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Three more Dolphins backups out with injuries

The Dolphins are managing the injuries of a handful of players that will be missing Saturday's scrimmage at Sun Life Stadium and practice time next week.

Backup quarterback Matt Moore is managing a sore right (throwing) shoulder and will miss multiple practices in the coming days. Wide receiver Matt Hazel, who left practice after falling hard when he was hit by DB Chris McCain, has a concussion and he will miss multiple practices and days.

And linebacker Tariq Edwards, who has been out a couple of days already, will miss more time as he deals with a knee issue.

Those three players are in addition to Mike Wallace (knee) and Sam Brenner (ankle) who also are not scrimmaging on Saturday and are expected to miss time beyond that.


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Since the majority of the starters that aren't out are average at best, losing backups doesn't seem like the end of the world. They could sign anyone off the street

hmmm...chris mccain causes concussion. maybe he can take out Atlanta's big WR by taking out his knees...then watch the debate turn.

Snore bore

still need
a C

Why the FK do you root for Miami then Marc? GTFO already, jesus.

Good. That way we can see what Pat Devlin can do.

How does Moore injure his throwing shoulder? Most work he's done since signing that ridiculous and uneeded $4M a year contract.

Oh deity, don't listen to Marc, he's still upset from the day the Dolphins ushered his boyhood hero Marino out of the building.

That's a fact MarK. And aside from the Defensive that JJ built, this team has done NOTHING since!

These players are injured because they slipped on candy wrappers just before bed check.

It's all good, I am use to the RT hating from that direction but it seems the dam broke on the rest of team also...oh well.

Even if they dont start an actual Center can we still please sign one? I mean, there is zero C on the active roster...

Always amazed you're a fan of this team, Marc. According to you there's NOTHING to be excited about. Your life must suck!

Just put an order in this morning for a Tannehill shirt for myself and "Meg" (both aqua). Was very tempted to get a WAKE shirt for myself but its time for the kid to step up. This is after all year three, the time when most players figure things out.

So you saying they don't have players? That's bull.

they have plenty of players. Enough players to be a well respected team.

In what decade do we get a franchise QB.?

Marc is just a glass half empty kind of guy. i mean he just praised JJ's defensive teams but they weren't much better in the end than last year's team overall. Most of those years they were a 7 through 9 win team. Off the top of my head there may have been one 11 win team but the rest of that generation... not much better because of Wanny's allergic reaction to offense and the QB position especially and his uncanny inability to draft.

Craig , what's really amazing is that anyone is still a fan of this crap franchise.

Actually there were a few more ten win seasons and one playoff victory in there. What ya know???? I remember that team as a bigger underachiever than they actually were.

Then again Wanny installs a modern offense with Marc Trestman which is what he wanted to do back then but was bullied out of it and draft Drew Brees in 2001 and it might have all been different.

Craig, I would've gone with the Wake myself. I think he's established himself as one of those all time Dolphins by and those are the only jerseys I get to hang in my man cave basement ... now all I have to do is buy a bigger basement and with the way home prices are going here coupled with a shrinking job market and a bigger squueze on my hourly rates... seems like a tough go...

And yet, here you are MJ, on a DOLPHINS fans blog making posts. So what does that say about you?

Marc when they ushered Dan out the door it was time for him to retire. The real problem was when all you fans ushered out Don Shula. Ever since then this team has been a average team. We go through coaches like candy. But all you fans still yell for a new coach. Winning organizations do not change there coaches every few years. Cincinnati for example.


My concern was that Wake is 32 and I don't know many years he has left. But you're right, he's been lights out in his time with the Dolphins.

Craig, but even if he does wash out this year, you can still sport the jersey with pride. he made his mark. It's like me still coming out with my Zach Thomas/Ricky Williams (autographed)/Sam Madison jerseys. They have established themselves as timeless.

Now if you wear Duante Culpepper's jersey like DC - then you just like a cheap guy scouring the nether regions of the bargain bin.


I have a Ricky and Marino jersey. I wanted a new one with the new logo. You might be right, perhaps I should have gone with the Wake jersey. My fear is the guy will be completely forgotten by most people in 5 years.

Gone, possibly. But never forgotten!!

Dans last season was pretty bad, but, the previous 2 were pretty good! He had 2 years left and I think he would have bounced back. He also didn't play a full season in 99

I never wanted Shula replaced either.

Part of Dans bad numbers his last season was also the fact that JJ INSISTED on running the ball and handcuffing Dan, who pretty much was the QB and offensive coordinator for 16 seasons...

Just because a guy is on the side wrapped up in some ice or taking a day off doesn't mean he is injured. No matter what workout you do or what conditioning you are under. Being in Football shape and having ones body accustomed to contact can only come by going through it. And sometimes the body gets sore as it adjusts.

How can anyone still be a fan of this crap?

I have a Zach Thomas jersey. One of my favorite all time Phins. Great player who truly loved and respected the game. He gave his all on the field. Wish there were more like him in the NFL.

Dan was the best pure passer this league has ever seen, but he had no Manning type brain.

Marc, you know that Tannehill accounted for more TDs and yards than Dan's last five seasons. That must feel like a nut shot for you.

Guy was ultra talented but in hidsight his total lack of passion for physical fitness zapped his career. Sucks to see Peyton and Drew and Brady so effective late into their careers and Dan was effectively shot by the time he was 32.

