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Dolphins go different route with leadership council (sort of)

Yes, like last season the Dolphins have a leadership council again this year (although they are not calling it that). And yes, like last season center Mike Pouncey is once again on the so-called council.

But before you have a cow about how terrible and tone deaf this is, stop for one second and find out the entire story.

Unlike last year, the Dolphins are not voting on the leadership council. And unlike last year, it's not about a five-man council -- that last year included Pouncey and Ritchie Incognito.

The way the council (remember, they're not calling it this) was decided upon this year was simply by picking the one or two most senior members of a position group to take leadership.

So for the offensive line, Branden Albert and Pouncey are the reps.

For the wide receivers, Mike Wallace and Brian Hartline are the reps.

Both QBs -- Ryan Tannehill and Matt Moore -- are reps.

For the defensive line, Cameron Wake, Randy Starks and Earl Mitchell are the reps.

For the DBs, it is Brent Grimes and Cortland Finnegan.

Knowshon Moreno represents the running backs.

Charles Clay represents the tight ends.

The point is the Dolphins are drawing from a bigger group based on seniority. So more voices. Less chances a rogue voice gains power, according to one team source.

Coach Joe Philbin, who last year stood back and let bad actors get into the leadership council by putting it to a vote of players, declined to address the topic today. At least he learned not to conduct an election because, as we've seen around the world, sometimes the wrong people get elected.

“I’m not going to get into any of the specifics, but we’ve been trying to get on the same page and working hard at it really since April 21st, since the day they got back into the building, and we are going to continue to work on it as we move forward,” Philbin said.

Yes, Pouncey, who was prominently named in the Ted Wells Report in February, is still among the Dolphins leaders. And yes, it will reflect poorly in some circles.

But Pouncey won't be one of five voices. More like one of 15 or so voices.



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Ummm, ok.

Makes sense. But if Philbin's really paying attention to his team off the field this year, then the council won't be so necessary anyway.

SWC, I look at four factors in determining a successful draft.

1. years in the league
2. Games played
3. Games Started
4. Pro bowl seasons

In every year since 2008 Ireland's drafts have at least beat the league average in two of these four categories.

In 2011 he beat all four and will continue to gain benefits as Clay and Pouncey look to have very long decorated careers. The Dolphins had one of the best overall drafts that year and it was essentially rounds 6 and 7 that saved it.

Whether a draft pick still plays for Miami, I don't care when assessing a draft because that speaks more to coaching and roster management than it does to drafting which just means finding NFL players.

And SWC you shouldn't assess a draft by finding pro bowl players alone because most teams will fail. The average pro bowl per season drafted in any particular draft is only 2-6%. You should expand your scope.

IN 2010, he beat the first three parameters but no pro bowlers. So he drafted some very good solid players and a lot of them - more than average by a fair bit but failed to uncover a star. Odrick is probably the best bet to eventually hit a pro bowl and dress this draft up further.

hey 72, no hard feelings ... I was just playing ...

Pouncey is not a good guy but you do not win in the NFL with a bunch of choir boys, you need some street thugs and bullies to win.

I doubt Wallace wants to be on the same council as Tannehill

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | September 03, 2014 at 04:17 PM

Years in the league mean nothing when the player no longer plays for your team. A gm's job is to build a championship roster for his team, not the rest of the nfl.

So your years in the league criteria is a serious skew.

Posted by: Still/Wade/County | September 03, 2014 at 04:27 PM

Knowshon Moreno represents the running backs.

The cheater still hasn't learned his lesson. The reason he feels like he needs is cause he's scared. What's it been a decade since his last SB win? While there is no rules against what he is doing...I call it like I see them. He is a snake and a jerk.

Mando is up to like 3-4 blogs a day, comments can't keep up with it!

Pouncey should be on the leadership council. He's one of the only players we have with the guts to speak out or speak his mind.

It obviously gets him in trouble from time-to-time, but it's better than having a "good" veteran be mute (Wake) in the huddle and the locker room.


Also, you're way too much info overload. Save this for sportrac and pff, they get paid to do it.

