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Louis Delmas feels "great," which is good

Talent has never been a question with Louis Delmas. Playmaking ability has never been a question with Louis Delmas. Durability?

That's been a question for the Dolphins new starting safety.

Delmas played 16 games only once in his five-year career with Detroit. And even after that 2013 season, the Lions decided to cut Delmas.

So how's Delmas's health now.

"I’m great. I’m great," he said recently after a Dolphins OTA practice. "I haven’t missed a day of training, haven’t missed a day of practice. I’m feeling good right now, the best I’ve felt my last four years of football. So I’m very excited about this year."

Re-read that please. Delmas, ready to start his sixth NFL season, is feeling the best he's felt since his rookie year in the NFL.

That's good news for he Dolphins because they desperately would like Delmas to stay healthy in the coming season because healthy mean available and when Delmas is available, he generally makes plays.

Last year Delmas had three interceptions. Plays.

He had two sacks. Plays.

He's averaged nearly one fumble recovery per season. Plays.

He returned one of those fumbles and an interception for a touchdown as a rookie. Plays.

The Dolphins defense wants more playmakers and Delmas offers that possibility.

But he cannot do any of that if the durability issues haunts. Delmas is doing what he can to make sure it does not.

“Rest," Delmas said. "That’s something my first couple of years I didn’t take pride in is resting. After the season, I always started immediately with workouts. I think, as the years started going on, I started earning more miles on these legs, I needed to rest a little more. The coaching staff and the trainers are doing a great job of managing me. I’m comfortable right now."

It must be said one of the flaws Delmas has is also one of his strengths.

The man plays at ludicrous speed (Spaceballs reference) all the time. That's great for a Miami defense that is looking to attack more and set the tempo on the field.

But that approach has sometimes in the past led Delmas to give up big plays in the back end when he over-reacts.

And this:

Delmas gained a reputation in Detroit as a vicious hitter who gave no quarter. When he hits, he delivers the blow with everything he's got. But his full speed approach sometimes got him hurt. And his full speed approach at times got teammates hurt as well in situation where an offensive player duck beneath his hit and Delmas ends up hitting one of his own.

Perhaps Delmas can tame that aspect of his game some. Being home in South Florida might help in that regard. Enjoying his environment perhaps can be the settling influence Delmas might need. 

"It’s a fun environment," Delmas said. "I plan on taking advantage of every opportunity that I step foot on the field."


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2 Watt, we get it. Tannehill and everyone else on offense including the coaches sucked the last 2 games. Thanks for the update though.

Mark in Toronto

I would have also preferred more status quo on defense, except the middle linebacker and coordinator. Carroll, Clemons, and Patterson could have been retained much cheaper than Delmas and Finnegan for about the same production. Solia could have also been brought back. Solia, Odrick, and Starks would be an awesome line in a 3-4. Wake, Jordan, Vernon, and maybe Ellerbe rotating at outside lb. that would get the most talent on the field and the 3-4 from a couple years ago worked better than what we are doing now. I think the defensive strategy was just as bad as the offense but the talent on that side covered the bad coaching up some.

Posted by: Texas Dolphan | June 05, 2014 at 01:09 AM

We got it the first 100 times he said it too, but he feels the need to keep saying it.

This is the year both the Fins and Hurricanes win 10/11 games each !! Believe that!! Too much talent on both teams and barring any major injuries both teams will win some games they are not favorite and they will squeak by on some games they are favorite instead of losing.. Why? Too much talent..

I am going to say my two choices for top free agent signing are going to be Delmas or Finnegan. Who does the rest of phins nation think will be the best performer from this years’ free-agent class for Miami?http://phinsnews.com/who-will-be-this-years-brent-grimes/

Wow someone really got under the skin of Wicked Witch (Dr. Down Promichelle).

LOVE IT Armando....

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Good Morning Dolphans and Brown's/Jets/NE fans.
Another day of reading the comments and opinions of the true Dolphans and ignoring comments of the "Others"

Albert will be the best FA signing. Just for the fact he's such a huge upgrade at a critical position.

Is Brock Jensen starting yet?

The homers reach their fever pitch in the offseason

when no losing is going on. LOL

I'm not sure why Armando attempts to interview NFL insiders, the Dolphin coaches or get information on what the Dolphins should be doing on offense or defense. He has his blog with all the GM's, self proclaimed NFL Czars etc....who know everything.

Well, most of the bloggers here knew more han Jeff Ireland....

Ya wonder why they call ya biich.

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