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Latest Dolphins motivational theme here

The Dolphins apparently lead the league in slogans and t-shirts and such.

The team (coaches, actually) had T-shirts made up celebrating the naming of the 53-man roster over the weekend. The T-shirts boast the slogan "One team One Fight Win the Day," within a shield that resembles a Spartan shield. Oh, about that shield, seems the team is really into its meaning because somebody brought an actual shield into the locker room and it is on display in one part of the Miami locker room.


"We took time on Sunday to celebrate the 53 guys who made the roster and position coaches gave them their T-shirts," coach Joe Philbin said. "As with a lot of things in life, there are certain rituals and we wanted to kind of make it a special occasion for them. The shield is kind of a symbol of we play together as one team."

The coaches came up with the shirts. The players came up with the slogan.

Fired up?

The Dolphins are not new at this, folks.

This is the team that had the lobster traps hanging from the ceiling of the locker room because coach Dave Wannstedt wanted to remind his players not to overlook a "trap" game.

T-Shirts? The team had a T-Shirt with a credo in training camp.

It had a credo T-shirt for the defense last year.

Remember "Feed the Wolf" during the Tony Sparano era?

This is interesting stuff. But menaingful?

(Let's just say this post isn't going to be atop the blog very long.)