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Louis Delmas feels "great," which is good

Talent has never been a question with Louis Delmas. Playmaking ability has never been a question with Louis Delmas. Durability?

That's been a question for the Dolphins new starting safety.

Delmas played 16 games only once in his five-year career with Detroit. And even after that 2013 season, the Lions decided to cut Delmas.

So how's Delmas's health now.

"I’m great. I’m great," he said recently after a Dolphins OTA practice. "I haven’t missed a day of training, haven’t missed a day of practice. I’m feeling good right now, the best I’ve felt my last four years of football. So I’m very excited about this year."

Re-read that please. Delmas, ready to start his sixth NFL season, is feeling the best he's felt since his rookie year in the NFL.

That's good news for he Dolphins because they desperately would like Delmas to stay healthy in the coming season because healthy mean available and when Delmas is available, he generally makes plays.

Last year Delmas had three interceptions. Plays.

He had two sacks. Plays.

He's averaged nearly one fumble recovery per season. Plays.

He returned one of those fumbles and an interception for a touchdown as a rookie. Plays.

The Dolphins defense wants more playmakers and Delmas offers that possibility.

But he cannot do any of that if the durability issues haunts. Delmas is doing what he can to make sure it does not.

“Rest," Delmas said. "That’s something my first couple of years I didn’t take pride in is resting. After the season, I always started immediately with workouts. I think, as the years started going on, I started earning more miles on these legs, I needed to rest a little more. The coaching staff and the trainers are doing a great job of managing me. I’m comfortable right now."

It must be said one of the flaws Delmas has is also one of his strengths.

The man plays at ludicrous speed (Spaceballs reference) all the time. That's great for a Miami defense that is looking to attack more and set the tempo on the field.

But that approach has sometimes in the past led Delmas to give up big plays in the back end when he over-reacts.

And this:

Delmas gained a reputation in Detroit as a vicious hitter who gave no quarter. When he hits, he delivers the blow with everything he's got. But his full speed approach sometimes got him hurt. And his full speed approach at times got teammates hurt as well in situation where an offensive player duck beneath his hit and Delmas ends up hitting one of his own.

Perhaps Delmas can tame that aspect of his game some. Being home in South Florida might help in that regard. Enjoying his environment perhaps can be the settling influence Delmas might need. 

"It’s a fun environment," Delmas said. "I plan on taking advantage of every opportunity that I step foot on the field."


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Did you just Google "People who actually made it out of the CFL" ? HAHA

I'll be at the game in Detroit too. Looking forward to that one. I was at the old Silverdome to see Barry Sanders take on the Lions a number of years ago but haven't been to Ford Field yet. i've heard good things.

Marc Trestman was a long time CFL head coach. Had a lot of success in Montreal. Don't think he ever played in the CFL but he's getting his chance now to be a HC in the NFL.

Ryan Tannehill reminds me of John Beck. A future CFLer?

haha, no Marc, those are just the guys off the top of my head. I'm sure there are a lot more.

Clements in particular jumps off the page because he was always considered a very smart Qb who just was not blessed at all physically. Always well thought of.

Marv Levy coached a long time in the CFL before going to Buffalo.

The other guys I mentioned were Qbs I say play while I grew up here and heard their names pop up now and then while following other teams/college ball.

Turner Gill is probably the guy who had the best chance to make it huge but failed at his big shot at Kansas.

Darkoak, I've never worked walking distance to work... not that I'd be able to walk here for four months of the year anyway.

Now, I'm mad at myself... Trestman is so easy and obvious and recent...

palm to forehead!

The CFL is older than the NFL.

This time of year sucks. Little to no news.

Mark in Toronto:

Did famed American actor Ernest Borgnine ever visit your fair city and if so do you know where he may have defecated?

I am writing a definitive biography of this great man.

Great for Marc Trestman! He just proves that nothing can hold a good man or coach back, not even the CFL.

Borg, do like everyone else, use Google.

Marc, you want news?

Kaep is getting $110M. A grand mistake for the 9ers and Kaep is even less productive than our own Qb but doesn't need to be on that team...

Great news, beginning of the end for the 9ers like it was for Baltimore in signing Flacco.

These teams have to get the stones to saying no to mid tier QBs...


