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Latest Dolphins motivational theme here

The Dolphins apparently lead the league in slogans and t-shirts and such.

The team (coaches, actually) had T-shirts made up celebrating the naming of the 53-man roster over the weekend. The T-shirts boast the slogan "One team One Fight Win the Day," within a shield that resembles a Spartan shield. Oh, about that shield, seems the team is really into its meaning because somebody brought an actual shield into the locker room and it is on display in one part of the Miami locker room.


"We took time on Sunday to celebrate the 53 guys who made the roster and position coaches gave them their T-shirts," coach Joe Philbin said. "As with a lot of things in life, there are certain rituals and we wanted to kind of make it a special occasion for them. The shield is kind of a symbol of we play together as one team."

The coaches came up with the shirts. The players came up with the slogan.

Fired up?

The Dolphins are not new at this, folks.

This is the team that had the lobster traps hanging from the ceiling of the locker room because coach Dave Wannstedt wanted to remind his players not to overlook a "trap" game.

T-Shirts? The team had a T-Shirt with a credo in training camp.

It had a credo T-shirt for the defense last year.

Remember "Feed the Wolf" during the Tony Sparano era?

This is interesting stuff. But menaingful?

(Let's just say this post isn't going to be atop the blog very long.)




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You haven't seen the Dashi rampage that they have been on since I made a critical comment about Salguero and the Editor of the Sports Section.

Can DASHI push a button or what?!

-I caught Oscar a long time ago. Notice he does not appear as often.

They have this nice little strategy, Oscar and Daytona 500. They change their names hoping that we forget what they said under another name.

Posted by: -I | September 04, 2014 at 03:57 PM


A New Post Magically Appears!!

do you ever getting tired of being a negative dickbag? You have been ragging on this organization since you ran Shula out of town. Watch what happens when you continue to bite the hand that feeds you. I would love to see Ross buy the Miami Herald just to fire your lame ass. Be a fan on piss off.

Will this Spartan shield be more productive than "Feed the Wolf" was? Or whatever that wolf thing was that we did with Sparano

"Win One For The Gipper!"

Yes, they won ONE for the Gipper. My problem I how many games would be won for the gipper had there had to be played 10gms?

A SINGLE slogan of motivation is fine. But its never an overall cure. At some point, the same motivational slogan, loses its power to motivate. Its like a "in the now" sort of stimulator. Then tomorrow it fades away.

If using a motivational slogan, it should be changed out weekly anew. New week, new slogan. The same old slogan will soon become stale. :-)

On the Samsung .. you can turn off GPS... does it matter?

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | September 04, 2014 at 04:00 PM

Yes it matters, as long as you make no phone calls. Soon as you make a call it pings a tower. They do not have your exact location, but, it's general enough they can find the exact location if you stay on the line long enough. :-)

The best part of this post was the last line. Thank the lord. Maybe try to write something..............good.

Well you 53 Dolphins, come back with your shield or on it (Spartan for failure is not an option) Learn it, live it, love it! :P

Posted by: Still/Wade/County | September 04, 2014 at 04:15 PM

If you turn your phone off and take the battery out of the phone (or just take the battery out in general) then they have nothing to track against. But just turning off the GPS doesn't make you invisible. You would need to eliminate any connection to the internet (as you said) and make no phone calls, no text messages, and basically leave your phone alone. The second you do anything on your phone your phone "wakes up", per say, and activates anything and everything nearby via satellite and a cell phone tower.

Also, if PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES need OUTSIDE MOTIVATORS, the league may as well legalize PED's right now today.

The primary reason professional athletes are pro athletes is performance based. Having far more to do with self-motivation than outside motivation.

I have a good topic for you:

Sturgis can't kick without earlobe.

Or just make some crap up, per usual. Like,

Dolphins practice in bubble today means team revolt against coaches.

Don't we get a tshirt. I have been making stupid observations, largely ignored by the team for the past few years. My comments are about as valuable as some of the players that have played for this team the past few years and I thought I was pretty good. Just not picked up yet.
I picked on Ted Ginn until they ran him out of town. :) I should have got a Jets shirt for that one.

All coaches and organizational leaders, good and bad, have been using motivational tactics from day 1. It is nothing new or nothing strange to Miami only. Did you eat a lot of paint chips when you were a kid?

Going to start posting on a pay as you go phone ... SOns of Anarchy Style!



The Fins have incompetents in the FO.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | September 04, 2014 at 04:29 PM

The only way drug dealers and criminals alike can get away with it. Make a call, throw out the phone, repeat.

Forgot to mention happy birthday Mark in Toronto !

I hope the team wins for you Sunday.

Shield should have a spear with it. Shield=defense, spear=offence.

A few years ago, Jim Harbaugh distributed light blue, collared work shirts to all the coaches and players, with personal first-name inscriptions on a patch on the front. Like mechanic's shirts. Meaningful? Wh knows? They won though...a lot.

Shield should have a spear with it. Shield=defense, spear=offence.

Posted by: cocoajoe | September 04, 2014 at 04:40 PM

Interesting and very smart observation. A shield lasts only so long over a duration of beating. At some point, the ability to attack your opponent is imminent.

So, Armando, where the hell are our spears? :-)

Thanks all for the birthday wishes. I truly have more than anyone deserves to have. Healthy family, a way to pay the bills, and NFL football. God Bless (North) America!!

Institute for the Improvement of Productivity (out score your opponent) and Quality (best scheme to win) does not use slogans. Check list and execution put us in the best position to win. Mr.Joe Philbin and company stop wasting your time. The Pats must be laughing their heads off. Since when has a slogan won a football game, 4fookshake. Did Shula have slogans?

There are plenty of ways to get away with it. Heard?

i would not want to spend a single minute in your brain armando. how can you enjoy life being such an antagonistic condescending person? do you even read what you write?


YES, Don Shula had slogans, here's a few:

“Anybody that's a Dolphins fan feels they're headed in the right direction.”

"I have no magic formula. The only way I know to win is through hard work."

"I don't know any other way to lead but by example"

"Sure, luck means a lot in football. Not having a QB is bad luck"

"The one thing I know is that you win with good people"

"Get the job done"

"One thing I never want to be accused of is not working".


Seriously, don't you EVER have ANYTHING good to say? You are the most negative, pessimistic sports writer on the entire east coast. If I were the Dolphins organization I would ban you from the facility because your writing does nothing but spread negative vibes and hurts the morale of both the team and the fan base. I can't wait until you find another job that doesn't entail looking for new reasons to hate on my favorite team.

"Why not us?"

Because you f'n suck and are devoid of above-average talent at nearly every position. That's why, Coach Sparano.

What does it say about a professional team that needs high school level slogans and props for motivation to do their jobs? Ridiculous..

You're a bit of an a*s Armando.

The Spartans are certainly a nice model in many respects. The Spartans largely invented the concept of teamwork - built a nation on it and reigned nearly undefeated for 800 years. Their dominance, like an offensive line, came from their line play pushing hard while smashing and punishing opponents and never allowing penetration. They lives by the Spartan laws set my Lycurgus - one of which was that you never back down, you never flee, you stand your ground regardless of consequence - they fought "on desperate ground". Formidable fighters.
Man, I hope the time comes when people fear the indomitable Dolphins line.

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