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Quick practice report: Day 2

The second day of Dolphins training camp showed small improvement for the offense. But not much.

Instead of three bad quarterback-center snaps/exchanges there was only one.

There were also three interceptions -- Jason Trusnick, Brent Grimes and Reshad Jones with a fine one-handed pick -- to go along with a couple of fumbles, including one by Lamar Miller.

Oh yes, and Olivier Vernon and Cameron Wake continue to get the better of tackles Branden Albert and rookie Ja'Wuan James. Vernon had a sack vs. Albert. Wake is giving James multiple good lessons in what he should expect during the 2014 season.

Of all the poor plays by the offense, the one that sticks out most is the Jones interception. On that play, Ryan Tannehill had an open Mike Wallace down the field but for some inexplicable reason, the quarterback holds the ball perhaps a second or a beat too long. And so by the time he releases the ball, a wide open receiver is now not so open, and by the time the ball arrives, the defense has fully recovered and, well, Jones gets the interception.

Tannehill did complete a nice deep pass to receiver Damian Williams along the right sideline. Will Davis got beat on that one.

Davis, however, seemed to have a good day. He broke up a couple of other passes.

By the way, you should be impressed with the fact Brandon Gibson is so far showing no signs of the patellar ligament tear that shortened his 2013 season. He's practicing well and is clearly picking up where he left off with Tannehill on the chemistry front.

On the injury front, DE Derrick Shelby (knee) did not practice for the second consecutive day. DT Jared Odrick missed parts of practice early for an unknown reason but participated later.


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No cha cha. Only Rhumba.

typical mando.

all bad, no good.

mand reports to ESPN. Dolphins suck again.

Training camp bad offense is good defense, good offense is bad defense. Either way, one of te units can be called one or the other.

If Mario Williams can not knock out Ryan T, then HOME has no chance!

Sounds like Gibson is back and hopefully he continues his great play coz imo he's a gamer who plays hard and knows where the end zone is. I hope juwuan is taking notes coz he already is experiencing what a real DE does in the NFL. Where is finny in these reports? Doesn't like he is doing anything to impress staff but I kno it's only the second practice. Hearing reshad's name is also a good sign and hopefully he picks up where he left off two yes ago.....finZ up folks!


TMH does not like SS links on their platform HOME!!!

Mando, is Lazor trying to coach up Tannehill or is he leaving it up to that twit Zac Taylor?

Good correction, NFL or ESPN does not talk Phins football for minutes.

a month of james learning how to defense an end the caliber of Cameron wake will have him more than ready when the season starts

i dont like the fact that Tannehill still underthrowing Wallace


Wake was voted the best pass rusher in the AFC.
Giving James problems is expected.

Kris, care to explain your misdirected hatred of Tannehill? What exactly is your gripe? That he is not instantly a top 5 QB? The majority of QB's selected in the top half the the last 5 drafts aren't either.


I am Countess Tituba.

Heed my commands an ye shall be anointed in my Healing Balms.

Disobey me and ye shall live in eternal pain.

You have been warned.

Just a hunch, but it might be fairer to "judge" Ryan Tannehill when he's not playing behind the most pathetic excuse for an offensive line in the entire NFL and not under assault from pass rushers the second he takes the snap from center.

I know, I know...crazy talk.

hello Mando!
it's been a while since i've tuned in...a long offseason, your articles today are very sobering, and touched upon every concern that myself and most fans undoubtedly have. most of my worries i've brushed aside out of trust in philbin and the mere fact that our deficiencies were so obvious that surely our coaches were well a ware of them and therefore must have answers that we are just incapable of seeing. i am a huge philbin fan, and i like how the fins seem to be morphing into a high powered passing offesnse BUT...your thoughts on improvements revisited my draft day disappointments and has me once again scratching my head, where is the answer for 3rd and 1(moving the chains) no powerback, where is the lockdown corner opposite brent grimes to allow for QB heitation that benefits our speedy defensive ends, what happens to the psychy of this team when that hole in the secondary gets exploited and then the big hole(vacated by big paul solia) reveals itslelf to allow for massive gashing? yes my question on draft day was "what were they thinking?" and it still is i guess, and when i tried to seriously answer that question myself i came up with this...the plan undoubtedly has to be to outscore other teams through the air, were not worried about 3rd and 1, and were surely not worried about how bad we get gashed by the opponants power run game,...yes what seemed to me as a giant oppourtunity to make this defense one of the best by patching the one remaining hole(CB) became a defense that now has 2 obvious holes...i just don't know what what they're thinking down your way, and it's been that way for a long time, i'm gonna say since shula retired...hope i'm wrong.

budtki, first, you write like a third grader. Have you no clue how to form a paragraph or when to use capital letters? Sad.

