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Dolphins claim Seamster, Ross, add Streeter to PS

The Dolphins are churning the roster again so far today.

The team, needing pure corners, claimed Ravens rookie Sammy Seamster off waivers, according to the Baltimore Sun. The club also claimed safety Brandian Ross from the Raiders. Ross was originally signed by the Packers in 2011.

GM Dennis Hickey has confirmed the additions. He also says the team has waived defensive back Don Jones and receiver Damian Williams.

Seamster fits the Dolphins mold in that he is from a small school, although still FBS.

Seamster, undrafted in the 2014 draft, signed with Batlimore as an undrafted free agent. The Dolphins now have six undrafted rookie free agents on the 53 man roster, tying them for the NFL lead this year.

Seamster appeared in 44 career including 10 starts. He had 69 tackles, including three for loss with one interception and four forced fumbles and two fumble recoveries.

Ross, re-signed by the Raiders as an exclusive rights free agent, is scheduled to make $570,000 and is under contract for this year only. Ross recorded 75 tackles and two sacks in 13 starts for the Raiders in 2013.

The Dolphins are also compiling their 10-man practice practice squad squad and one player they have added is former University of Miami wide receiver Tommy Streeter.

Streeter, on the Ravens regular roster in 2012 and on the practice squad for the Bills in '13, has never caught a pass in the NFL.

Streeter, 6-5 and 219 pounds, was drafted in sixth round in 2012.

Hickey said the team will fill all 10 practice squad openings. QB Seth Lobato will fill one of those, according to a source.


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Quiet day just waiting for big news to drop that helps our team

I have to ask why are we poaching WR from other teams practice squad/waiver wire. We are a team that was considered to be very strong at WR? You would think we would be looking at OL or LB? Maybe even RB??

The word on both these guys is that they are big and fast, but don't play that way. Our team needs both attributes. Lets hope they can be inspired to be better.

Nothing to read here moving on!

Wanny changed his career and Miami Dolphins history too by that first pass on Drew Brees. We would definitely be talking playoffs this year instead of speculating whether Tannehill goes to the next level this year or not.

Posted by: Still/Wade/County | August 31, 2014 at 01:44 PM

You can say the same about Saban really! He went 3/4 and made JT the JOKER in his D which added Yrs. to Taylor at that point! Giving Zach help inside with Crowder (Played well in 3/4 when not calling the D) was also good without mention of the DL he puts together in FA! Brees was the jewel he never puts on his crown given the O pieces weren't bad (Chambers, Welker, Booker, McMicheal,Ricky, Ronnie)

Posted by: fin4life | August 31, 2014 at 01:51 PM

I have to ask why are we poaching WR from other teams practice squad/waiver wire. We are a team that was considered to be very strong at WR? You would think we would be looking at OL or LB? Maybe even RB??

Posted by: Bill Arnsparger | August 31, 2014 at 01:50 PM

Streeter, 6-5 and 219 pounds, was drafted in sixth round in 2012.

We don't have a wr like this on the roster. Plus, ps? who really cares, regardless of the position its highly doubtful a ps player ever see the the 53 roster. Even if he does, highly doubtful they ever get into a game.

If so, that team really has a roster issue. If depending on ps players to help that season, oh boy, you're probably competing for 1st overa pick.

Seven days, count em down!

If so, that team really has a roster issue. If depending on ps players to help that season, oh boy, you're probably competing for 1st overa pick.

Posted by: Still/Wade/County | August 31, 2014 at 01:56 PM

Don't know about #1 overall but on that path for sure sort of like Sam Brenner becoming your starting LG for half the Yr.

promichelle, I know girls are not very good at using technology, so here it is spoon fed to your cungo!

George Wilson
Don Shula
Jimmy Johnson
Dave Wannstedt
Jim Bates
Nick Saban
Cam Cameron
Tony Sparano
Todd Bowles
Joe Philbin

If the O-linemen aren't there we can't claim them.

From what I see, all the teams value their O-linemen and don't let the good ones get away. We may need to trade a WR to get a good one.

RBs better than ours are probably going to be kept too. If we get the O-line straightened out, our backs are fine. A big lumbering back does not fit a zone scheme anyway.

Come on Mando, who did they release to add Streater to the 53?


At least girl-up and admit your mistake :P

Pats vs Dolphins

Never thought I would say this of a Brady led Pat team, but 1st priority will be to stop the run. If Brady can run and pass its going to be a very extremely long day.

Expect to see 100yd receiving day for Gronk. Coverage is this lb corp weakness and we have zero answers to Gronk.

