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Dolphins sign center Samson Satele

 The Miami Dolphins have signed free agent center Samson Satele, according to a source.

The addition of Satele, who has played for the Dolphins in 2007-2008, Oakland (2008-11)and the Indianapolis Colts most recently, will help address the troubling center snap issue the team has seen in practice the first seven practices of training camp.

Adding Satele will create competition at center and also improve depth.

The Dolphins opened training camp with Shelley Smith as their starting center but he struggled with his snaps. Smith, a guard throughout his NFL career, has never played center professionally.

The team then switched to Nate Garner working with the starting offensive line. And although Garner has been an upgrade over Smith, he also has had troubling moments at center.

Satele is a natural center. Although he was not outstanding (or even above average) for the Colts at center in 2013, he has few troubles with line calls or snaps.

The Dolphins waived offensive lineman Samuel Longo to make room for Satele on the roster.

The Dolphins' search for a proficient center is due largely to the fact starter Mike Pouncey is rehabilitating from hip surgery and could miss games into October.



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An obvious, head-pounding-on-desk, no-brainer move.

Yes, you could argue it should have come sooner, but the Dolphins haven't played a single game that matters yet.

If, and I expect this will happen, Satele finds the groove and slides in as Center #1 while Pouncey is out/hurt/whatever, I expect they can work towards solidified Starting Offensive Line around the rest of 'em.

Really hard to do that if your Center can't even do the job right.

What can we expect from Satele? Experience, and that's about it. Are the terms of his contract known?

This is good news.

Nate Garner is looking good playing at center, any time Nate replaces some guy, he looks good, but he gets scouted very fast for the others, making him struggling holding his position.

So this is the perect time to get Satele back.


sooner/later, who cares?--I'm sure the Fins recognized the problem and have probably spent the past few days or more figuring out how to address it, ie. who to bring in, talking to agents, working out contract details.....I imagine this was in the works for a little while--again, August 2nd....relax folks

significant and solid depth at worst.....Satele's average at best, but a pro and more than serviceable for a time

A C is better than no C, I'll give you that.

Well deity

don't need
a C no mo


About time. It takes awhile for an offensive line to gel. Considering we have FIVE new starters, best to get in a natural center early and give them as much time as possible

Satele is servieable but an be moved at will by a strong 3/4 NT and the reason Parcells dealt him after piss poor showing Vs. Ravens in 08 Playoffs were he got tossed in Penny's lap in a play we all remember. Average in Oak. and saw him last Yr. in Indy were he was a liability again Vs. the big NT's. In Playoff come back win by Colts Dontari Poe owned him. With 2 new Guards in this Yr. needing to provide the Center with support isn't exactly what I had in mind. Tanne has shown susceptible to the inside rush. This is a lateral move at best!

its a lateral with a slight 10 degrees incline type of move

You could induce from this move that Pouncey will not be available until the middle of the Season or perhaps, not at all. You can also induce that all the C present at Camp now sukkk in a big fashion.

10-6 here we go


Two weeks over due....

Coaching staff must not appreciate their jobs. ..


Or the GM....


Backups? Didn't see that coming.


its gunna happen

I had them at 11-5, but 10-6 seems about right

NOW Trade Pouncey for a RB.

It will be interesting to see Benton work with this crew.


Better than MICHAEL SAM I AM

its gunna happen
Posted by: dbo the great | August 02, 2014 at 08:29 PM


Lets trade shula 73, to guatamala for one of those poor kids coming across the border.

But all of it is better than RYAN WHITE BREAD

anybody who uses (LOL)

is a fairy

dbo, I say 9-7. with a good break we can go 10-6. it's possible


Backups? Didn't see that coming.

Posted by: FckFace | August 02, 2014 at 08:28 PM

So far, the only game changer addition ha been Darren Colledge. Coming into the offseason no one expect Thomas to challenge for either of the og spots. After the draft everyone had Turner penciled in as starting lg, Shelly Smith at rg.

Then came Colledge. Only og stonewalling the likes of Starks. Starks was having the change of position rookie Billy Turner for lunch. Dallas Thomas too. So now, Colledge looks like our new starting lg, while Thomas/Smith/Turner are battling it out for starting lg.

Fox was brought in as quality backup at tackle period. Juwann James and Fat Albert have the starting tackle positions on lockdown.

Shula, give up the "trade Pouncey" gig.....why would they do that? He's one of their best players, considered one of the top few centers in the league.....in his prime.....yeah, lets trade a very good player for a RB who will be shot in 2 years--brilliant

dbo good, there was no downside to signing Satele and he at the very least adds depth and experience to the OL unit.

See t'watt, they listen to me.

no longer need
a C

I do find it interesting though they sign hin on the day the OL has performed at its best so far this offseason. But like I said, at the least Staele is an upgrade to the OL camp body that would be cut in a few weeks anyway.


This is bad news for backup center Sam Brenner. He had better find way to beat out Satele by camp's end or he'll be referred to by his new name: Former dolphin.

Because when Pouncey comes back, either Brenner or Satele will be putting on their street clothes and walking shoes. :-)

Dolphins still have the udfa rookie center on the roster. But I expect he'll be stashed on he practice squad.

lets be honest.....guys like Brenner, Garner, Fox and even Smith are fringe players.....below average, roster filler/depth guys (Brenner and Garner especially).....they've had numerous opportunities to play/impress, and grab more playing time, if not start.....and havent been able to do it--these guys, on a good line, wouldnt make the team--we are in dire need of higher quality depth, and Satele provides that (his experience alone is valuable).

benz lets nt get carried away with Satele his days as a true starting NFL center are far behind him. Call a spade a spade. Satele is only best available backup center that can be signed. Nothing more or less.

