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Tackling a focus and Jimmy Wilson's in crosshairs

Dolphins coaches have been preaching good tackling technique for several weeks now and it has gotten to the point where Jimmy Wilson has become something of the poster boy for ... how not to do it.

Wilson is about to become a Dolphins starting safety the first four games of the season because starter Reshad Jones is suspended for violating the NFL policy on performance enhancing substances.

So Wilson will be part of the Dolphins last line of defense.

But Wilson has been, well, inconsistent in the manner he protects that last line this preseason. In the first preseason game he bought a fake and totally whiffed on a tackle opportunity by a backup Atlanta running back. The back scored on a 50-plus-yard run, although it was called back because of a penalty.

Last week in Tampa, Wilson attacked Tampa's Mike Evans after the receiver caught a pass. Wilson hit him ... and simply bounced off. Evans turned and ran and would have had a 43-yard score had Dolphins cornerback Brent Grimes not hustled from the other side of the field and caused a fumble to go out of the end zone for a touchback.

Regardless of the fact the plays didn't count, they made Miami coaches cringe.

And so they singled out Wilson in film study this week.

"Obviously we showed the whole team the play," coach Joe Philbin said. "We talked about the tackling. We talked about the great hustle creating a turnover aspect of the play. We have these things that hang in on our meeting rooms on how we tackle, how we pursue to the ball, how we create a turnover, how we get off of a block, and conversely we have a bunch on offense. That’s not how we tackle. Throwing your shoulder into a guy and turning when you should be having your chin up, wrapping your arms and accelerating your feet. That’s not good enough. You can’t tackle that way.” 

The message has reached defensive players not named Wilson.

“If you’re on defense that’s probably, might be the top thing in your job description," defensive end Cameron Wake said. "Your resume needs to be full of tackling because whatever you’re doing in pass coverage or whether you’re rushing the passer, at some point you have to tackle. Obviously, it’s early, rusty a little bit. But at the end of the day, that’s what football is so however you’ve got to get it done, you’ve got to get it done and get the ball on the ground."

I believe Wilson has gotten the message as well. Although he is expected to be the starter in place of Jones, that is not guaranteed. Michael Thomas and rookie Walt Aikens are also vying for the role.

If Wilson corrects his little tackling issues, he'll be the guy.

But the Dallas game -- the important third preseason game which teams use as a dress rehearsal for the season -- will be big for him.

He better not miss tackles in that game.   


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still need
a qb

You're an idiot

thanks mando

Moreno was a poor mans version of Garrison Hearst. A real Poor Mans version.

Posted by: Dashi | August 20, 2014 at 10:42 AM

They were carbon copies of each other in Ga. Bulldogs history! Garrison was a bit faster but same type of RB both 5'11"/210 Pds! Like talken NCAA with ya Bro nice comparison between 2 guys from the same program!

Moreno was known as an ellusive RB who could make you miss in the hole and enough size to break Tackles if needed also cut back ability ect... He was a very legit late #1 when McDniels makes this pick but like you said he went from a 210 Pd RB to a 235 Pd RB in between Yrs. 1 & 2.

He actually started well in Rookie Yr. then blew up eating on the couch after injury before showing up for 2011 T.C. with the weight. At 235 he couldn't hit the corner and given he's NO R.Williams between the Tackles was buried till Peyton got there and the lanes opened like the Red Sea in front of the line.


Lamar Miller played at the U at 5'10"/220 Pds.!!!!

He was a BIGGER College RB than Knowshon with the speed Moreno NEVER had!

Todd Gurley is the TRUTH though at 6'1"/235 Pds posting a 4.42/40 my FAV RB in the next draft who I'd take late Rd-1 without hesitation even with the RB's now usually waiting till Rd-2!

Posted by: 2 watt | August 20, 2014 at 12:06 PM


I like Gurley too but Dashi doesn't, haha.

To me he looks worthy of being the next guy to inherit the Hershel Walker mantle.. one of those Ricky Williams type freak back that could truly either run you right over or as easily run by you.

