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Louis Delmas feels "great," which is good

Talent has never been a question with Louis Delmas. Playmaking ability has never been a question with Louis Delmas. Durability?

That's been a question for the Dolphins new starting safety.

Delmas played 16 games only once in his five-year career with Detroit. And even after that 2013 season, the Lions decided to cut Delmas.

So how's Delmas's health now.

"I’m great. I’m great," he said recently after a Dolphins OTA practice. "I haven’t missed a day of training, haven’t missed a day of practice. I’m feeling good right now, the best I’ve felt my last four years of football. So I’m very excited about this year."

Re-read that please. Delmas, ready to start his sixth NFL season, is feeling the best he's felt since his rookie year in the NFL.

That's good news for he Dolphins because they desperately would like Delmas to stay healthy in the coming season because healthy mean available and when Delmas is available, he generally makes plays.

Last year Delmas had three interceptions. Plays.

He had two sacks. Plays.

He's averaged nearly one fumble recovery per season. Plays.

He returned one of those fumbles and an interception for a touchdown as a rookie. Plays.

The Dolphins defense wants more playmakers and Delmas offers that possibility.

But he cannot do any of that if the durability issues haunts. Delmas is doing what he can to make sure it does not.

“Rest," Delmas said. "That’s something my first couple of years I didn’t take pride in is resting. After the season, I always started immediately with workouts. I think, as the years started going on, I started earning more miles on these legs, I needed to rest a little more. The coaching staff and the trainers are doing a great job of managing me. I’m comfortable right now."

It must be said one of the flaws Delmas has is also one of his strengths.

The man plays at ludicrous speed (Spaceballs reference) all the time. That's great for a Miami defense that is looking to attack more and set the tempo on the field.

But that approach has sometimes in the past led Delmas to give up big plays in the back end when he over-reacts.

And this:

Delmas gained a reputation in Detroit as a vicious hitter who gave no quarter. When he hits, he delivers the blow with everything he's got. But his full speed approach sometimes got him hurt. And his full speed approach at times got teammates hurt as well in situation where an offensive player duck beneath his hit and Delmas ends up hitting one of his own.

Perhaps Delmas can tame that aspect of his game some. Being home in South Florida might help in that regard. Enjoying his environment perhaps can be the settling influence Delmas might need. 

"It’s a fun environment," Delmas said. "I plan on taking advantage of every opportunity that I step foot on the field."


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The fate of Acorn Jeff Ireland was a forgone conclusion for some time before he left. The Dolphins and Hickey will be cleaning up and correcting Ireland's huge mistakes for several years. I'm a fan so I hope they can win regardless of very poor personnel judgments.

I live in Detroit and the fans here were glad they cut him. Phins fans will see the guy whiffs on tackles more often than he makes plays.

Delmas was a cap casualty, he played all 16 games last year.


I can see that Lion fans may have not liked his style of play, but I doubt there was cheering when he left.

Lions fans were happy to see Delmas leave. They called him injury prone and soft.

Posted by: NFL Insider | June 05, 2014 at 09:27 AM

Don't Insider's give the thoughts and opinions of team officials, players and coaches? Weird that they would speak for fan opinion, which is what say, the comments section of a newspaper football blog is for.


Don't Insider's give the thoughts and opinions of team officials, players and coaches? Weird that they would speak for fan opinion.

Posted by: Darkoak | June 05, 2014 at 09:31 AM

Insiders talk about everything football. Its not limited to just players or coaches opinions.

What's not to like about Delmar. Injury Prone??? Long was injury prone and fans still say we should have kept him. Playing style? Suh is even worse than him. I don't see anything dirty about his style, in your face hard hitting. In his highlight clip on youtube, he knocked Ocho Cinco out with a clean shoulder hit. Makes we wonder what some fans see when watching the game.

Darkoak,STFU !

Saw that the Portuguese national team is training at the jets complex. And there's a sign outside their facility that says "The NY Jets Welcome Portugal!"

Made me sick to my stomach.

Anybody on this team that finds it to be fun to inflict his will and their pain on our opponent, is welcome. Hopefully, this attitude will spread throughout the team like tater bugs.

Posted by: NFL Insider | June 05, 2014 at 09:44 AM

Kind of makes you wonder why Armando doesn't just interview you as you sound like you know everything about Delmas.

Thanks for your insight!

I liked Clemons personally... Jones and Delmas are both line of scrimmage type safeties....

Is Coyle interim HC yet?

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | June 05, 2014 at 09:47 AM

Did the Jets spell Portugal correctly?

Glad those stinkng Rangers lost. All NY teams suck.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | June 05, 2014 at 09:49 AM

And we are trying to improve against the run, this is not a bad thing, and they have both played both safety spots so should be interchangeable.