There are even a few backup center that are better than Satele. They just are not available right now. I wouldn't even quite call him a decent plug in a flat tire. Before Satele we seemed not to have a plug period.

Thankfully, the Cheatriots don't play a 3-4 defense any more. Setele could not block Wilfork one-on-one. At least a healthy Wilfork. Who knows what he'll be like after his knee injury.

not getting carried away at all Still, said above he's average at best.....but I'm talking on a relative basis......compared to what we have, Satele provides higher quality depth, at worst, thats all--at least we know he can connect on snaps, has started alot of games.....that alone is valuable, compared to who we have at center currently

Posted by: mike johnson | August 02, 2014 at 09:03 PM

No, thankfully we have a new oc whose passing game design is predicated around the qb getting the ball out of his hands very quickly.

Primary reason Colts dropped Satele was because he was allowing too much pressure up the middle in Andrew Luck's face. Not mention average to below average run blocking.


Backups? Didn't see that coming.

Posted by: FckFace | August 02, 2014 at 08:28 PM

The shock would have been Miami passing on a Tackle Rd-1, we all knew it would be the one that fell in our lap (Including James with a debate of availability in trade down) So Fox was always seen as a quality back up a star player at the U on the OL just can't stay healthy and at this point a bull pen guy.

The scout report told us Smith is a run grader but his issue related to his pass blocking ability. Doesn't get back n his stance well and can be caught off balance back peddling by D (I believe he saw plenty of it being he played NFC West)

He signed a 2 Yr./5 Mil deal with us were only 1.25 Mil is guaranteed (Some on here seem to ignore this fact) With 500K already paid and 750 due in 2014 he's making the team at worst as quality back up I say he's a lock backing up both Guard spots.

If this is the case and Satele (Move I find lateral considering he kept getting Luck hit up th gut) is the starter at this point you'd have to be very worried if your Sam Brenner presently running the 3rd team OL given Turner is also a lock who can be groomed to be a Tackle.

Hopefully Pouncey is back by game 6(Packers). This means whoever our starting backup center is he'll only pay 4 games. We have a bye week 5.

Turner has to be placed in a spot and stick with it. Please, no more moving rookie lineman all over the place. We've already seen how well this works out.

At best they become decent backups. Never sticking anywhere long enough to truly hone his craft at a single position.

We dont want/need guys like Pouncey on our team. He is a cancer in the lockeroom and injury prone.

All Sampson has ever done is give his all.

He may not be a pro bowler but, he is a pro.

Cut the hazer and Hernandez supporter Pouncy.

Some times character beats raw talent.

lets hope James and Turner can play.....along with Pouncey, thats 3 draft picks.....lets actually keep these guys for more than a few years, let them develop, all young--draft 1-2 more next year......build the line the right way for a change

Posted by: Still/Wade/County | August 02, 2014 at 09:06 PM

100% Correct! On both points hasn't been unveiled yet but if everybody remembers one of the reasons Vick wins the starting job last Yr. was based on his ability to roll the pocket and run if needed. They did it by design and the big question when Vick got hurt was whether Foles could do it which he did to a degree more like they scaled it back. I expect to see us in these sets as wel with a former WR at QB.

no Jake, in the pros, character never beats raw talent.....some may not want Pouncey, but make no mistake, we need him.....what, do most here think boy scouts play this game?--he needs to grow up, but plenty of players around the league do.....dont be foolish.

Pouncey belongs in jail with Hernandez and Incognito. Not on our team.

They sign loser Samson Satele, and someone actually posts "10-6!"

This is unbelievable lol

Armando knows things.

Satele has been closer to Delilah than Samson over his NFL career. :-)

Turner has to be placed in a spot and stick with it. Please, no more moving rookie lineman all over the place. We've already seen how well this works out.

Posted by: Still/Wade/County | August 02, 2014 at 09:14 PM

Billy Turner will start his career at Guard but eventually will get every chance to be the future at LT. He was a man amongst boys in th FBS he didn't go higher IMO because while playing nasty only put up 25 reps at the bench in the combine so team will look to improve his strength but at nearly 6'5"/315 Pds running a 1.82 in 10 Yd shuttle (Which shows explosivness) could be the LT in 2017 after 1st three Yrs. of Albert deal pass and most of his guarantee and him 34 by then.


no Jake, in the pros, character never beats raw talent.....some may not want Pouncey, but make no mistake, we need him.....what, do most here think boy scouts play this game

Posted by: benz | August 02, 2014 at 09:22 PM

I laugh everytime I read one of those Pouncey posts. Our Pouncey turned out the better Center than his more highly touted Bro! Given he was a Guard in College and some questioned the move. He is that rare Center who can pull if needed blocking down the field. In honesty the best I saw before him doing it was the Ultra-Atletic Kevin Mawae and the only one who did it as effectively as our guy!

Sampson has returned thank you mr. Hickey now we have a true center

I have finally given up on the shower curtain. I will buy a better than a $5 one tomorrow.

but the once again, I'm a loser lol

Love this signing. Satele is a vet with good technique. How can Miami focus on the intracasies of Lazors fast tempo if they cant even get the ball to the QB. At least they can snap the ball now. About time.

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