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Moore's uncertainty gives Philbin a chance to communicate

Amid much speculation about the Brady Quinn signing Monday, I told you this signing is mostly about Pat Devlin and shouldn't be considered a major challenge to Matt Moore's status as the Dolphins' backup quarterback.

All this assuming Moore does his work and isn't a disaster in the coming practices and preseason games.

But ...

When Moore came off the field after practice Tuesday he didn't sound exactly sure about his status. Not at all. Indeed, he sounded downright uncertain that he'll be on the team when the Sept. 7 opener kicks off.

"All I can control is what I can do and keep getting better and that's just how it is," said Moore who was then asked if his cap number ($5.5 million) might affect the team's decision to keep him or not. "They're going to do what they think they need to do. And all I can do is keep going and it really has no effect. If it does, I think I'm in trouble. Mentally, I just need to stay focused and continue to get better."

But here's the dilemma ...

The Dolphins haven't told Moore what his status is. They haven't told him he's their backup to Ryan Tannehill. They haven't told him Brady Quinn was brought in and could take his job.

They haven't said anything, Moore said.

"They told me, 'Hey we're bringing him in.' That's it. I said, 'cool,' " Moore said. 

 And that is somewhat understandable because, despite the fact Moore is most likely the backup for 2014, there is a caveat: What if Moore completely collapses during the preseason? What if Quinn suddenly finds a gear in his game he's never seemingly had before?

(Quinn didn't show that geat in practice Tuesday but it was his first day on the field with this team).

Anyway, Moore is in the dark.

Thus the relative insecurity.

Moore, who sat most of the last two weeks with a shoulder injury, said he's ready to compete now and expects to play on Saturday against Tampa Bay. Until then he understands his body of work in the offseason program and practices have to speak on his behalf. 

"I haven't played in a game yet so that's probably up in the air but I feel confident in what I've done, the body of work I put in during the spring," Moore said. "We got practices and preseason games coming up and I will have opportunities I imagine. You got to take full advantage of them."

Me? Why not spell things out for Moore?

Coach Joe Philbin has made a big deal about being more communicative with his players. Why doesn't the coach use his next bed check with Moore to simply lay out the facts?

If the Dolphins are eager to get rid of Moore for cap purposes -- not the case, folks, trust me on this -- the coach should spell it out to his veteran. Moore has earned that respect.

If Moore is on the bubble and has to not only play better than Quinn, which he should do, but play very well in the preseason to stay in Miami, then Philbin should tell him so. Why not? What harm would honest communication do?

Finally, if Moore just needs to keep his head down, grind, compete and not screw up, to keep his spot -- which I believe is the case -- then Philbin should tell Moore that, too.

Look, Matt Moore is a leader in the quarterback room. He is respected by veterans in the locker room. If Philbin wants to put action behind his promise of being more communicative with players then this is a good opportunity. 


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As much as I want Moore gone, solely for the purposes it would shut up some of the people that want him in because Tannehill threw a bad pass, it wouldnt be wise to release him as he is a valuable back up. His cap number is high for a back up but it is what it is. Quinn hasnt been able to produce at anytime he has been in the league.

Moore is the best QB on the roster. The team MVP when he was playing regularly.

Restructure Moore to 3-MIL and add a year.

This is the same fan base that went ballistic when the Dolphins didn't draft Brady Quinn (don't even attempt to deny that) so I would think they would be positively ecstatic today that this incredible talent is FINALLY on the roster.

Obviously, the other teams Quinn has played for did not recognize the expert talent evaluators that reside here on Dolphins in Depth and simply didn't use him correctly.

At least he can now resume his Hall of Fame career in front of the highly perceptive and gifted personnel gurus here who jumped up and down in rage when he wasn't taken in the first place.

draft a QB every year.....every single year

every year

Moore is a good back up, he beat teams that finished .500 and below, just saying. He came in the Buffalo game last year, and was 2-2 one reception to Brian Hartline, the other to the Bills defender.
He couldnt beat out a rookie 2 years ago in camp, just saying..

Moore is average at best. Throws a nice long pass to be followed by interceptions and 3 and outs. He is wayyyy overpaid. Maybe there will be another better option once teams start cutting players in the next few weeks. Quinn is putrid, what are they thinking. Damien Williams is a baller! Hurry and get this guy's foot healed, we need him! Moreno, Miller, and Williams will be a nice complement for Tanne.

please stop with Moore.....thankfully we'll stop now with Devlin (and no, Quinn aint it either)--Moore is a good backup but below average starter, who proves that the longer he plays--I like him, solid vet, decent in a pinch or for a short stretch.....love his mojo and confidence, but that actually gets him in trouble as he thinks he's better than he is (thats not a knock)--but Moore aint the answer, over the long haul.

we need to draft a QB every year until we have a room full of talented/better options

Matt Moore is a smart, solid guy but he is NOT a starting QB in this league.