Far and away the most important criteria for a gm is win. As I posted before, Ireland was always 1 step forward, 2 backwards.

Strange how nearly every season we began the offseason with more issues than we ended the season with. Ireland was making bad fa deals, shipping players out, and allowing players to walk faster than he could efficiently replaced them.

He always found way to UNDO any good he's ever done.

From the last blog

I'll go through the teams by position.

QB- Pats (Brady is still top 5 or top 10 and Tannehill isn't there YET.)
RB- Push. Yes call me a clueless homer, but I'll think Moreno/Miller/Williams vs. Vereen/Ridley/White/Bolden is pretty close.
WR- Fins. Pretty clear here. I don't know why Belicheat doesn't give Brady weapons.
TE- Pats. Assumes a pretty healthy Gronk as much as I like Clay. Can Simms and Hoskins have an impact for us?
OL- Pats. I might be tempted to call this a push with a healthy Pouncey and Mankins gone from the Pats. Albert and Solder are both very good as is Vollmer on the pats.
DL- Fins. Both teams have among the best D-lines in the league. Wake/Starks/Vernon for us and Chandler Jones/Wilfork/Ninkovich for them. Behind those 3 though, the Pats don't have much. We still have Mitchell, Odrick, and Shelby even with Dion out. I'll take our depth.
LB- Pats. Pats have a very strong group imo with Mayo, Hightower, and Collins. I think our guys will be better this year, but they aren't on this level imo.
Secondary- Fins. I'll factor this with Reshad Jones and Browner both out. Revis is prob the best or a top 2 corner behind Sherman, but I think Grimes is top 4 or 5. McCourty is also a very good safety. Still behind those 2 they don't have much. Is Duron Harmon, Alfonzo Dennard, Kyle Arrington, and Logan Ryan really scaring anyone? I'll take Delmas, Wilson, Finnegan, Davis, and Taylor over their depth guys. I maybe be being a homer on this pick though.
ST- Pats Fields is always very good, but Gostowski and Edelman are proven where Sturgis and Landry are not.

Just my 2 cents on these.

Wade County, Tannehill will have a very large impact on our season. I think Lazor will do well. I believe in Tannehill, but we will have to see how he does.

The Vegas line for this game is currently the Pats favored by 5 points give or take a half a point either way.

If I was Philbin (gulp) I'd be playing the disrespect card saying we are a big underdog in our own house to these guys even though we beat them last year !

Please call me Cindy.

Did anyone think Foles would amount to anything prior to Chip Kelly/Lazor's offense?

If Foles can do it, why can't Tannehill? Who is clearly viewed as the more skilled and athletic talent if he went a round earlier than Foles did. (or you'd assume he is clearly viewed that way, otherwise, why would we pick Tannehill over Foles to begin with)

Posted by: MiamiD20 | September 03, 2014 at 04:39 PM

Not saying it can not happen for Tannehill, just that Nick Foles isn't wr turned qb.

Philbin could care less as he is already packing.

If the team read this blog, for sure they would hate the fans.

Posted by: Still/Wade/County | September 03, 2014 at 04:42 PM

lol! touche, but I don't think Tannehill would have gone in the 1st if he didn't have the skill to play quarterback. I can't see how guys like Dalton and Foles can go after Tannehill just on Tannehill's 'potential' as a QB (or Sherman's comfort level)

How is it that Philbin still has a job?

Tanne is a QB turned WR then back to QB.

I should say, I can't see how Tannehill can go ahead of guys like Dalton or Foles just based on his own potential or Sherman's comfort level with him**

If you some of you fools really believe THill is a better QB than Foles than you guys are more delusional than I thought...

Ryan Tannehill = AIB

A regular here - deep down even you know Tanne is better. You don't think 99% of us realize all the Tanne bashers do it just to get a rise out of someone for their own entertainment?

Of course we do.

It's boring, you are spending a lot of time to get the same few silly bloggers going on it. Get a life.

The same few jack off bloggers post something stupid and negative about Ross, Tanne or Philbin and then the few double jack off bloggers chime back every time.