Good point, delmas playing closer to the LOS will improve the run game. Hopefully that plays out. I just like the way Clemons seemed to not let anything get behind him. And he was a home grown product and I'm partial to our own draft picks, especially those that turn out as well as Clemons. he was not a star but a long shot but 6th round picks almost never become starters so that is something in itself.

And yeah, they managed to get the spelling correct. They must've contracted the smart guy in Jersey to get it done.

Like the skill and aggression of the back field. Finnagan and Delmar intimidating aggression and Grimes skill. Will make the opposition think twice. Concerned about the run and short passing game. Not too convinced yet the LB problems have been solved. Would like to see if Jenkins and Tripp are ready to contribute.

The motions and shifts alone are confusing, and you can see Bill Lazor cracking the whip on the players trying to make sure they get it.
use barbed wire
it is a lot more effective

Clemons was as unspectacular a safety as you could get and I would call him a fantastic primary backup. MIT you mentioned that you liked how things didn't get behind him, but I counter that was because the coaches played him so far back. In pass defense he had his moments on deep throws disrupting, but no INTs. As a last line of defense on short plays where a player already had the ball he took bad angles was out of position, and was a sub-standard tackler.

IMO of course, not like I think I'm a GM or NFL insider.

NostraHomeUs has revealed AKA can use google?

There are several fans that were upset when they cut Delmas. Just check Youtube for rants

I liked Clemons. Thought he was underrated. I think Delmas will be better though if he can stay healthy.

It's very simple. Just check Madden for each player's ratings.

Of course, they are subjective, and some players and over/under rated, but, generally speaking they are on point, and adjust ratings weekly throughout the season.

Clemmons 81, Delmas 84

Darkoak, you make it sound like he played 30 yards behind the line of scrimmage. It deserves to be pointed out that he was plenty active as well with 89 and 95 tackles year over year.

But like Marc says it's pretty close between the two players and Delmas is probably a little more skilled but I believe in keeping the draft picks that work out - building continuity.

I think that "3" in difference in rating between the two players using the Madden standard and the fact that Clemons was so cheap should've also factored in.

Anyway, it is what it is... neither player is abuilding block type player anyway. Just have affinity for career Dolphins.

6-10 again

MIT, I would have been happy to have Clemons back as a backup or to compete with Delmas.

Maybe Clemmons has skeletons in his closet.
I didn't hate him either MarK, and I would have kept him AND gotten Delmas; chances are Delmas is gonna miss some games.

Maybe they have faith in Don Jones and the other late rd/undrafted guys

Who knows, but, either way, it appears they attempted to, and did upgrade the position.

Well, now that I think about it. It does make sense if Clemons wasn't a special teamer anymore.

I can't recall. I know Don Jones is a beast on ST, and I think one of the other young safeties

So, you would have had 3 safeties that didn't play ST (Jones, Delmas, Clemons)

Posted by: Marc | June 05, 2014 at 10:44 AM

Ultimately it comes down to the coaching staff wanting playmakers and takeaways in defense and Clemons didn't provide either.

If there is one thing Ice-T knows, it's lemonade.

Clemons was a decent safety but not a playmaker. A typical Ireland draftee. But I would have still preferred him over Delmas as Delmas is injury prone. But I think the Delmas signing was in order to move Reshad Jones back to being more of a free safety?

I think they should have retained Clemons also. Bring in Delmas, fine. But keep Clemons in the mix also. Delmas goes down and things get thin. But we could easily end up seeing if "The Don" is up to task.

Playing deep or LOS, Playing zone or man. looking at last years stats we gave up 327 first downs, an average of 20+ per game. We gave up 192 on rushing. Even passing TD were less than Rushing TD's. It's our Run defense that is the concern and nothing convincing being reported of any positive changes. Last year Shernman was clueless, this year Coyle. We have a decent back field. Coyle should try playing man at the line and not 10 yards off the line. That would even give us opportunities to break up the play at the line and not allow receivers to block down field for those running plays/screens etc.

Marc, I'm through guessing what our Gms and HCs are thinking.. sometimes it looks like they weren't thinking things through anyway.

Interesting tidbit from this preseason is that Barry Jackson reported that Don Jones is on the depth chart as a backup CB. Whihc makes sense because even though he hits like a truck, he's smallish. A tweener like Wilson (who has carved out a very nice and important niche role as a nickel CB). Jones may or may not be following those footsteps ... it's at least on the table it seems.

The guys we have now are both natural free safeties. And everyone remembers when we had two natural strong safeties and Gibril Wilson was one of those guys. Hopefully the results don't repeat themselves here ... but then again Clemons was a natural FS too... who knows?? Anyway it just looked like $2M in extra cap allocation that could've been spent on the o line. I mean are we a better team with Delmas and Shelley Smith or Clemons and Zane Beadles or Rodger Saffold???

I know the term is different but these NFL contracts are so escapable anyway so I hardly look at term... guaranteed money is probably a more important factor.

