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Quickie observations from first Dolphins practice

The Dolphins first practice of 2014 is in the books.

Some quickie observations:

Ryan Tannehill and Mike Wallace have a long way to go on their deep ball connections. Still. The duo combined for one completion deep down the left sideline midway through practice during seven on seven drills. But there were two other instances when Tannehill underthrew on deep passes -- one to Wallace who was wide open behind Will Davis and once when Damien Williams was open deep.

The starting offensive line today was RT Ja'Wuan James, RG Dallas Thomas, C Shelley Smith, LG Daryn Colledge and LT Branden Albert. James gave up multiple sacks in both one-on-one drills and in team drills. But ... Remember the pads were not fully on, he was matched against Cam Wake, and the kid is a rookie.

Colledge had a fine moment in one-on-one drills against Earl Mitchell. Stoned him at the line of scrimmage.

It must be said that the quarterback-center exchanges need cleaning up. There were two fumbled exchanges between Tannehill and Smith. Second-team center Sam Brenner ground-balled one shotgun snap, and Tannehill bobbled another exchange.

Mike Pouncey, the starting center once he returns from his hip surgery, said he "ahead of schedule" on his rehabilitation. But, as you know, he will miss the start of the season and he may miss up to seven games, as I've reported.

Speaking to the media today, general manager Dennis Hickey said every player passed his conditioning test. Derrick Shelby was limited in practice after having arthroscopic knee surgery this offseason. A source said he'll be fine. Coach Joe Pilbin told me earlier this week the Dolphins had 99.1 percent attendance in their voluntary offseason programs and OTAs. So that obviously paid dividends.

Brandon Gibson, who missed much of last year after tearing a patellar tendon, practiced today. He didn't seem limited but, again, the club was not in pads. It may be that once the pads go on the Dolphins don't throw Gibson into contact drills immediately.

Interesting scene after practice: The one player owner Stephen Ross made a point of meeting and talking to was Jarvis Landry. And then Ross mentioned Landry as a big addition during his press conference. Perhaps the owner has been told by coaches to keep an eye on the rookie.

What did I see from Bill Lazor's offense today? Lots of screens, especially bubble screens to receivers, lot of passes in the flat to the TE (Michael Egnew caught two and dropped one) and lots of quick throws. I saw the read option, including using Tannehill on the keeper.

I did not hear Go and Go-Go at practice today.

Dion Jordan, who will be suspended four games in the regular season, got some first-team snaps in practice today. No, he's not the starter. That's Wake and Olivier Vernon. But Vernon got a break here and there and Jordan got the reps. Vernon, by the way, had at least one sack today.

Second-year CB Jamar Taylor, who was beaten on the deep completion from Ryan Tannehill to Mike Wallace, recovered nicely later in practice. He had a nice pass defensed and near interception on a Matt Moore pass.

The Dolphins are working Nate Garner as their backup LT. Obviously, if Albert goes down, the Dolphins may shift rookie Ja'Wuan James to LT and play Garner at RT. But ... if there is any point this season Garner has to play LT in a game, that is bad news. Garner is a fine swing player. He is a solid G and a serviceable RT. He is not, repeat, not a LT.

Speaking to the media today, owner Stephen Ross said plans for the upgrade to Sun Life Stadium are being drawn up and construction on the facility will begin after the season. He said by the 2015 season there will be new seating (a new bowl) at the facility. The new scoreboards and the roof will go in for the 2016 season. Ross said Sun Life "will be tantamount to a new stadium" when construction is complete.

Ross was asked if coach Joe Philbin has to make the playoffs this year to keep his job. He demured. "I'm expecting Joe Philbin to be here for a long time," he said, "but every year you want to see improvement."


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50 percent on deep balls to Wallace isn't bad. James should take his lumps now against Wake be ready for the start of the season.

Good to hear about Pouncey. Here's hoping he only misses 4 or 5 games.

RT couldn't get the ball to Wallace deep? No way?! Even in practice, with no chance of getting hit.

MarK. That's an impressive list of company you put RT with. With the exception of one or two those guys are pretty much unemployable

Marc, the bottom line is they were ALL NFL starters last year. You see the Qb position is not exactly filled with world beaters out there. So even though Tannehill has cemented himself, he is still better than a lot who are starters.

And I see Tannehill completed one of three long balls. If he can keep up that rate to the regular season in game conditions... that would actually be above league average.

A lot more concerned about the QB C exchanges. If both deficiencies improve, that would certainly help.

* hasn't instead of has

Wallace is wide open and Tannehill can't hit him. Just amazing.

..DC @ 10:00 from the last blog..

You mentioned teams Denver, Green Bay, NE, NO. They have offenses that run a lot of plays. They also have the quarterbacks to do so. You talked about the theory of these offenses, and how they make "easy" reads for their quarterbacks. They only look easy because these players have full command of what they are doing. Remember the defense is also playing, they are disguising what they are doing too. So if it was that easy, every team would do it.