And yeah, Omar says Miller is weighing in at a very chiesled 224lbs right now. That's a monster sized speed back ... but where's the tackle breaking? I mean on paper Lamar is everything you want in a back ... (scratch my head)

Lamar Miller was prob 200 at UM Dashi...


Keep every WR in the 53 man roster because the running game cannot be trusted.

teach them how to
tackle 18 days b4 judgment day
also tpuke will work on his
pathetic long ball 2

Miller is another Ireland bust. The guy is decisive but does not hit the hole with any sort of authority.


I hear what your saying a 5'10"/224 Pd RB who posted a 4.33/40 should show more! The issue is that 4.33 were he's looking to run around contact instead of blowing through the holes. In his defense however how often in 2 short Yrs have you seen Miller wrapped up by a DL almost simultaneously with the Hand off?! At the U Lamar was actually the check down Rec. He padded alot of stats for Tin Cup (Nickname given QB Morris who can do the incredible while terrible at the seemingly easy)

I mention his play in the pass game because I was terribly frustrated by Sherman ignoring this aspect of what he had but what could we expect when he ignored it with Bush as well in 2012! Miller's best run play is giving him the ball off a quick draw were he can blow between the Tackles off one-cut catching a head of steam hasn't ever been the best at seeing the play develop and making it happen on the go. This limitation one every Canes fan will tell you.

has train wreck
written all over it


I hope our linebacks do their job in the run game so he does not have to tackle to much!


I like Gurly, but I am not enamored with him. Maybe it was watching A.Murray throw games away late that distracted me from Girly. But I see a Good not Great RB.

Maybe this year Girly shows me something special.

Also, not a big fan of M.Mariotti. Everyone looks great in that system. If Mariotti becomes a good NFL QB, he will be the first good QB coming out of Oregon.

The QB I love this year is the kid from UCLA. I have liked him since the High school under armor game. He played in the line that had Chickillo and Clowney in it. And the kid was dominant then. Plus he runs a pro style offense.

Lamar Miller was prob 200 at UM Dashi...

Posted by: A Regular Here | August 20, 2014 at 12:17 PM

I posted it not Dashi and he was a very legit 220 Pds at UM which was his weight coming into the NFL. Last Yr. went to 215 Pds then this Off-Season got serious again and is now a 224 Pd RB like MIT posted which has been reported often this T.C.

And to the clown from the last blog. I am talking about fantasy football you idiot.

I am going to give you this one for free.

To many times on to many leagues I have seen guys draft a QB early. And then draft 2 QBs in the top 6 picks.

You guys do realize that you can only start 1 QB and the difference in points from a #1 QB to a #10 QB is a lot smaller than a #1 RB and a #10 RB.

Plus, you only start ONE!! Again, You only start one!!

In a 10 team league that means more than half the starting QBs in the NFL are on the free agency list after the draft. Last season I picked up P.Rivers after the draft who happened to have a top 5 season.

So be smart get your money positions early, and leave the QBs for later.


Same goes for the other positions you only carry 1 of. Specially Kickers. No need to draft a kicker or carry 2 kickers, unless you are on a bye.

And Garn79 from last blog,

You are on to something about getting young veteran RBs than drafting a RB that is in his twilight.

I too like Brett Hundley and find it surprising that he is ranked behind Jake marriota and Jameis Wisnton given Marriota is kind of thin and runs a funky offense and Winston likes to steal stuff.

Maybe this year Girly shows me something special.

Also, not a big fan of M.Mariotti. Everyone looks great in that system. If Mariotti becomes a good NFL QB, he will be the first good QB coming out of Oregon.

The QB I love this year is the kid from UCLA.

Posted by: Dashi | August 20, 2014 at 12:30 PM

The UCLA kid is Brett Hundley have been watching him for a couple of Yrs. now with Jm Mora running the pro Set.

Don't compare the 6'4"/220 Pd Mariota to the other QB's at Oregon in the Belloti/Kelly ERA!