I saw that yesterday. 60 guaranteed, up to 126. I agree, crazy price, just like Flacco. However, that has nothing to do with this team lol

Mark...I used to take a party bus from London, ONT to the Miami/Buffalo game every year...rough place to see a game. I will be at the Detroit game regardless of their record since I live about ten mins from Ford Field. My girl doesn't want to go with me cuz she knows I will be getting booted out for fighting Lions fans by the 3rd quarter..haha

That reminds me. MarK. The rock stars wife is a Pats fan. If we're still messing around I might take her to week 1. I'll surely be mad after and might need her for relief

I didn't realize anything was left standing ten minutes from Ford Field.

Marc, it does and it doesn't....

Let's say Tannehill has a decent season... team makes the playoffs, maybe even wins a wild card game.

This is the kind of money Tannehill would be in line for in about two seasons.

Agreed that is makeing a big assumption and we have to get there first.

But it's now a trend where everyone thinks they have a franchise Qb just because the team is winning. Sometimes a Qb does just well enough to keep a superior team from losing or gets hot at the exact right time.

This is lazy work by the 9ers and Ravens. GMs trying to keep their job for the next year or so instead of doing the right thing and having the guts to say no or moving on to the next guy.

Positive thing for everyone is that acorns will start dropping from the 9ers tree soon like they did from Baltimore.

Marc here is more news,

Dumboak AKA Darkoak has been promoted to the position of General Manager in charge of original content and BS on Armando's Blog. Great news for a guy who only recently obtained his GED.

THED, we will meet up and give a Lions fan the Hart Foundation clothesline.

And yeah, Buffalo is a rough spot to watch the game. I had about third row 25 yard line tix on the DOlphins during marshall's first game in Miami.

Down there they are a bunch of softies. In the cheap seats though, I almost go thrown over the top of the stadium like Flander's wife in the Simpsons.

Crazy money for Kaep. Wilson will probably get a ton as well. Luck I think actually deserves the big extension he will get. He hides a lot of deficiencies on the Colts imo.

So win or lose, you win, good strategy Marc...

I didn't know you could last six months with the same woman!!!


Yeah. RT will get overpaid by this team, or another, unless he tanks this season. But, even a good backup can make decent $ You think Matt Moore is upset he's sitting on the bench making 5 mil?


Do you actually think I would attempt to write the definitive biography of Ernest Borgnine INCLUDING SPECIFIC SITES WHERE HE MAY HAVE DEFECATED without consulting Google (AND Wikipedia, by the way)???

How insulting.

I simply assumed you may have known more about Toronto and the history of Ernest Borgnine defecating in your city than you obviously do!

I agree NeMo, Luck is an old vet in a young qbs body. he will be worth every cent.

Bigger question is what do the Bengals do with Dalton.

#s are there, wins are there (regular season).

Guy is the Tony Romo of the AFC. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Toughest contract decision in the NFL.

Marc, Matt Moore is living the dream. Will retire in one piece as a multi millionaire and take none of the bumps and bruises.

How much money do you think Charlie Batch made? Guy probably rolled in a good $50M over his career and never played.

Borg, it's a big city, all kinds of people crap in a number of different places here.

Not bad for an undrafted free agent, matt Moore... maybe one of the richest in league history...

HAHA. Well, she's not the only one.

I keep 'em around as long as I can. I've got some regulars that keep coming back after 8-10 years: Been married, had kids, divorced, and they're back in the rotation

It's like having a roster: Superstars, starters, bench, practice squad. I'm always churning the bottom of the roster HAHA

I agree that the money is crazy for Kaep but like the Ravens, not sure they really had a choice. Think about it...team is poised to win NOW....for the next 2-3 years. They're stacked. Having said that, I still think Seattle is a better team. So they send a message to Kaep, we'll hold off on signing you long-term. He sulks this year and they lose.....not good!

And what rookie is going to come in and allow them to win right away? No one. They'll end up getting a Geno Smith or Teddy Bridgewater and be fukked for 2-3 years until he grows.

So I don't like the move but under the circumstances I'm not sure they had the choice. I think they were realy hurt by Kaep not being a first round pick. Under those circumstances they could have picked up his fifth year option and bought themselves some time. Not so with him being a second round pick.

