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Dolphins practice done: Four quick hits

John Potter had a good day at practice today and with that, the kicker competition that seemed to be going on already became somewhat more obvious at the Dolphins practice facility.

Potter connected on field goals of 42, 44, and 47 yards. He missed a 51-yarder when it hit the left upright. Not bad for a kid who didn't know he was kicking in the game against Tampa Bay last Saturday until 30 minutes before the game when Caleb Sturgis re-injured a groin in warmups.

Potter connected on two field goals in the game, including a 51-yarder and Sturgis has not practiced since tweaking his leg.

"I don't want to talk about all that stuff," Sturgis said today as he left the field and was asked about his status.


The Dolphins are going through a typical game week of preparation as they get ready for Saturday's dress rehearsal game against Dallas.

That said today was about third down and blitz pressures.

There was one play coach Joe Philbin said the team had to run four consecutive times before getting it right.


RB Knowshon Moreno continues practicing but he's still not quite in the best shape after missing the first two weeks of training camp.

 "I think it's getting there," Philbin said.


Receiver Mike Wallace continues hearing about his and Ryan Tannehill's inability to connect on deep passes. And he says he understands why fans, the media, everyone is making a big deal of the issue.

"It's part of the territory, you know?" Wallace said. "They deserve to ask that when we're not hitting on them. I don't have a problem with it. We just got to keep working on it, keep doing it every single day."

Wallace says he knows you, the fans, want him and Tannehill to connect. He wants it more than you do.

"I guarantee we want to hit on it more than they want us too," Wallace said. "We definitely want to get into a game and hit a couple."


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"Dolphin fans will always clamour for the backup until the starter brings us consecutive winning seasons and playoff appearances."
-Darkoak @ 9:58

Darkoak that statement is so true and it goes for almost every team.
You could say the backup is the best player on the team, as long as he doesn't have to play and as long as he's never been declared a bust.
Great examples from this past week:
Moore: Played great and scored rating >110
Henne: Played great and scored rating >110
Sanchez: Played great and scored rating >110
Bortles: Played great but still has NO TD DRIVES this preseason and his rating <100.

Based on those performances the media has decided that Bortles is a top 10 QB in this league and the other guys are a bunch of nobodies.


Darkoak, he did? I saw him attempt 5 passes against Buffalo last year in his only action. he did complete 3 of them though ... two were caught by Bills.

We've yet to see Moreno take a handoff in a game...I trust Philbin will get him some action this weekend.
Moreno is a bruiser of a RB and all you need to do is watch tape from last year.
Thankfully the D.Thomas experiment will soon be over and we can focus on Moreno/Miller & D. Williams moving forward.
Without a running game, the rest is moot. So for all you Thill haters out there...let's just be patient and let Lazor do his thing:
Establish the run and let our above-average WR & TE Clay get the ball in space.


You don't suck at Fantasy Football. You just have to follow Dashi's rule of drafting. I was drafting wrong for years til I finally figured it out.

Send me an E-mail and I will tell you the secret.

Trust me you won't regret it.

That's an interesting format Garn. If you are looking for a late round flier at WR ... I may consider Jordan Matthews on Philly or Allen Robinson on jax. Two of my favourite WR prospects that nobody is paying attention to. but i wouldn't expect much contribution this year. I don't know how deep your league is or how picked over things will be though. I recommend those guys only if you don't have any better ideas.

I can't believe they are still trying to talk M.Moore. You can tell the trolls have nothing to talk bad about.

And anyone who thinks M.Moore should be starting, should just stop watching football.

Matt Moore is not garbage. He is just very very very Mediocre.

Not touching Watkins with 10ft pole...too many mouths to feed in Buf & agree on EJ...F4L enlightenede on him a while back.

Pretty tough to evaluate Moore with that Oline vs devastating Buf Dline last season...

*enlightened me on him


Dolphins in game #43 and game # 26 so far


Cheers & Jeers fellow Fin Fans!!
Gotta run..
Mocks to do..

Matt Moore is garbage. When can we trade him so the madden playing trolls stop talking about him it's old.

Moreno Bruiser??

They drafted Monte Ball because Moreno is not a bruiser.

Moreno was drafted as a 1st round scatback. Moreno was more R.Bush than R.Williams!! He definitely was no Gurly!!

