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Salguero 2014 NFL standings predictions

The NFL regular season has begun and on Sunday the Miami Dolphins kick off against the New England Patriots. It's going to be an exciting season, as most NFL seasons are.

But if you don't feel like paying constant attention between now and January, go ahead and take the time off because this is how it's going to go, in my opinion.

These are my 2014 NFL standings in advance. Wolf them down:

AFC East

Team                   2013 record      2014 prediction             Comment

1. New England     12-4                  12-4                 Still division's best QB and coach.

2. Miami                8-8                    8-8                 Dolphins migrate to the mean.

3. NY Jets              8-8                    8-8                 See their CBs? It's a passing league.

4. Buffalo              6-10                   6-10               See their QB? It's a passing league.

 AFC North

Team                  2013 record      2014 prediction                Comment

1. Baltimore          8-8                  10-6                   Healthy, deeper than in '13.

2. Cincinnati         11-5                 9-7                    Not a believer in this team.

3. Pittsburgh         8-8                  9-7                     Better but D is still old.

4. Cleveland          4-12                4-12                   Must...pass...ball...oh, can't.

AFC South

Team                    2013 record      2014 prediction                Comment

1. Indianapolis        11-5               11-5                  Luck gets better, and better, and ...

2. Tennessee           7-9                 6-10                   Locker does not get better.

3. Houston              2-14               5-11                  See their QB? It's a passing league.

4. Jacksonville        4-12                5-11                Irrelevant until Henne gets the clipboard.

AFC West

Team                   2013 record      2014 prediction                Comment

1. San Diego           9-7                   12-4              They were hot late last year.

2. Denver              13-3                    11-5             No run game, Welker suspended.

3. Kansas City        11-5                    6-10              Mirage of '13 evaporates.

4. Oakland             4-12                   5-11            Undisciplined with aged talent.

NFC East

Team                 2013 record      2014 prediction                Comment

1. Eagles              10-6                  11-5              Kelly's crew picks up where it left off.

2. Redskins           3-13                   9-7              RG3 is for real despite '13.

3. NY Giants           7-9                   6-10            New O and Eli Manning are not a fit.

4. Cowboys             8-8                   4-12          Jerry will feel nostalgia for 8-8.

NFC North

Team                2013 record      2014 prediction                Comment

1. Green Bay        8-7-1                 10-6            They don't play Seattle every week.

2. Detroit             7-9                    9-7              Discipline works.

3. Chicago            8-8                    7-9              Offense improves, D regresses (again).

4. Minnesota         5-10-1               6-10            Many QBs, none proven starters.

NFC South

Team                 2013 record      2014 prediction                Comment

1. New Orleans     11-5                  11-5            Order restored.

2. Tampa Bay        4-12                  9-7             Have talent and Lovie can coach.

3. Carolina            12-4                  7-9             Fine D, but Cam can't do it alone on O.

4. Atlanta              4-12                  6-10             Better but still not good.

NFC West

Team                 2013 record      2014 prediction                     Comment

1. Seattle             13-3                  13-3           QB, OL are better and D brings the boom.

2. San Fran.          12-4                 10-6           OL isn't great anymore, D is missing key pieces.

3. Arizona            10-6                  7-9            OL is better, D is worse.

4. St. Louis            7-9                   4-12         Bradford on IR, season over. Again.


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I think Mia goes 9-7, or 10-6. This is hoping the new offense can put up more points and the defense does not regress for the 3rd time since Nolan left.

Of particular interest will be if Mando is correct on our record and SF, what happens to Philbin (will be permanently named Failbin then) and does Harbaugh hit the open market. If Mando's pessimism holds true, I see Harbaugh in Mia next year. If my optimistic attitude comes to pass, then maybe we FINALLY have some much-needed continuity. If not, hopefully we AT LEAST FOUND a real OC who survives either way. I like his innovation and his decision to move to the sidelines to be closer to Tanne. HUGE, HUGE mistake by Sherman while he was here, even given his comfort level with the kid. Mr. Magoo (Dan Henning) liked the AC upstairs, too, which did not help Henne in his development either. (I say this not excusing Henne. He was not the answer @ QB for obvious reasons.)

