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Louis Delmas feels "great," which is good

Talent has never been a question with Louis Delmas. Playmaking ability has never been a question with Louis Delmas. Durability?

That's been a question for the Dolphins new starting safety.

Delmas played 16 games only once in his five-year career with Detroit. And even after that 2013 season, the Lions decided to cut Delmas.

So how's Delmas's health now.

"I’m great. I’m great," he said recently after a Dolphins OTA practice. "I haven’t missed a day of training, haven’t missed a day of practice. I’m feeling good right now, the best I’ve felt my last four years of football. So I’m very excited about this year."

Re-read that please. Delmas, ready to start his sixth NFL season, is feeling the best he's felt since his rookie year in the NFL.

That's good news for he Dolphins because they desperately would like Delmas to stay healthy in the coming season because healthy mean available and when Delmas is available, he generally makes plays.

Last year Delmas had three interceptions. Plays.

He had two sacks. Plays.

He's averaged nearly one fumble recovery per season. Plays.

He returned one of those fumbles and an interception for a touchdown as a rookie. Plays.

The Dolphins defense wants more playmakers and Delmas offers that possibility.

But he cannot do any of that if the durability issues haunts. Delmas is doing what he can to make sure it does not.

“Rest," Delmas said. "That’s something my first couple of years I didn’t take pride in is resting. After the season, I always started immediately with workouts. I think, as the years started going on, I started earning more miles on these legs, I needed to rest a little more. The coaching staff and the trainers are doing a great job of managing me. I’m comfortable right now."

It must be said one of the flaws Delmas has is also one of his strengths.

The man plays at ludicrous speed (Spaceballs reference) all the time. That's great for a Miami defense that is looking to attack more and set the tempo on the field.

But that approach has sometimes in the past led Delmas to give up big plays in the back end when he over-reacts.

And this:

Delmas gained a reputation in Detroit as a vicious hitter who gave no quarter. When he hits, he delivers the blow with everything he's got. But his full speed approach sometimes got him hurt. And his full speed approach at times got teammates hurt as well in situation where an offensive player duck beneath his hit and Delmas ends up hitting one of his own.

Perhaps Delmas can tame that aspect of his game some. Being home in South Florida might help in that regard. Enjoying his environment perhaps can be the settling influence Delmas might need. 

"It’s a fun environment," Delmas said. "I plan on taking advantage of every opportunity that I step foot on the field."


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Swapping out two very similar physical talents in Delmas and Clemons. But where as Clemons was a safety that was awesome at keeping everything in front of him and not giving up the big play but seldom provided the big play... Delmas is more of a go for broke guy.

It will interesting to see how it works out. Personally I loved Clemons. We don't beat Pitt if not for his usual reliable in the right place at the right time approach. I'm putting the org on notice for this one. Clemons was cheap too..

isn't both delmas and jones a go for broke guy?

hmmmmm 4th and 13


2 Twatt

your moms needs to bathe you

say goodbye to turf and hello to GRASS.
hopefully thatll help on the joints, etc.

...getting excited about these motivated vets...

I Am Samgina

When's the next OTA practice?

This guy and Cortland bring an attitude to our D that severely lacked last year. We have always had the talent just not the attitude to match!! PHINS UP!

Everyone is excited in June.
Players, coaches, fans.
...its early Oct when you realize what you've got, or not.
Remember last year's 3-0 start! only to fallback to 3-3

I like Delmas's hard hitting style and hope the young bucks take notice.

Dion Jordan will show up big this year.

I wish Jordan was on the field during 4th and 13, that would have been loss of 4 with a sack

Remember the old 'hearing footsteps'? You hit a receiver hard a few times and they start droppings balls.

Hope the guy last thru the season.

dbo is correct.
Where were the safaties 4 and 13 against Carolina?

They have talent of O and they have talent on D....coaches better get their heads out of their behinds...NO MORE EXCUSES....nuff said

Promichael (from the last blog),

Maybe I am blind and stupid.
And maybe Sherman forgot all but the simplest plays.

Is it also possible that Sherman knows Tanne better than any of us? Is it possible that Sherman discovered the more complicated the play the slower Tanne is to react?

I hope Tanne and Phins have a great season. I don't think they will but we'll see what happens. as long as there is enough alcohol and mj to go around then how bad can it be?

Mike Wallace deserves a much better QB

So much speculation everything Miami Dolphins this time of year. Always more unknown tan known.

My greatest concern?

When will we ever again come into a "NEW SEASON" with far more known than unknown?

For longer than I can now remember, we come into the new season with far more known than unknown. What I have learned from this is, no matter the greatest of optimism, has ever consistently produced more than 8 wins a year.