Guess I still can't get over how little urgency there was to address the o line in free agency.... maybe they knew what they had in Dallas Thomas all along but there was no indication of that.


Had you heard the newsthat John Beck is on the BC Lions roster this year? Not sure how much he'll play. Always amazed that Pat White didn't end up there.

Excellent post @ 11:03 and I couldn't agree more. Coyle was fixated by not giving up chunk yards to the point that he helped keep our defense on the field way too long. he needs to be more aggressive. You have the pressure type players - use them!

Pat White would make a mess in the CFL... half of the Qbs are an exact replica in Pat White's skill set. Smallish guys that can run first and chuck up a pass... even the best CFL qbs ever were similar. Flutie, Garcia, young Warren Moon, etc....

Isn't John Beck like 56 now? he was drafted as a 26 year old... thanks Cam Cameron!

Posted by: Craig M | June 05, 2014 at 11:09 AM

CFL is a passing league though, Beck will do well there.

We brought in and drafted a bunch of zone scheme guys. Lets switch to man! Great idea!

I see John Beck is with the BC lions now. I remember when Avery and Ricky William were with the Argos. Essentially three dolphin first round picks (two in trade for RW) were suited up for T.0.

at least we got wake coming the other way.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | June 05, 2014 at 11:10 AM

Coyle needs to know when to bring the heat.

I'm going with the ST theory, but, either way, I agree, it was hardly more important than SEVERAL other positions:

LBs were the issue last year, not the secondary. And it was an injury riddled secondary also.

A zone is a great scheme but pressure must be applied to the QB so he doesn't have time to find holes.

Delmas sucks..period. He takes awful angles on tackles and is left clutching the air more often than not.

Guess Pat White doesn't need the money or have the drive to succeed in. Football. I agree, he'd be a star in the CFL. Beck? Not so sure about him.

Both Jason Garrett and Sean Peyton were QBs in the CFL for a short period of time. Maybe Beck's future will be in coaching...Lol.

The LB play is what destroyed this team last year, yet we didn't address it until the 5th round. They had Jordan working at ILB during OTA's, but honestly, we're banking on a FCS player from Montana to fill in the gaps? Laughable....

clee, and I saw first hand why Avery never made it.

1. He was a stick physique wise

2. He was drinking his face off every time he got the chance. I saw him many, many times in the downtown club scene at the time and many times on Spadina eating Chinese food at 3 am.

He tried to get by on his god given talents alone while doing nothing to assist those talents.

He jsut didn't have the mentality for being a high level pro athlete where the best are 20 somethings with the professional approach of late 30 somethings.

manziel will probably fall into the same sphere.

THED and a guy that played almost exclusively outside in college at that.

On our roster, the only guy with significant ILB experience (besides Ellerbe) is Phillip Wheeler who played that position at GT.

Craig, other CFL Qbs who have gone on to be good NFL/FBS coaches include Kent Austin and Tom Clements.

Guys that were long on football instincts and students of the game but short in physical stature/NFL arm strength.

It's funny to me they signed high priced guys for the secondary where we had good but not great young talent that was improving and replaced them with guys that come with high salaries and risk. The main problem with the defense was the coaching calls and subpar linebacker play. And they haven't done much to address those issues. I'm optimistic the offense will be better with Tannehill in 3rd year, more talent, and a new coaching scheme. However, the defense may take a step back unless Jordan steps up and Mitchell, Finnegan, and Delmas play as good or better than expected. I liked what Hickey did with the offense. Not so sure about the defense.

Mark..yep, we're going to see our defense get gashed in the running game all year again. Mark are you going to come to Detroit for the Phins/Lions game November 9th?

PS, Clements is actually the guy that had a key role in developing Favre/Rodgers in GB and is now their OC.

Maybe this is the guy the Dolphins meant to hire?

Every good coach has to make adjustments based on what the opposition has to offer. Not being creative and mixing it up gets us in trouble. Our opponents game plan according to our strengths and weaknesses. Other offenses are so used to certain teams playing Zone. Mix it up and play man. Take them off their game play. We have the talent. Lets develop and use it.

THED, I will be there. Unless the season totally falls off the rails..

Right now, I have every expectation of being there and will announce my section like I did for Buffalo last year if anyone wants to beef Dolphins in person, haha!

Assuming you really are in Toronto..hah

THED can you explain geography to all of us, none of us know where anything really iz

Bahahahahaha ha!

Truner Gill who coached our Walt Aikens at Liberty is another...

Danny Barrett who coaches the RBs at Marc's hometown UCF...

THED, judging by how my 15 minute driving commute turned into 90 mins this morning because all the traffic lights within a 2 mile radius were all down at once...

I couldn't be anywhere else, haha!

MIT, 20 minute walk to work, living the dream.

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