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The Reviews Are In: Jeff Greene's First Day on the Campaign is a ... Flop

Below is a sampling of press articles about Jeff Greene's first day of the campaign:

"Never did I imagine that the subprime mortgage market would implode, and I would make hundreds of millions of dollars," Mr. Greene told reporters. If he can get voters to believe that, they'll believe anything and his election to the U.S. Senate is assured. -- Wall Street Journal

"According to the New York Times, Greene made $800 million in credit default swaps. The Wall Street Journal has given him the unenviable nickname, 'The Meltdown Mogul.'" -- New American  

"It's not yet clear how serious Greene's candidacy will be. On one hand, his vast personal wealth makes him potentially viable. On the other, some of the information we know about him -- boxer Mike Tyson was the best man at his wedding, Heidi Fleiss lived at his house for a year -- could be fodder for opposition researchers." -- Washington Post

"Greene, for his part, is posing his wealth as proof of credibility." -- The Atlantic

"Greene, who's advised by Joe Trippi and his colleague Paul Blank, made much of his fortune, estimated at well north of $1 billion, betting against subprime loans, and a person in his camp said he'd spend "whatever it takes" to be elected to the Senate." -- Politico

"Greene will probably explain away his Republican past as proof that he's an independent politician. And it's unclear how much of a liability this will be for him. But it suggests there may be plenty more in his past we don't know that will be coming out sooner rather than later." --Greg Sargent

"The Tampa Tribune said Greene 'was a pioneer in credit-default swaps and got out before the financial implosion,' making more than $800,000 by betting against the housing market while many Americans couldn't pay their mortgages." -- The Daily Caller

"Greene made hundreds of millions of dollars by betting the housing bubble would burst and investing in credit-default swaps." -- Palm Beach Post

"There's a shared conceit among the business class and the wealthy who wish to enter politics that they bring some sort of independent, means-tested credibility to the field based on the fact that they've been successful in the private sector. Take 'fed up' billionaire Jeff Greene, who is jumping into the Florida Senate race because he wants to give voters a choice between 'three career politicians' and 'an outsider who is willing to shake things up in Washington.' Stirring words, sir." -- The American Prospect

"Greene said he he will refuse campaign contributions from special interests, and will limit individual donations to $100. That should be no giant sacrifice considering that Forbes last year estimated his net worth at $1.25-billion." -- Miami Herald

"I don't know too much about Jeff Greene, so I probably shouldn't just call him a douchebag. But initial signs are really not promising...It's a classic story, and it plays out every two years somewhere: some arrogant corporate pirate decides his wealth has earned him a place in Washington, and immediately attracts parasite consultants who smell blood." -- Salon 


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