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Live Blog: Dolphins scrimmage 2014

It has been a while since we've talked, right?

Well as the Dolphins are going to invest 120 or so plays in a live scrimmage this morning at Sun Life Stadium, I am going to use that as a forum for letting you converse with me in a .... wait for it ... live blog.

I'll be in the comments section below giving you play by play of today's activities which begin at 9:30.

You can follow along, as the scrimmage is not televised or otherwise broadcast. And I will also be available to answer questions, concerns and otherwise accept your kudos for the great work I've been doing.

See you at 9:30 ....


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Thanks for all the work and social media etc during camp, Mando. Morning ritual to check in with you all during camp though I thousands of miles away. Keep it up!



Mando does this mean you really do care about the peanut gallery? After disappearing and shutting down the blog without a word then reappearing six weeks later. Possibly a heads up would have been good?

Mando did you see the link I posted about Tannehill being 9th in the NFL for deep passing according to PFF?

Question... in the scrimmage is it 1st team vs. 2nd team or do they split up? I can't remember how they did it last year.

O-Line biggest concern or Tannehill development?

Well at the risk of being accused of stating the obvious the two biggest concerns are certainly the offensive line and Tannehill's development. The Dolphins seem to have the talent to push the Patriots. I would suggest that being able to see Tannehill in a regular season game will speak volumes. I would consider Tannehill as the larger question mark for the Dolphins.....

Tannahill will continue the trend of doing nothing. 7 points the last 2 games

4 big issues this year that will make or break this team:

2) Tannehill
3) Linebackers
4) New Coaches on Offense

The starting OLINE I want to see week one:

Albert (LT)
Smith (LG)
Garner (C)
Colledge (RG)
James (RT)

Turner, Thomas and Brenner are young development players. Let them practice for another year and learn from a veteran group. Once Pouncey comes back Garner moves back to being a swing man who can play any position on the line (good backup).

I want to see Benton go with this more seasoned group to give THILL as much time as possible and to give the RB's something that looks like a legit hole to run through.

I want to see two things today from this scrimmage:

1) Can the OLINE get it done?
2) Can Misi really play ILB or will he get pushed around?

Good morning, everyone.

Armando, glad to see you back.

how bout tryin everything to win a game instead of playin "not to lose" ala sparano?

So right now there are about maybe 500 people in the stadium. Early still, I guess.

It's a new year, you are obviously thinking I should clear my off time with you and then announce it so that the entire internet knows I am not at home and the place is available for burglarizing.


I'll take that under advisement.

Thank you, 46andtwo.

Mando - please hone in on Misi during the scrimmage and tell us if he is a legit ILB or just the best option on the squad as it exists today.

it would be nice to see some deep patterns early in the scrimmage rather than all the short dump offs. keep the defense honest which we have not done in a very long time. we have the weapons on offense if we choose to use them.

Remember that Mike Wallace, Matt Moore, Sam Brenner are among the players not participating today.

All this talk about the deep ball drives me crazy. Here is a novel idea...How about the OLINE creates holes for RB's to run through consistently? A real running game would cure many issues for this team.

The Patriots had 22,000 for a scrimmage last nite.

I do not see how we can expect this O-line to have much success at least until mid-season. Do you agree Mando?

I want to see how they look int he preseason before I say it's going to be really bad, cocoajoe. I'm holding out hope that maybe John Benton is a genius and Colledge has something left in the gas tank and Ja'Wuan James is simply great.

I have no hope for the center and right guard spots. Pouncey will solve center when he gets back.

We missed you Mando!

Thank you, Frank.

Armando, I'm hearing great things about Jarvis Landry. Is it just hype or does he have real superstar potential?

Crowd has at least doubled. About 1,000 in the house right now. Team is warming up.

Terrible idea to have in morning, last year was at night, and my guess there was 15k-20k

NiceGuyJon, it is not hype. Jarvis Landry has been very impressive.

Mmost Fins game start @ 1:00ET, Why don't they have more practices in the mid-day heat?

Correction on earlier injury info: Sam Brenner is in pads and working. Good to see he's back from the ankle.

Interesting that Brenner is lining up with the third team OL now. He was second team when he got hurt.

Thanks Mando, that's nice to hear! Also, I would like to second the earlier request that you pay particular attention to the LBs for us.

Mando, I would like to know how aggressive our defensive scheme looks like more particularly delmas and jones. Is delmas an upgrade, and advise if both finny or Taylor will lock down the other corner spot.... thx!

Will do, Nice.

This is actually a practice/scrimmage. I will give you play by play of the scrimmage.

loso, I have noticed in practice that the Dolphins are working more on zone blitzes than in the past. Shhh.

Some biggun' DTs dropping into coverage while the LBs attack.

Don't tell nobody.

Mando come back to Radio! You and perkins!

Welcome back Mando, after C. Clay which of the TE's will or should make this team? Is the Egnew run done here? From what little I did see from Sims I liked any thoughts? Gracias desde Puerto Rico acere!

Good morning Armando. What's your gut feeling about James? Any chance he becomes a solid RT for us? I know he's struggling a bit but in his defense I don't think he's faced too many Cameron Wakes in college...

Too kind Sen.

reconrican, I have to tell you that if the Dolphins are going to get better at TE after Clay it is going to have to come probably from the same guys as last year -- Egnew and Dion Sims -- simply getting better.

It is early and anything can happen, I guess, but the back of the roster guys haven't really impressed me. Arthur Lynch has inconsistent hands, folks.

Morning Mando :o)

What's going on with Chad Pennington...is he ever coming back to coach the Dolphins?

They running some plays yet? What's the scoop?

No. 1: James has by no means been a disaster in practice and I agree with you that Wake should absolutely dominate any rookie. Anyone, really.

But I want to actually see him in action -- in a game -- before I tell anyone he's the real deal OR a problem. Want to be fair.

Do you think that lately the D has been going easy on the offense in practice?
Let's face it if the D keeps blowing up the plays then the O is not getting it's work in and that hurts everybody.

No plays yet. Soon.

Hey mando do can you ban 2 watt please. And good morning to you. Go Dolphins!

hank, don't hold your breath on Pennington.

Chad Pennington is still collecting disability and he's not allowed to work.

Man do, haven't heard much about lynch. How has he looked in the offense? Used as primarily a blocker or pass catcher?

Fck, I don't believe that to be the case. No coach would ever tell his players to take it easy on guys. What good, for example, would it do James if Wake takes it easy on him?

Last years inability to stop Any one on third and LOONG was Ghastly, Yes I know the D was on the field more than they should've, but other than the O putting up more points and longer drives how can they address and combat a repeat performance.

About 2,000 folks here now.

Fckface wake and starks came out on radio n said enough of taking it easy on the OL, play hard to make them better and shows coaches whos got it or not.

Here we go:

Dallas Thomas at RG, Nate Garner at C, Colledge LG, Albert at LT, James RT.

Has the scrim started?

Copy that.

I am hoping to see no issues in the C/QB exchange. That would make 2 days in a row!

Where is Toronto when you need him, I was hoping to rub a little looking impressive Landry in a wound.

Armando, another interesting topic so far in camp has been Lamar Miller. Do you think he can really become a starter? Or do you think eventually Moreno will take over?

First O vs. second D.

1-10-22: Tannehill completes five yarder to Clay.

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