Marginal guys with brains like that DO wind up as coaches in the NFL, though, and stars rarely do (at least not successfully). That's something that may be in his future

Moore always takes things in stride. He is a good backup to have, but if Tannehill goes down the season is screwed anyway.

Mando, its a competitive business. If Moore bombs he could lose his job, if he does well he likely keeps it. I don't think theres much explanation needed.

Lets see how him and Quinn look in the upcoming preseason games. Personally I think we keep Moore, but the potential cap savings could be very tempting.

Maybe Matt Moore needs to compete and communicate with strong play.

Not sure I buy the concept on this one, Mando. Plus, I bet Moore would not tell us about a privy conversation with his HC as well.

Start talking about LB play.

cocoajoe, who knows ... I mean Philbin seems to leave all his co-ordinators alone and just do whatever they want. It's good to an extent but one thing we've learned in two years is Coyle knows DBs, but in the front 7, those might as well be figure skaters because he has no idea what to do with them. You decide Dion Jordan is goign to be a DE exclusively then give more snaps to a never will be nothing more than a capable backup in Derrick Shelby? My goodness. At this point, maybe Mr. Ross has to go down and tell those guys to play him at OLB. Seems the only way any positive change gets done around this team.

Which brings me to my next question, what is it that Philbin actually bring besides being excellent in handling reviews?

and cheap ro$$
moore no mas~


is Matt Moore some kind of moron?

he has a $5.5M cap figure (astronomical for a guy who never plays) with only a quarter of it guranteed.

he's the most easily removed contract for those ever precious cap savings. he also has the least impact towards the wins/losses of any player in the top 22 cap figures on the team.

Any idiot knows he has to be pretty darn good and prove it now, not based on reputation to stick. And for one, I applaud the Dolphins for this. Paying a guy with a lifetime QBrating in the 70s $6M who won't see the field it pretty stupid.

Only value he has is as a one or two week fill in against bad teams. Is that worth $6M cap dollars???

Well Moore became an expensive backup due to his QB play in 2011. However Matt is dispensable until there is an injury to the Current QB of choice T-hill. Matt Moore's value will never be appreciated until an injury to the starter T-hill. The GM's on this site can bark all they want about dumping Matt Moore. They will not lose their jobs if T-hill goes down in the second game for six weeks or for the season. Philbin has to win this season without excuse.

Idiot Philbin benched the team MVP Moore immediately after he won the award. WHO DOES THAT??

And for TanneHenne!!


Mark, don't get me wrong next to Philbin, Coyle's the worst coach (I don't even consider Zac Taylor a coach) in the franchise. But even if Coyle is adamant on DE, isn't the HCs job to do whatever it takes to improve the team?

For all you knucklheads that say Moore couldn't beat out a Rookie in training camp 2 years ago, you have to remember Tannehill was a high pick that was going to get the job and reps no matter what. Look what Manziel is doing in Clevland when Hoyer clearly showed last year he can play. But in the end Hoyer will lose out to Manziel because that is what the fans and management want. Not to mention Tannehill knew the system and Moore was learning it. Fast forward to a new system this year and Moore (before he got hurt) was playing better.

Apparently, some of you equate overspending on marginal talent with winning...which is why teams like the Steelers, Packers, Patriots and other consistent winners over the years will never be seeking your advice since they NEVER do that.

Maybe you should hook up with Dan Snyder. We all see how wildly successful he as been spending to the cap every year.


Armando should be paid more. He seems to be the counselor for the Dolphins.

I think we keep Moore, but the potential cap savings could be very tempting.

Posted by: NeMo | August 12, 2014 at 12:40 PM

Yeah, who cares about winning as long as Ross can pocket 25 mill/yr of salary cap space.

Onto this blog...whatever you think about Moore, Mando's right...Moore has earned the right to know what's going on.

It sure is cocoajoe, I can't disagree in the least and after last year, if I was Mr. Ross, I would've asked for there to be a DC change too to pair with his mandated OC change.

Actually I don't know what really stopped him from sweeping the entire regime out for not getting along.

Ireland, Sherman, and Coyle all had reasons to be dismissed. Would it have been fair to allow Philbin to stand seeing as he was the guy who put both those overmatched co-ordinators there and didn't see any reason to improve them?

I must have been away the day that Moore was ever better than Tannehill at any point ... ever.

This is probably a way to get him to restructure.

Well, we'll see soon.(the blind men said but never saw)

The Dolphins treat all their players like garbage. This is nothing new.

Quinn may have been a bust so far but he is definitely still serious eye candy. Mmmmm.

Moore is the best QB on the roster. The team MVP when he was playing regularly.

Posted by: Just Saying | August 12, 2014 at 12:26 PM

As Mattybinnc said in the post before - comments like this are the only reason to want rid of Moore outside of the cap number. Quinn is garbage though and always will be so we need Moore as insurance.

