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Freezing at Shea

OK,it may not be freezing at Shea, but the writers from South Florida (two of us didn't bring our fleece wear) can barely type because it's so cold - and it's only the third inning. It's going to get a lot colder as this game wears on and we might be pouring hot coffee on each other before we get to the seventh-inning stretch.

Idon't know what is harder to believe -- this cold weather or the fact Luis Castillo hit a home run.

According to the big league stats, Luis has hit two homers this season (the first came against Tom Glavine on May 20).

Luis never had this kind of power with the Marlins. He was with Florida for 10 seasons, and in the Castillo Decade Luis hit only 20 homers as a Marlin.

He hit a career-high six for the 2003 World Series champs.