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Injury update (some good, some not)

The Dolphins are back on the practice field this morning ... well, at least some of them.

Kicker Caleb Sturgis is dealing with a groin injury and will miss multiple practices. The Dolphins are going without a kicker in practice today and may or may not sign a kicker during the week. The injury is not serious, however, and I would not be surprised if Sturgis is the kicker on Friday evening against the Atlanta Falcons in the preseason opener.

Tight end Charles Clay (knee), quarterback Pat Devlin (hamstring), cornerback Jalil Brown (knee) and wide receiver Stephen Williams (ankle) are also out today and are expected to miss multiple practices and perhaps the preseason opener.

On the bright side for the team, receiver Mike Wallace, who has been nursing a sore hamstring, is back at practice today at least on a limited basis.

Backup quarterback Matt Moore, who also missed multiple practices and the scrimmage with a sore right shoulder, is also back at practice today at least on a limited basis.

During the early part of today's practice, newly signed Samson Satele was taking second-team snaps at center while Sam Brenner was getting first-team work at center.

Nate Garner, who spent time at center with the starters last week, is back at tackle today.

[Update: Satele is now getting first team work at center. That was quick.]

[Update: Both tight end Michael Egnew and defensive end Olivier Vernon left the field with trainers. Obviously attending to medical issues. Dion Jordan replaced Vernon with the first-team defense.]

[Update: Egnew is being tested for concussion symptoms.]


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Is Dashi selling his painted coconut heads to tourists today?

also I don't care if Tannehill throws 6 picks per practice at this point. Our top 5 D practice against the same offense every day. they should know a lot of what the offense runs and how to stop it as oppose to another team. WHY? because they see it every day.

those excuses
just roll right
out of u'r bum

scrimmages>practice and, preseason game>scrimmage

so lets see comes friday

just practice
it's not
don't worry 'bout
the multiple pix
it's part of the offensive game plan.
no worries

dbo, agreed.

Training camp is where these guys are supposed to try new things, experiment, run plays that they aren't that familiar with. After all, this is a new offense and there will be mistakes made. Make them now, learn from them, adjust the offense accordingly and get it fine tuned for the regular season.

you getting sober off your bath salts 2 watt?

I can start to understand your English just a little.

Neither THill or Hartline wife all that give me Scarlett Johanson Ill just looking into her eyes

My (legitimate) concerns for 2014:

1) LBs
2) Getting one !$@%ing rushing yard on 3rd or 4th down
3) Return game

Our LBs have been just as bad as our OL for the past 4 seasons. Our running game needs to yield us a blocker and a guy who can run into traffic. And we need an actual return game. Yes Thigpen CAN bring one back, but our overall field position was terrible last year - it rarely ever gave us a short field - he's better than the 3 yards Bess would always get us though.


Some of you peeps hit the panic button for no good reason. Chill. It will get better as the pre-season moves along.

Drew Bledsoe use to throw various pics in practice. and he adjusted for games. so it is a lot of experimental stuff.

2 pix six
from the d
the phins are
gonna need those 12
every game
this season

Bledsoe threw plenty of pics inr eal games as well

A short breakdown:

Hartline's GF > Jake Long's wife (when she was here)
Jake Long's wife > THill's wife
THill's wife > Lebron Jame's wife
Lebron Jame's wife > Dwayne Wade's flame (not Gabrielle Union, she would go above Long's wife and compete for the top spot)
Dwayne Wade's flame > Brandon Marshall's wife
Brandon Marshall is more violent than Ray Rice
Brandon Marshall's wife > Ray Rice's wife

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Andy Dalton? Andy DALTON!?!
Red-headed devil children

The King of Uruguay shall bestow wonderful candies upon you all today!

Please gather at 3 p.m. at the flag pole.

2 watt go get your GED already. you need it. stop judging athletes when you never was ever good enough to make 3rd string at any sport in your life.

d is gonna b fun
2 watch at least

a regular here so does every other QB.


2 watt go get your GED already. you need it. stop judging athletes when you never was ever good enough to make 3rd string at any sport in your life.

can also
throw 3 pix
in practice

Seantrel Henderson did look really good last night. Dashi is probably right on that one.