(PS) Not wanting to be 1st troll today, just sitting by the pool in rainy Bangkok (11 hrs. ahead of EST) trying to goad another troll into a discourse on the Dolphins. :)

8-8 is what I have been saying all year. This team sucks. Starting with O line. They should have signed better players with all the money they have. Second, a horrible coach. He doesn't know shit about football just like the owner. Sell the team and start over.

Just a couple of days left. I am not too excited about this. I just dont see anything better than 9-7. probably 8-8, maybe 7-9, possibly 6-10.
They just dont give me hope anymore. Too many let downs.
I see Tom Brady winning it 34 - 14.
I miss Marino. He always made you relevant.

Sunday will be very telling. I think it sets the stage for the entire season. I see this entire team as being in a really fragile state and this game will have a very big impact one way or the other. Fans should be watching it very closely.

Get destroyed on Sunday...this team is immediately going to be picked apart by the national and local media. Fans will be calling for THILL and Philbin's heads after week one. The team will fall apart quickly and will likely go 0-3 to start. They finish 5-11.

Lose a close game....this team will attempt to say 'we see real improvement and are excited about what is to come. We need to improve on a few things but we now as coaches and players we can make it happen.' Sound familiar? The team goes 8-8 and continues to ride the bus to mediocrity.

Win this game....This team has a chance to really rally around a big meaningful win and set themselves up for some redemption with local and national media. It helps coaches and players build confidence and they go into the next 3 games feeling confident. The team goes 10-6.

Why does every writer and talking head feel like they have to put out their yearly predictions? No one ever brings them up later in the year. Who cares? Kick it off and let's see what happens.

A lot of Phin fans whined about us taking a OT instead of Ha-Ha Clinton Dix. Green Bay loses when Ha-Ha gets utterly embarrassed on a whiffed tackle...and the Packer RT goes down.

There is a lesson there, although I suspect many are still too dim to get it.

Well Armando at the risk of not being a good fan I would agree with you on the Dolphins. New England still has enough quickness and speed at the receiver spot and an excellent defense to beat the Dolphins. New England over the Dolphins Sunday. However I disagree on Denver. We should see a repeat of last seasons participants in the SB. Wes Welker will get his suspension reduced but even if he does not Denver will be better than last season.

RG3 for real, did you see him play in exhibition.......terrible.

I always like Miami to win outright when they are a home dog in a 1pm start early in the season. God I hope Starks or someone big just flattens Brady a couple of times!

Bills no QB, beat Dolphins twice with no QB, Jets are better. So, 2 and 4 again in division. At best, 5 and 5 rest of games, so, at best 7 and 9. Last year, in Florida, Pats had more stamina than Fish, lets see if the Coaching has improved the first game, and if the Dolphins wilt again, which truly was an embarrassment.

Armando, I hope your 8-8 projection for the Dolphins is a result of your keen analytical football mind rather than your best optimistic guess as a Dolphins fan. LOL. FinFans everywhere seem to have a very positive feel for their team this year...

I like the team's chances, too. Yeah, the schedule has been referred to as brutal at 12th hardest. But guess what? NEs schedule is tougher (#10). As is the Jets (#9). Only Buffalo gets a break (#14).

So it seems that NEs schedule has been easier than the Dolphins for the last few years. Let's see how NE fares then throughout the season going against tougher competition. Injuries, conditioning and psychological effects will play a bigger role during a long, hard season and so we may see some chance for the younger, hungrier Dolphins to close that 4-game gap you have predicted.

I am very optimistic about this season for the Dolphins and I spit out the New England Koolaid. My Predictions Miami 11-5 New England 10-6! We also will win our first playoff game in years! Laugh if you want, just remember, you heard it here first!

Go Dolphins!