This speaks a lot too why the team couldn't play faster on offense, and why the team feels Tannehill needs to vastly improve in certain aspects of his game. He(Tannehill) doesn't play as fast as these guys, he doesn't see the field the same way, and he is not nearly as accurate as any of the Qb's for the teams above. If he was we would be talking about our offense in the same way as those above.

Maybe Tannehill makes those strides. Perhaps he plays well in this offense. It certainly helps when there is a perfect match of scheme and skill set. But just because the idea, or the drawing board may seem to make things easier, isn't the case if the players cannot execute. This is the question I want to see answered




Thank God no Go Go Go made me sick last year with our idiotic we were with our cadence

How many Nfl teams actually throws several deep bombs during each game in the regular season. I mean its getting to the point is all we care about is if Tannehill can throw a 50 yard bomb to Wallace. I mean 20-25 yards post routes aint sufficient enough. SMDH!!!



What's the over/under on Dolphins sacks allowed this season in Vegas?

Here's hoping the new offense is improved on the last 5/6 years.

God forbid that we'd ever score 40 points, or have a QB throw 5 TDs.

The Lions and Chargers averaged 24 points per game last year... With our defense even that'd be good enough for a winning record.

Home, are you going to take it easy on Tannehill now that he gave you an autograph? haha

Anyway, if you really did go glad to hear you had a nice time.

"I did not hear Go and Go-Go at practice today."

See? *Already* getting "our" money's worth from Lazor.

I'm surprised Tannehill gave homes his autograph

Vegas says the Dullfins win 7.

vegas said last year dolphins win 5

No 7 1/2 was Vegas last year.

I just read it. it was 5 1/2

One small correction to Armando's post. The renovations at Sun Life have actually ALREADY begun (I know one of the contractors involved) but obviously the major projects will have to be completed after both this season and next.

It's true that it will be virtually a brand new facility when completed. The best part from a football standpoint will probably be FINALLY moving those sideline seats closer to the playing field. And the canopy (coming a year later) is being acoustically designed to reflect or "bounce" sound downward...which will make the place a lot noisier (at least when the fans are actually making noise, that is!.

homes, I hope that bible verse sets you free

Ryan Tannehill will be replaced as the starter by the 3rd or 4th regular season game if the team does not win. DB's will be overplaying due to Tannehill's lack of accuracy deep. NFL teams do not win with a lot of deep balls but the QB has to earn the respect from the defense to avoid the receivers being overplayed.

TE friendly offense. Read somewhere it's the same offense Egnew had at Mizzou. If he doesn't show something in this camp, it's over. personally, I think he will.

They are wrong. It was 7 1/2.

DD, absolutely agree with what you said. You need talent to run the schemes correctly. But I KNOW you know that our offenses have been vanilla for years now. Actually, do you remember when Courtland Finnegan (then in Tennessee) said he watched 1 day of tape and completely had our offense figured out (he shut Brandon Marshall down that week)? Same routes from the same formations, no deception or misdirection or anything.

That's what I'm referring to, and how it will help the QB. Sure Tannehill needs to make the reads quicker, diagnose the defense, throw the ball accurately, etc. As you said, that's all to be determined over the course of this year (if he can do those things). But I've always believed (for almost the last decade) that it starts with the scheme. Get that right, keep the defense guessing, and that gives the team the best chance to show what they can do.

I don't know if Lazor's scheme is any good, he's an unknown quantity (as an OC). We'll have to see. But from what I've heard, the concepts are sounds. That's a start.

no jay you are wrong its 5 1/2

Promichael we will be 3-1 through first 4 games. so don't get too excited

you do know 7 1/2 can be changed during the first few games of the season?

I will be present at Game 4, Wembley Stadium.... I seriously hope that we're not still seeking our first win at this point.

Good to hear Gibson looks OK he will be a beast this year.

This is the time to work out all of the kinks. You don't have to be concerned with the timing on the 40-50 yards+ passes. Now there will be pause for concern if Tanny starts spraying the ball all over the field on the 10-25 yard passes.

If the Dolphins have jettisoned "Go" / "Go-Go" they have already progressed beyond last season.

Yeah, that's a low bar to clear, but damn if that shouldn't have been Priority #1.

Whether or not Tanny gets the deep balls correct is a lot less important if the defense doesn't know what play is coming next.

First Practice of the Season isn't going to tell us a whole lot anyway.

Welcome Back Mando, always enjoy reading these posts.

homes I didn't think they were in full pads today? just helmets. how are they colliding?

Home, Egnew was always my most puzzling player on the Dolphins since he was successfull at a big college and has all the physical attributes. Maybe the mental part is coming together for him. Hopefully.

I also like Jimmy Wilson. Keeps opposing players honest.

dbo the not so great,

I was in the business for many years. I bet the total. It was 7 1/2 the entire time at every book.

ahhh you see homes? tannehill is telling you something. He doesn't care what you think of him. as well as ape tamer, zonk, and all the other haters lol

that's what the verse means

Words to live by home. Where there a lot of fans today?