Also, like others said, lets see how things go Friday.

still need
a qb

Brady Quinn also has no trouble getting with a woman. something you cant 2 watt.

As long as they throw them in practice and not on SUNDAYs...then it is OK.

Devlin is in trouble this year. QB3 will be Brock.

just punt
on 1st
down and get the d back
on the field
they can score

right deity? I mean practice. whooooooaaaa we cant throw pics in practice. lol. these lame couch potato losers don't even know what its like to practice an any sport.

Henderson looked dominant last night. Every single pass rusher was stood up by Trel at least while I watched him

Im ghey with 2 watt?

how does Lazors leg look? Can he PK?

2 watt would make a nice tackling dumby for cam wake and the boys. Heck, Tannehill can get a pop on him.

ha ha ha

Although Pre Season is considered as unimportant, to me I get to see the depth we have at all positions. During the season if a starter gets injured, do we panic or does bench strength mean anything. Having quality depth means everything. Bringing in replacement players mid season is not an option IMO unless the back ups go down as well. Evaluate the depth chart and find replacements if needed in August before the final roster cut. At this point I am comfortable with the depth of the defensive back field, D line, WR's and to a certain point the RB's. LB and O line still a concern in my book.

Internet 101:

People who put "lol" after their own comments are never funny and painfully stupid.


I do think we have good backups for our WRs (excess backups for that matter - in a good way). And although none are "star"/starter caliber, we do have a lot of "get the job done" RBs (how well they do that job is a different story). LBs and OL we're still searching for some starters. Our backups (Jenkins, Trusnick, Tripp) aren't terrible backups, they're subpar and it doesn't help that our starters are also subpar.

We're covered, depth wise, for DB, DL, WR, RB, and QB. Now just a matter of tightening up our starters at OL and LB.

OMG....the stupidity never ceasing on this blog. So Henderson of the Bills has a decent game according to this genius, in a meaningless game against a bunch ofnobodies, going half-speed and all of a sudden we made the biggest mistake in the draft and Henderson is being fitted for a HOF jacket. Hilarious!

Its dumb, over-reacting comments like these that always make this blog fun to visit.

So we draft Henderson, genius.....where does he play? Talk to me when the guy's played a down of significance.

90% of preseason is worthless garbage. The teams themselves could give a crap less about winning or losing them, you never see the vast majority of the actual regular season playbook, and a huge part of these "games" are being played by guys who will NEVER see a single down in a regular season contest.

You know the only important thing in preseason? Not getting guys hurt.

Marv Levy understood that years ago when he would completely disregard these moronic games and rest everybody important. The Bills would then get crushed but who the hell cared? It meant nothing once the real season started.

Don't fool yourself into thinking you're "learning" anything in these glorified practices. You aren't.

The 72 Dolphins went 3-3 in the preseason (they played SIX of these miserable things back then).

You can see how much that mattered.


There will always be rash judgments made after each preseason game. Tannehill is going to throw an INT or fumble it and we'll be off searching for our next QB again. Or he'll miss on a deep ball and it'll be back to his incompetence again.

If anything, this preseason game, I want to see how our new offense works. Lets not declare busts or HOF until after our bye week. Then we can bash Hickey for not addressing the OL or Philbin for not coaching up our players.

Actually, now that I think of it the MOST ludicrous thing about the preseason is the unmitigated gall the NFL has to force fans to include these pointless, idiotic contests in season ticket packages and charge full regular season prices for it.

It would be like paying for dinner at a five-star restaurant but being served McDonald's chicken nuggets for an appetizer.

Ridiculous rip off.

Jeez no wonder why trolls come here and bash some of you ppl state. This blig is about stating YOUR opinions about a guy/team/player and the "regulars" bash the guy opinion.



Good points.

Its just amazes me the guys who think they are smarter than everyone else (including the GMs of all 32 games), based off of a meaningless preseason game.