Pass rush wise we need to get consistent pressure and hits on Brady. Sacks alone wont do it. Sacking 2-3 times then the rest of the day giving him time to build a condominium will not work. Constant pressure is the key.

Wow, Don Jones and wr Damian Williams released for Seamster and Brandon Ross.

Kris in dumbo land

NE just dumped Mallett for a 6th round pick. They replaced him with a rookie. Tell us again how he is a SURE FIRE QB.

Claimed off waivers:
S Brandian Ross
CB Sammy Seamster

WR Damian Williams
S Don Jones

jgarcia1972, old news dipshit. that is right in the blog

Lincoln shot.

some of these moves are making me nervous...

I'd think Streeter's size is the biggest factor......could still use another red zone threat and he's as big as a TE, so that has some value--we really don't have even 1 big bodied receiver so maybe he fills that role....Landry, Matthews and Gibson are all somewhat similar so maybe 1 goes in a trade?


Pass rush wise we need to get consistent pressure and hits on Brady. Sacks alone wont do it. Sacking 2-3 times then the rest of the day giving him time to build a condominium will not work. Constant pressure is the key.

Posted by: Still/Wade/County | August 31, 2014 at 02:05 PM

------------------------------------------------------------ That's correct. Brady gets over a couple of sacks/pressure pretty fast. But if you get to him X amount of times...he loses it. Seen it more than once

Streeter in Damian Williams out. Even though Streeter's on the ps and not 53, indeed a situation to watch. Like benz said, redzone?

Question mark here because like Armando wrote, "never caught an nfl pass." This alone is very curious because we dumped Damian Williams who has. I raise a brow at this move.

Also, today hints the coaching staff feels Don Jones has peaked as nothing more than a st's player. Maybe they see more upside in Ross along with being able to contribute on st's.

it wasn't at the time tuff guy


Giving any value to what Armando writes is silly. He is a charlatan sports columnist.

Tommy Streeter is money! You should check out his college highlights on youtube. I was upset that we did not draft him in 2012. He is a deep ball wizard. He has the ability to get behind the dbs just like Mike Wallace. Just imagine Streeter and Wallace on the field at the same time. We would score at will; that is, when we get someone to throw the deep pass. Moore and Lobato throw a great deep ball. The deep ball puts games out of reach quickly. The deep ball also insures a post season spot every season!

Let's give the coaches credit for something and not ridicule every move they make. So they cut a st player, in favor of someone they felt was worth it. BFD. Let it ride.

We're picking up Raider castoffs? YIKES!!

We could have got Mallett for a #6.

bond, 2 teams in 2 years and never caught a pass. Wow, you are excited about this?

Mallet > Tannehill

Don't know what has happened with Streeter's NFL career. At the U he was a very good deep ball threat. I'm figuring he must have a serious hitch in his route running.

In the nfl, you gotta be able to run good routes and get in and out of breaks on time. It's more than catching ball at this level. Timing is everything because qb's have very small x amount of time to hold onto the ball.

You're not going to have any catches when consistently not getting in and out of breaks on time. Also gotta know where you are supposed to be and be there on time.

At 6'5 219lbs, physically you'll always going to be open. You have a huge size advantage on db's. Very interesting why in 2yrs Streeter has never caught an NFL pass.

Kris, I know. I was just as upset about Mallett. He throws a great deep ball. I keep mentioning deep ball; because deep passes spell victory; ususlly by halftime in most games. Remember the 84 dolphins and 07 Patriots. Most of their games were already won by halftime!

Streeter an a 4.34 40 at combine.

Yo Lame; the problem with Streeter was, he was on two teams who had a wealth of receivers; so unless you are a superstar off the bat, you won't get an opportunity to shine; or sometimes the QB takes a dislike to a receiver or favors other receivers.

There were bunch of fans that wanted Wannstedt out. They should've been more careful what they wished for. He was a good coach that could've used a better GM than he had.


Found this draft report on Streeter. Inconsistent hands was listed amongst them.

We could have got Mallett for a #6.
Posted by: Kris Miss | August 31, 2014 at 02:40 PM

We wont get a 6th for Tanny after this season he'll be as worthless as Henne became.

Not a fan of dropping Williams. I like what this guy was bringing to the return game and was good depth. Don't know a thing about the two guys they picked up.

Hmmm, Streeter = acorn = like.

Posted by: Craig M | August 31, 2014 at 02:57 PM


Tommy Streeter is 6-5 and runs a 4.39.
That's a mis match. Teams can't cover us.

Welcome home!

