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Weary playwrights, wired actors

Naked18_plays_mds_mcbThe second annual 24-Hour Theatre Project, which will have its one-time-only performance tonight at 8, is coming together.  How do we know this?  Some observations from hanging around Actors' Playhouse since this morning:

* Irene Adjan sounds enough like Sarah Palin that she could give Tina Fey a run for her money, don'tcha know.

* David Arisco is having a little too much fun doing Andrew Rosendorf's play Heterophobia in a pink dress.

*  Lucas Leyva is young, so he wrote two plays overnight -- For Love and Play Doh and F**k You Harold Pinter.  And he looks the least tired of the seven playwrights.  Because he's young.

All three founders of the Naked Stage, the company putting on this wild fundraiser, are here.  John Manzelli (at right in the photo) is acting in Leyva's plays.  Katherine Amadeo is in Michael McKeever's The Real Life Story of Craven Titwieler, a play about an older man who influenced the lives of three younger women.  The older man is played by Joseph Adler, artistic director at GableStage, which hosted the 24-Hour event last year. The women are Amadeo, Kim Ostrenko and Stacy Schwartz, all of whom have worked for Adler.  Very art imitates life.

The third Naked Stager, Antonio Amadeo, is overseeing it all and trying to stay awake.  He admitted a few minutes ago that he's "fried," but he said it with a smile on his face.  Come see what all this high-speed theater is about.  Call Actors' Playhouse at 305-444-9293, visit the web site or just show up.  A ticket is $58, and you'll be helping four small theater companies -- not to mention being the only audience for some interesting short plays.