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Photos from Day 2 of Dolphins camp

Some Dolphins training camp photos, courtesy Miami Herald photographer Al Diaz:


Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill was better Saturday than his first day Friday. But there were still moments of uncertainty. He made one terrible decision, throwing a deep pass into double coverage. The ball could have been picked but was instead swatted down. He had another late decision to Mike Wallace that was intercepted. Tannehill did deliver a fine throw to complete a long pass to Damian Williams.


With Knowshon Moreno on the physically unable to perform list, Lamar Miller continues to take first-team snaps at running back. Here's an interesting question that will face the Dolphins once Moreno is healthy: Do you start Moreno, knowing that he's also your best blocker on third down passing situations? That would thus put Moreno in the game all three downs. Or do you let Miller carry the mail the early downs and make Moreno, the best blocking RB on the team, the third-down back?


The Dolphins are urging more communication and being better teammates this year. So far that has kept the rookies free of the zany (and often embarrassing) haircuts that veterans forced on rookies in the past. Some rookies have been forced to carry the pads off the field for vets. That seems harmless. But in the wake of last year's harassment scandal, so far the rookies so far haven't had to treat for expensive dinners or play the role of fools.


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These are photographs.

..Armando. From your first bog today. Where we stand as far as the other teams in the AFC East? What improvements have we made that will make us better or worse then the other 3 teams in the division? First, we all know what winning the offseason bidding derby gets you...Nothing. Nothing guaranteed.

But, just at a glance. I look at the other teams in the division. And my gut feeling is that this is going to be a tough year for the Phins. I just don't think this team is going to be very good.

Tough to say. It doesn't mean I am less of a fan, or that I am a negative Nancy. I just think that the other teams in the division all are all better then we are. Will this hold true? I just do not know what we do better then the other teams that will set us apart.

1..Coaching..Not close. Philbin may be the worst HC in the division, Lazor? we don't know. Croyle? Again. We aren't top of the pecking order when it comes to the coaches. Can they emerge and coach this team up?
2..Offense..Again. A lot to prove. So many question marks it would be remarkable if all of them that linger can be solved. O-line, QB, Running back, scoring, our kicker..
3..Defense..Should be the strength. but is this unit going to be better then Buffalo, NE, Even the jets? See what I mean. It doesn't look good.
4..Schedule.. This is perhaps the most meaningless, wait and see variable of all of the above. Like our team and the other teams in the division. we just won' know how difficult, or how good or bad we will be until the games are played.

I want to know what this team does better then the other teams in the division that will allow us to be a factor come late December, early January.


This team is not better than the team we started 2013 with.

will lose all games in the division, maybe a 5 win 11 loss season, starting all over in 2015 again, may as well sell the team, they are just wasting time in Miami.

Yeah, I want to blog with this crowd.

Brb, I'm thinkin of some stupid crud to say, or maybe just say how bad the team is.

DD, though I agree to a great extent, the Jets fixes are temporary. Both Vick and Johnson are on the downside of their career, and defensively they are not as solid on the D Line. The Bills have seemed to be the Fins nemesis the past couple of years.
The Fins (though a fan since 1966 I eschew using the word "we"...maybe y'all can convince me it's OK HERE)aren't going to win the division, so I believe their route to the playoffs lies with the out of division teams they can, and have beaten recently.
That said, I see 8-8 again, and unfortunately, the end of the Tannehill/Philbin experiment. I SO hope I'm wrong, especially on the former.

Only the 2nd day of training camp,they have not played one down against an opponent,and all of the Dolphin haters have them buried already. Post after post on all of the Fins blogs are so freakin negative,I want to hurle. I too have been a fan since 66 and have NEVER given up on this team. Do they piss me off,your damm right,but they are still MY team and always will be. You trolls need to really get a friggin life!

The Trolls and the non-Trolls are the same few people, each with a bunch of names.

There are three photographs. I would like more.

Surprised we haven't seen any posts complaining about the "practice bubble" yet and how it makes the team "soft."

Or maybe even the mental midgets here finally realized that EVERY SINGLE TEAM IN THE NFL uses the same thing in case of inclement weather.

tnhillbilly = Charles = Larry Loser = harleyray = figure it out

Why is igloo coconut? Parasol?

Here's my Maui report...... Maui is amazing. That is all.


The problem is that Hickey needed to replace 4 OL starters and brought in career backups (smith/Fox) and a guy off the street (Colledge). And the 5th or 6th best T in the draft.


He said the Pats are preparing for game 1 as if the Phins have the best OL in football not the worst.

