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A look at the Dolphins first '14 padded practice

Today was the Dolphins first day in pads in 2014. The Dolphins will have only 11 of these practices before the start of the regular season. The rest will be in shells, or just helmets or walkthru work. So this is a big deal.

This is how and when a football team is most likely to come together -- playing and practicing the closest thing to football that is not a scrimmage or preseason game.

And today was interesting.

It was actually a pretty solid day for the running game. Despite the worries of a totally brand new offensive line and the fact the Dolphins have a solid defensive line, the run game moved the football.

No, there wasn't full speed tackling but one could see if the offensive line was actually moving the defense off the ball or not. One could see whether and where cutback lanes developed.

In that regard, it was a nice day for Lamar Miller. He had one run that would have been a 60-yard touchdown run in a real game situation. It was a stretch play to the right that boasted a lane through which Miller simply thundered into and through.

Nice work.

The desire to get the ball deep to Mike Wallace is still mostly that ... a desire. Quarterback Matt Moore tried a couple of times in team drills. Both times he overthrew the open receiver.

Starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill did connect on a 20-yard gain to Wallace on a route coming diagonally across the field.

Some other highlights today:

Cameron Wake continues his streak of practice days with a sack against rookie right tackle Ja'Wuan James. The streak, expected when a Pro Bowl player faces a rookie for the first time, is at three practices. The Dolphins have practiced three days.

“I love it because I’m a competitor," James said of his matchup against Wake. "He’s a great player and he’s going to get me better, as long as I keep going as hard as I can against him, these constant reps we have, it’s going to get me ready for what I’m going to see in the season."

James said Wake is a good teammate. After practice the vet who schools the rookie on the field explains why the lesson was so hard.

“After practice he’ll be like, ‘Hey, I’ve got your hands up here, you need to do this here.’ Or I’ll ask him something," James said. "But he does a good job of schooling me, trying to teach me the right thing, but when it’s in between the lines we’re going at it." 

Dion Jordan had a fine interception. He leaped into the passing lane and snagged a Tannehill throw and returned it for what would have been a TD.

The Dolphins worked the blitz several times today. I saw four blitzes. I saw no sacks out of those but there were two incomplete passes, one short completion and one no throw by the QB.

Dannell Ellerbe, who took over at MLB after Koa Misi left practice with some medical issue, was very active today. He blitzed multiple times. He blew up one running play by Miller behind the line of scrimmage.

Daniel Thomas had a 13-yard run  in one team drill. But had a handful of other runs and none went more than four yards. He tripped once for a three-yard loss.

The read option was again a staple of practice. Both Tannehill and Moore had plays in which they kept the ball.

Mike Gillislee had a 12-yard gain against the second team defense while working with the starters. He had a handful of other team drill carries before he left the field.

The Dolphins are getting a lot of mileage from throws in the flat. And after two days of watching the team throw end-arounds in the mix, today there was a reverse.

One thing that I noticed as I watch Ryan Tannehill throw today: The focus this year is to have him better decisions in that he goes to the right place but also goes there quickly. I am not seeing the quickly party.

My concern is that it will be difficult for him to make a quick decision, particularly early, as he gets comfortable in a new offense. Think about it. Tannehill was in Mike Sherman's offensive for five years. He knew it better than anyone.

This offense is about six months old to him.

So how do you expect the QB to make quicker decisions when the offense is newer?

“It’s a good question," coach Joe Philbin said. "One of the things I think Bill (Lazor) and Kevin (Coyle) have done a great job of is, for example, we have certain pass concepts. So what happens is Bill scripts everything. They don’t script together, but we noticed on two or three of our different pass concepts after the spring, we had only seen them against let’s say quarter’s coverage. What the quarterback needs to see is he needs to see a pass concept versus man-to-man coverage, three-deep zones, quarters, cloud coverage.

"So there is a little bit and there is some trick to it. So Bill and Kevin have gotten together really before camp started and really done a good job of working together and Bill saying to Kevin, ‘Hey Kevin, this is the same play. I’m running play four in period 12. Can you give me one high man? Can you give me a fire zone so that we can expose the quarterback?’ Not that the concepts are totally brand new. There is a lot of carryover in the pass game. It’s a valid point. It’s helpful to speed up the decision-making process if they get reps against a multitude of coverages."

The Dolphins obviously hope it works because, as I share in my column today, the team is hoping for more and better things out of Mike Wallace this year.  And Wallace can't have a better year unless Tannehill gets him the football.


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You want too much $$$, Armando. It is obvious that all those nonsensical one liners commentaries here only purpose is to increase the # of hits. Better put a small sports video to the right of our screen.

Hard to be an NFL QB, Brock Jensen and his big arm gone.

Brock Jensen never had a big arm

Thats why hes gone its hard to be a NFL QB when your arm is weaker than Pennington and your accuracy on par with Pat White


That's hat I said, it's hard to be an NFL QB.

Well Sam Brenner is history ... time for the team to call up Samson Satele.

shelly smith
need I
say more?

Mark thank goodness he stunk

all suxx

t'watt, even HOME couldn't contain his Dolphins fever over the weekend. Get in line!!!!