Ever since JJ took over from Shula saddled us with a bunch of idiots like Wanny , Sparano, QB moves are ridiculous , still get enraged thinking of taking Culpepper over Bree`s , then the Henne fiasco , 5 yrs wasted on him , then Moore comes in wins wins wins is our MVP , Sherman got fired by Green Bay for a reason his mind expired, but he`s friends with Philbin , the walking corpse of a coach, its like a Bush Cheney relationship Philbin still listens to Sherman and we still have Tannabust playing , the guy is only accurate to 25 yards at best , where Moore is not only more accurate but is a team leader he fires everyone up , Tannehill just stands around with goofy looking smile on his face after he fumbles snap , or gets sacked or throws INT , Moore goes up and down bench getting rest of the units fired up something our lame ass coach can`t do , not even to get them in play-offs , we lost to two basement dwellers thanks to Chokahill and his INTs in both games , might as well get Tony Homo,

I told you, nothing that you would expect. Of that, great talent evaluators are built.

I can't believe I just admitted there is something I don't know anything about. Maybe I'm not such a douchebag after all.

Craig, um....we are stacked at receiver. Unfortunately you can't keep everyone just because they might have potential. If you are not a fan of dropping him, well you are complimenting the GM for picking well.

Just kidding, guys...I'm a moron.

I mean, Seamster appeared in 10 Games, had 69 tackles, 3 for a loss, one interception, 4 forced fumbles and 2 of those recovered? Ozzie must be getting along in years.

We missed on Mallett, a SURE FIRE QB, for a second time! Unreal.

I told you Don Jones sukkked.

Culpepper over Brees was a disaster but it had absolutely NOTHING to do with a coaches decision, the personnel department, ownership or anything else.

Your culprit here has always been the MEDICAL STAFF (including specialists who aren't even employed by the Dolphins) who explicitly told Saban and the staff that Brees would have chronic medical issues and likely a short career. It was only then that they moved on to 'Plan B' which was Culpepper.

They were obviously COMPLETELY wrong about Brees but there is nothing unusual or unique about an NFL team deferring to the opinion of doctors who they presume to be "experts" in their field.

THAT is what happened. f you believe any other version of events you simply don't know the history of the franchise you presume yourselves to be so informed about.

Hickey's Thought Process:

Former Cane, Miami Northwestern standout. Revives career in hometown or not at all. Menial risk, great reward, "IF" it works out.

Damian Williams, 6th man on wr totem pole. Guaranteed to get very little game action except in returns. Buried behind Landry/Matthews.

However, interesting to see what the return situation now is because Williams is now out. Making the k/o situation look like Landry/Matthews, or could Wallace be in this equation? Unless that cb from the Raiders can handle k/o too.

This is a situation well worth watching with k/o only a week away.


New Orleans out bid us. Saban loved Brees but didn't want to pay that high with the uncertainty of him recovering.

Posted by: Dolphins 101 | August 31, 2014 at 03:16 PM

You are correct. I think I posted something like...we need new team docs. BTW, isn't the first time they were wrong about injuries and roster signings

Cut Don Jones and Damian Williams WR

I expected to ad another cb. Posted this yesterday. Yesterday I posted I would not be surprised if we kicked the tires on D'mitri Patterson price-wise. If healthy and cheap enough resign him.

Obviously, since we did not, this staff is done with Patterson. Can't be denied when Patterson is healthy he can really play. That and when he isn't going AWOL for the Jets. Patterson learned Jet hating in Miami. :-)

What has anyone seen from Mallett that makes you even hallucinate that his talents even approach those of Tannehill?
You think Belichik would let him go knowing Brady is 37 and in the twilight of his career?
Why do you think he drafted Garoppolo?
Try this: turn on brain before running mouth.

I really don't like letting D. Williams go. I think he was better than Mathews. I think he provided deep threat speed but also was a bigger guys with good hands and some NFL experience. Fins have Gibson, Landry and Matthews for slot play. If you were going to let someone go at WR, I would have let Matthews go and kept Williams.

Streeter? He is fast...OK. But what else does he offer over Williams? Doesn't make sense to me.

Mallet is a sure fire idiot and stoner. I know that for a FACT. Dumb as a rock

Belichick isn't exactly a dummy when it comes to player evaluation.

He has an aging QB (albeit a Hall of Famer) as his starter and deemed Mallet so expendable that he dumped him for a draft pick so low that the player taken with it will likely never even make the roster.

Yet, this is the same Ryan Mallet some of you guys seem to think is some amazing talent just waiting to set the NFL on fire.

If he was, he would still be employed by the Patriots. But I guess this never occurred to you.

Ryan Mallett is absolutely nothing special. If you think he is, take it up with the Hall of Fame coach who just dumped him for a bag of peanuts.

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