If Harbaugh would have kept Alex Smith in the line-up the 9ers would already have a ring.

hahha, Marc... you are up for executive of the year!

I didn't realize anything was left standing ten minutes from Ford Field.

Posted by: the depopulated city | June 05, 2014 at 12:31 PM

LMAO..it depends on what direction you're heading, but downtown by the stadiums is ok..it looks like Gotham City

Craig, they had plenty of choice. The Ravens had a take it or leave it choice and considering the # of high level free agents they had and Reed/Lewis leaving... it was a time where they could've decided on a mini rebuild. It would've been a very controversial and bold decision but who is more comfortable in his job than Ozzie Newsome to do it- legacy intact.

The 9ers had way more choice. kape wasn't going anywhere and the 9ers had control on him for two or three years. he wasn't going to sulk and not play well because he had the most to lose. Guy has produced exactly zero championships and zero seasons as a top ten qb. This is a horrible, horrible decision. I think if there is a greater tank risk, it is now with this douche being paid to the gills and having no personal carrots dangling anymore.

I do agree that nobody would've come in next year and did as well as Kaep but you would have no reason to jettison him either.

Make him either give you the Lombardi or a top season before you sign the cheques.

It's very bizzare to me.

I wuv Wouis Delmas he weally seems motivated adn should weally do a good job pwaying for the Dolphins. Yes I am making fun of how he talks!

Mark..for sure. Detroit is a shytehole but there's fun to be had. I was at like 4 games in Buffalo..the two most memorable was the game FiFi hit Chambers in the end zone for the winning TD and Ricky's first game in the snow when he ran for like 200 yards but we still lost. They were throwing piss flavored snow balls at Fins fans at that game.

And I would agree that last year's 9ers team with how mundane Russel Wilson looked in that playoff game against the 9ers, Alex Smith could've won that game pretty easy.

THED, remember the backwards Fiedler pass in that Bills game? That was embarassing. Guy heaves it straight up for a long pass and the ball actually gets taken back behind the line of scrimmage by the wind.

That must be why I can't take my handgun into sports arenas even with a license; if somebody hit me with a snowball there would be a brawl, a piss covered snowball, I'm taking them out!

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | June 05, 2014 at 12:40 PM
MIT, Moore was given good money to be a back up QB due to a very good season as the 12th rated passer in the league the year he was given the opportunity to play. He is not the long term franchise QB. However it is still a question as to weather T-hill will become another Chad Henne. T-hill has developed but no one can really say if he is the Franchise QB the Dolphins were seeking when they drafted him. This season will tell us fans a lot.

Speaking of Madden, just for giggles I looked at RT
244 YDs/G, 1.5 TD's, 1.1 INTs


It is sophomoric and immature that MarC is on a football blog and he constantly is BRAGGING about his sexual conquers. This wasn't cool when we were 16 in high school so it certainly is not cool for a 35 year grown man that actually has a daughter. Will you be bragging when some guy is laying pipe in your daughter?? Grown the fukkkk up!!!

HAHA. I'm sure it isn't cool for the guys that can't get laid

Sorry to hear that. I offer to teach those less fortunate, but, it turns out, that either you GOT IT, or you don't GOT IT

Posted by: Grow Up | June 05, 2014 at 01:02 PM

It is also a sign that MarC actually never gets any pozzzzzy at all. Its the guys that are always bragging that get zero!! GROW THE FUKKKKK UP!!

I have photographic evidence, videographic evidence, testimonials

I know, it sucks that you can't do it. I'm sorry (Not really, more for me!)

Posted by: Craig M | June 05, 2014 at 12:45 PM

Ya a tough spot for 9ers. But if they waited till nest year and Keap wins the superbowl like Flacco then it would be a 140 plus mil contract.

It really does make you (or anyone else) sound like an 8th-grader, Marc.

Ryan TannePuke, worst passer in the league?

I have photographic evidence, videographic evidence, testimonials

I know, it sucks that you can't do it. I'm sorry (Not really, more for me!)

Posted by: Marc | June 05, 2014 at 01:06 PM

You are just toooo dumb to understand. You really need to grow up. ANYBODY can get it. ANYBODY damn look at how ugly you are and you get it....well you pay but that counts too. Its immature to BRAG especially when you have a daughter yourself. GROW THE FUKKKK UP!!

