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A fast festival gets bigger

Naked18_plays_mds_mcb_2 Last November, the little Naked Stage had a big idea:  Why not bring the 24-hour theater concept, a quick creative process that has worked well in so many cities, to South Florida? Founders Antonio Amadeo, Katherine Amadeo and John Manzelli did just that, presenting the results of a crazy marathon of creativity at GableStage.  It was a smash, a collaborative triumph and a statement about the growth of the region's talent pool.

So it comes as terrific news that Naked Stage is getting ready to do it again, on an even bigger scale.  The Naked Stage's 24-Hour Theatre Project 2008 will happen Aug. 24-25 in the Balcony Theatre at Actors' Playhouse in Coral Gables.  This time, the project will generate eight plays (vs. six last year), involving eight directors and 32 actors.  The artists will meet at 7 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 24, at Actors', where the playwrights will draw titles (created by Antonio Amadeo), followed by the names of directors and actors, out of a hat.  Each group will meet briefly, then the playwrights will spend the night doing their thing at the Miracle Theatre.  Rehearsals begin at 7 a.m. Aug. 25.  And at 8 p.m., the results play out on the Balcony stage.

One of the plays from the first 24-Hour project -- most likely Marco Ramirez's Twenty-Six, according to Amadeo -- will be done again as a creative link to the last year's festival.  Amadeo is jazzed. And anyone who experienced the crazy energy and excitement of the first fest should be too.  For info, call The Naked Stage at 954-261-1785 or visit the company's website, where information will be posted soon.