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More cuts as Dolphins reach toward 53 man roster

The Dolphins have cut running back Daniel Thomas and kick returner Marcus Thigpen.

As those cuts have been made, I am told all is quiet on the Damien Williams front. The free agent running back has not heard from the team, and that in addition to Thomas being cut suggests Williams is on the team -- at least for now.

Remember, teams give the impression that some players have made the roster by Saturday's 4 p.m. deadline. And then add two or three other players and make cuts to make room for those new players. So there is nothing permanent until Tuesday.

Anyway, the cutting of Thomas closes the book on the former 2011 second round pick. Thomas finishes his Dolphins career with 1,312 on 365 carres (3.6 yard average). Last year was his best with the Dolphins, as he gained 3.7 yards per carry. He never rushed for more than 581 yards, that coming his rookie season.

Thomas joins other Dolphins second round busts Phillip Merling, John Beck, Matt Roth, Chad Henne, Pat White and Jonathan Martin. And you wonder why this team has to rely on free agency? Those second round picks should have netted the nucleus of this team.

Thigpen, Miami's punt and kickoff return specialist the past two seasons, was hurt part of training camp. He got one final opportunity to make the team Thursday but offered inconsistent results.

He had a nice 39-yard punt return. But that was preceded by a fumbled punt after which he kicked the fumble. Nerves, obviously. The Dolphins recovered but Thigpen's fate seemed sealed.

I asked him afterward if he thought he'd done enough to make the team.

"That's tough to say, what's enough? I've tried to make plays but at the end of the day it's their decision. I did make mistakes but at the end of the day I left all I had out there," Thigpen said.

Thigpen is great people. He's a solid punt returner. I would not doubt he catches on elsewhere.

The Dolphins will now use Jarvis Landry as their punt returner. Damien Williams is a candidate to return kickoffs along with Landry.

The Dolphins have also cut defensive back Kevin Fogg. No surprise there.

[Update: Wide receiver Matt Hazel has been cut, according to a source. Hazel is the first of GM Dennis Hickey's draft picks to be cut. He made a push to make the team on Thursday night with a nice game. But the numbers are working against him. He is a practice squad possibility.]

[Update: Source tells me rookie free agent DT Anthony Johnson is expected to make the team. Remember, however, what you read previously about Tuesday. Fellow rookie defensive lineman Tevin Mims has been cut.]

[Update: Source tells me backup offensive tackle Jason Fox is expected to make the team. Remember, however, what you read previously about Tuesday.]

[Update: Source tells me fourth-round pick Walt Aikens is expected to make the team. Remember, however, what you read previously about Tuesday.]

[Update: The Dolphins have told TE Gator Hoskins' agent the player has made the team, as seemed likely yesterday when Kyle Miller was cut.]

[Update: The Dolphins are cutting QB Seth Lobato, per Barry Jackson. No surprise here. I reported here and here the Dolphins were likely to keep only two QBs with another on practice squad.]

[Update: Central Arkansas tight end Chase Dixon, cut recently by the Seattle Seahawks, is scheduled to come to South Florida for a workout. He tweeted about the trip. Dix is 6-5 and 242 pounds and caught four TD passes despite playing in run-heavy offense last year.]

[Update: The Dolphins are clearly looking to help the TE position. They have worked out tight end Jacob Maxwell today, according Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun. Neither the third TE nor sixth WR are safe on this roster.]

[Update: DL Isaako Aaitui has been cut, according to his agent.]

[Update: Offensive linemen Dave Arkin, Evan Finkenberg and Tony Hills have been cut.]

[Update: Backup center Sam Brenner has been cut, according to The Herald's Barry Jackson. Assuming that is true, the Dolphins will have cut their second-team center (Brenner) and third-team center (Arkin) today. That strongly suggests center Mike Pouncey will come off PUP and the team hopes to have him ready by the fourth game of the season. In the meantime, Nate Garner can serve as the backup center.]

[Update: The Dolphins have cut kicker Jake Rogers. Caleb Sturgis is apparently Miami's kicker to start the season.]

[Update: The Dolphins are going with six wide receivers for now: Mike Wallace, Brian Hartline, Brandon Gibson, Jarvis Landry, Rishard Matthews and Damian Williams. For now. Remember the Tuesday rule I've repeated four previous times in this blog.]

Check back often for updates on the cuts ...


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Good to see us finally move on from Thomas and Thigpen.



Fair enough. He was given ample opportunity to show what he had and couldn't do it.

Interestingly, the two guys I liked more than Thomas coming out, Ryan Williams and Mikel Leshoure were both cut by the teams that drafted them. The guy that went first that year, ingram hasn't really set the world on fire. Bad year for RBs, I guess....

Just heard the Jets are in deep shyt at corner. The players don't want Patterson back and Milner is not healthy. Looks like a W for the Raiders next week.

By the way for all those (Myself among them) Who believe that a MEDIOCRE Tannehill Yr. with 7-9 Finish gets the Coaches FIRED and the team back on the QB hunt in the draft then the Watch/Tracker Starts now!

