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Wallace (hamstring) to miss scrimmage Saturday

Mike Wallace, nursing a sore hamstring, missed his second day of practice at Dolphins camp today and will likely be out past Saturday's scrimmage at Sun Life Stadium.

Wallace will not play in that scrimmage and his status will be revisited next week to determine his status for the preseason opener against Atlanta a week from tomorrow.

This is not a serious injury. But it obviously slows the growth of Wallace's and quarterback Ryan Tannehill's ability to team up on dynamic long passes. The duo was unable to find a chemistry to offer many of those last season and the subject -- a focus in this training camp -- still has not been resolved.

Backup center Sam Brenner, nursing an ankle injury, also missed practice for the second day today. He is doubtful for the scrimmage but is expected to be back to practice next week if he cannot compete in the scrimmage.


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still need
a qb

Top of the mountain

still need
a C

Why you got to be stealing my thunder t'watt?

rizzi and Benton
better start using denny as cnt
and lazor
better have tpuke
stand where fields does on punts
so he wont get decapitated
in the opener

Maybe if he's not as fast RT won't throw the ball 10 yards short. Honestly, he hasn't been able to hit him in stride for 2 years. I don't think it matters in the long run. (Pun intended)

We paid a bundle to Mike Wallace but we are not going to go anywhere with him. With all that money he is not hungry to go get the balls and prove himself. He is just cruising. The Landry kid will prove himself during the season and will force Wallace to wake up (if he can)

Hurry up punt formation. Maybe they can get Tebow to play the last blocker position.

Get over it Marc. Win the games is the main thing I think but let me check...yep, win the games is the main thing. 60 yard passes don't mean chit if you still lose. Much more important to establish run versuses chucking bombs.


We need to get another C in here, Either tres patas Satele or somebody else.

Good point, Wallace doesn't fight for anything and can't catch with his hands. How many times does any QB just perfectly drop a ball into the WR basket. It doesn't happen often. Dude is not a QB friendly WR.

We'll probably play better because we'll play someone that can get open without having to run 40 yards down field.

Tannehill's errant passes will get all the receivers injured.

Best thing about Satele is he has great leverage.

After so many bad snaps, they still don't get it? Get some help Hickey, the starting center is NOT in camp!

How is JaWuen doing today?

You have to sukkk my dickk, is more forceful.

Second year Wallace has issues in training camp. Missed time to get acquainted with all the new stuff Lazor is implementing. Tannehill will get his timing right with other receivers and then every one will complain that TH does not have the strength and accuracy to get Wallace the ball. Maybe we need a Jugs machine instead of a QB throwing Wallace the ball.

cocoa, I have idea why Satele is still not here. We are going with Garner now who has shown to never be able to play more than one game in a row in his life?

Signing Satele makes so much sense. For one it gives you a true starting C. When Pouncey returns, it gives you the best backup C in the NFL. You also have cover at the OG spots with Turner, Thomas, Colledge, Smith. Jason Fox is a nice backup for Albert/James.

As far as I see Garner shouldn't even have a roster spot anymore. Your backups should be guys who are up and coming and have potential to one day be starters. If after 7 years the guy hasn't shown the ability to start, out the door!

dropping like flies.... Starters are going down one by one. I hope we have a few left by opening day

Here we go

Chris McCain ... Chris McCain ... I hear this name every day. he just put Matt Hazel into never never land and got some snaps with the starting LBs.

Mark, the whole thing is really mind boggling. But we've seen this before. Stubborn pigheaded, square peg in round hole. Sounds like Philbin?

And just like that Garner...low snap.

We've seen this every freakin day in camp with no exaggeration. Nobody can even get a snap off let alone call line adjustments/read defenses/have starting caliber talent period.

It's a godsend that someone as capable as Satele is on the market and the team is pushing not taking advantage. Let's hope someone else doesn't lose a C in camp either.

They want to see what they have in house. Shoot... it takes me all of five seconds to see they don't have a C on the roster. I don't need a week of practice to see that.

What good is Wallace without a decent QB?

Same story as last year, using the hamstring fake injury to get out of practice and preseason games.

Wallace SUCKS!

I don't need a week of practice to see that.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | July 31, 2014 at 09:59 AM

Yeah and that's the thing....be diff if it was day 1, 2, or even 3 but jeeze

Satelle is bad, but, certainly more capable than anyone on the roster at this point. Worst case you cut him after camp.

But, hey, does it really matter when RT is the QB?

I guess Ireland didnt know that a QB and FG kicker need accuracy. And he didnt know the OL and RB's need to be able to block. GEEZ!!

Ireland was a great fantasy football GM

Garner is solid in blocking just don't expect any second level magic.

circus out there
@ camp davie

Glass half empty kind of day, huh?

the glaxx shattered
over 11 seasons

we're the only team in the league that's experimenting with pretty much every position on the o line.

Isn't it exhausting to be so miserable all of the time?

Really Marc? Guy accounts for 25 tds and over 4,000 yards and you act like he's John Beck.

If you went by the mental midgets here, Brenner was "out for the season." Turns out he just has a minor injury.

As for Wallace and his "fake" hamstring injury, here's another stellar example of the level of breathtaking idiocy on his blog.

Wallace had ONE HUNDRED PERCENT attendance at every voluntary offseason conditioning program and has been working extremely hard at practice according to EVERY report. He'll be fine but you certainly don't take stupid risks with such an injury during practices and/or meaningless exhibition games.

But don't let those pesky facts get in the way of a good theory, right?

Where are the good value FA and draftees?


it's being relentless
the d is going
2 kick axx as usual
and the o is gonna krap
all over u again

A joke franchise. Totally Lost in space haha

Not to mention he WAS the offense last year. Get some semblance of a running game in 2014 and they should be in the playoff boys.

Still need
a C

Matthews > Landry

The 1st pick gives up at least a sack a day, the 2nd pick will be our 5th wr at best and the ascending player can't snap the ball to the qb

Nice job hickey

If the D can be the animal it has the potential to be then they don't need a top 10 offense. Just ask the Seahawks.

I don't buy Windex but instead just purchase store brands such as Target window cleaner. THEY ARE EXACTLY THEY SAME THING!!!

If you buy Windex you are an IDIOT!!!!!


He will not forget the motions and the routes after the motions.

And Listerine, too! Why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, WHY does anyone pay extra for this product when the store bands are EXACTLY THE SAME!!!

I have asked our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for this answer to this but even He is perplexed!!

If you buy Listerine you are an IDIOT!!!!!


The players Jeff Ireland brought in are unquestionably better than the players Hickey brought in.

Actually name brand mouthwash tastes better than the no names.

Agree on the windex though ... and napkins and detergent too!

Ryan Tannehill 32 td passes, 11 ints, 5 rush tds, 4500 yards passing in 2014

The players Jeff Ireland brought in are all garbage.


Unemployed, failed OC who people will say was nothing without Chip Kelly.

If Brenner or Garner are opening day starting C Tannehill's gonna have a long day.


Season ending IR; let Moore take the beating.

Rite-Aid brand condoms are better than "name" brands. I buy the "black" ones to pretend.

3 td for tannehill week 1. 2 passes and 1 rush tds. as we beat the patsies 24-21.

bath salts
mixxxed wit
fruity pebbles
goo good


If the Phins lose the opener the season is toast. Because we all know the refs and the weather will prevent them from winning at NE in December.
If you can't beat your division rival at home, in the Sept. Miami heat, you are not a good enough team.

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