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Dolphins intend to be tougher team in 2014

The Dolphins want a new attitude in 2014.

This team wants to be tough. This team wants to be physical. This team wants to get as far from finesse as it is possible to make that transition from one year to the next.

And this team is serious about the transition.

The offseason brought multiple changes that signaled this change. The addition of Louis Delmas at safety replacing Chris Clemons? Well, Delmas is a downhill tackler who's reputation is that he hits so hard, sometimes he injures himself ... or his own teammates.

The change of Koa Misi to middle linebacker? Misi is not known for making the dynamic play. He's not a fumble-causing machine. He doesn't collect interceptions like stamps. But he is tough. He doesn't back down. He sticks his nose in a fight. And now he's in the middle of all the action.

The Cortland Finnegan addition replacing Nolan Carroll? Whatever you think of Finnegan's ability to cover downfield -- the past couple of years his skills have seemed to be diminishing -- his toughness has always been one of his greatest assests.

He's a fighter.

No, really ...


Carroll was one of my favorite guys for his thoughtfulness and work ethic and desire to milk every last ounce of ability and leave it on the field. But he wasn't overly physical. He didn't carry the proverbial chip on his shoulder.

So that's three changes on defense where the Dolphins believe they may be improved this year -- but also be tougher.

On offense the move to toughness is everywhere.

Joe Philbin brought in John Benton from Houston to be the line coach. And Benton brought in a running game scheme that features cut blocking, which defenders don't love.

"I just like what we’re doing on the scheme," said left guard Daryn Colledge. "I like what our running backs are doing in practice. I mean we play against the defense right now that knows exactly what we’re doing every single day and they’re seeing it over and over again, and we’re still able to find a way to run the ball a little bit.

"So we get out against some teams and spread them out and get a chance to start cutting some guys on the back side and really start opening some of those holes up and we’ve got some chances.  Plus, you’ve got 17 (Ryan Tannehill) back there, that guy can move a little bit, he’s going to give us an opportunity on the back side. He’s going to hold some of those linebackers for us."

Oh yeah, remember last year offensive coordinator Mike Sherman didn't want Ryan Tannehill running too much? This while Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick and others were churning yards on the ground both when plays broke down and by design?

Well, this year new offensive coordinator Bill Lazor seems to be more willing and indeed eager to have Tannehill stretch his legs.

Run, Ryan, run!

That's a change in attitude in that it does not fear injury to the quarterback. It turns him into a threat, a playmaker with his feet.

Last year, by the way, the Dolphins were a sad, sad bunch on third and short.

This year, coaches are demanding that players understand that third-and-short of fourth-and-short must belong to the offensive line ... and the running backs.

This team will not be passing on third-and-one at a 75 percent clip like last year's team did. Indeed, coaches have made it very clear to players that they better get their minds right and start thinking about pushing the defense back on third-and-one run plays.


That's what the 2014 Dolphins want to be.

Will they be that?

No idea.

Look, a lot of teams want to be a lot of things and then games happen and suddenly things change. I have no idea if this offensive line or running back corps is physical enough to dominate the line of scrimmage on third and one.

I don't know that we'll be focused on how physical Finnegan and Delmas are in the secondary if they're letting receivers get behind them and bombs are blowing the top off the defense.

But I do know the intent for being a tougher team is there. The signs for it are everywhere.



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Funny, I watched Hard Knocks yesterday, and that's exactly what the Falcons want to become this year. Let's see who reaches their goal and who doesn't. We'll see who's the most physical tomorrow.

BAH! Believe it when I see it.

IMO this is the biggest thing we lost when transitioning to the "Philbin Era". Big mistake. I liked the physical toughness of the Parcells/Ireland era, just needed more wins. Changing a couple of secondary guys does not make you tougher.

BOOM. This is exactly what we have been missing! GO PHINS!!

Finally, a Football Game. Now I can stop writing sh-t all over these Blogs.

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it never was since jimmy
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The team was more physical when Sparano was the coach. They played physical but werent prepared. Last couple of seasons the team wanst all that physical or prepared

The toughest, nastiest guy on our team is out for 8 weeks. Good luck, clean snaps and less sacks would be a major accomplishment. You got to crawl before you can walk or run!!

Tannenhill doesn't have a chance with the protection he has been getting. Another year of that and he will be ruined(David Carr). Get some new material twat

Ex-Dolphins QB Scott Mitchell to compete on Biggest Loser at 366 pounds

A couple of DBs?

The whole OL, Moreno and Landry. More weight on Miller. And anyone who thinks #17 isn't tough wasn't watching when he got up from those sacks. I think it can happen.

Wallace and Hartline are my worries. They just don't seem tough.

EK i agree neither one fights for balls, they take the easy catches and yards

I don't care if the team is tougher, I just want more wins. Sparano's teams were plenty tough enough but what did that get us?
And this one statement is all you need to know about Sherman's playcalling last year, "passing on third-and-one at a 75 percent clip like last year's team did".

