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Injury update (some good, some not)

The Dolphins are back on the practice field this morning ... well, at least some of them.

Kicker Caleb Sturgis is dealing with a groin injury and will miss multiple practices. The Dolphins are going without a kicker in practice today and may or may not sign a kicker during the week. The injury is not serious, however, and I would not be surprised if Sturgis is the kicker on Friday evening against the Atlanta Falcons in the preseason opener.

Tight end Charles Clay (knee), quarterback Pat Devlin (hamstring), cornerback Jalil Brown (knee) and wide receiver Stephen Williams (ankle) are also out today and are expected to miss multiple practices and perhaps the preseason opener.

On the bright side for the team, receiver Mike Wallace, who has been nursing a sore hamstring, is back at practice today at least on a limited basis.

Backup quarterback Matt Moore, who also missed multiple practices and the scrimmage with a sore right shoulder, is also back at practice today at least on a limited basis.

During the early part of today's practice, newly signed Samson Satele was taking second-team snaps at center while Sam Brenner was getting first-team work at center.

Nate Garner, who spent time at center with the starters last week, is back at tackle today.

[Update: Satele is now getting first team work at center. That was quick.]

[Update: Both tight end Michael Egnew and defensive end Olivier Vernon left the field with trainers. Obviously attending to medical issues. Dion Jordan replaced Vernon with the first-team defense.]

[Update: Egnew is being tested for concussion symptoms.]


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Clay injured is not good .

Why not let Fields do some kicking, good to have a back up PK, right?

qb is
still needed

No pants today.

I hope Vernon is not bad. The extra work for Jordan and Fede will be great. Maybe we can get Fede noticed so we can trade him.

No pants for me either Dave. Holiday up here today.

2.0 f'd ^ the ol
calls last season at indy
hence his unemployment
till 8-2

Can we put an end to this Egcrapp expirement already. he sucks, sucked as a rookie, sucks as a 2nd year player, sucks as a 3rd year player. Just cut him already

is carpenter in buff?

As much as I wanted Egnew to succeed, this is probably his last camp. He and Martin are the only true busts from the last 3 drafts.

I know this will start some crap!

Can anyone take anything from the Bills preseason game last night except looks like there offense sucks with EJ Manuel as the QB.


Concerned that a guy out of football could be signed and immediately he leapfrogs the whole OL depthchart to become a starter? (Colledge) MIT I know you remember.


The street are now starting for us (Colledge & Satele)?

40% of our starting OL 1. Do not qualify for the 90 man roster of 31 other teams and 2. Neither were here when the offense was installed in OTA's and the first part of camp and yet both are better than our whole OL depth chart?

I'm not that concerned. As sad as it is to say, Samson Satele is the best center the Phins got. I'm glad they signed him. The other guys weren't cutting it.


He said he never works the gap between C and LG so we're good.

Posted by: FckFace | August 04, 2014 at 09:45 AM

Wow now we know why you call yourself FckFace

I like what i hear about the inter scrimmage! Can we finally start getting consistant positive news?

Good to see Satele was signed. Him and Colledge have a ton of stars throughout their career and started 29 games between the 2 last year. O-line should at least be stabilized now.

Lots of injuries today, hopefully none too serious.

Sturgis is either hurt, or inconsistent. Dan C looked good last night. Should have kept Dan C,

now they

Need a

ETF, I'm not surprised. I was in an outrage with the work this team did to fix the line in early free agency. You sign Albert then jerkoff the rest of the offseason. This baloney team expected to get two starters from the draft and address one other spot from an internal promotion?

The regulars thought I was out of my mind. Another example of me being almost always right. Hickey was going to revolutionize the draft and get an entire new line from one draft and fool everyone by finding a career backup 6th round pick that was going to shock everyone and then pat himself on the back and wink at the boss to show him all the money he saved. Keep dreaming, man. Should've splurged on another front end vet. It was the bloody obvious and correct move. Now they have to hope Colledge has enough in the tank and Albert can play an entire season. Dream big, Hickey!

Posted by: deity | August 04, 2014 at 10:09 AM
Another Ireland bust. Well it could have been Philbin who wanted to change kickers. Obviously Dan Carpenter should have been kept.

Colledge was a cap casualty. The Cardinals didn't want to pay him 5 million per year at 32 years old. Not because he can't play.

It's really premature to get negative on Hickey before the season even begins!!!

