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Brewers Weeks an FSU fan?

Milwaukee second baseman Rickie Weeks was happy to be in Miami this week to see his brother Jemile, who is a big reason the Hurricanes are the No. 1 college team in the nation.

But Rickie says he is an FSU football fan. How can that be?

Milwaukee left fielder Ryan Braun, who was a star at UM, slipped a UM shirt into a bag and put it in Weeks' locker Wednesday.

"Can you believe he likes FSU,'' Braun shouted.

"I just like the football team,'' Weeks said.

"When I was growing up Amp Lee was my favorite player,'' he said. "And then they got Warren Dunn, and he was my favorite.''

Makes sense, just take a look at Weeks' body-build. He is in the same mold as Lee and Dunn.

Jemile has been to the first two Marlins-Brewers games this week, and he showed up in the family room Tuesday wearing a pair of sunglasses, which prompted this from Prince Fielder.

"Hey what is up with your brother wearing shades at night,'' said Fielder, joking with Weeks. "Shades at night? That's Kangaroo (court) stuff.''