Armando Salguero,

Your predictions on Miami sounds more like a popular writer's rant .Let them play and find out what happens. Armando, if your wrong, I'll set aside for you a piece of humble pie

So the NFLs most dysfunctional franchise has been rectified in 9 months.I will believe it when I see it.Its gonna take at least one more year for absentee owner Ross to realize it takes the right people in the key positions and paying them what they deserve to compete for anything other than money and appreciation of the franchise in the NFL.


I don't know so much about the other teams, but I think you are bang on with the Dolphins.. They just cannot score more than 30 points, ever, even against weak teams.. Our defense cannot possibly contain good teams to 24 points every week.

8-8 is my prediction.

31-13 loss to New England this weekend.

Posted by: jpao | September 05, 2014 at 06:36 AM

jpao, I see this game much like you. While most season openers usually provide an opportunity for fans to consolidate their thoughts about their team's future for the balance of the season, I think this game could spark some psychological changes for the Dolphins, much in the manner you have stated.

However... I think the last thing we all want to see is repeat performances of team 2013 to manifest themselves in this Patriots game. Sacks and pressures must be minimized; run game must look promising; defensive strengths must be evident; sustained drives by the offense; defense getting off the field on 3rd and 4th downs; and Tannehill making better plays under duress. Win or lose then, we could all feel better.

For a team that's been right around 8-8 for the last half dozen years, that's not a bold prediction. Pretty safe, and why I have the same prediction. I haven't seen anything yet that shows me the promise to shed our mediocrity.

No one will know anything about this team until they see how they operate in this new offense. If they build off of what they did against Dallas in the dress rehearsal game and eliminate some of the mistakes they we could be looking at a 10-6 season. I think there's a very good chance we sweep the Bills and split games with the Yets and Patsies.

NE - W
@ Buff - W
KC - W
@ Oak - W
GB - L
@ Chi - L
@ Jax - W
SD - W
@ Det - W
Buff - W
@ Den - L
@ NYJ - L
Balt - L
@ NE - L
Minn - W

I've see a change in attitude that gives me confidence this team can get above .500%
New OL, new OL coach and new OC are the biggest gains over last year...this unit is out to prove to the world they are not last years line.
WR talent is undeniable and will score many more TD's in Lazor's new system.
RB - finally shed D. Thomas and now have a real dual threat in Moreno.
DL was awesome in 3rd preseason game, getting to the QB often.
My only areas of concern - LB play and special teams...we seem to always give up the big plays on punt/K returns

9-7 and the final wildcard spot we should have had last year.

Predictions are for gypsies.

come on Mark...lighten up and have a little fun on a Friday morning.

DC, exactly what were you hoping to see before a game is played that would make you change your mind?

I mean there was just pre season and both first teams were ok... but preseason for the starters is slightly more intense than the pro bowl.

NH, that's actually a famous hockey quote ... I always loved it. I could be wrong but without googling it, I think it was legendary montreal Canadiens coach Toe Blake who came up with it.

My personal expectations, I think the team will be improved in offense through Tannehill's progression, a more experienced backfield and a better line - namely better o tackles - they were killed on the edges last year.

Defense - I'm not so sure here. Vernon will be better - the interior line should give more push. LBS I don't think anything will change until we see a change in personnel. Only contracts and experience are keeping the starters there. I think/hope by the end of the year McCain/Jordan will be terrors at Lb. Secondary is fine although I think they will be more susceptible to the long pass - Chris Clemons was really good at being a last line of defense.

Ah, it was Toe Blake ... just googled it.

In other words, anything less than 8-8 with a healthy lineup would be uncivilized.

Mark, thought that looked familiar and agree with your assessment...especially around McCain & Jordan being called into the LB corps by end of season.
Our D was top 10 in points allowed and if we can do it again, coupled with Lazors new scheme...we should win more games.

You could have a Team full of star Players but if they don't have a Coach that maximizes their strengths and minimizes their weaknesses such Team will never achieve its maximum potential. As I have very little confidence in Philbin being a good Coach, I expect trouble within the Team if we get off to a slow start, if it hasn't happened yet. Sorry for being so blunt.

