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Gonzo and cutting the cord

        When Luis Gonzalez got to his locker Wednesday a message was hanging there for him to read: “Cut the Cord.”

The joke of course had to do with Gonzo’s hanging out and talking to some of his old Arizona teammates on the field before Tuesday’s Arizona-Marlins game.

It didn’t take Gonzalez long to detect where the message came from, and he promptly removed the sign and hung it on Logan Kensing’s locker.

“It doesn’t take long to figure it out in the clubhouse,’’ he said. “They're not that many guys who would do something like this.

“There are always guys like that. Logan is a quiet assassin, kind of like Ryne Sandberg. We used to ride to the games together and it took me a while to figure out he was a prankster. As a Hall of Famer he’s really a good prankster. He used to freeze your shower shoes. He would get them, pour water on them and freeze them. You stepped into them and they were two blocks of ice.’’

Someone in the clubhouse then remarked: “That’s probably the only time Logan Kensing and Ryne Sandberg’s name will be in the same sentence.’’