Good thing for us is Tannehill has 3 years left on his rookie deal.

Promichael, Tannehill may or may not be here for the next 7 years, but I know one guy that will not be our Qb and that is Matt Moore.

So why allocate enough money to pay a top end O lineman to a guy who will never be the answer at any position.

If Tannehill breaks or just flops, we are better off just putting in a bum and not win another game the rest of the way.

The Matt Moores who beat bad teams and never beat good teams only accomplish one thing ... keep you from the top pick in the draft.

If it wasn't for Moore's "magical" 2011 season, we would have RG3 or even Luck as our Qb. So tell me how great he was for this organization. Did more harm than good.

HAHA. Aww, you're sweet. Hate is the sincerest form of flattery

Maybe I'll put together a collage. Of course, then you might cry yourself to sleep at night ;)

MIT, don't wish RG3 on us.

I could care less what other peeps do with their time or spend their efforts. If that is knee deep in muff, then whatever. Just don't forget, sometimes....that chit doesn't wash off. That burning sensation....it's more than a feeling.

Previously, the best-attended Jaguars training camp practice was seen by 4,500 people, way more than any previous rookie minicamp open to the public. But on Saturday, 6,800 people registered for passes, a clear indication of how excited Jaguars fans are for Bortles and the other new members of an improved roster.

“Blake really bounced back,’’ Bradley said. “He came and saw me Monday before we even said anything and he said, “ I didn’t have a very good practice.’ He was spending a lot of time with (offensive coordinator) Jedd (Fisch) and (quarterback coach) Frank (Scelfo). To see him bounce back and perform pretty well (was a positive). He had one errant throw over the top. The other ones he executed. It looks like he was back. To see him attacking, that’s pretty cool to see that from him,’’ he said.

Bradley said he wasn’t surprised at Bortles reaction to his off day.

“I sense that in him. He’s such a competitor. It’s so important to him. He’s the guy who wants to eliminate everything (distractions). He didn’t want to go to this (mandatory) NFL rookie deal. He wanted to stay here and practice. That’s the type of person he is. For him to come up to me isn’t surprising,’’ he said.

Well, Marc, maybe your own daughter will be opening her legs like an airplane hanger someday because of the guys just like you.



Pretty sure Kaep would have been a UFA after THIS coming season. As a second round pick the same rules don't apply as they would lets say Tannehill. So not sure why you say they'd have him controlled for 2-3 years. If you believe they are poised to winnow, and I'm sure you do, they had nochoice in the matter. Besides a lot of the money was upfront and I know you're a fan of that.

Their situation isn't simliar to the Ravens in that I believe they have a much deeper roster and won't lose too many FAs over the next year or two, as the Ravens did. They might lose The Pro Bowl. Guard (Iutapui?..spelling?) and a guy like Crabtree and Gore's time may be near the end but they have tons of replacements waiting in the wings and they're cheap. To me re-signing him was an easy decision. They've had ton of picks the last couple of years and they're very deep. They, unlike the Ravens, can carry this contract.

HAHA. Aww, you're sweet. Hate is the sincerest form of flattery

Maybe I'll put together a collage. Of course, then you might cry yourself to sleep at night ;)

Posted by: Marc | June 05, 2014 at 01:14 PM

Again you are just too dumb to get it. Nobody is hating or is jealous. We are trying to tell you how immature and stupid you sound when your brag at your age. You think youre the only guy that gets laid on earth?? Youre a LOSER PAL! A PUNK LOSER Marc Shoaf 1-24-78. That lives at Maitland Florida and works at a dead end job. Cannot keep a women hence your divorce.

Well, Marc, maybe your own daughter will be opening her legs like an airplane hanger someday because of the guys just like you.


Posted by: Father of the Year



Wow, you can use GOOGLE! I'm so impressed! Are you the same guy that found me last time, or a new friend?

I'm the least anonymous person on the blog. Take a trip to Orlando and see me buddy :)

Posted by: Marc | June 05, 2014 at 01:26 PM

GROW UP....you cannot be sixteen forever. Do it for your daughters sake. I am a friend dummy that's why I know about you. We see each other at Francescos. OK?? As a friend I telling you that you come off like an idiot.

150 beans for a Typepad. Well F that.

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