Guys...I just don't see the Pats going 12-4 this year...sure Gronk is back and they'll have a winning record, but 10-6 is more likely...giving the Fins a chance to compete for the East title...and don't rule out the Jets to be right there at the end.

why did no one do the math and see that armando somehow has 8 more wins total in the league.

your win column and your loss column has to add up at the end. you have 8 more wins than loses, that's not even possible. if you are going to make random predictions, at least have them add up.

"Jerry will feel nostalgia for 8-8."
Great one, Mando!

High 5 to you NHFinsFan, for not drinking the NE Koolaid also!

My thoughts on yesterday's game - If there was one player (non qb) that I could add to the Dolphins roster it would be Bobby Wagner, ILB, Seattle. Everyone talks Sherman and legion of boom and Russell Wilson but man I would take Wagner over any of them.

If we are 8-8 it could be the end for Coyle. Coyle plays way too many soft zones and gives up way too many 3rd and longs, not to mention the fact that tackling is always a problem. I am most worried about our linebackers this year, one more draft and we should be looking at the playoffs. I am optimistic about this weekend, I like us to win in the heat. GO FISH!

I too see NE at around 12-4, here's why:
Refs make sure they get several wins a year.
They play in a weak division. Again.
But they'll lose in the playoffs once again.
This Sunday is a must win for the Phins - division rival at home and they have to travel to NE in December. They lose and it's just another typical Phins season.

As long as the pats 12th man is strong (Roger Goodell), they always have a shot.

MIT, I'd also like Cam Chancellor on the Phins - he is an excellent tackler and hits like a truck. And did I say he was an excellent tackler?

Not that it matters too much as predictions are just posted for fun and not on a week-by-week basis, but it looked to me like your records were off. I added up the total wins you predicted in 2014 and the total number of loses in 2014 and there was a discrepancy:

264 wins vs 248 losses.

Shouldn't the numbers be equal? Teams can't win more than other teams can lose?

But I digress.

Not sure how the Steelers will go 9-7 and the Dolphins 8-8. Who do the Steelers have again? An aging Troy Polamalu? I don't think Big Ben + Antonio Brown = 8 wins. That's about all they have.

Posted by: chad | September 05, 2014 at 09:00 AM

Just saw this post. Glad I wasn't the only one who noticed.

Clearly these are just wild predictions based off of how they CAN do this season - it's obviously not based off of a schedule. Though, in the end, I wouldn't take the time to calculate week by week and come up with my results.

Then again, if I got paid to do that I probably would.

Using Mando's math I predict the Phins will go 8-11 this year. If his wins/losses don't need to add up then I can pretend it's a 19 game season.

Not sure why Armando is so hard on the Dolphins this year. This is a team that last year was one win away from the playoffs before they tanked the last two games of the season. Yes that hurt, but I truly believe this team is better than last years.
First the O-line is starting 5 new players in week one that is true, however, I do not believe that they are worse than last years horrible O-line. Even a slightly better o-line makes this team much better than last years. This is our QB's year to prove himself, he knows it and everyone else knows it. Thus, I am sure he will be playing the hardest he can to keep his career alive. He also has several targets including a healthy Gibson and the exciting new rookie, Landry. Also, Armando tell me how having Knowshon makes our RB situation worse. He is better at blocking if the O-Line breaks down and he can catch passes...how is this a bad situation? On defense we are weak at linebacker, however our pass rush and secondary appears to be improved also.
Sorry to hate on you Armando, but I disagree with you.
I think they do have a hard schedule, but I think if they finish 8-8 that would be a disaster considering all the changes and upgrades they have made.

MassD, Chancellor hits with intent to injure. I don't know how he gets away with it but he's found a way to hit hard in today's game which is an art for sure because it's really frowned upon.

MiamiD20, I did that same math as well. Mando is clearly being generous to teams like Oakland, Houston, Tampa Bay, Chicago, and (of course) Miami.

I don't see sunday as must win like many others. New England is still likely a top 2 team in the AFC and even at home will be tough.

