas Thomas is ggod to hear though. Would like to hear some promising news on Jamar Taylor as well.

thanks for the info, mark

I don't know about Misi, or ANY of the LB'ers. Misi has been pretty much invisible for 5-6 years? Just reminiscent of the Crowder to MLB experiment to me.

Before the Tannehill to Wallace TD pass Tannehill missed him in middle of field. Delmas warns "you gonna get him killed.".

D.Keller, which Tannehill to Wallace td pass? there were 2 of them.

Well, Crowder's been the best ILb we've had here since Thomas was forced out so there's that too...

Is Brock Jensen starting yet?

unless Jordan Tripp can start MLB

All signed up it was easy dbo.

I think Misi has had his moments. Kind of steady but not spectacular sort of like Crowdwer without the bad attitude.

New blog post up

Don't understand Coyle/Philbin decision or lack of. Unless it was just to not look like idiots for drafting a player going straight to IR?
The fact is, you can get hurt/re-injured on any play. So, if you can play then play.

At least Crowder was funny. I don't think he had a bad attitude to coaches or teammates; not that I can recall

I'm pretty sure that Dansby was a better ILB/MLB than Crowder ever was, even with mediocre Dolphins seasons!

Crowder was pretty much synonymous with mediocre forever

somehow a few here read this and knock Coyle because of it?--he's the messenger, who knows "what wanted what" exactly, the details of those conversations, etc--and frankly, who really cares? I think Coyle is just addressing the obvious frustration everybody had with DJs first season, thats all....thats what you got out of this, that this is some poor reflection on Coyle?--wow.

How about looking forward to DJs potential going forward?

Given the injury history (shoulder) and his build the probability Dion Jordan will be a bust as the 3rd overall pick is extremely high given the level of competition he will now face week to week. Hopefully, this is not another Yatil Green type of pick for the Dolphins.

Was that the real HOF, Bob Griese, posting on here?
Do you really read this stuff?

The wellbeing of your kids is more imperative than Football

crowder was not even close to mediocre he's one of the worst middle linebackers Ive ever seen with the dolphins the past 40 years the guy was a complete bum.

Yatil Green was like peanut brittle, Jimmy Johnson should never have drafted him. Ryan Tannehill and Dion Jordan, could possibly be pro bowl candidates. This could be a special year for the dolphins, similar to Carolina.

I guarantee you if my nephew Dion was ask to play every down last year he would have it was not his choice so to all the busters that's talking bust like they say sit down get your popcorn ready. @95TEAMJORDAN

Jordan is a beast. I wouldn't believe Coyle for any reason,,,he's Philbins boys, was Coyle using 3x5 cards to address the media?

D. Jordan could be the last of Ireland's terrible mistakes in Miami. But it's up to Jordan to prove otherwise. Actually he has a lot to prove next season.

Dion Jordan = Another Irescum Bust

R. Tannehill and D. Jordan possibly pro bowl candidate, it is a very good dream, maybe R.T. wife she can be a good candidate to P.B.

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