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True confessing

The Rising Action Theatre in Oakland Park has just announced it will host a month-long run of Steven Fales' Confessions of a Mormon Boy, a solo show written and performed by Fales.

Steven_fales This isn't the first time Fales has told his story to South Florida audiences.  The show ran in the Encore Room at the Coconut Grove Playhouse for two months in the spring of 2003, and what folks heard then is what they'll hear starting Feb. 28 at Rising Action.

In brief, it goes like this:  Nice Mormon guy marries beautiful blonde actress and has two kids.  It's what his family and church expected.  But the nice Mormon guy knew he was living a lie.  He left his family and not only came out but worked as a gay male escort, which didn't suit him any better.

As for what happened next -- well, you'll have to see the play to find out.  Confessions of a Mormon Boy runs Feb. 28 through March 22.  Tickets are $25 opening week, $30 after that.