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Wallace and Tannehill work after practice (finally)

It wasn't a good showing for Mike Wallace early in practice today.

He had one, two, three, four dropped passes in practice today, which was not typical. But then there was something else I saw after practice that was not typical:

Wallace and quarterback Ryan Tannehill stayed after practice and worked on a couple of routes for five, maybe 10 minutes. It was the first time this training camp I have witnessed the pair working overtime on their timing-chemistry.

As everyone is aware, Wallace and Tannehill have been trying to resolve their issues of failing to hook up on deep passes in games.

"Until we hit it, people have the right to ask that question," Wallace repeated today. "It's something we can't avoid until we hit it and get rid of the question. And it's not going to be one time, we have to continually do it everyday. And I know we've been saying it for a while but we've got two weeks to keep working on it."

I doubt Wallace and Tannehill will have an opportunity to work on their chemistry on Thursday night against the St. Louis Rams in the final preseason game. It is likely both will sit the game out.

Tannehill sat out the final preseason game last year. I expect the same this year.

I also expect Brady Quinn and Seth Lobato to get most of the snaps in the game Thursday.


The Dolphins are going to cut 13 players between now and tomorrow afternoon. A couple of those cuts will be coming today.

RB Daniel Thomas is unlikely to be one of those guys, if you believe what coach Joe Philbin said about the running back needing a big game Thursday.

"We hope to get him out there," Philbin said.

The coach suggested he's satisfied that other backs -- particularly Damien Williams -- "ran the ball hard" in the game when they had their chance against Dallas. Thomas gets his chance versus St. Louis.

"For his sake, our sake, we have to get him out there," Philbin said of Thomas.

It might be a one-game competition, do or die for Thomas versus Williams.


Dan Marino has accepted a job as a special advisor with the Dolphins. He has made himself scarce with the media and will not have a press conference, I'm told.

But he's trying to build a relationship with the principals within the organization. Today, for example, Marino visited coach Joe Philbin in his office.

"I'm elated ..He's always welcome here," Philbin said of Marino. "I think it'll be something that evolves over time. I think you all know he was a great player and he's going to contribute to the organization in a lot of different areas. We welcome his addition to the organziation."


The Dolphins are not expected to cut John Potter today despite his hip injury, which suggests they really like him and want to see if he can get healthy quickly enough to compete for the job.

[Update: Well, that didn't last. After keeping him around earlier today, the team reached out to the player's agent this afternoon has negotiated a settlement and waived injured Potter.]


Billy Turner, who left the locker room wearing a walking boot Saturday, was still in the boot today. He did not practice and the team said he'll be out for multiple practices ... Unlike Daniel Thomas, Mike Gillislee has been unable to work back into practice after suffering a hamstring injury. It is doubtful he'll play Thursday and his status on the team is obviously at risk.


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Chemistry....Year 2 ...NOT LIKELY,,, JUST SAYIN!!!

Unfortunately, I don't think we'll be seeing too many deep ball connections this season. I'm glad they're working on it, but Tannehill to Wallace will work best for PI calls rather than completions.

the most they'll connect for is 30-40 yrd gainers...anything more than that will probably be YAC for Wallace....

Probably superphin, which would mean they connect on intermediate passes rather than deep passes (though there is nothing intermediate about 30-40 yards). Either way, it would be nice to see Tannehill hit Wallace in stride rather than Wallace having to adjust. Would be nice....

I heard Chris McCain is taking on even more roles. That rocks cause with his ability and Duffner coaching him up he is going to be a stud for our team. I am excited to watch Thursday's game. I hope to see a ton of Tripp and him playing. Both are ball hawks at a much maligned position. Only thing that would make that better would be to add Dion Jordan in the mix.

Joe Philbin said new Dolphins special advisor Dan Marino visited him in his office today.

I can only hope that was a conversation that involved, "Hey coach, can you please score more points this year???"....philbin probably looked perplexed after the question!!!

If we keep Jordan at DL and cut someone like AJ Francis, Anthony Johnson, Fede, or Aaitui because Jordan puts us over the "limit" of what we can ideally have at DL then that is going to be very infuriating.

