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Hanley Ramirez Locked in Long Term


Long maligned for being a no-frills franchise with an obvious eye for a good deal and good talent, the Marlins are getting a healthy dollop of good publicity lately.

First off, the team is playing very well right now and remain atop the National League East after winning five straight and six of seven.

Friday, it was learned that budding superstar Hanley Ramirez is going to remain a Florida -- or at least a Miami -- Marlin for a long time to come.

Ramirez has agreed to a seven year contract with the team, with the latest report being for $70 million. That's a lot of cake, although Ramirez appears to be the right candidate for this team to invest so heavily in. No one inside the Marlins organization will talk about this publicly, but off the record, they are fired up. As they should be. This is a big move for an organization that's taken it's share of hits over the years -- many times those shots have been justifiable.

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