Think of the big picture. If they level with Moore and not others, it's called favoritism. Leadership can be cold, but fair treatment means treating all players the same way, and so they are not likely to be on the level with every player for too many reasons.

no way...who cares?...they all know the drill...

as everyone has reported and clearly stated by Dolphins, its all about Competition...

he knows it, why shove it in his face???

Armando should be paid more. He seems to be the counselor for the Dolphins.

Posted by: oscar canosa | August 12, 2014 at 12:53 PM
Well Oscar the self appointed GM's on this site should be paid for doing almost 24/7. Perhaps the Miami Dolphins do not believe they are qualified to be compensated. They should go sell their expert opinions to the media or another team.

Didnt they treat Marino, Jason Taylor, Ricky Williams, Reggie Bush, Jake Long, etc, etc, all like crap at different times.

Dolfnman, apparently you forgot Garrard won the starting job in Tannehill's first year until Garrard messed up his knee. Tannehill outplayed Moore in the pre season games that year and hasn't looked back since. Moore is a career backup. If Moore was that great Miami would be getting good trade offers for him.

Mark, I think Ross because he liked Philbin thought the demand to fire 2 coaches would have caused Philbin to walk. Just a guess


You clowns are the same drooling nitwits that went nuts when the team didn't draft Quinn year ago so now I'm supposed to take you "expertise" seriously about Tannehill or Moore or anyone else?

Maybe you can fool each other here but you sure as hell aren't fooling me.

You guys know NOTHING. And never will.

Philbin is makng he exact same mistake Sparano made leaving Moore on the bench. He'll get the same consequences too.

Quinn is an upgrade over Devlin. He has had 3 years to sho what he has. Now we have an additional backup with pro experience.

This is a good thing.

and they
treat the phans
a h3ll of alot worse

Quinn may have been a bust so far but he is definitely still serious eye candy. Mmmmm.

Posted by: tom in pompano


SO hot.

Tannehill never had to beat out anyone, he was handed the job, he aleady knew the entire playbook and he still stunk.


The 2013 Hall of Fame Game. In the 4th quarter with the Cowboys in the lead Moore put himself back in the game against the UDFA of the Cowboys.
And we still lost the game.
But that one move beshamed the team, it's employees and all the people of Miami.
Even Jerry Jones was embarassed.


trolls bashing the only
weekly awarded
qb since duh marino

2 watt,

The Dolphins GM's and HC's have hated the fans and media for a long time.

I th ink it was you that said it was about moore. I commented on your tweet and said it was about Devlin. Th is reporter on the Phins is dodo.....

Me encanta mirar las deliciosas nalgas de Brady Quinn. ¡Dios mío, cómo me encantaría ducharse con él y dejar licitar pequeños besos en su cuello!

Armando: What if Quinn suddenly finds a gear in his game he's never seemingly had before?

Every player on this level "has a gear." Without it, its impossible to make it this far. At this level its all about consistency. Quinn hasn't found that in 7yrs, so, its highly doubtful he finds it now. Don't bet on it.

As far as the communication factor, many dolfans expect that Philbin will not be around n 2015 anyway. If Ross were football smart, which we all know he isn't, he would replace Philbin even if this team won 10 games. Only way you keep a hc like Philbin is when you already have a ready made sb championship team.

Ala, Cowboys and Barry Switzer. Even Philbin couldn't botch that up. :-)

"If Moore is on the bubble and has to not only play better than Quinn, which he should do, but play very well in the preseason to stay in Miami, then Philbin should tell him so. Why not? What harm would honest communication do?"
- Mando

Before today Matt Moore thought everybody on the team had to compete for their job except him?

FedEx Air Ground Players of the Week Week 11
Matt Moore, Miami Dolphins

Moore completed 14 of 20 passes for 160 yards and three touchdowns in the Dolphins' 35-8 victory over the Buffalo Bills. His 133.3 passer rating was the highest of any quarterback on Sunday.
. where's
tpukes ? u jet trolls
anbody who hates the player of the week for the phins
is a jet pos.


Because the Cuban-born custodian was cleaning Philbin's office when Moore and Philbin spoke.

If there were an honest, no agenda competition between Tannehill, Moore, and Quinn...Tannehill would be last.

2 watt @ 1:18

It's good for Moore's career stats that he had that game.

I don't think this is something to overreact about. From what I read today, Moore was working harder today at practice, isn't that what competition is meant for?

I wouldn't be surprised if Quinn is only here to get us though the preseason games (they only had 2 arms last week), light a fire under Moore and see Devlin brought back if his injury improves. Could be a tact to get him to restructure his contract too.

A bunch of que-rs in this Blog but, well, that's not surprising.

Oh STFU Armanda. They brought and Quinn and gave the axe to Devlin. Moore still has a job, Philbin doesn't have to dance around anyones delicate sensibilities. Play ball boys, game on. The NFL isn't a baby cradle, if you can't handle it the GTFO. Moore can handle it, can you??


Why should the coach have to explain to Moore he's being evaluated during preseason like every single other backup is? IT'S A GIVEN!


Quinn > Tannehill

*in Quinn.

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