Every new season, this team's in "PROVE IT" mode. Year after year it fails. Every year, a little bit of glitter, and every year never any gold. :)


-Wu Tang Clan

qb still
a need

Coverage from the Cleveland Browns' linebackers looks as if it is going to be much improved in 2014. On one play in 11-on-11's, Barkevious Mingo nearly intercepted a pass from Johnny Manziel, 25-yards down the field. Mingo is covering a ton of ground and seems more comfortable in reacting to pass situations during OTAs. Still, defensive coordinator Jim O’Neil is in awe over Mingo as a blitzer. “He has elite pass-rush ability,” O'Neil said.
Buster Skrine is another player benefitting from maturing as a professional. Deflecting passes, reacting properly to audibles; you name it, Skrine was doing it on Wednesday. O’Neil has been pleased with Skrine’s willingness to learn more of the inside slot cornerback position in the classroom. “We kid with the receivers: you can’t run by Buster Skrine,” said O’Neil.
“I think it will be a competitive situation,” O’Neil said about whether Skrine or first-round draft pick Justin Gilbert will start at the outside cornerback spot. “I think we’ve done a great job of building depth at that position. That will be on [Gilbert]. He’s going to get every opportunity to win, but I don’t think that the guys who are playing the position will give it to him.”
Speaking of Gilbert, special teams coordinator Chris Tabor brought up a good point: the Vikings used Cordarrelle Patterson, a first-round pick in 2013, as their key return man last season. Patterson took back two punts for touchdowns. The Seahawks are talking about using one of the best safeties in the NFL, Earl Thomas, as their punt returner. Do not rule out Gilbert returning kicks for the Browns to start the 2014 season

Like Home said and others of course disagreed

The Browns are finally putting together a very good football team

Johnny Manziel took first-team reps Wednesday in 11-on-11 drills. Hold your horses. Offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan said this was planned, mainly to help keep Brian Hoyer, who is recovering from ACL surgery, away from any incidental contact. All the quarterbacks have been rotating to get different looks from the defense. In fact, Shanahan said he hasn’t even started assessing the quarterback competition, because this OTA period is just so new to fairly judge Manziel.
But boy, there were some throws that should have Browns fans giddy about the future of this team. In particular during a red-zone set, Manziel bootlegged hard towards the right sideline and found a streaking Jordan Cameron, all the way in the left side of the end zone. Of course there were some mistakes from Manziel. Coach Pettine would like to see him get in and out of the huddle with more speed. But each practice Manziel's playmaking ability starts to sparkle.
Hoyer wasn’t kidding last week when he said he liked Andrew Hawkins. On several occasions during the red zone drills, Hoyer found Hawkins open on slant patterns in the middle of the field. The two were also paired up in a one-on-one deep throwing drill against a various cornerbacks. Their timing wasn’t synced on Wednesday, but you can tell, once it is, the Hoyer-Hawkins combo could gash defenses for big chunks of yardage.
Kyle Shanahan had the best quote about the Johnny Manziel Las Vegas (non) story when he said: “I think if this was six-years ago, and there wasn’t so much Twitter and pictures, people don’t even notice. And a lot of straight-arrow, good quarterbacks [went to Vegas] and you guys didn’t know about it. It doesn’t bother me. Johnny has been working as hard as anyone I’ve been around.”

I think Delmas is one of the guys I am most excited about, potential-wise.

If he's able to stay healthy and put the fear of God into opposing receivers...

Yeah buddy. Can't wait!

Darius Eubanks – The middle linebacker took an interception to the house on Wednesday. While Karlos Dansby is away rehabbing a small injury, Eubanks is proving the Browns have more adequate depth in the middle of the defense than most outsiders would think

The Browns now have a top 5 secondary

Dolfans can only dream about having a secondary as good as Clevelands

NostraHomeUs has warned us about the precipitous drop off of Dolphins CB Brent Grimes this season

Clearly many Dolfans will be angry & disappointed w the lil Jumping Bean CB BRent Grimes this season

U here at the Miami Herald have 1st hand future info on the Drop Off of CB Brent Grimes from our own "NostraHomeUS"

Kyle Shanahan should start hanging out in SoBe so that he could become a tanned rat-face like his pops...

Hard to believe he would start slacking already

Fat Albert already sitting out in some OTAs

"NostraHomeUs" already warned us Fat Albert is a slacker and team quitter missing 3-4 games each of the last two season w no significant injury

This man cannot be counted on to play 16 games

Now that he got his contract expect selfishness from Fat Albert

Browns arguably will have better LBs and LB production than the Dolphins this season

with two 1st round picks in 2015
the Browns are clearly on the road to success - playoffs

The Patriots' offseason moves don't impart a belief that Amendola will suddenly become the player they paid him to be just because it's his second year in the system. The Pats re-signed Julian Edelman -- who became the player Amendola was paid to be -- brought in veteran Brandon LaFell and drafted Jeremy Gallon.

