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August 25, 2014

Dolphins cut three, more to come

The Dolphins had to make about a dozen moves by Tuesday and they got started with a couple of those today.

The Miami Dolphins have waived tackle Steven Baker and safety Demetrius Wright. The club also waived kicker John Potter injured -- meaning it negotiated or will negotiate an injury settlement with him.

The other moves will be made Tuesday.

And before those are made let me say this:

Good teams cut good players.

The New England Patriots today cut Tommy Kelly. While the Dolphins were adding K Jake Rogers, the Cardinals cut Jay Feely and former OL starter Max Starks. The Seahawks cut OL Wade Smith and CB Terrell Thomas today -- both of whom started for teams last year.

The point is if the Dolphins in the next week are cutting guys and you're shrugging your shoulders over the names, it tells you something about the quality of depth on the team and competition in training camp.

The past few years it has been easy to see players go at the end of the preseason. Indeed, the Dolphins were often left picking up the discards from other teams -- remember Anthony Armstrong? -- and fans would believe they were uprades.

If that's happening at G, RB, TE, K this year, it should tell you something was amiss with the talent at those positions in camp.

Now, when your trash is the treasure for other teams after the preseason? Then you've probably got a very deep team.

Wallace and Tannehill work after practice (finally)

It wasn't a good showing for Mike Wallace early in practice today.

He had one, two, three, four dropped passes in practice today, which was not typical. But then there was something else I saw after practice that was not typical:

Wallace and quarterback Ryan Tannehill stayed after practice and worked on a couple of routes for five, maybe 10 minutes. It was the first time this training camp I have witnessed the pair working overtime on their timing-chemistry.

As everyone is aware, Wallace and Tannehill have been trying to resolve their issues of failing to hook up on deep passes in games.

"Until we hit it, people have the right to ask that question," Wallace repeated today. "It's something we can't avoid until we hit it and get rid of the question. And it's not going to be one time, we have to continually do it everyday. And I know we've been saying it for a while but we've got two weeks to keep working on it."

I doubt Wallace and Tannehill will have an opportunity to work on their chemistry on Thursday night against the St. Louis Rams in the final preseason game. It is likely both will sit the game out.

Tannehill sat out the final preseason game last year. I expect the same this year.

I also expect Brady Quinn and Seth Lobato to get most of the snaps in the game Thursday.


The Dolphins are going to cut 13 players between now and tomorrow afternoon. A couple of those cuts will be coming today.

RB Daniel Thomas is unlikely to be one of those guys, if you believe what coach Joe Philbin said about the running back needing a big game Thursday.

"We hope to get him out there," Philbin said.

The coach suggested he's satisfied that other backs -- particularly Damien Williams -- "ran the ball hard" in the game when they had their chance against Dallas. Thomas gets his chance versus St. Louis.

"For his sake, our sake, we have to get him out there," Philbin said of Thomas.

It might be a one-game competition, do or die for Thomas versus Williams.


Dan Marino has accepted a job as a special advisor with the Dolphins. He has made himself scarce with the media and will not have a press conference, I'm told.

But he's trying to build a relationship with the principals within the organization. Today, for example, Marino visited coach Joe Philbin in his office.

"I'm elated ..He's always welcome here," Philbin said of Marino. "I think it'll be something that evolves over time. I think you all know he was a great player and he's going to contribute to the organization in a lot of different areas. We welcome his addition to the organziation."


The Dolphins are not expected to cut John Potter today despite his hip injury, which suggests they really like him and want to see if he can get healthy quickly enough to compete for the job.

[Update: Well, that didn't last. After keeping him around earlier today, the team reached out to the player's agent this afternoon has negotiated a settlement and waived injured Potter.]


Billy Turner, who left the locker room wearing a walking boot Saturday, was still in the boot today. He did not practice and the team said he'll be out for multiple practices ... Unlike Daniel Thomas, Mike Gillislee has been unable to work back into practice after suffering a hamstring injury. It is doubtful he'll play Thursday and his status on the team is obviously at risk.