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Dolphins tweak Tannehill's technique

When Bill Lazor came to the Dolphins with a reputation as something of a quarterback whisperer everyone knew change was coming for Ryan Tannehill. But the degree of the fundamental nature of that change is starting to become clear.

Lazor tweaked Tannehill's footwork. That is supposed to improve accuracy.

"We just taught him how we want it to be. We explained it to him," Lazor said. "We gave him some drills on how to get it. And he worked his butt off, he's working his butt off to get it right.

"There were just certain fundamentals as with any position that we feel is the best way to do it. That's the way we're leading them. No one's perfect. PGA golfers have swing coaches and they're making money and are not done yet. It's just a matter of coaching. We're coaches. We have a great love for what we do and the fundamentals of the game and to try to make guys the best they can be. That's what we're doing with Ryan. For his part and all the quarterbacks here, they're buying in and working hard."

Well, Tannehill was 6 of 6 and led the Dolphins on a touchdown drive in the preseason opener Friday against Atlanta. So has he arrived?

"There is no 'I got it,' '" Lazor said. "Never.

""I thought he had 10 good plays. I thought he showed command. I thought he was very decisive on the field. The ball came out of his hand on time with all of them. He has a really good grasp of what we're doing. My job is to push him. I've got to make it very hard for him out here on the practice field. I heard a rumor that some people reported we've made it hard to him on the field. That's on purpose. That's how you build a quarterback and he's coming."


The Dolphinzs returned to the practice field Sunday for a relatively light two hour practice. There were no 11 on 11 drills.

Cornerback Cortland Finegan was not present after posting on Instagram of a death in his family. Defensive tackle A.J. Fancis did not practice because he has a left knee injury and will miss multiple days.


Running backs are dropping like flys for the Dolphins.

Daniel Thomas (hamstring) and Damien Williams (unreported injury) did not practice Sunday. And halfway through the practice, Mike Gillislee suffered some sort of knee injury. Gillislee stayed on the sideline with his left knee wrapped until the end of the drills.


Jason Fox, who has been working as a backup left tackle, left practice accompanied by trainers.

The depth at left tackle is suspect already. Any significant injury to Fox would likely force the team move Nate Garner back to backup LT.


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No more Oline injuries please

Let's Go Dolphins!

What fundamentals were changed? Only the footwork? What a horrible reporter.


Did you notice that the Phins made it onto the ESPN top 45 MNF games of all time:


Posted by: FckFace | August 10, 2014 at 02:16 PM


"The depth at left tackle is suspect at that would likely force the team move Nate Garner back to backup LT if Fox is out for any significant amount of time."



To this day the best offense we've had since Marino retired has been the Sparano WIld Cat. Say what you will, we have yet to surpass that since.

Is Coyle interim HC yet?

I used to argue that Marino never went in Shot-gun enough. He was always his best out of the Shot-gun.But Shula always loved that 2 back set that I believed hurt Marino. But I do not agree with Tannehill lineing up in the shot gun on every play. Where not a passing team.Your putting allot of pressure on Tannehill and the offensive line when he is not under center.

Ryan Tannehill 32 td passes, 11 ints, 5 rush tds, 4500 yards passing in 2014

Mike G. I'm not sure anyone involved with the entire NFL cares about what you agree with or not. Let's face it, you have no professional NFL experience and therefore basically know nothing.

Tweet, maybe an anger management class would help ya.

So despite having an entirely new oline of players that never played together, the most important player will miss several games with an injury. On top of that two of our top defensive players will be out on 4 months suspensions and also 4/5ths of our dismal RB corp are injured or recovering from surgery.

5-11 at best.

We are supposed to compete with the elite AFC teams with so many problems and a high percentage of our starters not even playing the first two weeks against division rivals?

Yeah, right.

Posted by: dbo the great | August 10, 2014 at 05:00 PM

dbo its very difficult to have as much Tannehill optimism as you. The closest I can manage is great hope. There are just still too many contrasting reports on Tannehill to merit optimism.

Many so called expert and pseudo expert opinions have deepy muddied those waters. Who's right or wrong we yet to consistently se. However, these varying of opinions usually find themselves landing somewhere inbetween.

In the end, its on Tannehill himself, who will reveal to all the real truth. Beit right, wrong, or somewhere inbetween.

Posted by: Let's be Real | August 10, 2014 at 05:15 PM

I'm expecting progress with the oline as the season wears on. Pouncey looks to be coming along faster than expected. As the oline gets better, I expect the running game to improve.

My greatest concern is with the lb's. No one can cover, so they have to get better at tackling. The defense as whole, still allows teams to march down at will, then stiffen to allow fg's instead of td's.

This is still problematic because nearing season's end and or 4th qtrs., we still have a very tired d. These lb's must get these problems resolved. Or the coaching staff/fo needs to go out and get 1 or 2 lb's that can. Even if it has to be done through trade.

Just don't know if any other team's willing to take on the overpaid Wheeler/Ellerbee contracts. That's where the primary problem in doing this will rely. At any rate, 2014 will see at least 1 very high draft pick at lb.

At leas get some lb's that can tackle even if they can not cover too. We just can not have lb's that can neither cover nor tackle sufficiently.

FTE @ 4:52

The darkest hour in Phins history is the era of BACKDOOR football.
Why was it our darkest hour?
Because we allowed our team, it's employees and it's fans to all look like home-o's in front of the nation. Why did we do that? Because it was less painful than watching NoodleArm have possession for 45 minutes on MNF and still losing. It was less painful than watching NoodleArm throw 4 picks in a playoff game.

When Henne hit Ginn in stride on MNF the BACKDOOR era of football in Miami ended. That is why I am still thanking him.

