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Introducing the change of pace back ... Miller (Moreno lead back)

Bill Lazor stopped a fairly fast-paced press conference Monday -- like a time out amid a Chip Kelly drive. The Dolphins offensive coordinator paused after a question ... pause ... think ... still thinking.

And finally he answered what seemed like a routine question: What have you seen from running back Lamar Miller and what areas would you like him to improve?

"I thnk, I think, I think we're expecting to have more production," Lazor said.

Ding, ding, ding, ding!

That is absolutely correct and honest. The Dolphins wanted Lamar Miller to be their starter this season. They wanted him to be productive. As it stands now, he's not either.

Even if Miller is the player introduced with the starters -- which he might not be -- it is clear Knowshon Moreno is Miami's lead running back. Miller, who was the starter and unchallenged all preseason, has lost his job as Miami's lead back.


"I've seen lots on the practice field that tells me where we're headed with Lamar and I feel very good about his ability to be productive," Lazor said, "but if you're talking about the preseason games his production needs to improve."

In other words, when Lazor calls for Miller to carry the football, it has to go further than the 3.4 yards per carry Miller averaged in the preseason. That, compared to Moreno's 6.4 yards per carry, is what earned Miller No. 2 back duties.

"I think what Lamar is improving at right now and I expect him to continue go is to be decisive from the backfield," Lazor said. "I have no doubts about how explosive and productive he can be in space. There might be some schemes that are a little bit different for him and the more reps he gets at them the more decisive he is from the backfield. I see that happen during the preseason, I'm excited about where we're headed."

So, Miller has to be more decisive when he has the football in his hands. And, in order to get that better, faster decision-making out of Miller, the Dolphins are giving him a package of plays especially for him.

By the way, a package of plays suggests change of pace back. Which makes sense ...

Because Knowshon Moreno is the Dolphins lead back.