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Is plowing the Cowboys good or bad?

Joe Philbin is hoping his team scores 25 points per game this year, which would give the Dolphins a whopping 400 points for the season. But the thing about tonight's preseason game against Dallas is if the Dolphins score 25 points, that might be a disappointment.

Dallas, you see, has a horrible defense.

The Cowboys allowed 27 points per game last season. Their rush defense was bad and ranked No. 27 in the NFL last season which was surpassed in failure only by the pass defense which ranked 30th in the NFL last season.

And if you think this is a new year and things are better consider the Cowboys gave up 27 points in their first preseason game -- and lost. And they gave up 37 points against the Ravens in their second preseason game -- and lost.

So life could be easy on the Miami offense tonight at Sun Life Stadium.

And it says here that could be good. Or bad.

Obviously, the Dolphins want to enjoy some success against the Cowboys to cement confidence onto the foundation new offensive coordinator Bill Lazor has been laying. Success is good, in this regard.

But there are other ways to view what can happen.

Suppose the Dolphins light up the Cowboys defense. Is that a true test? Is that going to give people -- particularly you -- a false sense of what this team is likely to be in the regular season? Will a good outing tonight be a window on the future or a mirage?

And what if the Dolphins, who have struggled to run the ball this preseason, don't exactly plow through the Dallas defense? If you cannot do it to them, what hope do they have of doing it to Bill Belichick's defense? Or the Buffalo defense?

The Dolphins are in something of a no-win situation here. They perform against Dallas, some will say everyone does it. They fail to perform against Dallas, some will be reaching for panic buttons.

These questions make this preseason game interesting.

It will be interesting to see if Dan Marino is at tonight's game. He has visited Dolphins camp twice in the past couple of weeks and, as I write in my column today, has looked very comfortable mingling with team staffers.

So is the long discussed job with the Dolphins closer to reality for Marino?

Read this and it might enlighten you.