Tough and nasty doesn't mean bully. Bully means you can't identify your toughness that exists in every real man.
Incognito wasn't tough. He was a loud mouth bully. Dirty player. We thought he was tough. Martin wasn't tough. That is for sure. Pouncey? We will find out when he comes back.
Zack Thomas was a tough guy. No bs kind of guy. He just worked hard and left it on the field. The killer bees were tough. Not as talented as a lot of teams but were still tough. The offensive line for the Patriots are tough and nasty.
So we will see about tough.

Miss me yet?

Some of you so called "fans" are nuts. You think Pouncey is the toughest,nastiest guy on our team? LOL.

I wish Ryan would add a little more muscle to his frame. He seems a bit fragile, physically.

Funny how we're striving for something that Sparano gave us week-in and week-out.

When our OL was Long, Incognito, and Pouncey on the left side they didn't take crap from anyone.

Starks and Soliai didn't take anything either on the defensive side.

Our new LBs? Soft
Our DBs? Soft
Our WRs? Soft (Wallace....)
Our RBs? Soft (Thomas....)

No one played with authority last year. I watched Wheeler and Ellerbee run around contact. I saw Miller and Thomas run scared of hitting a hole. I saw Wallace allow Revis to outman and outplay him physically (and Wallace is much taller). I saw Wallace allow CBs to disrupt his game without him seeming to care. No one hit hard in our secondary last year. Grimes was good, but none of them are physical.

Toughness...yes, please bring it on.
Arrogance...no, leads to stupid, drive-killing penalties.

I get the sense that players on last years team appreciate the changes that took place in the offseason.


A healthy Wallace, Gibson, Hartline & addition of Landry = More TD's

Running game is the only question mark, followed by our linebacker play.

On paper we should win 9+ games this season...we shall soon see.

We didn't command the running game up front on defense like in the past. We didn't control the running game on the second level either.

We rarely caused fumbles on defense and rarely ran through contact on offense. Hit one of our WRs and they're going down.

The only guy that physically outplayed the defense each game was Clay (that Pitt TD anyone). And I guess Tannehill for being able to take a billion sacks and not get injured.

Everyone else is susceptible to the knock that they are soft.

I saw that t'watt. Scott Mitchell? Get real dude. You use to be a pro athlete, STFU and go to the gym, you don't need to be on TV with a pro trainer. Give that to some fat betty housewife that knows nothing but ding dongs and ho-ho's.

Ryan Tannehill is one of the toughest guys on this team.

Posted by: Jeff Ireland | August 07, 2014 at 09:23 AM

No, you sucked.

I'm with MassD, tough, not tough... Tom Brady is the biggest faag in the league and runs like a 6 year old girl when he takes a hit but he has three rings.

Nice one deity... if I had $15m in the bank like Scott Mitchell did, I'd be as fat as he is... the heck would I care....

366 wow
wtf happened
2 him?
maybe he can play rg
for the phins.
he's prop
broke 2

Tom Brady is the biggest faag in the league...
Posted by: Mark in Toronto | August 07, 2014 at 09:41 AM

A) that's not PC Mark
B) are you sure that's factually correct. I believe there's a LB in St. Louis that would beg to differ.

I agree the Pats OL is nasty. Their DL is too. Tough in the trenches.

Pouncey is a big kid. He is hopefully still growing up. I hope Albert, and the vets we brought in can teach him and the other young linemen some toughness.

The Bucs have always had a tough team, maybe Hickey brought some of that with him.

Good idea watt! He could play RG if you could mix coming into the league Mitchell with 366 lbs Mitchell. He was fiery and had an attitude. Probably would have made a solid RG. Now, he just looks way to jolly.

He prolly is broke. Bought out all of Tastee Cake....

Apparently Scott Mitchell has spent almost all that 15 mil on food...

Lots of luck in the tough guy arena. Dolphins added two old guys to the D backfield, and moved last yr talent to different positions they have never played.
5 new personal on the OL, 4 if Pouncey arrives tomorrow, which is doubtful. Last but certainly not least is a QB who cant seem to get out of his own way, learning a new offense, and Philbin wants the QB to play faster, execute the ball faster, and be accurate passing,,,,,,Id say "No Thrill" Tannehill has a plate full. Yep the Dolphins are playoff bound,,,,,?

So apparently Kevin Love is going to the Cavs for half of the Canadian National Basketball team. Glad these bright young Canadian players are heading to a hole like the timberwolves. Only raises the possibility they become Raptors when their initial contracts are up.

By the way DC, congrats on having two of the three players waived from the latest US team cuts.

Demar DeRozan is still on the team.

Jus' sayin...

has 2

That's ok Mark, I didn't want them playing for a bs outfit anyway. World Cup of Basketball, WHAT A JOKE!!!