First 4 games at least will be without Pouncey, Jones, Jordan. That is 25% of the season with backups at key areas on a team already far behind the usual playoff contenders.


If a meaningless game makes some of you so perpetually miserable perhaps it's time to take a step back and realize just how mentally unbalanced and immature you are.

Football is nothing more than a diversion. It should be fun. If it has become something more than that for you---something that causes you such rage and obsessiveness---then you need professional help.

Having hope is one thing. Having foolish expectations is another. On the bright side, I can see this team easily turning the corner in 2015. Just not this year.

wax on wax off.

Posted by: reality | August 10, 2014 at 05:43 PM

Ditto for you as you were irked enough to respond.

Posted by: reality | August 10, 2014 at 05:43 PM

I didn't see anyone mention they were miserable, what a strange comment.

Dolphins should give the 49ers a call about guard Alex Boone. That would solve our OL issues.

Posted by: Tony | August 10, 2014 at 06:00 PM

I'm not sure if the Niners are even interested in trading him. His understudy has not looked good, I think they will pay him.

When was the last time someone tweaked Manziel?

We didn't even draft the best QB from Texas when we drafted TPuke. Manziel was younger and still better!

We got robbed!!

Posted by: SAM I AM | August 10, 2014 at 06:06 PM


Why would anyone have to mention it? You are grown men who sit around day after day expressing rage and infantile, creepy obsessiveness over a meaningless game.

That is a textbook definition of a miserable life.

That is a textbook definition of a miserable life.

Posted by: reality | August 10, 2014 at 06:09 PM

This is how the majority of your posts come across for sure.

darkoak, are you a fatty?

We really owe this blogs existence to Darkoak, so let's thank him. If he didn't spend all his days feeding all the trolls non-stop, this blog would have evaporated long ago for lack of attendance.

Sherman strikes again!

First TPuke then no playoffs

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Grits suck.

I think Lazor will be Assistant Head Coach before Coyle becomes Interim Head Coach. This guy has the mo-mo. Hope we can keep him even if it's at the expense of Philbin.

Posted by: Ply | August 10, 2014 at 06:28 PM

You're welcome.

Stop feeding the homers and they'll go away.

Was Chad Everett a good looking lesbian?

The way Lazor is calling plays he'll Definetely be HC before Coyle.

Grits with butter and cheese is excellent.

Don't get mad at Darkoak for checking trolls.

The regulars here ARE the trolls. Who doesn't know that?

The regulars here ARE the trolls. Who doesn't know that?

Posted by: so obvious | August 10, 2014 at 07:36 PM

Darkoak doesn't know it and a few others. Most people are generally dumb.


Chad Everett was an extraordinarily gorgeous lesbian. His presence in the lesbian community is sorely missed.

Lobsters are giant, aquatic cockroaches.


Posted by: FckFace | August 10, 2014 at 07:39 PM

How can anyone love this crap dysfunctional franchise?

Ryan Tannehill now has Lazor vision, and will also be the top rusher in some of the games this year.

Coyle will get serious consideration for HC when Philbin is fired.

So who's got cut?

How soon we forget. Every qb has a good game every now and again. Let's wait until the Patriots game in the regular season. Then we will know for sure what we have in Tannehill.

Then we will know for sure what we have in Tannehill.

Posted by: bond,david bond | August 10, 2014 at 08:55 PM

Tannehill has stunk for 2 years. One good drive hardly changes things.

Hey it is a game. And Reality, you should watch more tv. I think Storage Wars Russia is on. Moron.

And so this is Christmas...

Yo Jay. I agree with you but I am trying to be supportive. I just know for certain that we need someone who can throw the deep ball to Mike Wallace regularly. We have 3 qbs who can but they won't be given a chance though. Seth Lobato is a diamond in the rough. He is going to get better each week. He can throw the deep ball too. I stress the deep ball so much because it can be the difference in a win and a loss. I remember when Miami played the Patriots in 1986. Maimi was down 28 to 24; with 38 seconds left, on their own 25. Well Dan dropped back and hit Mark Duper with a 75 yard bomb. Miami won that game and many others because of the bomb.


If the negativity is the beginning of the thread the that is not a troll.

Was that bomb from Marino on MNF?
The reason I ask is so far Henne is the only Dolphin listed in top 45 MNF games. If the bomb to Tedd Ginn is also there then Henne will be mentioned twice and that will really piss off Dashi.

Just End The Season = Jets.......Rex is preaching of success but they suck. The Bills have no QB. The Cheatriots are going to crash and burn (week 1 Mia 31 NE 17). Off to a 10-6 season for the Dolphins.

Truths of the world...
The only undefeated team was the Dolphins.
Vladimir Putin is a prick ruling a declining power that is desperate to stay relevant
The Cheatriots have not win a SB since spygate
Mao Zedong was an idiot

FFace, I am sure that it was on a sunday evening; a 4 o'clock game. I remember because Duper almost dropped the ball because Dan almost overthrew him. So, Duper reached out and tipped the backend of the football and then juggled it back into his hands for the score. I was on pins and needles because it looked like Dan had overthrew Duper. It was a spectacular catch and win!

The Bills have no QB? But theys got more Superbowls than those other teams in the AFC east combined. I think with sandy Watkins they will win the division he's a good college player and he's a pro now. But the dolphins don't have Marino anymore so you know they got 99 problems but a QB is one.
The jets do suck and they should have kept mark Sanchez cos he won them a Superbowl. But theys got Gino and he's not very good at passing. He ain't bad at running it but that's about it. He should be a RB.
But I think that the division will be close. I wouldn't be surprised if all the teams make the playoffs that'll be crazy if it does. It happened once before I think in the 90s when the steelers and colts both made it

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