Moreno was a poor mans version of Garrison Hearst. A real Poor Mans version.

Moreno was famous coming out of college cause he could hurdle people at 205lbs. Since then he has gained 30lbs of fat and can't get 10inches off the ground.

Why does it take 3 seasons for the Dolphins F/O brass to realize that Tannehill STINKS.?

I tried to talk to this chick and she said "I look like Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky" I was pretty flattered since TC is a good looking guy...

Dashi, I'm at peace with being done with Fantasy Football. I found it messed up my appreciation of the sport. It made me hate random players for no reason just because they start for my buddy's team and conversly it made me cheer for Patriots and Jets and Bills just because I selected them.

Forget that business. I'm at peace.

If you have some advice regarding professional wagering though, I'd be willing to listen. Is it likely to expect any kind of return? Someone recommended Wunderdog.com to me recently. Apparently this guy has a pretty good system and is decent at picking. I'm skeptical though...

Sorry Mark, year before against Jets.

Ok, I'll give you that...but if its 3rd and 2, who do you give the ball to: Moreno or Thomas?

Thomas has proven time and time again that he cannot get the tough yards when needed, Moreno is now that guy as they did not pay him $3M to be the 3rd down back to pick up the blitz.

Garn, take Justin Hunter late, he will be Tennesee's offense this year, book it.

very very mediocre ... garbage ... what's the difference?

Justin Hunter is a good talent ... one of the few Wrs I liked in 2013.

I liked Da'Rick Rodgers too and he keeps catching long balls in Indy preseason games but he's buried so far down the depth chart ... may not make the team even.

Reggie Wayne
TY Hilton
Hakeem Nicks
Donte Moncrief

That's a nice top 4. Then throw in Coby Fleener and Dwayne Allen as your TEs... nice.

Watched a replay of the Tampa Game yesterday. Wallace dropping that 3 wide screen, he could of went to the house.

the deep attempt was thrown perfect, however somehow, some way, there was no illegal contact that they are calling at nausium on the play. There should have been a call, if wallace was not being touched that ball was there.


My only rule for gambling. I don't bet or make recommendations on Dolphin games for the same reason you just said. I want to enjoy my Dolphins game.

Other than that. Just good old research. Pros vs Cons.

I won't give you picks.

But remind you to look at Pts for vs Pts Against.

Defense (Passing & Rushing) vs Offense (Passing & Rushing)

Who is injured.

Playing styles. Certain defenses are better against certain offenses. And Vice Versa.

And they are lying to you if they are telling you that they are not making educated guesses the first 4 weeks. You need some data to base your bets off.

And never bet it all in one game. Doesn't matter what your gut is telling you. Play the Averages.

I woke up and saw a pack of wild turkeys in my backyard and thought to myself these are david bond, ugly logo, dragon fly and LOL

and whos complaining we haven't had a winning season in 7 years? uhm 2008 and last year wasn't losing seasons. negative people just spewing nonsense now?

Garn, I would second MiT in saying Jordan Matthews might be a good late round rookie keeper in that Philly offense.


I would give it to neither. We don't have an O-line to get 2 yards on 3rd down.

Me personally, I would have C.Clay as my 3rd down back.

He is a better pass blocker, a better pass catcher, and a better short yardage back.

And if you are going to run a stretch or sweep on 3rd and short!! Bring in L.Miller!! To many times last season I saw D.Thomas trying to bounce it outside when he is to slow to reach the corner.

I know they gave K.Moreno $3.5M this year and more than likely he is our 3rd down back. But it does not mean I have to agree with that bonehead move by Hickey!!


Posted by: Dashi | August 20, 2014 at 11:05 AM

I agree that Clay could be a great 3rd down back. Ive lost confidence in Miller though. He always tries to move outside, whether its there or not. His vision just isn't up to par with where it should be at this point.

BTW, i really wanted us to target Kadeem Carey in the draft. Not sure how he has looked for the Bears so far but I think he is the real deal.

Matt Moore isn’t even a debate anywhere outside of this blog. If he could have gotten a starting gig in FA then he would have left. He is purely insurance as better than average backup QB. could win you a game coming of the bench but 16 games and you get a slightly better tyler thigpen.