What that LOSER Coach K (see 2013 ACC Tournament...UVa! UVa!) and everyone else will witness next year is the 2nd most dominant team in the East will be...THE WASHINGTON WIZARDS!


Miami fans need to toughen up. Tannehill can take 58 sack beaten and doesn't moan. but people like twatt gets on him for pic in practice.

As for my boy Bryce Harper, the kid needs some help. He's not feeling it this year. He may need to go back to the Minors for a while and get his confidence back. Doesn't stop the Red Tide though, 4 games up. TAKE THAT ATLANTA!

Sorry DC, I meant faag as in being a puss, not being a homsexual.

Michael Sam is gay, Tom Brady is a faag ... big difference. Has nothing to do with who you like to bed.

Although I was a bigger Michael Sam supporter before the cake swapping incident. That didn;t need to be aired. Every year 250 straight guys get drafted and all they do is kiss their mom on the cheek. Something to be said for keeping it low key.

Not having Jeff Ireland and Mike Sherman makes this team better.

Plus we have the hottest QB in the NFL! And he is well hung to!

MIT, I wish we could have kept wiggins. would have loved his potential. But Love will make us dangerous and in win now mode.

8 pix in
3 practices
not 2 worry
and,,,,i'm being nice
and not* mentioned the still*
batted paxxes at the los
but 9-7-14 is around the corner

Didn't the USA lose a couple of these world cup tourneys?

haha, love the Recognize but shouldn't it be reconize!!??

Guess you live in the more affluent area of Va. Sweater vest and all...

And don't sleep on the Raptors!!!

TO, TOO and TWO. Look them up. You will be surprised!!!

'mentioned the still*
batted paxxes at the los'

this is what I'm talking about people. an incoherent fan that needs his tampon changed every hour. SMH.
somebody help 2 watt out.

The Dolphins want to be known as a tough team, well correct me if I'm wrong but cut-blocking by the OL is not consider tough, in fact cut-blocking is regarded as weak and dirty by other players

dbo, once the Cavs signed Lebron, it was over for some of these young guys. They have a two year window to at least convince Lebron that they are legit. Bennett and Wiggins need more time and neither are ready to be impact players yet.

2 watt, you say 9-7-14.... 9-7 in 2014, I agree at minimum.

SANTI, its leagal in the NFL and other teams do the same. stop whining. you want some win and crackers with that. not to mention totally leagal in the college level.

Don't be hatin' on VA South Toronto!!!

You are right on that account watt. Don't nothing mean nothing until 9/7

Actually, I live in DC Mark (but grew up in the great NoVa, ask deity about it, he'll tell you it's the Mecca of America).

As far as Love, that just makes Cleveland slightly more likely to be able to win a Finals game vs. the West. Only guy with Playoff experience is Lebron.

MIT, we still got one more Canadian on the Cavs roster that Lebron spoke about in his Letter. That is Tristan Thompson. he has improved a lot since his rookie season and can average double doubles off the bench.

If Mecca translates as, I hang my arse out the window as I drive through, then yes...Mecca!

Lots of injuries all around the league. I think the NFL is general is getting less tough by the year.

KRIS will be THRILLED to know Ryan Mallett will be the starter tonight at FedEx field. We'll all get to see his mastery of the position.

As far as the mighty Dolphins, I'll be happy to finally get to see Jarvis Landry in action. I expect him to blow Mark away with his "game speed."

dbo, Tristan Thompson, Anthony Bennett, and Wiggins are all from Toronto. That's 3 top 5 picks in the last 4 years or is it actually 3 years.

Little known fact for you... no other city in the world can boast that they produced 3 top four picks in three years in the modern NBA draft era.

Who's hating on NoVa? Affluent is a great thing ... and aren't sweater vests fashionable? I've owned one or two in my time.

That's got to be a good thing for Toronto. I wish them all well. Tristan mostly :D

I hated Denver (then Houston and Atlanta) due to how many opponents they injured with their cut blocking schemes.
Undrafted running backs playing for Kubiak at Denver routinely had 1800 yard...and more seasons. Defenses were afraid to mix it up with Denver's O-Line.
No one at ESPN said a word.

However, just watch when it's a Dolphin that puts an opponent's D-Lineman out for the year. The OUTRAGE by ESPN will be non-stop.

"and aren't sweater vests fashionable? I've owned one or two in my time."

NO! Now that makes you ghey!!

ahh, nothing like a bare arse in the breeze. Refreshing...

Come on deity, a fitted sweater vest over a nice dress shirt with a fine pair of slacks topped off with a nice sport coat. I've been known to slay a few with that armor!!

Well sure, lots of formulas can be implemented to slay many different beasts. But it is still ghey! Not sexual gay mind you, just like, oh look at that guy in his sweater vest...GHEEEEEY!!!

All in fun and games my friend, fun and games.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | August 07, 2014 at 10:23 AM

What is in the water in Canuckistan today? Lol.

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