Griese, Tannehill is an accurate passer over the middle of the field. he needs some big tough guys to be successful. With guys like Clay, Gibson, Matthews even yes my non favourite selection Landry can help him out over the middle and throw Egnew, Sims, and Lynch in there - whoever is ready to contribute - it will loosen the coverage on Hartline/Wallace and give Tannehill a bigger cushion on the outside/deep routes.

Mark, Egnew is the textbook definition of a longshot bet. I'm much more comfortable with your prediction on Jamar Taylor blossoming. Haven't heard much about Turner. I thought they had high hopes (this year) for the kid?

gotta go!

If we are making predictions I'm sadly saying 6-10. A totally new Oline and this coaching staff does not lead me to thinking this season will be very successful. I'm not drinking the Kool Aid on our "improvements".

But hey with low expectations I've got no where to go but up if the team exceeds them. I just think Philbin is a dud, and the players know it.

DC, Egnew is just so gifted physically though for a TE. If the guy was a few inches taller, he'd be playing in the NBA. I know a good part of the game takes place between the ears though and it's not all physical. That's what the Dolphins have been waiting on. It's what I've been waiting on since I've taken my share of heat for declaring for this guy. 3rd rd picks are 3rd rd picks for a reason, they aren't ready to step in. Sometimes they get it after a while and sometimes they don't get it at all.

let's see what happens but I do know that Egnew has skills you can't teach and that's important. I think he's more phsyically talented than Clay and should be able to perform as such if he wants it/gets it.

Most of the NFL draft experts thought that the Dolphins selection of James in the first round was a reach for a player who would've been available in the second round. He's looked bad in the mini-camps and the first official practice. Let's hope he improves. If not, Tannehill will be running for his life!

Hey Home,

The reason Tannehill wrote Col. 3-23 is because it applies to you for trashing him not too long ago and now you are ecstatic about his autograph??????

Mark, didn't Egnew have better combine numbers than Ebron had this year? It's a shame he hasn't been able to put it all together yet.

They moved Dallas Thomas AGAIN? He was at LG in mini camp.

Sounds like everyone had a great time at first practice so I will not ruin it by telling the truth.

No "Go" or "Go-Go" snap calls from Tannehill? I hope it's permanent. It used to be "1-80", "1-80" from Marino, a true snap call. "Go" is something you tell your kids to do, not grown men on a football field. They're rarin' to go anyway, right? Besides "Go" is harder to say than "1-80", which makes a difference when you're tired and defensive ends are going at you full speed in the 4th quarter. You want to save your breath to complete the throw, right? (Maybe this is why Tannehill underthrows Wallace all the time, besides the fact that they don't throw the long ball enough to get the timing down)

"I did not hear Go and Go-Go at practice today."

I suspect that the coaches want to go easy on the new OL.

Mark, let's revisit this in a few months (or end of Season). I submit you are likely to see the physically gifted Egnew not far from where he is now (a nothing player). But I predict Landry will become a fixture in this offense (with all his physical limitations). Proving once again physical gifts are only a very tiny piece of what makes a good NFL football player.

The Dolphins never learn...they are in serious denial on their Quarterback situation...you can't get blood out of a turnip!...Meanwhile...
word out of Jets camp is Michael Vick is "flickin" his wrist & throwing 50 yard bombs...routinely!!!

PA, a lot of guys had better combine #s than Ebron. He was one of these guys that was a bit overhyped in my estimation. People trumped him up to be Vernon Davis but his measureables compare much more favourably to Brandon Pettigrew than VD. if he turns into petttigrew, it's still a solid add but he is no Vernon Davis and Pettigrew was already on the Lions anyway.

I don't expect stardom for Egnew but I think he's very comparable in draft status and measureables to Joel Dreesen who is a very solid NFL player (probably a bit better than Dresseen who had 50 starts in his career for some verygood teams).

DC, let's not start this again. It's an argument you will lose. I've compiled ten years of draft data and I have conclusive proof that given similar draft grades, the more athletic player will be the better football player as measured by games started and pro bowl seasons.

Now that's not say that is always the case as there are supremely athletic first round picks that busted out (Vernon Gholston) but the general trend does point that way.


Don't underestimate Landry. He catches everything thrown his way. That's invaluable. I know Mark has it in for him because he's not a racehorse but I fully expect Landry to be a contributor on this team from day one.

7-9 here we come... I feel like it's Groundhog day in Davie


Darren Collydge, a player signed off the street, has already vaulted over the OL on the roster as is the starter?

(I held off for as long as I could)

Thanks Reel Dolphin In Sight w Home good practice update posts. Keep it up I'll be looking for more.

It's the 1st practice! If you're going to start hating on RT, who's learning a new offense, already then you are a tool. How well did you do your 1st day at your with your 1st career? Be honest with yourself, you were lost asking questions every few minutes and probably yelled at a few times. Reality sucks, but deal with it and Harden the F*ck Up!


Interested to get your read on Johnny Football. His athleticism is off the charts but there's an awful lot of questions on this guy. Not convinced a team can win consistently with this guy. Thoughts?

Tanny never has used a bible verse with his si before, weird..

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