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No More "0" in Zito

         Fredi Gonzalez was foggy on the details, unable to remember if it was Chris Seddon and Daniel Barone who defeated John Smoltz and Tim Hudson last season or whether it was some other tandem (it was Wes Obermueller and Rick VandenHurk). But his point was this: never trust a mismatch on paper.

         Barry Zito -- as in the Giants hurler formerly known as Barry "0-8" Zito -- is winless no more after pitching San Francisco to a victory over the Marlins earlier tonight. That mild shocker occured two days after unheralded Ricky Nolasco posted the win over previously unbeaten Arizona pitcher Brandon Webb, who was 9-0.

         The Marlins, especially Scott Olsen, weren't a pretty sight on Friday. Olsen looked completely out of whack and readily admitted as much afterward telling reporters he "had nothing" and "got killed."

         But nobody felt as bad as reserve outfielder Brett Carroll, who was subbing for Jeremy Hermida in right and was making his first start of the season. Carroll slammed into the wall while giving futile chase to Aaron Rowand's home run in the fourth, injuring his right shoulder and ending up groggy due to the impact. His arm was in a sling afterward and he'll be headed for the disabled list.

        The Marlins aren't exactly flush with outfielders in their minor-league system, which makes their decision to hook Jacque Jones look all the more timely. John Gall, who is hitting over .300 at Triple A Albuquerque, looms as a strong candidate to receive a promotion and take Carroll's spot on the roster.