On ESPN Noon Kick Off UCLA Vs. Virginia were the less touted of the 2015 Big-3 QB's will be on display!

Everybody talkin Famous Jameis and Marriota but the one running the Pro Set for H.C. Jim Mora Jr. is my personal fav. not named Winston in Brett Hundley!

Hundley taking the field for the Bruins and I'll be watching. On a Side Note everybody keep an eye this Yr. on Oregon St. QB Mannion whose a BEAST flying under the radar right now!

Hallelujah!!! Finally. Please get rid of these Ireland's failed experiments. In fact I second that idea out there of trading Jordan and Jones when they come back for picks, or whatever. We NEED LINEBACKERS!!!!

And to think we could have drafted Margus Hunt without trading up for that garbage player Jordan is. Kiko Alonso from is own Oregon team is way better. He was better in college so why would that change with the pros, dumb, dumb, dumb.

Still best move this offseaso was firing Ireland!!!

Posted by: Craig M | August 30, 2014 at 11:59 AM

Your question regarding a Big RB just got all the more important.LeShoure is a 6'/235 RB who posted a 4.45/40

I hope we can hang onto Darkwa. Thomas cut no brainer and Thigpen too. Thigpen was he a WR, NO, a RB, NO. A specialist who wasn't doing anything special.

We have plenty of returners.


Hundley is a guy I like an awful lot too. Someone is going to get a very good QB. I expect this guy to go top ten in May.

Halleluyah THOMAS IS GONE!!!!

Hickey impressive

Dan Thomas had to go. He had 3 years to make an impact, and failed to do so. Sucks, but that's the cold hard facts.

I'm a little surprised that Thigpen got the boot too. Oh well, I guess.

I for one like tanny. Anyone that can throw 4k while being sacked, rushed, hurried . With possible the worst offensive line in history. And the second worse OC in history is ok in my book.

Sometimes you just have to turn the page. These guys had opportunities. Thigpen regressed and it shows in his stats. Not sure how that happens but he seemed nervous or scared last year as he had a lot of bobbles/fair catches/fumbles.



Tannehill will not have a mediocre year. In fact, the team will be minimum 2-2 at the bye week. This is a 10-6 or 11-5 football team, and no rookie from UCLA, is better than the QB that we have. How many times are we going to start over? This team is better than last year and will have a better record.

[Update: Wide receiver Matt Hazel has been cut, according to a source. Hazel is the first of GM Dennis Hickey's draft picks to be cut. He made a push to make the team on Thursday night with a nice game. But the numbers are working against him. He is a practice squad possibility.]

Why don't they go straight to practice squad?

I think Hazel and Darkwa are PS shoo-ins.

'Waste of a bundle of money'? Really Mark? Were you the one paying his salary? It was SOOOO much too, right?

Guess Ireland must be the only GM in the league that misses on second round picks.

Sorry Craig but when you look at the whole body of work Ireland sucked...

Craig M ,




Yeah...let's clean house and start over again and again because that's worked so well for the team. If T-hill falters it's easy enough to bring in some real competition for him with the draft or FA. If the defense falters get rid of Coyle. I wouldn't get rid of Philbin though at this point..he seems like he's improving and Hickey got him a worthwhile draft/FA's this year.

Hope that Matt Hazel is brought back on PS. Flashed enough ability we should see if he's able to be developed.

Let's just win baby......8 days an counting....

The 2 picks for Dion Jordan are horrendous so far.

I really hope that Tanahill goes down fast and we get to see Matt Moore for the rest of the yr, Keep a eye in Williams, I think hes gonna be our starting running back real soon..

Jeff Ireland will never hold another GM position again in the NFL. Perhaps they will hire him in Canada. He will be a scout somewhere but without final decision making power.

Posted by: chad | August 30, 2014 at 12:24 PM
Agree Chad. Tannehill has a very good skill set but was provided a less than stellar supporting cast where it really impacts, the OL.
Better this year (how could it be worse?) and, at least thus far, gotta like what Hickey and crew have done with this year's draft class plus rookie FAs.
Time will tell.

Second Round busts that should of been the nucleus of the team...But yet some people will say Ireland's picks weren't that bad...LOL!!! And Promichael, trust me, he won't work in Canada either...Unless he wants to become a school bus driver or something...Every GM and Coach are going to be evaluated by wins and losses...You lose more than you win, you failed...It's not rocket science...

Not drafting Marcus Hunt to play opposite of Wake was utterly inept. Worse yet wad trading up to get an already injured, undersized DE in Jordan. Preposterous!

Good riddance Ireland!

Dolphins better make the playoffs this year, because if they don't, his good buddy Philbin will go join him at the unemployed line...Followed by Coyle...

Coyle could help himself out if he would just stick Jordan at OLB instead of DE...God when is this guy going to learn...

More news please.....

Posted by: #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal | August 30, 2014 at 12:59 PM

No doubt. Jury's out on both of em.
LBs are suspect but they have a strong D otherwise in terms of personnel. Can't make any more excuses for Philbin and Coyle.
The DL is stacked with talent.
Love the Earl Mitchell signing. Not as big as Soliai but younger, quicker and much more athletic.