So silly really.

Foles put up numbers last season that THill can only dream of...

Posted by: A Regular Here | September 03, 2014 at 04:48 PM

I'm not saying Tannehill is better. Foles may very well be the better QB, but draft logic doesn't dictate that you take a QB based off of potential and comfort (Tannehill) over a QB that is "better" (Foles). There is a reason Tannehill was selected over Foles. If that reason is/was Sherman's comfort level or the desire to get a pretty face in the building for $$ then that's an awful tactic to use and it's no wonder our team has been so poor.

But I would bet they selected Tannehill over Dalton and Foles for a football reason rather than a business reason.

Blah blah blah, yada yada, you seriously need a playmate.

Can someone please tell me what makes THill better than Foles???

What has he done to become the better QB than Foles??? Please enlightened me. I'm begging someone too!

and then the few double jack off bloggers chime back every time.

So silly really.

Posted by: Elmer | September 03, 2014 at 04:52 PM

LOL, right as I chime back too....too funny.

MiamiD, you are letting the same few trolls ride you like a stick with a horses head on it. None of these lonely people are remotely serious, they are here to get a rise out of someone. It's so old it is mind boggling how most of you still don't see this

Posted by: Still/Wade/County | September 03, 2014 at 04:08 PM

Vereen is not that good of an RB, I'm not sure where we're getting this from.

Ridley is a good back and on par with Moreno I would say, but what has Vereen done that Miller hasn't? Both have been underwhelming and far from productive (from where they should be as runners). If Miller is a "bust" (not saying you called him that) then Vereen would have to be as well.

Posted by: MiamiD20 | September 03, 2014 at 04:16 PM

Due to injury and bad depth the 2013 Pats were in fact a run oriened team!

We all remember Ridley geting benched for the fumble on Sunday Night Vs. Denver were he went in Bill's Dog House. It cut into his carries were Blount came on but he still had a 4.3 Avg. off 178 carries. Go look up the RB Stats for that team last Yr dropping Blount and it went like this.

S.Ridley.............(Att)178......Yds 773.....Avg4.3
B.Bolden.................. 55..........271........4.9

S.Vereen's real value is in the passing game were he caught 47 for 440 and 9.1 Avg.

Moreno had better numbers individually but the Broncos are a passing team were he had alot of room to run. If you ignore this then your just stuck on the Blog RB debate.

I believe Miller is a great change of pace runner who could contribute more in pass game as the 1-B runner but won't go as far as calling Moreno an Alpha-1! I see the Moreno signing the way I viewed Lamar Smith in 2000! A stop gap serviceable player with NO HOMERUN ability!

We still haven't seen there Rookie 4th Rd'er White who looked real good Vs. Wash. in the Pre-Season. The RB Pos. has become about strength in numbers and there better having actually carried a big load on there team last Yr. while were toast after our #2 with a ST's guy at 3 and the other a core PS Player IMO!

Im a FIns fan but Im not a delusional homer that many of you are. I like to be realistic in expectations.

THill better that Foles... GTFOH! NFL experts will take Foles over THill right now

Err, what is the purpose of this "council"?

You see, MiamiD? Now he is really fishing for feedback. Leave him alone, he'll go jackoff on another blog.

Let me guess because THill was the 8th pick in the draft hes the better QB. HA!

Posted by: NeMo | September 03, 2014 at 04:37 PM

Maybe the best post on the subject and loved your breakdown at LB were it's apparent some here think J.Collins and Hightower are garbage at OLB while Mayo an average MLB?

My thing t DB is Dennard, rington an Ryan all had over 10 Pass Defensed credited which is becoming big stat in the game today while we have guys going into the fire for the 1st time!

Such desperatio, you see now we are having the fun watching the troll squirm in his own jiz lol.


I do not view Moreno as anything more than you do. He's a stopgap until we can find a better solution (or until Miller proves himself, whichever comes first). I wouldn't say Moreno is a top #1 back, his numbers last year are products of Peyton Manning, I won't even bring his stats into the conversation they're too skewed for comparison.