No excuses for T-Hill this year. Real offensive coordinator/QB guru, revamped O-line and stacked at WR ( 6 solid players).

personally I think he gets it done. I am with Jaws, Prisco and Omar on this as he breaks out this year and is top 10 ( ducking for cover)

Clee, I'm not sure omar thinks he's top 10.

Omar Kelly says Lamar Miller has noooo vision what so ever and cant set up his block. Also stated Moreno @70% is better than Miller has cant setup blocks or has the vision unless the whole is obviously wide open..

Potential is there to be. Aware of of what omar expects. ---- > 85 QB rating -9 wins. Very doable.

Wallace is right when he says we don't get the calls. With the new emphasis that should've been a flag on the long shot in the Tampa game. I'm sure they'll be giving it to Brady week 1 though.

Daniel Thomas does have vision, but should not be trying to stretch the corners. As long as there are no more concussions he could be a good between the tackes guy with a good first move in open space. I hope we keep him... Just not sure if we can chance the injury risk.


I would have picked A.Williams who is probably going to start for the Giants this season.

On L.Miller. I know I stand alone on this island, but L.Miller will have a good year.

As long as they let him get in a rhythm. The more carries he gets the better he gets during the game.

Anytime L.Miller has rushed over 15+ carries a game he gains over 5 ypc. When he gets less than 15 he averages less than 5.

I expect when the season starts Lazor will give him an Average Workload.

An Ideal workload for the Dolphins RB this season

L.Miller 17-20 Att
K.Moreno 8-10 Att
D.Thomas 6-8 Att

Tannehill 4-5 Att

Thanks for the input everyone. Almost every player mentioned is who I've actually been targeting in mocks last 2wks so it's reassuring for my gut instincts...

I like my fantasy players young 2-5yrs exp with a couple exceptions..

Also to anyone else playing fantasy, don't overlook C Patterson & K Allen, under valued as far espn is concerned..


Posted by: Poizen | August 20, 2014 at 10:58 AM

You are correct, he was being held. I also just watched (again) the first 2 series but I watched concentrating on Tannehill. I like the new quick hits...passes coming out fast. But wondering if it's good for Tannehill's development.
I was hoping Lazor could teach Tannehill some 'advanced' QB techniques. Going thru reads, pump fake, looking off safety.
In new O pass seems to go to the primary every time.

I though Sports Talk radio was suppose to be about letting the "people" state their opinions. The Sports Brothers are horrible on WQAM.

cocoa, with this offensive line, going through reads gets you killed. Tannehill got plenty of work doing that in years one and two - he can do it. But with this o line he doesn't have that luxury.

We have some of the most pathetic fans/trolls here. We had one of the most prolific passers that took us to the playoffs almost every year and also the winning most coach in NFL history and their accomplishments are not acknowledged by some on this blog. How would we expect them to recognize the talent or potential of players that have been in the league only a couple of years.

I woke up this morning with a hummer and JETHATER was riding me like a 50 cent crack ho.

Yea Joe. Hopefully the other things come along, that is what will make him the guy we need.

I'm of the belief that Tannehill was a reach when he was drafted. However as a fan I'm hoping he can be accurate this season. Matt Moore is his backup but Matt reads defenses much more quickly and knows how to release the ball on time. He is more accurate etc...That said as a fan I hope T-hill learns how to win. Using an extreme comment like 'Garbage' to post about Matt Moore is not consistent with reality. I hope Ryan learns how to win but if he can't; Moore will replace him no matter what a site GM says. Philbin with his job on the line will not delay in replacing T-hill if the Dolphins are not winning.

The team is averaging 2.0 yds in rushing.The homers are right,this OL is better than last season OL.When will you stupid homers ever get anything right?

dbo, Why don't you keep your sick twisted fantasies to yourself.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | August 20, 2014 at 11:39 AM

Kinda my point...no time. I do disagree with "plenty of work doing that in years one and two" though. Never seen a pump fake, have seen him look off once or twice and he was still 'locking on' too much. Off course he didn't have anyone to teach him then. Zac Taylor? What a joke.

Anyway, I view Tannehill is still developing and the new O takes those things out of the game.

Dashi. You are not alone with your analysis of L. Miller. I liked him at the UM and I am sure if given an O line and enough carries he will succeed. He will prove a lot of people wrong this year.

