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Louis Delmas feels "great," which is good

Talent has never been a question with Louis Delmas. Playmaking ability has never been a question with Louis Delmas. Durability?

That's been a question for the Dolphins new starting safety.

Delmas played 16 games only once in his five-year career with Detroit. And even after that 2013 season, the Lions decided to cut Delmas.

So how's Delmas's health now.

"I’m great. I’m great," he said recently after a Dolphins OTA practice. "I haven’t missed a day of training, haven’t missed a day of practice. I’m feeling good right now, the best I’ve felt my last four years of football. So I’m very excited about this year."

Re-read that please. Delmas, ready to start his sixth NFL season, is feeling the best he's felt since his rookie year in the NFL.

That's good news for he Dolphins because they desperately would like Delmas to stay healthy in the coming season because healthy mean available and when Delmas is available, he generally makes plays.

Last year Delmas had three interceptions. Plays.

He had two sacks. Plays.

He's averaged nearly one fumble recovery per season. Plays.

He returned one of those fumbles and an interception for a touchdown as a rookie. Plays.

The Dolphins defense wants more playmakers and Delmas offers that possibility.

But he cannot do any of that if the durability issues haunts. Delmas is doing what he can to make sure it does not.

“Rest," Delmas said. "That’s something my first couple of years I didn’t take pride in is resting. After the season, I always started immediately with workouts. I think, as the years started going on, I started earning more miles on these legs, I needed to rest a little more. The coaching staff and the trainers are doing a great job of managing me. I’m comfortable right now."

It must be said one of the flaws Delmas has is also one of his strengths.

The man plays at ludicrous speed (Spaceballs reference) all the time. That's great for a Miami defense that is looking to attack more and set the tempo on the field.

But that approach has sometimes in the past led Delmas to give up big plays in the back end when he over-reacts.

And this:

Delmas gained a reputation in Detroit as a vicious hitter who gave no quarter. When he hits, he delivers the blow with everything he's got. But his full speed approach sometimes got him hurt. And his full speed approach at times got teammates hurt as well in situation where an offensive player duck beneath his hit and Delmas ends up hitting one of his own.

Perhaps Delmas can tame that aspect of his game some. Being home in South Florida might help in that regard. Enjoying his environment perhaps can be the settling influence Delmas might need. 

"It’s a fun environment," Delmas said. "I plan on taking advantage of every opportunity that I step foot on the field."


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Where's the DOLPHINS FOOTBALL NEWS? Who gives a crap about Kaep's contract? Who gives a crap about what's happening with any other NFL team?

Where's the REAL DOLPHINS football news. Oh yeah, nearly forgot, that filed under the heading:


15 years and counting. Yet every season homers have us in the Super Bowl. :)

..Craig M..The deal for Kaepernick is a great deal for SF. There is only 16 million that is guaranteed. It is a pure earn it or lose it contract. The Niners can part ways with Kaep in 3 years and owe him nothing. He will earn more the better he plays. If he plays to the level of the contract it is a win for the team. The Dolphins need to do this same deal with Tannehill. It is a way better deal for the team then the player.

Haven't been on in a few days. Mando's news is good on Delmas. In fact most everything so far has been positive from camp.

Must be a shoe to drop at some point.

Here we go AGAIN, HAHA

Dude, you're full of it. I haven't been to Francesco's in months, I rated it (Publically) on my Google+

Even when I do go, I have no "friends" there

That was clever though. Nice try

If you're a "friend" and in Orlando, come say something about my kid the next time you see me.

Until then :)

Grow Up = Ex Wife

Posted by: Marc | June 05, 2014 at 01:33 PM

You are truly delusional. This had zero to do with your kid. Its your kid I was looking out for. Your immature behavior is an embarrassment to your daughter. You will never change. Know you since High School and youre stuck at 16. I tried. Keep looking like a loser pal its your life.