Joey Harrington

AJ Feeley

Jeremiah Masoley and of course Derron Thomas who was the QB when they lost the BCS Title to Cam's Auburn Tigers!

If anything in the Kelly ERA the Ducks had great RB's with the QB's playing 2nd fiddle! Blount and LeMicheal James chief among them!

Todd Gurley is a bruiser and a cat quick runner! Best combo of the 2 since Ricky was out in Texas 96-99. His game for SEC Title Vs. Alabama were he ran thru, around and past Saban's D the staple!

Hmmmm,2watt. Any chance that is your football IQ ? Must be a distant cousin of HOME who loves to talk in the third person, so his IQ is rated at 3watt. Just sayin

Most of Lamar Miller's weight is in his legs. Like Clay.
Miller actually has a bird chest. Like Shady McCoy.
They're just scat backs.

Knowshon has the biggest guns out of any offensive player by far.
That's your $$ on 3rd and 1.

Omar Kelly ✔ @OmarKelly

Dan Marino is watching practice with Dawn Aponte now.

Uh oh... Dan will you ever learn???

So espn listed the top 50 break out players of 2014. Who's #2? that's right Mr. Tannehill.

Places the table!

I hope Jimmy Wilson starts to wrap up people. He did the same thing last year against the Pats and it went for a touchdown....

Leg strength is what matters most in this sport.

The Miami Jellyfish

Dan Fouts went to Oregon you big dummy.

Stephen Ross bought the Dolphins in 2008 for $1.1B, now valued by Forbes at $1.3B and can easily get more if he puts it up for sale.

That's an easy $200M in 5 years plus all the income the team generates per year... man... what am i doing wrong?

You big dummy???

Is Red Foxx on this board?

Where's Lamont?

Uh oh... Dan will you ever learn???

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | August 20, 2014 at 12:55 PM

Actually I think Dan's looking for a job was dropped from his gigs and only has a Local radio show left! Remember he has 4 kids with 3 in College, 1 a full life care situation because of Autism and 3 Chinese Kids Claire brought from China!

He once said on Radio that Claire keeps adding to the Family so he needs to keep earning with her cutting checks. At this point if I'm him the Mrs. is barred from going to Asia!

MIT, would you rather have fingers long as legs or legs as long as fingers?

Dan Fouts went to Oregon you big dummy.

Posted by: Big Baby | August 20, 2014 at 12:57 PM

In like 1974?

f4l, 3 Chinese kids... well there's a profitable source of labor. Nike has made billions off of it.

I would think he has a bit of money saved up but I can appreciate not wanting to dip into those funds while you are young enough to work.

Either way, Dawn is hopefully wearing pants.

Like FckFace I woke up in the morning and decided my name was OCEAN'S 11.

Don't compare the 6'4"/220 Pd Mariota to the other QB's at Oregon in the Belloti/Kelly ERA!

Posted by: fin4life | August 20, 2014 at 12:50 PM

Mr. Baby,

I get that if I say it's White you will immediately post it was Black but Mr. Fouts whose NFL career spanned through the 70's and 80's didn't play in the Bellotti/Kelly ERA whichis what I meant. As a matter of fact I wonder if Chip Kelly was even in H.S. when Fouts was under Center in College!

I love the Oregon Ducks logo and apparel. Something about kelly green with the big gold O that I'd sport anytime.

Wasn't directed towards you.


Don't worry.

Big Baby is one of Dashi's biggest fans(Trolls).

For some odd reason Dashi attracts all the Geriatric bloggers on the Herald.

They have this sense of entitlement because they are older than dust, that means they know more than everybody.

Dan "The Prick" Fouts? The product of Air Coryell.


Any reasonable Dolphin fan can not stand this Prick!!

And not cause of that one game in the 80s. But cause of his constant Dolphin hate when ever he commentates our game is just ridiculous!!

Whenever D.Fouts is on a Dolphins game, I Mute the TV and put the radio on.

BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA love the Sanford and Sons reference!

dbo, great question ... and glad I don't have either.