Secondly, I couldn't get past the first few sentences of your ridiculous writing style, so I will only address the one point I did read - the corner opposite Grimes. Do you even pay attention? Jamar was a highly rated corner who was injured most of his rookie season .He is fine now and playing like it. He has high potential. Will Davis , last years other rookie corner shows some promise and then of course we have the vet Finnegan who if doesn't get back in top form is still an able back up or sub.

Corner is covered.

"Backup" is not two words unless you are describing a physical motion.

Both are correct. Try harder next time.

Also one can say correctly - back up your story - which has nothing to do with physical motion.

That makes your response wrong right there.

Try harder

One can say - I will back you up - which can be the same as backup or back up.

I was one of those kids that did my homework.

Moore will back up Tannehill in the case of injury.

I get it, for most of you this is 'just a blog' which for some reason translates to you that it is ok to be stupid and illiterate.

Have a nice day.

well just as players are getting back into the swing of things, i guess i am too, i guess i can't just simply post 1 comment, it always has to be 2 or more and at least 3 paragraphs long, football season has officaily started,,,i guess my biggest draft day disappointment or offseason move has to be the inability to sign or draft a shut down corner (oppostie brent grimes) with the ability to compete with the leagues best recievers(calvin johnson...),,this to me would have been the biggest bang for the buck...one move that could have probably SOLIDIFIED the entire defense, take into consideration: the play of the defense as a whole when oft injured dimitri patterson was able to play, watch the tape, when last years defense fielded a healthy dimitri patterson it was for the most part suffocating, prompting turnovers, sacks...and i believe it all came down to the hesitation created by a secondary that had NO hole to throw at and this allowed for that extra milisecond needed for our D-LINE to get the pressure or sack...you know, owners spend millions of dollars trying to buy that milisecond, that speed, in the form of the biggest and fastest defensive ends but really, what good is spending all that money if your secondary has an obvious hole targeted by opposing QB's who are bent on minimizing your investment, crushing the opponants psychy and crushing the dreams of it's fans. that hole in the secondary is one opportunity where Mr. Ross can actually say "i through my money down a hole and i actually profited"! Mr. Ross, through your money at the huge hole in the secondary, it will pay off, don't believe me? watch the tapes!

Including college former wide receiver Tannehill has had 3 full seasons as a quarterback. I'm expecting a few surprise passes from Clay to Tannehill in this new Lazor offense ..........

I wish I was Patterson who plays 3 games a year at 5 million a year.

I wish I was Matt Moore who completed 12 passes in 2 years at 4 million a year.

I wish I was Mike Miller who never plays and earns 2 pay checks from different teams.

budtki, I haven't so much a problem with the content of your posts, but more with your compositional style. Seriously, do try to use less of the "ellipses" (the .....Larry King, Walter Winchell (before your time) style.)
It's just difficult to focus on your many, often cogent points when they are written in such a rambling style.
My comment is meant in no way to be mean spirited. Peace.

DD, re-posted from Mando's previous "photo" blog:

DD, though I agree to a great extent, the Jets fixes are temporary. Both Vick and Johnson are on the downside of their career, and defensively they are not as solid on the D Line. The Bills have seemed to be the Fins nemesis the past couple of years.
The Fins (though a fan since 1966 I eschew using the word "we"...maybe y'all can convince me it's OK HERE)aren't going to win the division, so I believe their route to the playoffs lies with the out of division teams they can, and have beaten recently.
That said, I see 8-8 again, and unfortunately, the end of the Tannehill/Philbin experiment. I SO hope I'm wrong, especially on the former.

Posted by: IMAWriter | July 26, 2014 at 03:36 PM

Gman.. That was the good news.. lol Tannhill got to go. Proven fact he cant get the ball deep/ Put Matt in.


Is there any chance that Dustin Keller might be back in camp to compete at the TE position? What have you heard? Thank you.

SF Denver

Sounds like trouble in the line again....a handful of sacks per practice...and wake is eating up our 1st round pick for breakfast.........ummmmm

It might be early, but all signs so far point to the same old problems aw saw in 2013 .....nice job Hickey

Remember last year when from day 1, Vernon was abusing Martin...same story this year but with a guy named James.

If tanne can't hit Wallace, he is doom and so are we......and please I don't want to hear that I should get excited about a WR that runs a 4.6 in the 40

WOW!!! This is only the second day of Dolphins Camp and the pundits are already in mid-season form.

We will be fine. If we fix the linebacker issue we will have a top 5 defense. We have a talented receiver group and big play Clay. Lazor will create mismatches in the passing game that will open up holes for our running backs. Tough schedule though!

Until Tannehill gains pocket presence, awareness, and the ability to "see before seeing" like the good quarterbacks can do, we will continue to be an average to less than average club. Oh, and he needs to be able to hit Wallace in stride. We know he has an arm, and has legs, and can put the ball on the money when he isn't thinking... but he's so inexperienced right now that he still has to accept what he sees. I really hope he grows before the season, or else it's going to be a long one.

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