Wow they stayed after practice for 5 - 10 minutes ! LOL I bet that is the last time they do that. Mike Wallace will not be on this team come 2015. HE is a Diva receiver that needs a top 5 QB to be happy.

As for Tannehill if he is going to be here long term and it all depends on Marino's evaluation of him will be best suited working with Landry, Gibson, and Damian Williams or Damien Williams which ever one is the wide receiver.

Soo Dan Marino is actually being paid in this role?

At the end of the year all will stand before MARINO and will be judged.

Marino will have a year to analyze the team and make the right changes for next season.

it wont matter Tannehill cant throw it.

Awwww :(
You dont like it?

Posted by: MiamiD20 | August 25, 2014 at 04:17 PM

That lies the whole problem with Wallace and tannehill, forget the $$$ he was paid, the whole strength of tannehills game does not match the criteria which Wallace was brought here to do...that's where the FO failed...tannehill excels with quick releases and timing patterns... Wallace is not a #1 receiver in this offense, honestly you could even argue he isn't a #2...he is a quick speedy guy with very average hands...that wont cut it for this offense to succeed...Just sayin!!!

Hit me in the numbers or else I have NO CHANCE to catch the ball!!!

Marino's evaluation????


Share whatever you are smoking huh?

Wallace may still be a top 5 #2, AND I REPEAT #2 WR!

Luckily, he may still have trade value next season. One way or the other, I would be absolutely SHOCKED to see Wallace begin the 53 man roster next season.

1. Wallace is not a #1 wr in this league
2. Doesn't matter, Tannehill cant hit him deep anyway.
3. He's a too highly overpaid #2 wr

These are the reason I do out expect Wallace to be a Dolphin next year.

Also, if Tannehill's a TRUE LEADER he should have DEMANDED of Wallace they spend extra time working on the deepball. Not until Wallace thought it may be a good idea.

Wallace was in no position to tell Tannehill no. Especially if it went public. I'm believing Tannehill maybe a little soft in the LEADERSHIP AREA also. Brady or Manning would not wait for Wallace's convenience if there was a problem area to be fixed.

They would demand this of Wallace.

Marino, Duper and Clayton had Chemistry their first year together because they practiced and put in extra work. Mike Wallace needs to put in extra work in addition to running go routes for Tannehill like using the jugs machine and learning how to go up and fight for contested balls.

Get Wallace an ACCURATE QB!!

What make me think Dan had something to do with Wallace and Tannehill staying after practice.

Tannehill has shown he can connect with Wallace but Wallace has not shown an effort by slowing down in his route assuming Tannehill is throwing it elsewhere.

Detroit Lions have claimed Michelle Egnew.


Wallace does a lot more than just catch the ball though. A lot of people don't realize that the reason Gibson, Clay, and Hartline were so successful was because Wallace was demanding double teams. You can't bring your safety into the box when Wallace is going over the top. You can't have that safety spy the QB or float around waiting for the intermediate pass because he has to watch that nothing gets behind him.

Wallace makes his money by giving our other WRs room to breathe. And he still ends up with 70+ catches and over 900 yards receiving.

Obviously you'd like to see them connect more, he could have had 80+ catches and over 1200 yards if they connected on half of those deep ball attempts, but that's not all Wallace is good for.

Take him off our team and replace him with Williams and watch our other receivers look a little less intriguing than they do now.

Prediction: Thursday Night's game will be Daniel Thomas' last game as a Miami Dolphin.

At least the Patriots didn't get Egnew....that's a success in-and-of-itself

Lasor forces Wallace to put in extra time and Wallace responds with 4 DROPS today.

It may never be mentioned, but, I'll bet my last dollar Lasor's behind this FORCED Tannehill/Wallace after practice deepball work outs.

Tannehill needs physical recievers to have success...Wallace aint that...they were better off with Brandon Marshall or going after a guy like Vincent Jackson because those guys are maulers after the catch and aren't necessarily speed burners but they make plays happen...and yes im aware that marshall fumbles a lot and can drop a pass or two but at least the guy can do more for what this offense is built for now than what we had then...