How can anyone not be a fan of this team?
How can anyone who isn't a fan of this team spend so much time on a blog of this team.
I am not a fan of the other 31 NFL teams and you know how much time I spend on the others teams various blogs. Yeah, NONE! JA

Craig, the only way he's forgotten will be because he toiled and starred for sucha middling team. Kind of like Hardy Nickerson for the creamsicle Bucs.

Again, MarK. JJ came in with a RUN FIRST mindset. You have the best passer EVER to play the game and you want to build a running team?!

The game is also different today. If Dan was passing in this era he'd have 6K yards and 60 TD's a year

Brees, Brady, and Manning are all great QB's for sure, but, there's no way anybody can convince me they are better than Dan was...

As for RT. We've been over this. RT should STILL carry Dan's pads off the field every day.

Marino did more with no running game, no defense, and no receivers (after the Marks brothers), than any of the other top QBs.
I've never seen any other QB carry a team on his back like he did.

MassD, Zach is #2 on my all time list of Dolphins behind Dan but I think he had more passion and dedication than Dan. he very literally gave himself up for the game and did it out of pure love. he didn't need the money as his family had enough of it. he did it to give to the Dolphins family and to cement his own legacy. Got to admire that.

The year he played for the COwboys I couldn't watch. That was one of the most painful things I had to endure in sport.

MassD, not entirely true. Irving Fryar and some other guys were pretty good too and he also had a very good pass blocking o line.

Why JJ thought it would be wise to trade Irving for Fred Barnett, i will never know.

Zach is my 2nd fav also, JT being 3rd

I think it's hard to question Dan's passion either though...Dude took 45 mins before every game strapping braces on his legs...

Comeback player of the year after his achilles injury, which, back then was usually a career ending injury

They were both tough SOBs!

I still wear my Jason Taylor, Ricky Williams and Chad Pennington jerseys proudly. They were all great players for the Phins. Regardless of the ups and downs.

Marc, as long as we are making excuse, if he had to play with Tannehill's o line he would've put himself on injured reserve.

There are always mitigating circumstances.

And even if the yards and TDs were not high for whatever reasons (coaching/passing league) his underlying stats were still ok but not special ... yards per attempt/completion % were pretty mundane since at least 1995.

he was great in his youth when his young body required no maintenance. But post 1994 ... not the same guy. I am still of the mind that if he took care of himself he would've been better later in his career.

Not questioning Dan's toughness but I don't know anyone in any sport any tougher than Zach.

Chad Pennington was and still is the most accurate passer in NFL history.

MarK. Even behind this line no way Dan would have been sacked as often. Dude was a magician in the pocket, rolling out, and yes, even scrambling behind the LOS. He had the quickest release ever to boot.

Watch old highlights, there was almost a rhythm to his passing. Drop back, bounce, bounce, ball's out.

Who cares about that jet Pennington. Gave us one shallow season as a starter beating one of the easiest schedules in NFL history.

I would say he cost us a good draft slot but I think the team did well in picking VOntae Davis the next year. They just frittered him away when they didn't need to.

I have a McDuffie Jersey and my 5 year old has a Ricky.

Last year he came back from the park and asked me what p@t was.

Jesus....Dan and Shula were DONE at the end. Stop living in the past guys. The Commodore 64 was pretty cool at the time but hopefully you're not still staying up late at night playing the game.....sheesh!

People are usually either stuck in the past or in the future, rarely do they enjoy the present, or appreciate the present. No matter the circumstances, it's all you got.

MIT, you don't seem to like any QB the Phins had except RT. This man crush you have for him is getting dangerous. You should see a doctor about it. LOL.

Due, you are dreaming. There is this belief Tannehill had 15 years to throw the ball all the time and just decided to stand there. Our line lead the elague in getting beat one on one. Most of the sack were a result of the guy getting beat - nowhere near leading the league in qb sacks. Actually Russel Wilson had a lot more "qb sacks" than Tannehill.

Did you tell him it was the bomb? And then ask for his source?

Told his it was something you take to kill pain when a bad coach makes you run the ball 400 x in a season.

and why dad had an extra few yesrs of undergrad.

PM, Dan is my favourite player ever and the reason I love the sport. I am also realistic about him. Dan was like one of those dudes that hit their peak in high school and you catch them when tehy're 35 and look like crap.

Tannehill I'm also extremely realistic about. i'm proud that he tossed the ball around and showed a lot of toughness last year. It's the most productive year a Qb has had in Miami in 20 years. But i also acknowledge that he has to clean up his game quite a bit.

Like deity says, I'm one of the few that does enjoy whatever positives are in the present.

Dan would have got KILLED behind this line! My 75 year old Father moves better than Dan.

'bounce'??? That only thing that bounces on Dan is his man-boobs....seriously.

hahaha @ clee



Just a little reminder

Dan was the man at making the slightest move possible to create that hair of extra time needed. One reason he was so good at that is because he couldnt have out run The Fridge. Any game you ever watched if Dan "took off" with the ball it would provide some good commentary for about 10 minutes.

MIT, don't get me wrong, I like RT too. I was very optimistic and hopeful when the Phins drafted him. After 2 seasons, I can see some of the untapped potential this kid has. He has given us all hope that we've finally found a franchise QB. But there are still some red flags. Holds the ball too long at times. Decision making could be quicker.

Jarvis Landry, TanneHill is on fire!

Moore injured?

Sore shoulder?

What happened to Moore can throw the deep ball?

Since in this offense the routes ran are a little deeper, Whopper Jr. Hurt his shoulder throwing the big football around.

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