...@ 1:32 Sorry about 14 million that is really guaranteed. Read the contract it is all pomp and circumstance. The Phins should be offering something similar to RT if they decide to retain him..It is totally fair and makes the player perform to earn. They even have to purchase their own injury clause. Brilliant contract by the Niners...

On to more important matters.


Do it for Ava Rose, MarC?? That's all Im saying.

Here comes PARTY POOPER SAM! Stinky up the place with gaymo smileys (Luckily Marc has already started the saturation on that account so we are already a bit adjusted, you know like when you hit farm land about mid-spring when it has started to warm up, after a few miles it's not so bad) and non-sensical information. Sam was on a half day rant about religion the other week, now? Policing the blog on what is accetable posting material. GTFO SAM(YG)....just GTFO.

Are you trying to spell 'Machiavelli?'

The Phins should be offering something similar to RT if they decide to retain him..It is totally fair and makes the player perform to earn. They even have to purchase their own injury clause. Brilliant contract by the Niners...

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | June 05, 2014 at 01:37 PM

Statements like this makes you lose ALL FOOTBALL CRED with me. Kaep has the largest guaranteed money(560M) maybe in NFL history. Give Tanne-coaster this?


Let's 1st see Tanne-coaster, win or lose, make it to an AFC championship game before talks of "EXTENDING" him anything not called the door on his way out.

I know, I know...... there are homers here that would talk of extending Tanne-coaster even after a "one and done" wildcard playoff appearance. Exactly why the only team worthy of praise in Miami is still:


Cannot believe anyone would be uttering extending Tanne-coaster right now, even in a IF scenario. He's yet to even earn this much.

Please now you will explain of shoe frog? Have now three blue paper lines. King of Finland pancakes and mystery ham.

Barney Rubble is almost transparent blue now. Vapors of Baltimore.

WEll Samantha is back spouting her garbage again. When will the madness stop?

Hence my name.

CS, Sherman was an awful OC but he brought Tannehill along pretty well. What Papa Shanahan did to RG3 was the biggest crime purpotrated against Redskins fans. I have no doubt that if RG3 was a Dolphin, he would be a lot further along than what he is. And even then the guy throws for a whack of yards and can run for even more. he has never been properly taught to be an NFL qb yet.

Craig, he would only be a UFA if the 9ers allowed him to be. All sorts of tags available. We will see how it turns out. Today as a fan of a different team, I'm happy with the 9ers decision.

One way or the other, the "TANNE-COASTER RIDE" will be "SHUTDOWN" by 2014's end. Either Tannehill himself shuts it down, or the team has no recourse but to shut it down for him.

Now3 fly that on your flag poles homer-tarians. :)

Darryl, that's $61M guaranteed, not $16M.

World Champs Miami Heat rule, out-of-touch out-of towners! :)

Tannehill getting a big extension is a big if.

Still under his rookie deal in 14 and 15. Then has his 5th year option for 16.

Yeah, I like the guy and hope we give have to give him the big money in a year or 2.

Samantha would have given up on John Elway after 2 seasons.....she just doesn't understand the game of football. She needs to go back to knitting.

Geez man, why do any of you care who bangs who and how often???

I think Marc is right, one of you is a bit sour that he got married at 17 or whatever and has only picked one item off the menu!

Judging by Tanne-coaster's 1st 2yrs, he'll be lucky if his next contract equals Matt Moore's current contract.

Are you fukking kidding me? :)

Posted by: SAMIAMMARCOHOMEYG | June 05, 2014 at 02:00 PM

Like your mom gave up on the afterbirth and kept you? :)

Tanne-coaster will not catch on or be funny after you use it the first time or 560th tim

Geez man, why do any of you care who bangs who and how often???

I think Marc is right, one of you is a bit sour that he got married at 17 or whatever and has only picked one item off the menu!

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | June 05, 2014 at 02:00 PM

MarK surprisingly you missed the entire point. We are all very happy that MarC has a healthy sex life. It is immature at 35 yrs old to be here bragging about his conquest. Especially since he has a daughter. Society agrees with our side.

Denver, Colorado.

