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Belichick doing Belichick things to Dolphins

Bill Belichick has a way of doing things. We know his way because he's been the head coach of the New England Patriots for so long that his tricks are now kind of, well, known. And yet he keeps doing them because the Dolphins keep helping him.

Let's go down the list of Belichick tricks:

1. Draft great talent right out from under the Dolphins noses by picking the best from Florida or the University of Miami. (Dolphins draft Vernon Carey, Belichick takes Vince Wilfork one spot later).

2. Trade with the Dolphins and make them wish they never did. (Wes Welker).

3. Sign a Dolphins player and have him play better with the Patriots than he ever did with the Dolphins. (Heath Evans, Sammy Morris, Junior Seau, Rob Ninkovich).

4. Sign a Dolphins player just before the Patriots play the Dolphins and while denying it, download everything that player knows about the Dolphins.

Well, today the Patriots resorted to trick No. 4.

The Patriots claimed safety and special teams specialist Don Jones off waivers one day after the Dolphins cut him. Jones, in his second year, led the Dolphins in special teams tackles last year.

Jones wore out his welcome in Miami because the team needed a corner and he wasn't great playing cornerback the last couple of weeks of the preseason. On the other hand Belichick doesn't mind adding Dolphins special teams guys.

Remember Larry Izzo?

Now, if I'm Dennis Hickey and I want to signal to Belichick that there's a new sheriff in town I go and sign one of the players he cut. The Patriots waived offensive lineman Chris Barker to make room for Jones.

I claim Barker and waive Dallas Thomas (who, by the way, is not good).  Or I put Barker on my practice squad. Either way, I don't let the Patriots get the better of me on this one.

Barker, by the way, was originally signed as an undrafted free agent by, you guessed it, the Dolphins. When he was cut on the final cut last season the Patriots claimed him.