Requirements to live in Miami:

1. Fluent in Spanish
2. Some French if you ever plan to take a taxi - they are all Haitians with bad manners - loud radio, smoking, on the cell phone blabbering the whole ride.
3. Must enjoy cohabitating with giant cockroaches,.
4. Must be comfortable with your latin neighbors beating their wives, or their wives screaming orgasms with windows wide open mid-day (warn your children)
5. Must be tolerante of either bad service, dumb service, or both

James already given up 7 sacks in 2 practices...nice job Hickey

The pads aren't even on yet....sheesh...

Where's Reel Dolphin In Sight's posts with the picture links of him at camp with Tannehill?
Why does after he post them, they keep being erased?
After the year long everyday idiocy here, why would great pics of bloggers from here at training camp be erased?
I saw them briefly and now they're gone?


Why would a grown man admit to climbing over the top of kids to get an autograph at training camp, anyway?

I used to see those freaks out there. Always thought they were a pack of drooling weirdos.

The Phinsiders web site:

I thought Matt Moore threw the football especially well today, and it looks like he has a terrific feel for this new offense from Bill Lazor.

Tannehill was inaccurate and threw 4 interceptions today.
Problems abound on the deep ball connection, Tannehill to Wallace. This is getting redundant.

Moore was absolutely atrocious the last time he took snaps that counted.

Good guy. Smart, too. Might even be coaching material in the future.

But he's a career backup for a reason. Even HE seems to know as much.

These photos sucks. Seriously, Tannehill winding back, a boring running back photo and Joe Philbin with his hand in the air.
Why can't we see the other bloggers photos and links here that went to training camp?
Where's Reel Home's photos and links?
Were they really erased for no good reason?

I won't even begin to criticize these idiots like I do UM. Philbin looks utterly lost out there. I get the feeling my #17 jersey is fast becoming something to use to wash my car.
What a bad, bad organization the Miami Dolphins have turned into. Will not be surprised at all if they finish last in their division.

I'll take the writers on the Phinsiders observations that Matt Moore is doing terrific over some troll using the name, paul g.

Matt Moore should start and we would have been in the playoffs last season with Matt Moore instead of the Tanny meltdown.

Why would an adult be ashamed to use his regular name?

Posted by: Salguero | July 26, 2014 at 05:46 PM


RT17 will be improved in year 3, enough said. He was already a solid red zone QB last year; he has a great sense of making the play that will get us a TD and not settle for 3. we have the second best QB in the divsion who should take another step forward in his development, I don't see how you can say the jets and bills are better, Mando.

In what decade do we get a franchise QB?

Ireland's draftees are not looking that bad now and perhaps poorly used.

You're FOS, Home. The only 2 people here that wanted us to draft Kuechly first were odin and me and I only when he pointed Luke out to me.

Merrill Hoge picks the Dolphins as his surprise team. Says they need to learn how to build on big wins. So there's that.

Come up with a new entry, Armando. I know it's Saturday.

oscar, how many years have you been practicing celibacy now?

Tannehill ranked 37th in yards/pass. YIKES!!

Tannehill ranked 37th in yards/pass. YIKES!!
Posted by: Nat Moore | July 26, 2014 at 09:29 PM

Its the dinks and the dunks.

Philbin is doing it right. Giving Tannehill the assurance he is the starter, not putting an ounce of doubt in his mind, putting him in the best position to succeed. So if Tannehill doesn't succeed, Philbin won't have a problem replacing him.

Awaken the distant drumbeat, Dolphins. Recapture the glory of those golden Autumn Sundays when ye bestrode the Earth with Gladitorial Confidence, smiting all foes who dared to stand in your path. Awaken, Miami, AWAKEN! Allow thy fans to bellow with joy and fury! Unshackle thy restraints and destroy thy chains of bondage and servitude! Awaken! AWAKEN!! Rise as one. Rise and unleash fury upon all foes. Rise and destroy those who would deny you the Golden Chalice! Rise like a slumbering giant reanimated and unleashing fire and brimstone upon thy trembling foes!

Awaken! AWAKEN!!

Fire and brimstone. Je!

This team is better than last years team,if only because they have played together for a couple of years
I see them much improved because the offense isn't vanilla anymore. I think we lost a lot of games last year because defenses could tee off on our predictability.
We will excel in the running game, the passing game, and that should be enough to win 10 games.

RT will be intercepted MULTIPLE times in the NE opener.

This is NOT going to be pretty.

Hawk what the heck are you talking about? Our entire starting oline has not played together one down in a game. Do you have any idea how long it takes an oline to come together? More than one silly preseason, especially when most are rookies or retreads

The perennial playoff teams have stable olines, dlines and coaching staffs. Not a merry go round every two seasons.