Samantha what an immature post maybe this grow up gal needs to get on you tooo?

Albany, New York.

Tanne-coaster will not catch on or be funny after you use it the first time or 560th tim

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | June 05, 2014 at 02:03 PM

Hey idiot,

It's not meant to be funny or popular. It's:


8-8 tells your dumbass nothing? *-8 is called a "ROLLERCOASTR SEASON" wunder-brain. :


Posted by: Mark in Toronto | June 05, 2014 at 02:03 PM

Glad a dumb fukk like you is not managing my money. You are the first "so-called accountant" I've ever heard of spending an entire 8hr "supposed work day" on a football blog.

I don't care what it is you actually do, but I'm still not buying that "accountant bs". Homers here believe the bs, but, with their homerisms here, they've fully proven they'll believe nearly anything that isn't true. :)

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | June 05, 2014 at 01:13 PM

MIT, RG3 is irrelevant. However if something happens to T-hill. Yes as you know QB's get injured in the NFL. The Dolphins have a QB that they can win with. You may think that the season Moore had was magical but I do not think it's bad judgement to pay for a back up that Hickey and the Dolphin's regime believe can win. Hickey could have unloaded Moore for other options but he did not. He is the GM now so let's see what happens with some of his decisions. I agree with his keeping of Moore and we shall see what happens this season.

Sam, Heat in 6 and Lebron announces he is coming back for the 4 peat as he accepts the Finals MVP trophy is my prediction.

I'm out, sorry to break up you girls "let' make pretend" football tea party.

I deeply apologize........ :)

@ 2:05, guess I just see sex differently than you or "society". To a lot of people it's sacred and should be only be done by people in love. I respect that viewpoint. But to others, it's pure recreation at times. And it's not limited to men. I've had women that used me up. It's all part of the game. As long as nobody's feelings are being toyed with - there is nothing to see here. And seeing as this woman Marc is talking about has a committment elsewhere, I think she's fully aware of what's going on.

Getting worked up and chastising Marc in this scenario is like chastising him for tlaking about his workouts, or his restaurants of choice, or car he drives or anything else he does just for fun. WE are all adults here and some (most) women just want someone to show them a good time and could care less if the guy is committed to her or not.

As long as he doesn't expose his daughter to it at this age and handles his business as a father, who cares?

SAM is the only person to have ever gotten stuck on an escalator in a power failure.

Posted by: not the sharpest tool



hahaa, YG, if history tells us anything, you're always wrong and yet have the gaul to come back and provide a new opinion under a different handle, thnking we are all aas dumb as your broke arse father and you're dock working mother.

So the fact that you are anti Qb makes me think we will be ok.

MIT, I just think with his injury history (college + pro) plus what they gave up to get him it was overall a terrible move. As of right now Tannehill looks to be the better QB and was much cheaper.

Grow up, take your own advice? Who cares?

Folks this was between MarC and myself. We are friends and I don't want him to continue to embarrass his daughter Ava Rose. She is so adorable, smart and knows what is going on around her. MarC just needs to grow up. IDC who anybody is boinking or not. GROWN MEN DON'T BRAG ABOUT THIS STUFF. GOT IT????

MarC knew he was wrong that's why he went away. He has been called out on here for racist behavior against Blacks, Jews and Hispanics. This guy is a misogynist racist that needs to grow up.

Those who defend his actions need to look in the mirror also??

Now Im done. I will take this up with MarC this weekend at the bar.....he is not a tough guy in real life. Just on here!

Haha. I can assure you no friend of mine would use the word 'boink' see you at the 'bar'? Weirdo

Armando Salgeuro is a idiot ! According to this yearly stat sheet Louis Delmas has played 5 seasons. 15 games, 15 games, 11 games, 8 games & a complete 16 games last year. Why is Armando Salgeuro trying to make him sound like a potato chip like Danny Amendola ?. Look here for the amount of games Delmas has played in :http://espn.go.com/nfl/player/stats/_/id/12528/louis-delmas.

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