My goal is for the team to be 3-1 going into the bye. I think its very possible. At this point we will have Jones, Jordan, and likely Pouncey back.

New England- Tough team, but if the offense is good enough we can beat them at home.
@ Buffalo- Manuel is struggling and Buffalo in September isn't nearly as bad.
Kansas City- They take a step back after last year as Mando said above. Charles and Bowe is it on offense and on D their secondary is weak besides Berry imo. Also they lost 3 linemen to free agency and another is suspended.
Raiders in London- can't lose this if you want to make the playoffs.

Tannehill is just not good enough for the Dolphins to go 12-4 and win something for a change.

Philbin, Tannehill, D. Coord, Wallace,


Another disappointing season?
The exhausting quest for Marino's replacement continues.
Philbin, aka Failbin, will go back to some team as its offense coordinator.
Hickey under pressure finally gets rid of Ireland's bums and over-paid players.
And the fun continues...

Posted by: NeMo | September 05, 2014 at 09:35 AM

I agree, this Sunday's game is NOT a must-win game. It would be nice to start 1-0 and it would be nice to have the upper hand on NE for the division, but we are a Wild Card team, not a Division winner. Not yet at least.

None of the math adds up but whatever...

Underestimating the Bears and Bengals. probably over-rating San Fran, Pittsburgh and Carolina.

Miami will be 9-7 this year (despite a tough schedule) and sneak in as a wild card...

(Or they will regress and finish 5-11 and Philbin will be fired).

The idea of a must win game in week 1 is lunacy.

I also think the bengals will be strong again. SF to me is a team that is the prime candidate to be a big disappointment this year. Fake Qb who is regarded as elite but is closer to bottom third than elite, key injuries and suspensions on defense and o line issues, and a coach is most certain to leave at year end.

Theres talent on the Dolphin offense, but the OL and QB are biggest concern. The short passes will have to be good enough, then the DBs will be in the box taking away the run game. I believe Philbin is still in over his bald head.
8-8 would be a winner.

Posted by: Frank in NH | September 05, 2014 at 09:33 AM

Chicago should be higher in my opinion. That offense is stacked. If Cutler can be even an average game manager they will score points.

Houston could be higher but are in the right spot at 6-10.

Jests, Steelers, Jaguars, Raiders, and Redskins were all given generous records in my opinion. None of those teams will sniff the records above.

Jests at 8-8?
Steelers at 9-7?
Jaguars and Raiders at 6-10?
Redskins at 9-7?

Not happening.

New England will not score 30 points on the Dolphins. The points between the two teams were Patriots 47 Dolphins 41 for the 2 games. Tannehill will hurt this team running the football. Gronk played in the loss to the Dolphins last year. As a former head football coach, I see this team somewhere between 9-7 and 12-4. Miami 27 NE 17.

Posted by: smitrock | September 05, 2014 at 10:05 AM

I'm sorry no one wants to hire you Brian Billick.
I'm sorry no one wants to hire you Jim Fossel.

Please accept our condolences.

But I hope you're prediction is right!

Redskins at 9-7? Geez....missed that one. Yeah,no chance. Their defence isn't good enough. Only saving grace is I think it will be a weak division with Giants and Cowboys.

Posted by: Craig M | September 05, 2014 at 10:08 AM

If the thought (from Mando, not saying from you) is that the Redskins will be 9-7 because RGIII is the real deal, then what does that make Romo and Eli? Over the hill? Past their prime?

If a crappy Redskins team can go 9-7 based on QB play then the Cowboys and Giants should, at least, be 10-6.

RGIII isn't capable of hiding that many holes.

Mando 8-8 for these scrubs is the homer coming out in you.

Eddie Lacy's rushing average game 1?

I hope the Fins are fun to watch.

The difference between 6-10 and 10-6 can be injuries, luck and OFFICIATING.

We were a competitive team last year. I thought all the games, except the last two, were exciting to watch. Hopefully, Lazors offense will be even more exciting.

I can't wait to see my team compete!!!

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