Michael Egnew claimed by the Lions today. That didn't take long. Hope the kid lights it up in Detroits high powered offence.

Guys Tanne connects with Hartline deep all of the time sorry but this is not on Tannehill. Wallace is pretty one dimensional which doesn't allow for chemistry to build with he and Tannehill. Landry should step in the role of the #1 WR soon. Kids a solid player and has a great work ethic.

Why would anyone even watch Week 4 of the preseason? A Pauly Shore movie marathon would be more compelling.

Posted by: MiamiD20 | August 25, 2014 at 04:38 PM

After seeing how ineffective Tannehil/Wallace deepball connections were. I would think many DC curtailed their DOUBLE-TEAMS on Wallace.

For 1, They cant connect. 2, Wallace isn't known as a dangerous after the catch receiver either. Double-teams ill continue o fall off if Wallace/Tannehill continue to struggle deep.

I mean, why double defend something that seems to defend itself? You don't need to defend Wallace at all if Tannehill couldn't hit him even if he's left all alone. Then the 1 in 100 throw Tannehill luckily connects on, Wallace drops? :-)

Wow they practiced a whole 5 or ten minutes.


Bill Lasor is a qb coach at heart and I'm pretty confident he's going to have Tannehill playing big time ball before the season is over. The raw talen and physical ability is there for Tannehill. With an o-line that will give him time and this new offensive scheme he's going to come out of the gates this year no doubt. What he did last year with a garbage offenive line is impressive, especially in that anemic offensive scheme they ran, and oh ya no run game to speak of.

Jags are playing poker. Bortles will be the starter THIS SEASON. The only question, is by what game

Wallace and RT...It's a little late guys...Like 2 years too late.

RT probably was mad about the "Ask Tanehill" comment. Good

Tannehill needs physical recievers to have success...Wallace aint that...

Posted by: superPHIN | August 25, 2014 at 04:41 PM

Exactly why Pittsburgh would never pay Wallace as a #1 WR. I still see Wallace as a top 5 #2 WR.

I liked Damien Williams the Rb
I also liked Damian Williams the receiver
but as for the RB position I think it is assured we are keeping Moreno and Miller so the question is who else and how many
I'd like to see Damien Williams make the team
I's also like to see this kid Orleans darkwa make the team
That is the 4 RB I would keep
its time to cut Gillislee Thigpen and Thomas
Lets go with younger stronger hungrier RB's
Thigpen is really not needed anymore now that he lost his kickoff and punt return duties.
Thomas never lived up to his expectations
and Gillislee was a total flop
So I'll be looking at the RB cuts closely

Michael Egnew claimed by the Lions today. That didn't take long. Hope the kid lights it up in Detroits high powered offence.

Posted by: Craig M | August 25, 2014 at 04:42 PM

Good fukkin luck with that. Right now Lions TE depth chart is:

1. Brandon Pettigrew
2. Eric Ebron-- Drafted this year
3. Joseph Fauria--- Drafted last year out of UCLA

I see Egnew not beating any of these 3 out. Even the Lions keep 4 t's, that means Egnew is buried 4th on the depth chart and will be lucky to see 10 catches the entire season.

Hey guys, why not wait until after the season starts?
Really, we are supposed to be impressed by the extra 5 or 10 minutes togehter now?

As for Egnew, he will be lost amongst the offensive talent in Detroit and will be lucky to make the team. The Dolphins made the right move be releasing him

Have Marino coach THill and bring in Clayton to show em what a real super duo is

The question about chemistry is funny. You can't change Tannehills style any more than you can change Wallace's style.

Tannehill is not a scramble qb alla Big Ben. Wallace is not a grade a pass catcher either. Ben would heave it and by mostly miracle it would hit Wallace in the hands. That is a school yard play. Not a timing pattern. The Steelers get a lot of yards after the play starts to break down.

The Phins get their yardage via dink and dunk. We have since Marino left. We haven't had a gunslinger. That is why defenses play 8 in the box against us no matter who our team has on it.