5-11 is my guess,

Has Philbin been fired yet?

The perennial playoff teams have stable olines, dlines and coaching staffs. Not a merry go round every two seasons.
5-11 is my guess,
Posted by: Taft | July 26, 2014 at 10:37 PM

You would've kept Mike Sherman? He's the only coach gone after 2 years.

Ross does have this nasty habit of getting rid of his best players evey year because he's too cheap to pay them fairly. Brandon Marshall, Jake Long, Karlos Dansby, Carpenter, Reggie Bush, Paul Soliai...

It's odd how so many people seem to think Lazor will be running a "wide open" offense. That's really not at ALL what they were doing in Philly. It's a quick snap offense, to be sure, with plenty of motion and different looks (and virtually no huddle) but it is also anything BUT pass happy. It is run first and run last. In fact, the Eagles were among the most run heavy offenses in the NFL last year.

The irony here is that it was SHERMAN who ran the kind of pass happy offense that so many Dolphins fans had been moaning about wanting for years with their tired "it's a passing league" mantra. Well, you see how well that worked.

I like Lazor as a bright young guy and definitely favor putting the run game back into primacy but one BIG caution here. With the offensive line still a huge question mark and likely to still be messy for awhile, you can fully expect a LOT of possessions to be painful and short until things improve up front.

It's going to take time and Lazor is a coach, not a magician.

Ross spends whatever the personnel people ask from him, the team rarely has the kind of nasty contract disputes and holdouts that are commonplace around the rest of the league and--oh yeah--he just ponied up freaking FOUR HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS to modernize the stadium and ensure Miami will once again be able to host Super Bowls.

You don't have to love or even like the guy but to call him "cheap" exposes YOU as a totally clueless nitwit. He is anything BUT that.

I feel so much better that our rookies dont have to get goofy haircuts and carry the vets pads off the fields......geez, that is so demeaning and more important, SO newsworthy.....and hey, dont want want to create that negative vibe and get the Fins dragged through the mud again, for this type of harassment (ooh, bullying?).....what a laughingstock we'd be, again......such scrutiny--oh wait, the Ravens should have that locked up by now, with their 53rd offseason arrest and the embarrassment that is the Ray Rice situation/suspension (lack of, actually)--but yeah, make sure we're all locked in to the haircuts and menial tasks of our rookies....that "awful" Dolphins environment, poor leadership--uh, so whats that say about Baltimore?

Day 2 of practice, without pads by the way.....relax--and sorry, but I'm just not seeing the "improvement" in the Bills or Jets, or not significantly anyway......an old Kris Johnson, questions at QB and WR, among others (what, Jace Amaro is suddenly some lock stud of a TE, who is going to contribute immediately, and markedly?--we're sure about that?)......and EJ Manuel is hardly drawing consensus raves, to say the least......lost Alonso for the season......Watkins is talented but still a rookie.....why should we assume that the Jets and Bills rookies are going to be immediate factors?--not seeing how they are more improved than Miami.....maybe a wash, but no more.

Tannehill had to hold out to get a fair deal.

Posted by: benz | July 26, 2014 at 11:51 PM

I just feel this team has plateaued with Philbin at the helm. This is as good as it can get, and now throw a rebuilt online missing it's Center..... Not good.

If Matt Moore was any good, he'd still be in Carolina. Look, the Oline will be better, not perfect, BETTER. Believe it or not, although they will get it fixed, the deep ball is not essential to win games. Joe Philbin in year 3, will right this ship. To all the haters out there, the Dolphins will extend there winning streak against the Patriots. In fact, mark it down, 3-1 or 4-0 going into the bye week. This offense, along with Lazor's play calling, will be hard to defend.

Philbin said last year the oline would be fine during the pre season. It was far from "fine". Philbin can not take us to the next level, the two losses at the end of last season were telling.

It will be the worst year in....years.

The team lost 6 starters from opening day last year so I doubt they'll be better.

Posted by: Darkoak | July 27, 2014 at 12:33 AM


Telling yes as to the following reality; The Dolphins do not have a Quarterback in Ryan Tannehill who is able to take them into the playoffs.

Joe Montana didn't win until after year 3. In 1981,I believe his 5th year, the 49ers went from 7-9 to 13-3 (Super Bowl).If they had given up on Walsh and Montana after year 3, where would that franchise be? That team developed a great OL, running game, passing game, defense, you name it. However, Jerry Rice and John Taylor, as great as they were, weren't considered burners. Seldom did you see Montana go over the top. My point is, don't judge the team on what's happened in the pass or day 2 of practice.

He is now to be known as NO SHOW MORENO

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