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No Jake

Mike Jacobs is still out, but everything points to a return by Saturday.

Jacobs injured his right quadriceps May 7, and hasn't started since. He did pinch-hit in three games on the recent road trip. The Marlins would llike Jake to be in the lineup Saturday, and no one wants that more than the Marlins first baseman.

Jacobs ran the bases before Friday's game with the Royals and said he feels like he will be ready.

"Hopefully, I'll be back tomorrow,'" he said Friday afternoon. "I feel good. I ran today. It's a step in thre right direction. It's not 100 percent, but I think I will be able to manage it. I don't think it would be a problem getting a double or going from first to third.''

He was asked about triples.

"Triples have been off the table for a while,'' said Jacobs, who is not known for his speed.

Jacobs is alsways frustrated when he has to sit out with an injury, but after hitting niine home runs in his first 32 games, being out now hurts even more.

"Yeah, it is frustrating,'' he said. "But it is still very early. So I miss 50 at-bats.''

Then someone suggested Jake could make up the 50 at-bats in the postseason.

"Yeah, that would be great,'' Jacobs said. "I''ll take that.''

Here's a look at Friday's lineups:


Ross CF

Hermida RF

Ramirez SS

Cantu 3B

Uggla 2B

Gonzalez LF

Helms 1B

Treanor C

Miller P

Kansas City

Gathright CF

Grudzeilanek 2B

Gordon 3B

Guillen LF

Butler 1B

Olivo C

Teahen RF

Pena SS

Tomko P

of the hamstring