Tannehill is a very good qb. But dink and dunk is his bread and butter. No problem.

Wallace is valuable as he takes a lot of guys with him, just in case. Eventually he is going to get one and most teams don't want it to be them.

Posted by: Ralphflorida | August 25, 2014 at 04:56 PM

I don't expect Thigpen to go until final cuts, IF, he's cut. I say, IF, because I believe there's still a small chance he makes 53 as a returner.

Pittsburgh didn't pay Wallace and then sputtered out of the playoffs.

Antonio Brown had almost 1500 yards making up for the fact that he was the only receiver on the team. (I'll give you Emmanuel Sanders as a solid #3).

SWC, I don't see the opposing teams shying away from double-teaming Wallace. They're going to continue to do so. Because if they decide to gamble and Tannehill decides to connect then that 7 point swing just took 5 seconds to complete from hike to touchdown. As a DC you can't gamble on Wallance and Tannehill (not) connecting or you might just be out of a job if that gamble ended in a loss.

What I would like to see is Wallace get more physical. How many of those balls/INTs could have been batted away if Wallace decided to help out. How many of more PI calls could he have gotten if he kept his body in position to catch the ball while the defender had to jump all over him.

No MORE EXCUSES FOR TANNEHILL. I have had enough of this S#$%t about Mike Wallace being the freaking problem. Those idiots need to use common sense for a change down in south Florida. START MATT MOORE IDIOTS! Stop trying to force a freaking circle in a square. Tannehill has had too much time to learn to throw the deep ball. There attempts in trying to force Tannehill's inabilities on the the team is so foolish that the ESPN summary on the AFC east did not even mention the dolphins. I hope Dan Marino does not get pulled into that foolishness down there. If he does, it will destroy his superior legacy!!!!!!!!! Push for the obvious move Dan before the season starts! Trade Tannehill while you can get something for him. A Moore , Lobato and Devlin or Quinn stable of QBs is a good lineup.

Former Dolphins cut around the league:

1. LB Austin Spitler Ravens
2. WR Anthony Armstrong Browns
3. WR Marvin McNutt Panthers
4. DT Keeston Randle Vikings
5. OT Wade Smith Sea Hawks

These are just the names I recognize. :-)

I cannot believe that knowing that the Tannehill - Wallace deep ball is a problem (Was all of last year) and just now they start to dedicate a few extra minutes to that. ??? They should be spending an extra hour a day as a minimum.
This tells me he really is not part of the strategy as a deep ball catcher. Maybe just as a decoy.
Is Wallace too lazy to practice on his own with Tannehill.
I understand Tannehill was at the facilities before practice was official, and was practicing and learning - why didn't Wallace come down and work out with him ??
too much time wasted
Yes Wallace does take the safety and corner with him and that does open up the other receivers to be one on one (at least 2 of them)
So there is some value there - but for what the Dolphins pay Wallace he should be a lot more than our primary decoy.
I liked the fact that lazor moved him around in game 3 and he played several positions instead of only the right side and he did come back to the ball twice effectively. Maybe more of that will be needed to take better advantage of his speed.
I am not on the ground to evaluate how good a decoy he really is and if that is what they really expect out of him more so than catching he ball. But I do not see the team paying him next year - we have one of the best receiver corps in the league. Wallace has to have one hell of a great year to stay on this team ad earn the $$ he would be due next year, the dolphins could cut him with no CAP hit at the end of this season or try to trade him. (Even a fourth round pick would be acceptable, or a starting guard)

If they cut Williams after his performance they must be nuts. This guy earned a position on this team. Good to see Egnew catch on with another team, I hope the kid does well. Once Tannehill starts connecting with Wallace once or twice on that deep route, it will click. As far as double teaming Wallace, I don't see how you do that with Clay, Hartline, Gibson, Landry out there in a 5 receiver set. As far as Tannehill not scrambling, HUH? Better go back and watch some of his college tape. The guy can scramble and throw on the run

Posted by: Ralphflorida | August 25, 2014 at 05:12 PM

IMO, both Wallace and Hartline need upgrading. We need a true top 10 #1 wr. Then move Wallace to #2, where he's a very legit top 5 #2 wr.