Give the guy a chance he is still correcting Ireland's mistakes.....

How much are we paying Colledge? Had 31 other teams offered him that he would've signed with them.

Felt good about this offseason and our QB until Armando tweets that Tannehill has just thrown 3 interceptions (basically) in a row.

Every time I checked the blog over the weekend people were saying how great we are and how shhtty the Jets are. Don't the a Jets have 2 DT that are 1st round picks?

Ryan Tannehill 32 td passes, 11 ints, 5 rush tds, 4500 yards passing in 2014

it's a mess

FCK, the jets are going to blow. both geno and vick couldn't get in the endzone during intrasquad scrimmage.

Any minute now Tanne's agent is going to tell him to put himself on IR and save himself for his next team.

the flat chested 1
had $omething
to do with

You are not my master.

If I remember correctly we signed Colledge to a one year deal worth 2 million. He played under Joe Philbin when he was the OL coach and OC in Green Bay so there is a lot of familiarity between the two.

The one thing I noticed last night was the Bills Seantrel Henderson, they guy looked simply outstanding in pass protection and run blocking.

We def missed on him for goodness sake he was a 6th round pick thats great value for a 6'8 330 guy. If he fails a drug test or whatever cut him, dont see the big deal the upside was too much to pass up on!

there goes tp
shining shoes at m int'l airport
oooooooh boy

The only way this makes sense is if Ross is purposely trying to lose so the stadium will be empty and he can extort a new stadium out of the taxpayers.


Are you seriously bothered by interceptions in practice?

Ryan Tannehill 32 td passes, 11 ints, 5 rush tds, 4500 yards passing in 2014

or move 2 london

31 other teams passed on Henderson multiple times.

Tanne gets$2mil/season and Moore gets $5mil so let Moore take the beating.

sure lazor/philbin are

fckface don't be a pathetic loser

I'm here for 2 watt

fckface don't be a pathetic loser

Posted by: dbo the great
Ghey ?

where's that shine?

MIT, I agree your way would be the safest and quickest way to the playoffs. But would it not be great to draft some offensive linemen?

It would be great to have a mid season OL of;
Albert, Turner, Pouncey, Thomas and James.

At some point, if we are going to be a successful franchise, we have to draft our own O-linemen. Trying to be a good team by paying cast-off O-linemen big bucks is not a winning plan.

just practice
it's not

We could of had Seantrel H and J. James with Billy Turner. Fede is ok but with this DL he'll never see PT.

I have your daily prescriptions 2 watt

Okay I'm out the trolls are here to repeat their stupid comments over and over. Go Dolphins!

3 tds in intrasquad scrimmage

Teams passed on Henderson because of the drug test numb nuts. The potential is there and its a good gamble on a 6th round pick Im not saying he should of been selected in the first 4 rounds but 5,6,7 its very good value.

I'm one of the last people to overreact to practice. It's practice for a reason. Obviously our QB isn't going to kill every practice, but 3 INTs in a row is a little worrisome; either he's trying to make the same decision and it clearly isn't working (definition of insanity) or the coaches want him to do something specific and it clearly isn't working.

I think Tannehill is growing up just fine from all the accounts we're hearing. Clay is my biggest concern, as long as that injury isn't going to keep him out too long.

Practice? We talkin' bout practice!?

MiamiD20, how do we know its not the recievers fault? One of the ints thrown to was to Kevin Cone, which probably wont make the team. remember the offense relys on timing of the routes. Tannehill had a stellar intrasquad scrimmage without hartline and Wallace.

Also maybe tannehill had a late night last night cause he was laying pipe to the wife.

bad snaps is not u'r
it's when u'r on u'r back
after the snap
that is
the problem

I am on pins and needles anticipating this huge preseason game and the opportunity to see a bunch of players who will never take a single snap in a game that actually counts.

more excuses from
4 the int machine

Agreed DBO, ultimately I'm not worried about those interceptions. Yes, throwing 3 interceptions in a row is a pretty "ummm....?" kind of moment, just as long as it's not inaccurate throws that are causing it. If it's mistiming by Tannehill or the receivers then I am fine with getting the kinks out now. That's why there is training camp.

As for Tannehill's wife....I'll argue all day that THill's wife is not that good looking. A lot of tanning and makeup and she looks OK, but she isn't that cute.

Give me Hartline's gf over Tannehill's wife every day.

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