But having fingers as long as legs would be awesome for slapping people...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | August 20, 2014 at 01:04 PM

That's good! I LMAO at that one! To many stupid posts with everybody dropping the LOL but that was genuinely sharp humor!

lol dashi weren't you just trolling on Cote's blog last week? Yes that was you. Or was it you post with so many made up gayish names.


We have to be Literal with our statements, while the clowns get to be Liberal with theirs.

You, F4L, understood perfectly what Dashi said.

But yet some Senior Citizen named "Big Baby" has to speak up with his ignorance.

It is the same thing with the M.Moore thing. We give them Facts, They Spew Ignorance.

Fouts was a product of Air Coryell how fraking stupid are you he was a star in college and is in the HOF. It's always garbage time when you post.

Per Chris. Chambers, when Mike gets the ball early in the game. Miami doesn't lose.
Per Joe Philbin, I moved the practices to the afternoon for the Heat advantage.

Per Boston Globe, the Patriots have been practicing in 73○ weather.
They will have a hard time in the Florida heat and humidity.

Per Troy Stradford, get a lead on the Patriots, then the humidity will weigh down even worse.

Joey Harrington!!!!

Joey Blue Skies.

Once again the UNION has ample culpability in this case, tacking is been awful the last few years all around the NFL

Big Baby,

I posted under Dashi on Cote's blog. And I didn't call you or your opinion stupid. I was just giving you what I thought was important. That it was different from yours. OK, my bad.

At the end of the day, Big Baby I respect you. You are man enough to use the same name on multiple blogs.

That most your post are directed at me on this blog. Which is one definition of trolling.

And that you take everything Dashi says Literal, while you get to be liberal with your opinion. Is all I am saying.

I, Dashi, actually like to debate with you, Big Baby, cause unlike some you have your own opinion and don't go on a tangent.

What I don't like is that whenever someone has a difference of opinion, you always start with the personal insults.

I guess I was wrong about Lamar Miller.

Any reasonable Dolphin fan can not stand this Prick!!

And not cause of that one game in the 80s. But cause of his constant Dolphin hate when ever he commentates our game is just ridiculous!!

Whenever D.Fouts is on a Dolphins game, I Mute the TV and put the radio on.

Posted by: Dashi | August 20, 2014 at 01:13 PM

Everything to do about the 2 Playoff games Back-To-Back in 81-82.

In 81 they beat us in the GREATEST game ever played! As a matter of fact as a Kid the only loss were I left the Stadium not upset but really in AWE of what I'd just seen! Really we should have won given we had 2 cracks at a winning F.G. which Uwe missed before Ralf Binerchke Kicked his for S.D.

Truth be told it didn't matter because the winner had to go to Cincinati to play in the Coldest game in NFL history were the wind chill was reported in the -30's! No way we would have won and Fouts could less!

In 82 strike shortened Yr. they came back and we payed them back with a beating through all 4 Qrts were at the end Shula (Uncharacteristically) ran it up! Those teams were Fouts has Wes Chandler, Charlie Joyner and John Jefferson at WR with T.E. Winslow maybe the best collection of O talent ever and his best shot at winning and he NEVER FORGOT IT!

A Star College QB does not get drafted in the 3rd. Specially not in the 1970s, where good QBs were even rarer.

And are you saying, D.Fouts made Coryell, again, very liberal with your opinion. You Big Dummy!!

Lamar Miller was 200 lbs at UM.

Dashi tell us about your draft secrets. LOL

I see Grandma woke up.

And you do a Horrible Dashi impersonation.

fin4life, you need to GET A LIFE dumbo!

I just dont see the elusiveness or ability to break tackles with Lamar, hes just str8 line fast...

I keep waiting for him to take one to the house on a long run and still havent seen it..

Lots of Stupid Dummies floating around here today, apparently.

Is it 9-7-(20)14 yet? The out of season conversation around here is so stale.

Miller isn't even straight line fast...he needs gaping holes to be effective.

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