Hartline is more of a middle of the pack #2. He does not produce volume touchdowns. His td to catch and yardage ratio is simply appalling.


These are the former dolphins starting around the league:
Chad Henne QB
Jake Long LT
John Jerry G
Richie Incogs G
Sean Smith CB
Vontae Davis CB
Tedd Ginn KR/WR
Paul Solai DT
Karlos Dansby LB
Chirs Clemmons S
Nolan Carrol CB
Reggie Bush RB
Brandon Marshall WR
Anthony Fasano TE

You could build a 7 win team around these guys


In a 5 WR set there won't be anyone double-covered. But on our standard 3 WR plays the safety is going to be shadowing him the entire time. And the good safeties are going to bait Tannehill to throw it.

Posted by: Bobbyd12 | August 25, 2014 at 05:17 PM

Bellichick is smart. In our 2nd 2013 meeting e doubled Charles Clay, not Mike Wallace.

Bellichik is a defensive genius. He know's there's far less to fear from the Wallace/Tanne connection.

All of you misfits who are trying to blame Mike Wallace for Tannehill's issues are idiots. Who the heck wants to run a several 50 or 60 yards routes 5 times after a hard practice, for a QB whom everyone knows is never going to make good on the delivery. What is going to happen, is, Mike Wallace is going to reinjure his groin or worse in this FOOLISH after practice workout. This is so foolish. Mike Wallace is the ONLY wide receiver we have who can take the top off the defense.

Not sure why we're knocking our WR corps so much. This is the best WR lineup (depth wise) we've had (possibly) in the history of our team. We are 6 & 7 receivers deep.

4 years ago we were craving a WR. Then we got Marshall and continued to say our WRs were garbage. So we dumped Marshall, which made everyone happy, until they realized we didn't have any WRs, then we b!tched and complained that we should have kept Marshall.

Now, Ireland brings in Wallace to calm our hate down and we rejoice! Then, after one season, we want him gone.

So who exactly is going to replace Wallace and make us better?

The same person that replaced Brandon Marshall and made us better I assume.

bond, I agree Hartline is the most overrated WR on the team the guy literally slips every time he catches the ball. He isnt overly fast or physical...JAG

In a 5 wr set the qb had better have the ball out in 1.5 secs or less. Because who picks up the free blitzer?

5 olinemen + 5 wr + 1 qb = 11. Defense can send 6 pass rusher and still have 5 in coverage.

Let talk about Albert... The guy is a stud @LT!

I'm waiting for 2016. When we trade/cut Wallace after 2014 and everyone is happy. Then he'll go to another team in 2015 and ball out and we'll all complain that we should have kept Wallace - as we're searching draft boards and FA scraps for someone that can put up half the production Wallace did.

Good plan.

Tannhill peaked last season.End the errrrrrror already.

Posted by: A Regular Here | August 25, 2014 at 05:25 PM

I've been saying for years Im not impressed with Hartline. Many here think 1000yds receiving is the measure of a wr even if he only scores 4 td.

He always disappears in the red zone and when he does decide to drop a pass its sally in the end zone. Hartline seems allergic to scoring td's. With any kind of real consistency at least.

Same thing about B MArshall.... The guy is a legit top 5 WR some dummies were actually glad he got traded SMH.

People; you can see every sack made on Tannehill last year. So, what I did was count how many seconds Tannehill had to throw the ball. The average amount of time was 3 seconds; that is when he did not scramble out of the pocket. When he moved out of the pocket, he averaged 5 to 6 seconds to throw the ball. My point is, the amount of time Tannehill had to throw was only an issue about 1/4 of the time in the sacks he took. Most QBs get rid of the ball within 2 to 3 seconds and if they are going deep and need a second or two, they scramble out of the pocket if need be. Matt Moore is doing all of this now!

Hartline is a solid reciever who is alergic to the endzone. The production we get out of him I ohnestly think Rishard Matthews can give us or Landry. I like Wallace very explosive like him or not he scores touchdowns 5 last year and thats a career low.

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