Hazel will probably end up on the PS...He's caught in the numbers game...The Dolphins are deep at the WR position...Didn't quite understand that pick, especially since we had already drafted Landry in the second round...I would of preferred using that pick on a guard but whatever...It is what it is...Hopefully we can keep him...

Posted by: smitrock |
Pass the hashish dude.Stop bogarting.

Posted by: #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal | August 30, 2014 at 12:57 PM


Well I'm very happy to hear that in your opinion Ireland will not be working in Canada as a GM. There are some nice people in Canada who do not need to be subjected to the Ireland arrogance.

Coyle best coach we have?? LOL!!! Yeah, sure...If that's the case, we're in deep trouble...

This would be good year for him (Coyle) to show it Craig. They desperately need to continue to get better at stopping the run.

you can track all cuts here:


'Waste of a bundle of money'? Really Mark? Were you the one paying his salary? It was SOOOO much too, right?

Guess Ireland must be the only GM in the league that misses on second round picks.

Posted by: Craig M | August 30, 2014 at 12:36 PM

you dopey Ireland apologist. Every GM will miss here or there on a 2nd round pick. NOT EVERY SINGLE ONE!

Misi is the only one that has stuck & he is serviceable at best!

Get lost clown.

I have to say, I like what Hickey is doing here. His pick of James and Landry #1 and #2 looks solid. I think the pick-ups of D. Williams, D. Williams, A. Johnson, and J. Fox look solid to me. Are they studs? No but they are better depth than what Ireland was able to assemble.

I also like Lazor and what I have seen so far from his system. I think THILL will get better under him. He was tied to Sherman for too long. I think Lazor will push THILL and he will get better.

Optimistic entering week one.

Go Fins!!

Posted by: Julio |
la inmigración!!!!!! PASAR PASAR Julio PASAR !!!!

Darkwa over Thomas? I think keeping 4 running backs is alot and if I were keeping 4 I'd keep Thomas over Darkwa. But really I'd cut them both. Williams is the clear cut 3rd back. After that I'd search the waiver wire. It will be interesting to see if Hazel slips through the waiver wires to get to the PS. I dont know if Ive ever seen the Dolphins keep so many undrafted free agents. I love it though! These guys usually play with a chip on their shoulder.

Everyone said this was a very deep draft class. Which explains wy a handful of undrafted FA's will make the cut. Thrse guys aren't bad & were probably worthy of being drafted. I expect many undrafted FA's to make it.

Every team needs guys like this to keep salaries low & be able to stay under the cap. You need bottom of roster guys who make pennies on the dollar.

And MCcain, Williams & Johnson have showed plenty of upside.

Coyle is the best coach we have.

Posted by: Craig M | August 30, 2014 at 01:07 PM

Maybe for DBs as he was in Cincinnati but appears to be in over his head as the DC.
We'll see but he's a concern.

Is Coyle interim HC yet?

01:18PM, LOL!!!!!!!!!

Per rotoworld, Phins are shopping Matthews. This makes total sense to me. He's an Ireland pick & even though he's performed well, this is a position of strength you use to fortify other areas.

Plus D. Williams can be the #5 allowing them tobring back Hazel to the PS. Hazel is in the same mold of a Matthews.

Do it Hickey, acquire picks for players who probably won't be playing much. I'm pretty sure they called around about D. Thomas & no takers.

Oh well!

Darkwa runs much harder than Thomas. He breaks tackles where Thomas always goes down with ankle tackles. Darkwa is younger and healthy. Thomas has been hurt constantly including this preseason. I like this move a lot. You need 4 RB's and I think Hickey and Philben chose the right 4. I think Williams and Darkwa are better depth than Thomas and GIllislee.

I also loved seeing Moreno run north/south with aggression the other day. I think he proves to be a great pick-up for Hickey this year.


By other teams and they will be elevated to the top of the depth chart and will start against NE.

How is that doing a great job?

Omar thought is was between Thigpen and Thomas.

Buffoon, I run the team.

Who ever plays guard this year will be better than John Jerry. So far College and Smith have been solid. I am totally fine with them starting. I have been disgusted with Dallas Thomas. Why they haven't cut him today is beyond me.


By other teams and they will be elevated to the top of the depth chart and will start against NE.

How is that doing a great job?

Posted by: FckFace | August 30, 2014 at 01:27 PM

He fckface, see my name!

RIIIIIGHT, Hickey will sign 2 G's to start in 1 week. Does someone pay you to say stuid sh*t or are you really that mentally challenged?

Christ, the stupidity of the bloggers here is ASTOUNDING!

tight end Chase Dixon ... worth a look

A lot of teams are going to sign released players...Not just Hickey...Get with the program dude...


Dolphins still looking for TEs...


2 NFL quality starting G's on the roster.

David Hype reported yesterday that an NFL scout told him the Dolphins don't have 2 NFL starting G's on the roster.

For 7 months I have been saying that that Hickey replaced 2 starters (richie & Jerry) with 2 career backups (Shelly and Fox) and then brought in 2 guys off the street (colledge and Satele) to replace the 2 career backups.

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