Satele is not strong enough for the NTs we have to face.

What's with this Damian, Demien stuff? Get it right, please.

I watch the
d and st's
when tpuke and the o
r on the field
I go and take a pixx

It's a little early to start drinking t'watt, even in South Florida!!

Sign Samson.

I think Samson is strong enough Oscar, and even if he isn't quite strong enough...it doesn't matter if a stronger C can't handle the C/QB exchange!

Regular, I liked Brenner but as an undrafted free agent, he needs time to get his body and mind acclimated to the pro game. Gutsy kid, hope he gets a chance to come back.

Oscar, Samson didn't excel in the power scheme we had here under Sparano but under this scheme he would be better. Not a world beater, not a pro bowler but a very good in case of emergency break glass kind of guy. I'd feel a lot better with him in there instead of Smith. Satele has 98 starts in this league. he's not going to lose you games and will hold the fort until Pouncey comes back. he worked out for the Dolphins already earlier this offseason and apparently had good workout and is on speedial.

Let's see what happens. The depth on this line stinks. Garner can only be counted on for a game or two and other than Fox nobody can play NFL football right now. Turner needs about a half season to be ready.

I got it, mien is a RB and mian is a WR. Or is it?

It doesn't matter, call them whatever you want. Neither one will make the Team, especially mian.

John Beck wasn't accurate either.


My mind is all on JaWuan, or is it JuWuan? How is he doing today?

Nothing on james so far. That's good news.

The guy that wanted Matt Moore in there, come back here!

Whereth did this mian come from?

Camp coverage, meh. Blog comments, meh. It's going to be that kind of week!

All weeks are that kind of weeks, for me.

Well maybe you need to lay yourself down on a couch and have a chat with yourself, Canosa. See if you can determine the underlying problem.

Well then deity, did you reliaze that last Sunday was the last Sunday we will be without NFL football until February?

I'm happy.

- The blocking for Tannehill sukks, man. - I know, we need a new offensive line, man.

I know Mark, it is a GREAT thing. The air had a little chill to it around here this morning, smelled like FOOTBALL. I just took a big deep breath and then wanted to tackle someone!!! But I didn't know who...Oscar is too old, t'watt is mentally "special" and HOME is too short!

Hi Happy!

Still need a C...

Bad to hear that about Brenner. The O-line is becoming more and more of a concern again. Might be wise to sign Statele for cheap.

Terrible heat, Coach. Those are all excuses, get back out there!

I think Mark is correct. Brenner needs some seasoning before you can count on him. Mando is also wondering why they haven't signed Satele. Interesting.

told his squad 2
take it ez on those
scrubs on the other side
2day especially the 1 wearing a red jersey

Don't hit the QB! Wait, which one? There are 4 red jerseys right? Your fav #17 got hit enough last year for this year also. So yeah, swerve that guy.

Well, you just cannot sit still in the pocket, facing in only one direction. You have to take little jumps in the pocket while facing different directions of the Field, a la Dan Marino.

They need to resolve the interior REAL FAST. It is one thing to have pressure on the edge and have to handle and deal with that. If the dam is breaking up the middle then you can just forget about it.

Looks as though Delmas is picking up right where he left off in Detroit: dropping INTs and getting pancaked

Posted by: Velcro | July 29, 2014 at 07:18 AM

9PM in Maui when I posted, not as sad as a 7AM pretentious comment to a complete stranger.

According to the SS updates James is doing not bad today.

Satele would be a good signing, if only for a stop gap until Pouncey returns. He can play in this zone blocking scheme.

Satele is a no brainer in my book. Not like he's going to break the bank and would come here on a one year deal at this point.

An interior line of Colledge, Satele, Smith for 7 or 8 weeks sounds a lot more reliable than Colledge, Smith, Thomas. Two first time starters in the current scenario.

I know Thomas is a draftee and you want to get him out there. Well there will be a chance for that even with signing Satele. Guys go down and if he's really worth starting then he should beat out Smith who's never really started before. Even then Colledge is 32 and may not have the gas to go an entire season.

Satele makes them 7 deep going into the season. What's there to lose? Being 15m under the cap instead of 17m? Who cares.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | July 29, 2014 at 11:14 AM

Like I said yesterday Mark, it's crazy we don't have a natural center on the roster with Pouncey out.

Denny can't play center? He long snaps... :)

yeah, of the four days in OTA's we've seen them mess basic snaps on three of them. I know you want to go in house first but if the QB C exchanges costs you a possession during a game, it's a big deal.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | July 29, 2014 at 11:35 AM

I wonder how long the experiment goes before a change is made?


Claimed this OL was better than last years OL.
I'm the only one that's been posting for months that this OL is worse than last years and that is before Pouncey had surgery.


Philbin by stacking the roster with career backups?


Hickey by starting all the players Hickey brought in?


Are us?

Let us know how you really feel ETF

it can
co$t u
a game not
just possession

the marino curse

Turnovers can cost you a game? Wow, I did not know that!


there is
a ton u don't kno

joe is in waaaaaaaaaaay over
his bald head
he ain't kno chit.

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