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Dolphins practice done: Four quick hits

John Potter had a good day at practice today and with that, the kicker competition that seemed to be going on already became somewhat more obvious at the Dolphins practice facility.

Potter connected on field goals of 42, 44, and 47 yards. He missed a 51-yarder when it hit the left upright. Not bad for a kid who didn't know he was kicking in the game against Tampa Bay last Saturday until 30 minutes before the game when Caleb Sturgis re-injured a groin in warmups.

Potter connected on two field goals in the game, including a 51-yarder and Sturgis has not practiced since tweaking his leg.

"I don't want to talk about all that stuff," Sturgis said today as he left the field and was asked about his status.


The Dolphins are going through a typical game week of preparation as they get ready for Saturday's dress rehearsal game against Dallas.

That said today was about third down and blitz pressures.

There was one play coach Joe Philbin said the team had to run four consecutive times before getting it right.


RB Knowshon Moreno continues practicing but he's still not quite in the best shape after missing the first two weeks of training camp.

 "I think it's getting there," Philbin said.


Receiver Mike Wallace continues hearing about his and Ryan Tannehill's inability to connect on deep passes. And he says he understands why fans, the media, everyone is making a big deal of the issue.

"It's part of the territory, you know?" Wallace said. "They deserve to ask that when we're not hitting on them. I don't have a problem with it. We just got to keep working on it, keep doing it every single day."

Wallace says he knows you, the fans, want him and Tannehill to connect. He wants it more than you do.

"I guarantee we want to hit on it more than they want us too," Wallace said. "We definitely want to get into a game and hit a couple."


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Personally I think the offense will be quite a bit better.

1. Lazor instead of Sherman. Lazor seems like an innovative quick adapting type coach that we need, I think he will be a big help.

2. Tannehill taking a leap. Its put up or shut up time entering year 3. With the 32 pro starts to go with his 19 college starts its time to step up. We already saw some of the signs last year, I think he will do it.

3. Weapons/depth particularly at WR. We have 5 sure fire weapons in Wallace, Hartline, Clay, Gibson, and Matthews. I could also see Landry, Sims, D. Williams, and even Egnew (not giving up on this one) making an impact in games. At RB Miller is only 22 and I think Moreno will be a good compliment.

4. The O-line will be improved an at least close to average. Albert is a pro bowl LT, a HUGE upgrade over Martin and McKinnie. Colledge will be solid. We have a good backup center who will be replaced by a probowler. I think Pouncey only misses 2-4 games tops. JuWuan James will be better than the turnstile that was Clabo last year. RG is the question mark, but if Smith and Dallas Thomas can't hold I see Billy Turner stepping in after the bye week. I'm not saying it will be great, but it can't be any worse.

Just my homer 2 cents, 18 days until game day.

Pro, Matt Moore also in my opinion has proved he is not good enough for the NFL.

I am also under the opinion that he has been here long enough to prove to any coach he is worth starting. And he has not don that yet.

there needs o be some fact behind that. Tanny has an upside, and looks to be getting better.

Moore had a nice game vs backups... If we end up going with Moore we will be sub .500, with no upside.

I agree with MIT he is no way an answer or the future.
Just throwing my opinion out there also.

Posted by: Poizen | August 20, 2014 at 12:02 PM

Right side of the line SHOULD be the easiest to fix. Except for us it seems. This all goes back to FA and what didn't happen.

I remember saying several times pre-draft...get Su'a Filo, get Su'a Filo

I mean as a fulltime starteer, not "good ehough for the NFL" My bad.

Yea Coco, The players were there to be had. I am so confusd that so many people have come in since Sporano's 1st year and the line continues to be an issue...

Making the same mistake every year.

Posted by: Poizen | August 20, 2014 at 12:12 PM

Poizen you will find many on this site with varying opinions. It means nothing unless they are being paid to make decisions for the Miami Dolphins. I agree with Promichael's opinion on Matt Moore. Which means nothing!

Watch out for the Troll Vigilante...

Posted by: A Regular Here | August 20, 2014 at 12:05 PM


Not enough of the latter unfortunately.

If any of you RT-17 haters saw the Pats preseason game last week, Tom Brady severely overthrew his WR on a go route in that game, so are you guys ready to jump down TB's throat about being inaccurate on the long ball?

In the SB, Peyton Manning missed on all his long balls too, so I guess by the reasoning of some on this blog he's worthless as well and should be replaced by Moore.

Some people here need to grow a brain.

Are there nothing but negative idiots that post of this website.

Matt Moore is better than Tannehill? Moore shined in one preseason game and everyone wants to crown him the starter? Go back and watch some film on when he came in to relieve in past games.. INT's. Desperate down the field throws into coverage. Give Tannehill his 3rd year before you make judgements. Remember he was in Sherman's lack luster offense. Tannehill has several toys now to work with.. Give him a shot and not tear him down before the season even begins.

And for all the people that think they have what it takes to be a GM.. After this season when a few get fired, throw out your impressive resume. See what happens.

The Dolphins should be better this year and with a couple breaks hopefully we can make the play-offs.

Posted by: Jim | August 20, 2014 at 12:28 PM

Good post Jim. However you should read the entire text to follow the conversation and understand completely what was being indicated. It was not that T-hill is better than Moore or the other way around. Read it! People do jump on and don't read all that's written and so it goes.

Matt Moore? Are you guys trying to be funny? He is an awful QB. He's lucky devlin got hurt or he may have gotten cut for the cap space. Here is all you need to know about Matt Moore. He has NEVER beaten a team with a winning record. He's a backup for a reason. He's a guy who when he gets a chance fails. Then gets replaced. He is not worthy to carry tannehill's clipboard!!


People on this blog need to learn how to type or learn how to speak English. I'm not talking about a few, there are many of you on here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From what is developing in training camp; I would start Matt Moore and make Seth Lobato the backup. Lobato throws a beautiful deep ball. What Lazor should do is allow both Moore and Lobato throw deep to Mike Wallace to see which one throws the best deep ball. By the way, if either Lobato or Moore wins the starting job, we are playoff bound! (no joke)

Best QB in 2014 draft, Blake Bortles.
Best in 2015, Marcus Mariota.
Nothing against hm but Manziel's act has a shelf life as most gimmicks do.
You can't teach 6'5"-230 lbs and by and large, that's a pretty good starting point for an NFL QB.

Add Sturgis to Irelands bust list

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