Unbelievable no one claims to be smarter than anyone its an OPINION once again, its like some guys feel good about bashing posts. Guess it makes them feel like a tough guy maybe who knows..

or maybe we should put "In My Opinion" in every posts so idiots like Craig know that



A regular here, 2 watt is smarter than you

What I took from yesterday's preseason game is Miami will once again have trouble with the two-headed monster of Spiller and Jackson. And that while EJ looked rusty, they do have weapons out there for him. And if Alonzo was in there we'd really, REALLY be in trouble.

Our hardest games will be against division rivals (like ALWAYS). So Miami better be prepared (sounds like they're moving in the right direction, though the injuries aren't helping).


The street are now starting for us (Colledge & Satele)?

40% of our starting OL 1. Do not qualify for the 90 man roster of 31 other teams and 2. Neither were here when the offense was installed in OTA's and the first part of camp and yet both are better than our whole OL depth chart?

Posted by: FckFace | August 04, 2014 at 09:41 AM

Your really asking a loaded quetion!

1)Darren Colledge was signed by Az. last Yr. to start after Rookie 7th overall pick Jon Cooper broke his leg. Given they play in an unforgiving Div. up front it was note worthy when they went on there run last Yr. (In the process dispatching Seattle and the 12th man at home late in the Season) He is expendable in Az. because Cooper is back aside from the fact he wants to play as he stated and that wasn't going to happen this Yr. over there.

Anybody who can hold his own Vs. the pass rush in the NFC West is welcome! He and Albert on the Leftside together fit well and will provide Tannehill the type of protection he hasn't had in his time here. I've always said I never got the love for Cogs (Been saying it here well before the Bullygate thing) Based on slow pulling ability and the whiffing on the inside stunts and blitzes!

2)The OL plays a zone scheme in other words if the play Tannehill calls is Off RT then the entire OL is pulling right and vice versa. If it's a pass they need to get back in their blocking stance ect.... The ins and outs of the Playbook (Routes, designed runs ect..)is for the QB and skill players to workout!

They need time to gel in order to pick up on each others habits in pass protection and run blocking while working together picking up stunts and blitzes. This is were reps together help and the reason for getting a starting 5 set now as opposed to the week before the Yr. (The case in Sparano's tenure) Satele to me is a lateral move and one they use if the lapses in snapping out of the shotgun in particular stay an issue before week-3 in the pre-Season!

Wait a min DC, according to the Craig Maggot you have to state a "In Your Opinion" prior to your post because you'll be one of the idiots who think your smarter than NFL ppl because you're drawing conclusions from 1 pre season game!


Right you are, pal. I'm the idiot but you're the good spouting drivel based a meaningless set of downs in, the first pre-season game of the year.

As you were....

EK, absolutely draft some linemen. Me, even myself, I would've drafted two to three linemen. But I would not have counted any or at most one to start. This team waited until to fix their line. And did it with a guy who at 32 may not last the season as usually guys fall off by now. Didn't want to pay Beadles for example because he was too expensive. But instead of signing one pro bowler for $6M they sign Moreno, Flanagan, Colledge for $11M. I would take Beadles over all three of those players combined any day. Hickey was an absolute moron in free agency. Said it day 2 and stand pat with that opinion today. They better hope Tannehill takes the next step (and he better cut out days like today if he hopes so) or else this team is sunk.

Other than signing Albert, this guy burned millions on crappola instead of quality.

Great point about Marv Levy. I remember the NFL actually fining him once for making comments about how dumb and pointless he thought preseason games were!

He used to rest EVERYBODY and just like you said the Bills would look like a total mess. Then when they kicked off for real Buffalo would dominate the division and the conference.

Totally agreed preseason in nonsense.

Its my opinion Maggot everyone entitled to one even filth such as yourself.

Tannehill didn't throw 3 INTs in a wow, they were over the entire practice. Still bad but not Jet-like.

Richard, the "Yodeling Man" is in a long-term relationship with the Pillsbury Dough Boy. Sorry to break the news.

arh, if you like Scarlett so much, check out Under the Skin. She's in the buff numerous times in that film.

MIt, one throw was to kevin cone who probably wont make the team. so we don't know if that was on tannehill or the receiver.

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