With Rob Gronkowski expected to return from a torn ACL and an improved Kenbrell Thompkins and Aaron Dobson hoping to buttress Edelman, Amendola might be in a fight for playing time

Home, the Browns?? Now you're reaching. We beat the holy tar out of them last year and are starting all over ... again.

Who cares about the Browns??

The Browns are building a terrific football program
by 2015 most of the pieces will be in place

This year their defense will rank higher than the Dolphins

U cannot expect a Cannadian tv watcher to know much bout American Football, EH?

Home 4 GM

Again. Manziel threw 3 picks in yesterdays practice

Why did the Dolphins not sign RB Chris Johnson again cuz production wise Lame Miller sucks w his two TDs last season and DT only had one good game in the snow cuz everyone was slipping and could not tackle him

and now NoSho MorAnus is starting off terrible

Knowshon Moreno is off to a rough start in Miami. Noticeably out of shape, Moreno continues to work primarily with the second-team offense while Lamar Miller handles the bulk of the first-team reps

Home 4 GM

I've been excited since Delmas' name was first mentioned. Hopefully he turns out more like Grimes and less like Smiley/Groves/Patterson

Mark in Toronto would make the better GM than you homes. Now go feed that llama of yours, she is pregnant.

Dolphins drafted/signed like 8 players to block for Tannehill


Hard Headed Dolphin coaching

Will Jonny Manziel be able to break Tannehill's illustrious NFL record low of 3 WR TDs in his first 16 games?


DBO = Dirty Body Odor

U still here?


Patterson is healthy and doing awesome on the JETS

Mike should get the start
if he does
expect Mike Vick to be 2014 NFL Comeback Player of the Year - offense

Demarcus Ware on defense w the Broncos

Have the Dolphins won a playoff game yet?

Home is wearing a Manziel jersey w a Patriots football cap now
and it looks good w Luke Kuechly's name tattooed over Home's knuckles
and his face painted half Denver Blue & half Denver Orange

Is it football season, yet!

Home has The Denver Broncos winning the Superbowl

Hands Down

Hahaa, what a knob


Heard u had a little boy

Home thought u didn't have the seed
figured a fella like u could only make girl babies, EH?

Home is the worst talent evaluator ever. Ever. Worst than when rick spielman drafted teddy ginn. Ohhh lord help need rotflmfao ha ha ha

Kevin Williams hopes to be signed, wants Patriots to look him up
Published: June 4, 2014 at 12:39 PM

Going for a gambler and injury prone is fine, but shouldnt we have a backup for this risk play?

No vision, the guy is blind

Home how's your llama girlfriend, heard she was pregnant.

Shaq Evans, WR, New York Jets
Draft position: Round 4, No. 115

The Jets need receivers, and Evans is a talented one. He's also fast. He ran the first 10 yards of the 40-yard dash at the combine in 1.47 seconds -- that's truly flying. Evans, who racked up 107 catches in his last two years at UCLA, will catch the crossing routes. He's strong and has good size, with a body build that is reminiscent of Michael Irvin

better and def a lot cheaper than RB NoSho MorAnus

is prolly

Andre Williams, RB, New York Giants
Draft position: Round 4, No. 113

The Giants love to run, and they should be able to find work for Williams, who, in addition to being a very strong runner with good balance and quickness, will be useful in pass protection as a blocker. He had an outstanding senior year at Boston College, compiling the most rushing yards in the country (2,177). Williams is very smart and has excellent vision

It will be interesting to See what Delmas does....getting cut is never a good sign

Dolphins rookie Jordan Tripp

is he a poor man's Spitler or better?

STRENGTHS Triggers fast downhill vs. the run. Diagnoses quickly and is around the ball a lot. Outstanding motor, intensity and effort. Extremely competitive. Very tough. Outstanding weight-room work ethic. Sculpted with very minimal body fat. Elected team captain. Exceptional character. Emergency long snapper (started all four years). Has a special-teams temperament. Takes the game very seriously. Athleticism was on display at the combine -- paced linebackers with a 3.96-second short shuttle, recorded a 6.89-second 3-cone drill and vertical jumped 37 1/2 inches.
WEAKNESSES Has short flappers and gets stuck on blocks. Can do a better job using his hands to stack and shed. Plays a bit too out of control. Tightness shows up in space trying to break down and secure open-field tackles (misses too many). Wound tight in coverage and not quick to redirect (allows separation).
BOTTOM LINE A tough, determined, competitive overachiever capable of earning a job as a backup linebacker and special-teams performer


He played with an elite, franchise QB and Megatron.

Dolphins prolly should have kept Clemons and the healthy Patterson

Grimes regresses this season

Home. The best case for birth control ever.

Thanks Home, actually I would have loved to have a girl.. hopefully the next one...

No help n the draft, maybe James and that is it. All the rest, nothing but special teams players at best.

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