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Wallace eager, willing to do more: And may have to

The Dolphins hope to unleash Mike Wallace this year. A one trick pony, by his own admission, in the offense last season, I tell you in my column today some of offensive coordinator Bill Lazor's plans for Wallace in 2014.

Wallace also explains for me how the pressure of performing up to his $60 million contract last season messed with his head and how he's addressing that this year:

“You just got to keep a level head," he said. "You’re going to have expectations on you but as a player I just got to keep my head. You can’t worry about anything but the focus and the grind every single day on the field. You can’t worry about the off-field stuff – about this person, that person. You just got to focus, man. I feel like I take that with me everyday and I learned that. That was a great learning experience for me my first year and I think you’ll see a big difference from Year One to Year Two here."

Wallace isn't expected to be just a nine-route runner this year. And he's excited about the possibilities that will bring. He said his goal is to be a first-team All-Pro this season.

And he's apparently ready to take that do-more theme to extremes.

Even special teams extremes.

 That's right, Wallace said he's willing to help on special teams in 2014.

“I don’t want to run down on kickoff team," Wallace said. "But if I can return a little bit, I’ll do that.”

 Wallace would like the Dolphins to pick and choose certain key moments or games and let him have a chance to make a big play on special teams.

"I feel I could bring a spark to the team if I get back there on special occasions," he said. "Not every play but every once in a while I feel I could make a spark. I could take one or two to the house.”


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I am happy to see them utilizing his speed and moving him around more but at the end of the day, he needs to step up and fight for the ball more. That drove me crazy last year. If Tanny didn't drop the ball right between the numbers he got alligator arms. Just go get it man!

I know now what the problem is with Tannehill's long ball. He is putting too much of his weight on his back foot during delivery. That kind of throw should be done with both feet planted and with the torso and hips impinging that velocity and distance to the ball, a la Dan Marino.

Its all about Mr. Wallace.

If Wallace cant do it, no one can!

justscore some damn TD's instead of FG's and one's that are missed cus dufus is looking the other way!

I don't know...it wouldn't be completely bad idea I guess because Thigpen makes me nervous some times. I would just be happy not to take so many penalties on kick returns. That drives me crazy.

Still, the very best prognosticator has been the super computer that analyzes billions of rows of data on everything - team tendencies, individual matchups for each game on the schedule, injury history, field conditions, travel, time, weather, etc.

No single human can consider even 1% of all that combined data.

Wallace is not a perfect route runner but he has so much upside for the Dolphins. The issue is that Big Ben is not the QB, it's Tannehill who has accuracy issues. Mike Wallace got the big money contract because he performed. When you're open and running full speed ahead with 4.3 '40' speed stopping for the under thrown football will not work. Then the next pass at medium range to Wallace has often been over thrown. This is a Tannehill issue and not on Wallace.

IF he shows more balls then talk. Turn him loose

Posted by: oscar canosa | July 27, 2014 at 08:11 AM
Oscar you might be correct but then again there might be other technical issues. The bottom line here is that Tannehill needs to sit if he can not accurately get the ball to Wallace. The Dolphins lost confidence in OC Mike Sherman who made T-hill the chosen one. Enough of this; Ryan was a reach as the 8th pick in his draft. You can not pay a receiver $15M and not have an accurate QB. Wallace is not perfect but he performed for Big Ben. The Dolphins have to switch to Moore if T-hill is misfiring to Wallace and with Philbin's job on the line Miami will make the switch if they are not winning.

If Tannehill keeps overthrowing or underthrowing Wallace like he did all last year, then Wallace will be in the same situation Larry Fitzgerald was in for years in Arizona. A great receiver with terrible QBs throwing to him. I hope Tannehill improves. The Dolphins need it.

Wallace was a one trick pony because of Mike Shermans plodding offense. Putting Wallace in motion, using different sets on opposite sides of the offense would do greatly. Forget special teams. The only thing Wallace can do is to slow down on passing plays so "no thrill" Tannehill can complete a pass. Wallace simply outruns Tannes arm.

Tannehill will have to throw the Ball deep because DB's and D/coordinators know his weakness. They will be overplaying the receivers until T-hill proves he can go deep accurately.


None cares about the crap Dolphins anymore.

Like I said this morning. So quick to knee jerk and jump to conclusion. It's pitiful. T-hill just hit Mathews and then Landry on a deep pass and OK said I think you've got yourselves a QB Dolphin fans. Can't you guys just give it a rest and stop looking foolish?

Tannehill who has accuracy issues. .

Posted by: Promichael | July 27, 2014 at 08:47 AM

This whining closet queen has only posted that comment 1900 times now. Get a life dude, we got your opinion. You are the typical jackoff fan that expects every high pick to be an instant probowler. It doesn't work that way.

Get off your lazy femmebottom and look at how many top 5 picks have underperformed over the last several years

Posted by: School Boy | July 27, 2014 at 10:10 AM

Reality Check...the deep pass, the deep pass..blah blah blah to a pointless endless babble. You guys talk like that's all a QB has to do to be successful in this league is throw a deep pass. It's quite silly no QB in this league completes more than 50%. I heard the same nonsense about P. Manning last year. Reminder...They are practicing on the third day of "training" camp in a new offense against a salty talented defense.

Moore > Tanehill

Dion Jordan stormed in toward QB Moore and got fooled.

Posted by: Reel Dolphin In Sight w Home | July 27, 2014 at 10:16 AM

Dion Jordan = Anoher Ireland bust

He should be prepared to do something because nobody signing for the big $$ bucks is getting to the end of these contracts. If they don't win he could very well see regime change that moves him to another team.

Champions practice here!

You can say all the right things to the media but the pressure on this team is really high. Playoffs or bust!

Tanny has no accuracy. Its laughable how he was drafted in the 1st rd.

The completion percentage of deep passing for the NFL the last 2 years was...? 34.5% the last 2 years people.

htt ps://www.pr ofootballfo cus.com/about/pff-signature-stats/#Dee pPassing

GUESS WHO WAS 9th in the NFL in Deep passes over 20 yard according to PFF? Ryan Tannehill. More questions?? HELLO?

Opposing D's just stack the box to stop our run game knowing Tannehill wont beat em deep.

A QB thats more of a deep threat would open up the run game.

I think most of the people who are talking about Wallace are looking in the rear view window, I will look thru the front window because this will be a new Wallace and T-Hill, if not there will be heads on the chopping block, how about waiting for the season to start before we judge these guys. Bill

Posted by: School Boy | July 27, 2014 at 10:10

School Boy have you graduated high school yet?


If healthy (and kept upright) Tannehill will shut his critics up this year.

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