Promichael.. how many teams with a winning record has Matt Moore ever beat? Who got beat out of a job by two rookies in his career? One who was an absolute stiff in Jimmy Clausen?

Reads defenses more quickly and more accurate? Why does he have a lifetime turnover rate that is much worse than Tannehill's and at the same time produce a lot less offense in terms of yardage and tds per game?

For all of Tannehill's flaws he still was a superior qb to Matt Moore.

Even now, everyone hailing Matt Moore's preseason game. However, Tannehill's preseason stats against starters is superior to Moore's against backups from one of the worst teams in the league.

Site GM? no just someone with an ounce of sense to spot a superior talent when it is right in front of you.

And I warn you, one more personal shot and the gloves will come off. i already warned you multiple times but I'm not going to sit here and just let you use personal jabs all day.

Guess what I'm trying to say is, new O has a lot of upside. But with that, a downside

Interesting observation cocoajoe. never really thought about it. You could be right. One of those things that will show in time I guess.

Posted by: Poizen | August 20, 2014 at 11:43 AM

I'm almost sure it will, Tannehill is a smart guy. Just take some more time is all

Ryan Tannehill 32 td passes, 11 ints, 5 rush tds, 4500 yards passing and a 10-6 record to go with it in 2014

Yea, I belive in anne also. I think we have the QB. But we really screwed up by not suring up the o-line. this shelly/Dalas thing is insane to be dealing with.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | August 20, 2014 at 11:56 AM

Well, Tannehill is no dummy and hopefully he'll be around for years to come.

Send me an E-mail and I will tell you the secret.

Posted by: Dashi | August 20, 2014 at 10:33 AM

Dashi has valuable secrets. LMFAO! That boy is seriously delusional. Now he knows the secret to drafting...No GM in history ever had such a secret.

I figured out the boards now..

Youll have your delusional homers who thinks everyone is improved and the team will content for a championship

Youll have your trolls constantly bashing the team in hopes to get an overly emotional reaction from the homer

And youll have the non-bias guys who are optimistic the team will be succesful

Dashi and Opti/Pessi Mist ,WELCOME To Fantasy Island. I brought you that orange sunshine from the 60's you requested.

Posted by: Tattoo | August 20, 2014 at 12:06 PM


And I warn you, one more personal shot and the gloves will come off. i already warned you multiple times but I'm not going to sit here and just let you use personal jabs all day.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | August 20, 2014 at 11:53 AM
LOL! Is that a promise I thought my comments were mild. I really thought you would be proud of the 'site GM' designation. I do not agree with your extreme remarks and from what I read neither did others, which means nothing but just saying. If you have to go back to when Moore was with the Panthers a terrible team at the time ; that proves nothing. You create an absurdity to make your point. I thought you were better than that MIT. Let's see what happens during the regular season. MIT I hope T-hill wins and then I'll be a very happy fan. We will then be left with our rhetoric without knowing if Moore can out perform T-hill with the Dolphins.

Moreno was a poor mans version of Garrison Hearst. A real Poor Mans version.

Posted by: Dashi | August 20, 2014 at 10:42 AM

They were carbon copies of each other in Ga. Bulldogs history! Garrison was a bit faster but same type of RB both 5'11"/210 Pds! Like talken NCAA with ya Bro nice comparison between 2 guys from the same program!

Moreno was known as an ellusive RB who could make you miss in the hole and enough size to break Tackles if needed also cut back ability ect... He was a very legit late #1 when McDniels makes this pick but like you said he went from a 210 Pd RB to a 235 Pd RB in between Yrs. 1 & 2.

He actually started well in Rookie Yr. then blew up eating on the couch after injury before showing up for 2011 T.C. with the weight. At 235 he couldn't hit the corner and given he's NO R.Williams between the Tackles was buried till Peyton got there and the lanes opened like the Red Sea in front of the line.


Lamar Miller played at the U at 5'10"/220 Pds.!!!!

He was a BIGGER College RB than Knowshon with the speed Moreno NEVER had!

Todd Gurley is the TRUTH though at 6'1"/235 Pds posting a 4.42/40 my FAV RB in the next draft who I'd take late Rd-1 without hesitation even with the RB's now usually waiting till Rd-2!

Posted by: Promichael | August 20, 2014 at 12:07 PM


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