Moreno and Miller are a good 1-2 punch, they're different backs. Miller has the homerun ability if he gets space and Moreno can hit a hole (that our OL can't provide anyway).

Ridley may be better than Moreno, but is that based on their talent/skill or is that based on Ridley being a product of Tom Brady?

Fishing for feedback??? Im looking for an unbiased factual statements that makes THill better than Foles.... I'll wait until 5:30 when I get off work....

Translation - Will somebody ANYBODY, pleeeeeeease blog with me haha. Bye fly.

I would have loved to have seen Lombardi's reaction at the proposal of this "council'. Council, what council? You are Football Players and not politicians! Get back out there!!


Good little series of post.

And to prove your point.

Watch this,

Just the mention of my name will have them going in circles. And to add,




Watch the Senastionalist Dashi/L.Miller bashing in 3..2...1

Question, how many home runs has Lamar hit for us? I don't recall any long runs to the end zone in 2 years.

Nick Foles career numbers for 2 year..

Ryan THill career numbers first 2 years..

Again How is THill the better QB LMAO

this council is pretty much a non-issue/not that important this year, in or out of the locker room--lets face it, after last year, all of the players will be more careful and neutral in general about voicing opinions, and/or being too outspoken, etc--its just not worth it for any of them to step out on a limb, in any regard--lets consider it the neutered leadership council

Delusional homers are the worst...

Thill is not better than Foles, not now anyway--no way.

I think THill has more natural ability, probably more athletic, but that really doesnt mean squat at the QB position, or not that much at least.....we've seen plenty of very athletic QBs fail around the league--decision making (quickly), accuracy, protecting the football are what its about....THill is improving but Foles shines in those areas, or has in the past at least.

There are no "councils" in the Military, The approach in Football should be the same thing. After all, it is a Battle, isn't it?

I can't see how guys like Dalton and Foles can go after Tannehill just on Tannehill's 'potential' as a QB (or Sherman's comfort level)

Posted by: MiamiD20 | September 03, 2014 at 04:45 PM

I think Dalton is the most overrated QB in the game! Have posted it plenty! The Bngals will never advance with that turkey under Center!

I don't think Foles is ELITE but turned the corner as great game manager! He had great numbers but when he had to win one in a shootout with lowly Vikes he folded and that's what seperates the QB's in my view!

benz, thanks jeez its like when someone states a fact that isnt in favor of the Fins or THill theyre all of a sudden a troll

The facts are the facts and RIGHT NOW Foles is the better QB..

Yeah, yeah, Jim Langer complained how inhuman Shula was, but only after he had 2 rings on his fingers, wasn't it so?

fin4life, because he folded in a game he isnt elite? I wouldn't put Foles in elite category.. There are only 4 elite QB.


Thats it!


I'll also give you that NE's LBs are much better than Miami's, talent wise they are much better. They may be lost in the Tom Brady shuffle, but that defense is never talked about. They're all solid contributors, but these are the numbers I see for the two teams:

(for 2013)

New England:

Passing yards allowed: 3824/ 25 TDs/ 17 INTs (allowed)
Rushing yards allowed: 2145/ 11 TDs


Passing: 3752/ 17 TDs/ 18 INTs
Rushing: 1998/ 14 TDs

2nd tier


Pats 2013 defensive (and offensive) numbers:

Miami 2013 numbers:

Henne > T-Puke

Of all the first round QB's drafted in the last 7 years, I'd put Tannehill right around #3.

agree, no doubt foles is the better QB right now....and wouldnt be surprised if he ends up being the better QB over time--BUT, I will say that I need to see Foles do it for another season or two at a high level, before I'm totally convinced--he cant statistically match last years numbers but he still can be good to very good--but I need to see it first....but the dude makes great decisions, and that usually means success--dont turn the ball over...its almost that simple.

Posted by: MiamiD20 | September 03, 2014 at 05:01 PM

Talent wise at the Top-2 it's pretty close although lets see the Rookie (I believe we'll be the 1st?)

My point was more around the depth aspect there deeper and proven.

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